Oiled Up Muscle Perfection with Ryan James

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When Ryan lifts his head and stares directly at you, he has you. You're totally fixated on him. When he starts to pour oil over his perfectly muscled body, your heart starts to beat faster. Your eyes follow it running down his pecs. When he invites you to come closer and get a better look, you want to lick him, worship him, be with him. His flawless body, covered in oil, is a total muscle dream come true. Enjoy it.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Oiled muscle | Private flex shows


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This man. God what you do to my heartbeat is insane.

Musclelover11 [1366] on 7 Jul 2019

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Any video with "muscle perfection" in the title seems to be a winner right from jump (see Bernard and ClassicPhysique for starters). Ryan's uber hot bod belongs right up there with this site's very BestFlexers! Seriously, his upper body is ripped muscular perfection and then he's also handsome AF with piercing blue eyes that he holds your gaze with. I love when a muscle dude adds oil, first letting it drizzle down his pecs and abs, and then caressing his own beautiful muscles as he seductively rubs it in. Ryan is consistently in perfect shape for his videos with sexy pec striations, deep cut abs, and a supremely muscular back that I'd love to see more of. I hope he'll someday also be willing to make a muscle worship video with oil!

in2muslmen [15170] on 7 Jul 2019

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Another perfect video from Ryan James and he is as handsome and sexy as ever! Have been looking forward to a new one from him from some time. Absolutely love this one, just like the others and oil just enhances his already perfect body. Any video from Ryan is a a guaranteed purchase from me!

nsmith987 [1710] on 1 Mar 2019

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