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to Muscular Titan on 11 February 2020

Had a show with Muscular Titan - definitely do not regret. He's massive, cocky, and handsome as hell. Very good at getting into the thick of things with scenarios/details you talk about with him.

Cannot recommend enough. Fantastic guy, and a Massive Titan.

to Iceman18 on 8 January 2020

I contacted Iceman18 for a custom video with a particular theme to it - he was clear in communicating and very easy to talk to. Furthermore, he did a fantastic job with the video. He's absolutely massive and also attentive to detail. Definitely recommend.

to AlexBoons21 on 17 December 2019

Ordered a custom video from Alex a couple days ago, and though there was a very small delay he was great at updating me. He's professional, a good communicator, and capital-m Massive - the total package here on TBF. It seems like you can get two out of three at best sometimes, but then someone like Alex stomps in and proves that assumption wrong.

I greatly enjoyed the video he made for me. Definitely recommend. Fantastic and Giant Stud!

AlexBoons21 replied...
Thanks A! Had a easy going transaction with you, appreciate it!

to Muscle hunk 3 on 9 November 2019

The massive muscle hunk is back - and bigger and better than ever. Got a video from him and was very happy with it. He really is the total package: massive, handsome, and attentive. Cannot recommend enough.

to Rippedreaper997 on 25 October 2019

Ordered a custom video from this massive stud - he's the total package. Cocky, muscled, absolutely massive, and attentive to detail - I definitely recommend him!

to Timothy Addleman on 22 October 2019

Got a custom video made by this cocky stud. He did a fantastic job - total package of cocky, muscled, and huge. I can definitely recommend!

to Liam Becks on 13 October 2019

I ordered a custom video from Liam a couple days ago. He's attentive to detail and very straightforward to work with - also a very attractive guy. Would definitely recommend.

Liam Becks replied...
Thanks mate, so sorry for the delay on the vid, I’m working on it. Liam

to daniel carter on 11 October 2019

As is probably not surprising by the sheer volume of other 5-star reviews, Daniel is fantastic. I ordered a video from him a couple days ago and not only was he super enthusiastic about it, he even had it to me in the space of a couple hours. Great guy, great and massive body. Cannot recommend more.

to Muscle hunk 3 on 26 August 2019

I ordered a custom video from Muscle Hunk 3 about half a week ago. He was speedy and did a great job. This guy has it all - handsome face, massive, powerful body, and an attention to detail. Definitely one of my favorite studs here on thebestflex.

to Tommy flex on 24 July 2019

This man is the total package. Ripped, muscular body. Cocky, assertive attitude. An attention to detail. Everything you could want in a musclegod. I followed him on his OnlyFans account and was immediately hooked the second I did. Tommy is a stud who knows how to show off his muscles, and he looks absolutely stunning towering over any worshipers who come to him. Super nice guy, super great body - one of the best on here in all respects.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you for being such an awesome fan & showing great support, stay tuned for more on OnlyFans !

to Bryan Long on 13 July 2019

I ordered a custom video from Bryan a couple weeks ago - probably one of the best I've ever gotten. He's professional and timely with his work, and he puts effort into it. On top of that, this man is built like a god. Huge, dominant, and muscular, he's definitely the total package.

Alpha Giant

to Alpha Giant featuring Jacked Jake on 25 January 2017


Great video! BeyondGenetics really makes you feel tiny and definitely know his status as an alpha.


Muscular Titan

Muscle god

29 y/o

176cm (5'9")

90kg (198 lbs)

Tyson Carter

A young, tatted up stud with a southern accent. Plenty of experience dominating my guys and makin em weak for more!

20 y/o

180cm (5'11")

85kg (187 lbs)


The only muscle master you'll ever need ;)

27 y/o

180cm (5'11")

84kg (185 lbs)

daniel carter

24 y/o

176cm (5'9")

94kg (207 lbs)

Muscle hunk 3

Alfa muscle stud

18 y/o

184cm (6'0")

112kg (246 lbs)

Bryan Long

Worship straight, all-American alpha muscle

23 y/o

186cm (6'1")

98kg (216 lbs)