Photo from Caleb

Posted on 10 October 2018


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Caleb has been the nicest, sweetest, most generous person to deal with.

Eggbaby [61] on 4 January 2020

dude has been the BEST most respectful guy I've dealt with in the real or virtual world.

Jay.45 [3082] on 22 November 2018

I have recenved NOTHING except for stellar performances from Caleb whether it be a custom video or live show. This person sounds a bit extreme with the claims here especially without any proof to support the claim.

Will M. [194] on 12 November 2018

I ordered several custom videos from Caleb. I have found him to be friendly and professional. So I am not sure what the Drc dude is taliking about.

sfo13m [7186] on 10 November 2018

This guy is the most accommodating guy i know on this site

longbyname [1042] on 22 October 2018

Probably some guy jealous of Caleb/Scrappy. His Best Flex and wrestling videosare notch rating, and he's gets rav review all the time. He's been one or the most popular on Thunder and Wrestler4 hire for some time. The criticisms seem like a gross exaggeration of what someone could say about him. The higher you are, the more likely that someone will throw stones at you to bring you down.

jwest1111 [71] on 15 October 2018

Screw that!! Don't be messin with Caleb mother fucker!! Haters!!

Pecca [8] on 11 October 2018

That is insane I have dealt with him for years ad his ratings speak for them self. I am assuming somebody did not get their way/asking for odd things, and this is their retaliation.

thetallg [758] on 10 October 2018