Just You And Your Muscle God featuring Ryan James

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A fantasy come true - the man of your dreams accepts your invitation to come back to your hotel room. You're desperate to see him flex. Luckily, he's very happy to oblige. His perfect physique blows your mind, but it's the piercing glow of his deep, inviting eyes looking only at you that takes the experience to the next level. Ryan's ready to flex - and it's just you and him to enjoy the time together.


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from in2muslmen [13518] on 10 August 2019

Ryan James is indeed a perfect muscle god! So mesmerizingly handsome, supremely muscular, and incredibly ripped, all to inspire abject muscle lust! I will always be a fan! In this video we are treated to Ryan's masculine perfection as he flexes and caresses his beautiful muscles with plenty of close-ups. The cameraman was adept at honing in on Ryan's gorgeous muscles, including some impressive back shots.

I only wish the shirt had been tighter and that it was removed way quicker than six minutes in! Shirts in muscle videos are only there to be removed and should be tight enough to stretch across the pecs and to stretch the sleeves during a biceps flex! All the better if it's even a bit of a struggle to remove!

from beddubi [7679] on 4 August 2019

Ryan look great but why the video background is soo noisy?
it's seem that the video is just too short for the strip of Ryan because you just can't get enough from him.!

from nsmith987 [1500] on 19 July 2019

As always, Ryan and this video are total perfection. Every video of his checks all the marks of my muscle fantasies. Incredibly handsome, perfect physique and flexing and posing to show how perfect himself and his muscles are.

I am always happy to see a new video from Ryan and always happy to purchase them. I look forward all your future videos, Ryan!

from Musclelover11 [1361] on 7 July 2019

I am a huge fan of Ryan. He captures me in a way that only 2 other people on bestflex can. Once again masmerising video, perfect physique and handsome.

I hope someday I will be able to order a custom from him or see him on Skype. I will gladly open my wallet.

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