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Scammer. He may have delivered in the past but he riped me off. My advice would be to avoid sending him money for customs and buy his videos on here. His OF has good content.

ucl1964 [2935] on 22 Jan 2022

Bodyouwant replied...
I never speak with someone like you and I am not scam many people can confirm that

I just bought my sixth custom video from Bodyouwant. There's not much more that I can say that I haven't said before. I sent him detailed instructions as to what I wanted as well as three photos of poses that I'd like him to strike. In all cases, his friend did a masterful job of worshiping his muscles and showing how hard and how big they are.... Run, don't walk. If you're thinking of a custom video, do it!

b [700] on 13 Jan 2021

I got my first experience with Alex and i don't regret it. He's very friendly and delivered my video in the evening very fast. He's exactly as on the pictures, a real god ! Don't hesitate you won't be desapointed !

aixois1978 [440] on 3 Jan 2021

Since I wrote the previous review, I've bought three more videos of Bodyouwant's body being worshiped by his friend. I can only repeat what I said before; the videos are amazing and I really enjoy them. There is not a moment wasted; they are all muscle worship with good lighting and good closeups. And the guys followed by detailed instructions to the letter. Do not hesitate--this guy is the real deal!

b [700] on 29 Dec 2020

I've ordered two custom videos from Alex and they are both amazing. I wanted a friend worshiping his muscles and I wrote him a very specific set of poses to go through. He did them perfectly and his friend did amazing job of showing the texture, size, shape, and hardness of his amazing muscles. I particularly like his biceps and his traps--they are to die for. Do not hesitate; if you want a video, go for it.

b [700] on 17 Dec 2020

Just got a custom vid from Bodyouwant. Once again, it's absolutely incredible. If you want a custom vid or Skype show, you should get a hold of him right away.

Besides his personality (very easy to talk to), what you see with him is what you get. A lot of the other guys post pics of when they look their best, thing with Bodyouwant, this is actually what he looks like year round.

Take this man for a Skype show or custom vid as soon as you can, you won't be disappointed.

jomama1827 [192] on 2 Dec 2020

******DO NOT HESITATE, Contact Alex ASAP*****

Custom video number 3 from Alex! His bicep peaks are awesome!! The size, shape and definition of his biceps is perfect! It’s crazy the peak he has when he flexes!!! His vascularity is crazy and he knows exactly how to show it off. His abs are incredibly shredded and they look like granite. His physique is the definition of perfection!!

Speaking with Alex is a pleasure!! He is always kind and patient and makes sure to understand your request! Very fast delivery as well. He had this custom video to me in a little over an hour!!

Jaynuke1 [8455] on 2 Dec 2020

Just got a custom video from Alex. Very easy to deal with. Handsome, ripped and hot all over. We agreed on detail and he delivered on the same day!

iheatrad.97 [3360] on 26 Nov 2020

I received my first video and am very impressed. Alex is very handsome and accommodating. He seeks a rapid response to requests. His biceps and forearms are outstanding. His shredded abs are beautiful. His quads and calves show great development. I highly recommend this genetically gifted man.

caldermark [17705] on 13 Nov 2020

Verified review

Bodyouwant's name says it all. His body is always in perfect condition, he's incredibly handsome, and very personable, whether it's a Skype show, or custom video, he does not disappoint.

jomama1827 [192] on 13 Nov 2020

When I ask for a custom video, I have certain expectations. I set them pretty high, especially for someone that looks like Alex.

Alex, you completely stunned me with this video. You far exceeded my expectations!! Wow!!! Your physique is incredible!! The abs and the way you showed it off!!!! Your biceps look like baseballs and the definition in your arms is stunning. Your abs are ripped and solid and your chest is huge!!You are a natural in front of the camera!!!!

Your physique is insane and those veins, gotta love those veins. Thanks for another great video. Highly recommended!!!!!!

Jaynuke1 [8455] on 30 Oct 2020

One of the most beautiful men I have ever seen, with an amazing body (love his baseball biceps)! I asked him to start the vid puffing on a cigarette and flexing - he's a very hot smoker and looked incredibly sexy blowing big puffs of smoke. Then I asked him to focus the video on his tight muscle ass. He spread his cheeks, describing how his ass tastes and smells, then ripped a few hot farts for good measure. I was imagining that I was in the room with him rimming his sweet hole and sniffing his manly musky ass. Nothing hotter than getting a straight muscular alpha to play with his ass. And woof, I could stare into his eyes for days. Thanks again handsome!

muslnicknj [159] on 24 Oct 2020

Recently i got my first custom video and i can say that this guy has a body of a greek god! Perfectly defined big muscles and as you can see he has a handosme face as well. Easy to talk and delivers fast! I got my video in less than 24 hours and it was perfect!

kiel02 [1535] on 23 Sep 2020

Late to the party with this guy but after buying a couple of his premade videos from the site I decided to get in touch with him for a custom. Wow! You will not be disappointed. His physique is fantastic and the video worth every penny. I will definately be back for more.

DoonB [5803] on 21 Sep 2020

Got my first custom video from Alex. He's just incredible. His body is ripped with peaked biceps. He puts all his effort into making a great video experience. He did exactly what I wanted. I'll be back for more.

armwreslr [910] on 21 Sep 2020

Received my first custom video from Alex a few days ago. Where do I begin? His physique is incredibly ripped. His muscle size is huge but his definition is crazy. His abs are cut and his bicep peaks are huge. Amazingly sculpted body and an expert at flexing.

Alex’s personality is great. He’s kind and very easy to talk to. He wants to make sure to understand exactly what you’re requesting. He was very quick to produce the video and get it to me. I highly recommend Alex for shoes and custom videos. I hope he will agree to do future customs for me!!

Jaynuke1 [8455] on 11 Sep 2020

Bodyouwant replied...
Thank you very much man ????

Got my first custom video from Alex and I was more than pleasantly surprised. His muscular physique is amazing, he is massive yet well sculpted and defined, his aesthetics are perfect and his posing is spectacular. Wait till you see his bicep peaks, you will want to reach in the video to feel those peaks, they are mind blowing. His most muscular pose will take your breath away, and to top all that he is one very good looking man. ***highly recommended***

ray4710 [3928] on 11 Sep 2020

Bodyouwant replied...
Thank you very much man ????

Received a Custom Video via his onlyfans site. What a Body. He is very very easy to work with. He gave me exactly what I was looking for in a video. He knows how to show off and give the fans what they want. Will be back for another. His Back Tattoo is a work of art and when he flexes, it really shows off his back tattoo !!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 2 Sep 2020

Received the second video from Alex as promised. Great performance in the video and captured exactly what I was looking for. He has an excellent physique. Aesthetically perfect you could say. Also very easy to work with. Overall very good experience and I'm glad I contacted him. Thanks Alex!

gigator39 [455] on 30 Aug 2020

Got a video from Alex earlier and was very impressed. Very good actor for role plays and very easy to work with. He's very good looking, obviously, but his physique is even better in motion. He asked if I could pay through Onlyfans and gave me the price based on that. I will say I'm normally a bit wary of Onlyfans but i feel like his is actually worth it and am glad i joined to see his physique from all angles. :) Great experience, delivered the video as promised and already working on a part 2. Highly recommended!

gigator39 [455] on 28 Aug 2020

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