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New custom last night...Honestly? There is NO ONE better! WOW

beefy4muscle [5640] on 27 Sep 2021

Each one of Airon's videos is a masterpiece. From his insanely beautiful face, to his manly voice, to his gorgeous muscles, I simply can't get enough of him. We're so very lucky to have him sharing his physique with us.

LatsLuvah [215] on 25 Jul 2021

Verified review

If you want the ABSOLUTE BEST domination vids, THIS is the man!
Looks, body, power...full package!!

beefy4muscle [5640] on 5 Jul 2021

After doing a lot of things with Airon, I can safely say he's the friendliest, nicest, easiest, and best to deal with guy I've ever encountered. He is so open to hearing what you would like in a video, and he puts so much effort into making them and communicating throughout the entire process. It's a stark contrast to how awe inspiring, intimidating, massive, and dominating this beast is. The intensity in his eyes as he flexes, dominates, and performs is second to none. He's been packing on so much size over the last few months, the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. His chest and arms especially are just to die for. I couldn't recommend with this beast enough. He's cool and friendly when arranging things, and transforms into an absolute beast in front of the camera when he's performing. Will be a supporter of this guy as long as he is around.

muscle_lover1 [525] on 27 Apr 2021

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The KING of domination!! The KING of skull crushing scissors!! The King of super quick delivery of customs!

beefy4muscle [5640] on 10 Apr 2021

I love to work with Airon, it is almost like he can read my mind when he is creating my videos. He is extremely friendly and professional, and also very reliable. His videos are the best, and keep me coming back for more.

Muito obrigado por todo o esforço extra que você colocou em cada vídeo, eles me deixam muito feliz!

ADAM1 [10074] on 4 Apr 2021

It has been about 9 months ago that I had Airon create for me a 3 part custom Video Masterpiece and to this day, make me explode. So I just caught up with Airon today to start another 3 part adventure. The muscles that are contained on his body is beyond description. His muscles are Thick and dense and you can tell that Airon is extremely strong. Airon is also a pleasure to converse with. Such a nice man and one that is absolutely HOT. I can't wait for us to embark on our new 3 Part Journey !!!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 29 Mar 2021

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A true superior ALPHA god!

beefy4muscle [5640] on 28 Mar 2021

I have now bought several custom videos from Airon, and I am now convinced that he can bring any fantasy to life. Superhero, job interviewee, destroyer of eggs, fruits, shirts and steel bars - he and his huge muscles accommodate with ease.

I just give him an idea, and he delivers it even better than I imagined. He has never shied from an idea; in fact, he seems to sincerely enjoy making each video. His muscles - especially his thick chest and bulging biceps - are the subject of dreams. There is so much power packed into them.

I had never requested a custom video from anyone before the pandemic. I thought it was a good time to give it a shot while I’m isolated. Now I’m addicted! Airon is amazing.

txparsons2 [2680] on 26 Mar 2021

A true Alpha! His domination custom vids are AMAZING!

beefy4muscle [5640] on 23 Mar 2021

Verified review

Wow. Super quick delivery and SUPER HOT VIDEO!! This GOD is SO POWERFUL!!!!

beefy4muscle [5640] on 10 Mar 2021

Received a custom video from Airon several days ago and i thank him for the delivery. I expected a lot from him but the video wasn’t very satisfying which made me a bit disappointed. You know why.

dionysius [137] on 21 Feb 2021

Airon replied...
What a pity, You told me you liked most of the video, that part you didn't mention, but I'm sorry for that, I always do my job very well, giving my best always

I have purchased several videos from this handsome, talented stud. I consider his physique among the very best on this site. He is focused on growing his already huge muscles. His chest and arms are magnificent. Best of all, he is eager to follow suggestions to produce a high quality product. I am thrilled that he is back and working hard to improve his physique. I plan to buy many more videos from him and I highly recommend him.

caldermark [16670] on 17 Feb 2021

I have bought several of Airon’s TBF videos. He’s already big to start, but when he’s in full flex, his muscles and veins just explode. You don’t just have to imagine that he’s strong. You can see it in his awesome feats of strength. Check out the video where he lifts a grown man overhead or the one where he bends steel bars. He’s also great for making custom videos - a super cool personality accompanies his powerful physique. For sure, one of the best!

txparsons2 [2680] on 7 Feb 2021

Just got a video from the big Brazilian Stud, what an experience. He's so intimidating and awe inspiring to look at but so easy and nice to deal with. Amazingly quick turn around too.

Video was so fast and well done, amazing quality. He is just something else to look at, he is bulging and huge in all the right places. He can flex as well as the best of them, he knows how to show off his muscles SO well and boy can he take getting worshiped. He's also so handsome!

Always been a huge fan of this stud. Probably my favorite.

muscle_lover1 [525] on 31 Jan 2021

OMG !!!! Airon's thick meaty pecs are incredible. I can't take my eyes of of them. I exploded in less than 1 minute, watching his powerful pecs bouncing up and down. This video is definitely my new "go to video" when I need a quick release. I highly recommend buying this video. ***** 5+ Stars !!!!

MikesBigArms [3626] on 27 Jan 2021

!st video from this amazing alpha! Very quick delivery and SUPER INCREDIBLE video!

beefy4muscle [5640] on 13 Aug 2020

High quality video.
Very quick turnaround.
Good angles and good lighting.
Thank you

Killer02 [1025] on 13 Aug 2020

I have purchased one video of Airon and had a single session with this pure Muscle God and I am a devotee to his stunning beauty. He not only showed me how gorgeous his powerful body is, but was friendly and easy to work with. Our session was brief but intense and I will definitely be spending more time online with him in the near future. I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes with his beautiful body in the near future. Highly Recommended for any muscle worshiper with a fetish for dominant, confident men of extraordinary muscular development.

StudInspector [549] on 13 Aug 2020

Airon delivered as promised and looks very good on video. Other than a difference in wardrobe choice from what we agreed on, the custom video he made is perfect. Very good actor for role plays and easy to deal with. Recommended.

gigator39 [445] on 11 Aug 2020

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