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Worship straight, all-American alpha muscle

23, 186cm (6'1"), 98kg (216 lbs)

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Bryan Long has 49 reviews.

from Killer02 [860] on 7 April 2020

Speed *****
Quality *****
Ease *****
Overall *****

At the end of the day we are paying money for a service.

Good looks top tier video quality excellent lighting . Overall decent

from eire22 [340] on 6 October 2019

Intelligent, Engaging, Intense, Quality and engrossing. Bryan Long is a great experience and I can highly recommend him for a cam show session.

from photoguy12 [71] on 6 October 2019

This guy is not human, he is a king. From the start he lets you no know he is the judge, jury, and executioner. He makes you prove your worthiness to be in his presence. He tells you to respect your master and to shower him with accolades and tributes. He then slowly peels of his royal garments, to unveil his majestic being. Then if you good, he tells you to kneel down before him. Then he looks down at you in scorn and makes you do what your job is which is to heed his instructions. If you are really good, then he looks down at you and then he reveals his feet. Then you proceed with extreme caution because you do not know if you will be able to contain your excitement. Trust me, guys you have all you need in his kingdom. Hopefully, you are up for the task. Marvel should make this guy the next Super Hero. Renember to shower this guy with all your monetary tributes that are due him. Just maybe and I do mean maybe, you will be called his slave!

from Ruthilius [65] on 28 September 2019

Met up with Bryan earlier this month while I was in london for a bit and it was the most amazing experience of my life, getting to worship his body and being his slave for a short amount of time was the greatest gift I could buy, would do anything to be able to be his bitch every day, if you’re thinking this man will disappoint you in any way, then think again because he is a true genuine alpha muscle male that will fulfil all your fantasies and is worth every penny.

from DBs [18154] on 10 September 2019

Amazing! So, this true Muscle God did a wonderful show and I can’t say enough! His beautiful face, his huge muscles, his attitude, everything incredible! Sooooooo sexy. If you haven’t booked one don’t wait. He took my dream and made it a reality. Bryan is magnificent! Far the hottest man ever!
Don’t miss out!

from megaloser [35] on 6 September 2019

Amazing flex show with Bryan; he has a perfect body and a masterful voice. I wanted to kneel down and show my respect for this true alpha. What a King!

from TM95 [315] on 3 September 2019

Without question the best model on this site. He stays in character yet he is accommodating. It took a while for our times to line up but it was worth the wait. If you want a good no BS show, contact Bryan today. I have had shows from dozens of guys and he is so far above anyone else it's sad.

from edinlondon [288] on 29 July 2019

I met Bryan for a muscle worship session in London two weeks ago and it was SO incredible I have only just recovered from it. This beautiful, cocky all-American boy was just relentless in his showing off and teasing me in various tight shorts and underwear, while I sat convulsing with pleasure and barely able to speak.

I have done a lot of muscle worship but this boy has the BEST body I have ever seen - like it’s been sculpted just for us muscle fans to admire - full, thick prime American beef- huge baseball biceps, luscious pecs you can get lost in and beautiful beach boy cut abs and v lines. His photos are stunning but NOTHING does justice to seeing this magnificent man in real life.

Quite simply I have never experienced pleasure like it. I am hooked and can’t wait for my next fix.

Do yourself a favour and get some time with this stunning young man.

from mefisto [15] on 14 July 2019

Bryan Long is the best guy i have ever cammed with. His looks are perfect. His body is out of this world. He's big, Tall and with amazing muscles. not to mention his face. He's just so handsome. His eyes will hypnotize you, that is If you can ever look away from his biceps. And talking about attitude, the perfect dom. If you're looking for a controlling demanding straight alpha... you need this.

from mistermzun [880] on 14 July 2019

The veins on Bryan's biceps are really popping lately! I can't stop coming back for more. He just keeps getting better and better and still only 23 years young.

from atrbg20 [245] on 13 July 2019

I ordered a custom video from Bryan a couple weeks ago - probably one of the best I've ever gotten. He's professional and timely with his work, and he puts effort into it. On top of that, this man is built like a god. Huge, dominant, and muscular, he's definitely the total package.

from Karuc [85] on 11 July 2019

Already had two shows with this amazing stud and there will be more.

from ThirstyForTeasing [10] on 8 July 2019

I just had my very first cam show experience with Bryan!!! First off, let me tell you, the pictures don’t do him justice compared to how even hotter he is on cam! He is a true 100% living breathing alpha male. Bryan is also a very honest and sincere to meet your requests and interests in relation to your cam show experience.
After just one session I am absolutely hooked. I can’t wait for my next session with Bryan! If you’ve been looking at his page here and his Twitter, and haven’t made the plunge, make the move now, for Bryan is the only Alpha you’ll ever need to make your need for submission fee complete!

from sebie [105] on 16 May 2019

Bryan is amazing, body to die for and very attentive to detail on the requests made. He really aims to please and deliver a high quality experience no matter how specific your needs are. He is very attentive and understanding, he gives 110% in every show. Really pleased with him.

Without going into specifics, I had a very unique request that not everybody is willing or capable to deliver, but Bryan really went above and beyond my expectations.

from mistermzun [880] on 16 May 2019

It's been a while -- over a month -- since I've had my last show with Bryan. Mainly due to being busy at work and scheduling challenges on my end. Bryan remains as alpha as ever and I'm glad my previous wonderful experiences with him weren't just rose-tinted memories. His physique continues to be amazing (THOSE BICEPS WOW!) and the alpha voice and cocky domination really drive me wild. I do tend to bounce around a bit with alphas on here, but this one is definitely a keeper. My last few shows have been exclusively with him as I haven't felt any huge need yet to bounce around again. I hope that feeling lasts! To be honest, it definitely is a very new (BUT NICE!) feeling to get in deeper with one alpha instead of spreading myself thin.

from leighton209 [1680] on 15 May 2019

I received another impressive video from Bryan, which seem to get better and better. Again he was super quick in making and delivering the video and included everything I asked for.

from Rimiko58 [615] on 14 May 2019

I have purchased to additional videos since my last review and all that I can say is that Bryan has become a new addiction. He gets into your head and all that you can do is think of him. Amazing!

from Rimiko58 [615] on 8 May 2019

I received two more videos from Bryan and they are both amazing. He is an addiction. He is also very professional and a good guy. If you like Alphas, Bryan is your guy.

from leighton209 [1680] on 6 May 2019

Got another great video from Bryan, amazing looking guy and so easy to work with.

from surfahripz16 [1077] on 6 May 2019

If you like your BBs verbal but very easy to talk to .... if you like your commanding Dominants cocky/confident/arrogant yet accommodating to your fetish requests ... if you enjoy the company of a str8 male who genuinely enjoys showing off his body to a respectful worshipper (the longer your show the harder and more intense his flexing gets until the muscle pumping and vein popping explodes in your face) ....

Bryan is made to order with very reasonable rates. Above all, he is trustworthy and will deliver the goods.

from Rimiko58 [615] on 5 May 2019

I received my first video from Bryan today and all I can say is wow! This is going to be the first of many. In addition to an amazing body, he is as alpha as the come. Don't miss out!

from leighton209 [1680] on 5 May 2019

Got a custom video from this absolute stud. Bryan was really easy to talk to and discuss the custom video. After we agreed on the video, he made it and sent it to me within the day. He was very keen to make sure that the video would be of a good quality. The video itself was amazing, Bryan went above and beyond with the video, so naturally, I immediately got another one from him.

from billygoatj445 [15] on 1 May 2019

Had a pretty good show with him, hopefully we can do more in the future. Very open to new ideas.

from sueellen777 [70] on 26 April 2019

Can’t imagine how anyone could not give him 5 STARS. Aesthetics aside, he’s super reliable and trustworthy (unlike many guys on here). He even remade a video when there were audio issues. This is in addition to his perfect face and body. A true alpha.

from Morisson112 [5] on 26 April 2019

Just ordered my first custom video from Bryan, and it was honestly one of the hottest video that i have ever seen. He really consider all of your requests and he went beyond that to make sure that you are having the best fucking minutes of your life. He gives 200% effort on the video, which can be seen straight away from the quality of the video. He is also a very nice guy. Very down to earth and considerate. I had troubles with my payment because of my account and he is very patient and is willing to go over it with me. I would STRONGLY recommend you to give him a shot. He is fairly new, but he has potential to be the best out there. 10/10 experience, would give 10 starts if possible.

from longbyname [1052] on 26 April 2019

didnt live up to hype and put in minimal effort wont be returning for any future shows based on first perfomance. He had my money and didnt care after that

Bryan Long replied...
I work closely with fans to deliver a quality experience that they enjoy. There's a reason I consistently receive 5-star reviews. I honestly don't recall having done any shows where a customer was extremely displeased by 'minimal effort' and taking 'money and [not] caring after that'. If you had a recent cam show and a legitimate grievance, message me on Skype and we will sort this.

from freezer [445] on 17 April 2019

Did my second Show with this Alpha stud. Totally worth it. His new hair cut makes him even hotter, if thats even possible. Huge bicep, Deep super sexy voice. This man knows how to Control you and how to make you addicted!

from Jay.45 [3357] on 14 April 2019

this dude had me leaking like a faucet and busting like a broken pipe

from mistermzun [880] on 14 April 2019

Fuck my life. This alpha is so quickly taking over the scene... and me. He makes me feel like such a special fag even though it's clear from some of these other reviews that there are so many other loyal fags also throwing themselves at him. Like many other muscle worshippers that have tributed many of the camguys on this site, I constantly fight hard against my desires to worship every new guy and even stronger feelings of guilt afterward. When he turns on that cam and stares at me with those eyes and flexes those biceps in my face though, none of that seems to bloody matter. I can say that after my tenth show with this alpha, I haven't had a single ounce of regret. I'm actually more than a bit jealous that DBs below seems to have done more shows and is outshining me in terms of loyalty.

from DBs [18154] on 14 April 2019

I KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE! Bryan's perfection can not be described! You will have to experience some moments with this god to believe for yourself! The lines of his manly face, his deep voice, his huge hard pumped muscles work all together to give us the most incredible and unbelievable experience of life! I just had to start asking for more shows because one a day was just not enough! And I will continue to keep coming back! Anyone who hasn't tried Bryan yet what are you waiting for! You are doing yourself a disservice to not do so

from DBs [18154] on 14 April 2019

The Bryan's perfection can not be described! You will have to experience some moments wirh this god to believe! The lines of his manly face, his deep voice, his huge hard pumped muscles work all together to give us the most incredible and unbelievable moments of the life! I just have asked for more and more, doing 3-4 cams per night, lately that I can not even sleep! And I will keep coming back as much as he wants!

from Classic142001 [355] on 14 April 2019

Bryan showed off his huge biceps and powerful chest, and left me breathless. Highly recommended!

from freezer [445] on 13 April 2019

This man is the total Alpha Stud. Handsome Looks, huge biceps, Deep sexy voice and a very addictive attitude. His natural dominance is out of this world.

from crawlden [187] on 13 April 2019

He is as good as it gets for a submissive bicep worshipper. Peaked biceps with a cocky attitude on a handsome stud is just what the doctor ordered.

from Metgot [1185] on 10 April 2019

This Muscle God goes from 0 to holy f%#>! You own me in a blink of an eye... He will have you drooling and on your knees while he commands you to service him! He is a natural at showing you who’s the alpha muscle god is! You will for sure be addicted like me and everyone else!!!

from mistermzun [880] on 9 April 2019

This is my second round of shows with Bryan, and they were just as amazing! Bryan knows I have a huge thing for biceps and boy did he play straight to my weakness like a cocky alpha clearly in control. With both hands behind his head, he’d bounce his giant biceps to make them pop and drive me wild. The ultimate mindfuck though is when, with biceps still peaked as fuck, he would slowly turn to stare deeply into the camera with those gorgeous eyes and a mischievous smile signalling he clearly knew what he was doing to me. HOLY FUCK! Bryan clearly knows how to tap into your deepest desires and control the situation like a boss and leave you begging for more. Whatever your thing is, this alpha will find it and exploit it, so be prepared. But if you are looking for somebody with whom you can feel completely safe and protected while you let yourself lose complete control, Bryan is the real deal.

from Mark [161] on 9 April 2019

Actually perfect. He is the best. His proportions are absolutely on point. His arms, legs, his entire torso are rock solid and full. He gets inside your head and really knows how to make you enjoy the show. Forget the rest, get the freaking best on TBT. It will be 105% worth your while. By the way, his arms - godlike, legs - oak trees pale in comparison. Oh and his attitude you can tell he is a TRUE ALPHA and Knows EXACTLY how to hijack your mind making you want more and more like an addiction. I will be back for MORE

from SteveShay10185 [625] on 7 April 2019

Bryan is fantasy come to life. He just allowed me to pay for the privilege of watching him show off his flawless perfection and my head is still spinning from the overload on my senses. He body is a work of art, so tall (6'1), so handsome, so self aware, so confident. Only 23 years old and he knows how to create a total mind fuck of worship as a superior alpha straight male. My only warning is that you will become addicted to this young god very quickly.

from zipper [1550] on 7 April 2019

This man is so real stud! cannot have enough of his shows!

from DBs [18154] on 7 April 2019

Well... I just had another experience with Bryan... if the pics don't talk by themselves, I will have to say this man is absolutely outstanding! First, and obviously, he is one of the most beautiful and manly men around! His body is not just a sculpture, but a muscle masterpiece, totally carved in the hardest steel and built from the most amazing dreams! Every minute with Bryan is like to be in the Paradise! I have already schedule my third cam (just one more in a future long, very long list, i hope)! I highly recommend everyone to ask for a time with him!

from surfahripz16 [1077] on 6 April 2019

He's a newbie to TBF but shows a lot of experience in his muscle poses and worshipping skills to deliver that "boner" experience.

If you are Skypeing, let him know what you are looking for -- muscle domination? fin domination? verbal domination? submissive/slave domination? -- and he will put on a solid performance tailored towards your needs or fetishes (within reason).

Genuinely a quality interactive dude who ensures that each and every customer -- no matter what your age, race, sexual orientation -- receives the treatment you ordered and expect. Definitely a keeper. Enjoy!

from Jay.45 [3357] on 6 April 2019

This dude can do a number of things VERY well !!! Muscle is high quality solid rock hard and dominant. Quads of steel, sculpted upper body and huge biceps that will have you busting all over yourself. Give him a try,,,you will no be disappointed. Let him know what you want and sit back and watch what he can do :)

from azertd [195] on 5 April 2019

i can't begin to describe in words how great this alpha is. very manly, hit all the right poses that i liked and can go from sweet and gentle to dominant naturally and effortlessly. he's a true alpha god with muscles for days and i'm so happy to be submitting to my new master!

from Ajones3838 [305] on 5 April 2019

One of the best that thebestflex has to offer. He gives only 110%. Tell him what you are into and he only does his best to accommodate. His arms are huge, his chest is giant, and a huge personality to match the muscle. You won’t be disappointed with Bryan. Just a cool guy, will be back.

from altairjipa [630] on 4 April 2019

Awesome show. Image quality was perfect and he looks bigger than his pictures. His chest and his shoulders are insane. incredible personality and he is always trying to make sure he delivered a good experience. Recommended.

from mistermzun [880] on 2 April 2019

The bloody most amazing cam experience ever. I can't believe the perfection. A winning down-to-earth personality that still exudes natural confidence and cockiness, paired with pure physical perfection. Everything was literally Greek god-standard: the hair, the eyes, the biceps, the back, the chest, the legs--the list goes on. I'm absolutely speechless. I did an hour worth of shows right after the first, and will definitely be coming back for a lot more!

from Metgot [1185] on 2 April 2019

Young, jacked and a pro at flexing/showing off! The pictures in his profile don’t even show how amazing his physique is! Awesome personality and has a incredibly symmetrical body! Huge quads...Wide back and chest... Abs... and huge peaked arms! I’d recommend getting a show from him! Totally down to earth and honest!

from GSmith [145] on 2 April 2019

Ok, this kid is SUPER special. Really truly nice down to earth guy. Laid back and chill, he has an awesome body, very big and wide - looks great. Legs and Chest look amazing. Ask him for a 5 second preview and see for yourself. He is truly such a nice guy.

from DBs [18154] on 28 March 2019

My first experience with Bryan was very positive. After a short conversation, he gave me a previous and we could go to the real action! He is in the same condition than the pictures, solid, great definition and big! The man is really big! His shoulders are very broad and his body very muscular! He is new, but knows how to flex! I recommend him for you all!

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Age 23
Height 186cm (6'1")
Weight 98kg (216 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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