Shredded Superhero In The Mirror with Forbidme

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Your dreams and fantasies about a strong superhero to save you about to be blown out of the water as this real life muscle man is way more muscular, way more powerful and way more sexy than you could ever have imagined.


Arms | Cocky | Superheros | Vascular


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Every video of Forbidme's is a total muscle god fantasy and as Superman here, he displays his gorgeous muscles with such raw sex appeal! The shirt has defined abs but when he hikes it to show the real deal we see his obliques and ripped 8 pack as a preview of what's coming! The shirt can barely contain his bicep mounds either as he stretches the shirt sleeves to the max and displays some huge muscle veins. Typically I want the shirt to come off quickly but our muscle god flexing his lats while still wearing the shirt shows off such a gorgeous V taper and his tiny waist! When the shirt comes off we get pure muscle god glory with his mountainous striated pecs of perfection as he revels in showing of his superb physique‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

in2muslmen [32130] on 22 Oct 2023

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Welcome back. The original best returns with unbeatable vascularity, massive arms, and attitude to match. The real superman for sure. Better than fantasy could ever be.

doc73 [53876] on 1 May 2023

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