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25, 169cm (5'7"), 79kg (174 lbs)

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Caleb has 235 reviews.

from LAComplex [55] on 12 June 2021


I came to Caleb with an unusual custom video request, and he did an amazing job at making it come to life. Communication was swift and trustworthy, and Caleb transcribed every instruction I gave him into a great video. He is stunningly good looking, and one of the best actor of the site if you are looking for more complex scenarios than straight-up flexing. Domination seems natural for him, and he brings great energy to videos. Overall 5/5, don't hesitate to go to him for custom videos, you won't be disappointed.

from Andrew1446 [1355] on 23 May 2021


I had a great custom video, Caleb handled my request perfectly and included everything I wanted to see. Great job!

from musclelvr [701] on 31 March 2021

Caleb is awesome in his videos he makes for me and if you love Domination stuff he's the best he really gives it his best effort I highly recommend him he's trustworthy and puts on the best shows and will answer your communications back but he's very wanted as he does meet ups as well so he may be delayed a little bit he will respond back. Paul C.

from nicegent [415] on 4 March 2021

Contacted Caleb after a few years, and got another custom video from him. Was everything I asked for, and he's fantastic at role playing. Very receptive of requests and friendly. He stays in amazing shape, was even more shredded than before. Will definitely be interested in more vids from him. Highly recommended.

from Ken90 [590] on 5 October 2020

The custom order that I received from Caleb was fantastic and tailored exactly to my fantasy. Communication was easy, fast, and informative. I will definitely be ordering from Caleb again

from Muscleluvr1990 [340] on 4 October 2020

I ordered a custom video from Caleb and although there were some problems, we managed to work something out. He is a really nice, understanding guy and it was a pleasure communicating with him.
The video I received was so much worth it. He took my idea, worked with it and delivered so much more than I expected. Caleb really knows how to sell a character. And it seemed like he really enjoyed making this vid.

from jwest1111 [106] on 5 September 2020

Caleb Working out and Flexing Like Never Before! Muscleman Caleb is back working out and posing in his thongs in the mountains. He’s pumping up on the weights like they’re almost nothing, stopping to flex and show off. Imagine how much weight he lifts at the gym, and how strong he really is! To see him up on the rock posing in the sunlight was a sight to behold. Seeing his muscles in their true and size and proportion grabs you like a magnetic and doesn't let go! No picture of statue in a museum could ever do that!

from KnowTruth#0312 [4745] on 10 July 2020

I was blown away by Caleb's custom video!!!! He took my idea and ran with it to make it way better than I thought was possible for a truly phenomenal performance of domination and muscle worship!!!! I am so very happy with this fantastic custom video!!!! Thanks for everything, Caleb!!!!

from ja8690 [1450] on 3 July 2020

Ordered a custom vid from Caleb a few weeks ago and, as always, he delivered with exactly what I was looking for. There is absolutely no way you can ever go wrong by getting a video from him. Period.

Caleb replied...
???????????? thanks!!

from trailblazer [3615] on 17 June 2020

Just got another custom from Caleb. I’ve ordered several. First of all, he’s great to deal with, super nice and communicative! But he never fails to AMAZE with his videos! He always takes my request and creates a masterpiece. I will definitely keep getting videos for as long as Caleb keeps making them! I strongly encourage everyone to buy one of his videos and get a custom if you can, he’s AMAZING!

Caleb replied...
???? I hope I continue to please!!

from armwreslr [810] on 25 May 2020

I finally ordered a custom video from Caleb. He definitely knows how to sell a character. He did just what I wanted and, as others have said, went the extra mile and did something to make the video really great.

Caleb replied...
Thanks!! I enjoy it ????????????

from trailblazer [3615] on 23 May 2020

Every custom I’ve gotten from him has been absolutely perfect! He is nice to deal with, updates you frequently and is overall just a great guy to deal with!

Caleb replied...
Thanks so much !! ????????

from jwest1111 [106] on 21 May 2020

Caleb, I’d love to see you do more NHB wrestling. It’s the best for giving your fans a view of your muscles in action, and a feeling of what being close to a super strong body like yours is like.

Caleb replied...

from longbyname [1147] on 21 May 2020

Bought another custom video and Caleb delivered and then some! Knew exactly what I wanted and gave it to me in an incredible video. Worth every cent xx

Caleb replied...
Thank you!! ????

from Dase123 [925] on 16 May 2020


Had my first custom video from Caleb. He's superb! Not only he has a great body but the way he performs in front of the camera and what he's capable of is unbeatable! He's an artist! 100% recommended

Caleb replied...
Thanks so much !! ????????

from jwest1111 [106] on 16 May 2020

I have four custom VIDS from Caleb, one premade VIDS, and over 100 of his Scrappy VIDS. His acting and his body are always superb, and I'm always surprised at the clever things he comes up with in his custom VIDS for me. Other guys have muscle and they're big, but they can't do all the things he can do. He corners the market in my young stud category. Especially now when we're isolated at home, he's the greatest!!! I downloaded another of his VIDS today.

Caleb replied...
Thanks man!! So glad you enjoy all my content

from harlanny [11283] on 6 May 2020

I have 40+ videos from Caleb. He is honest, amazing, spectacular. He can entertain, has the muscle, knows how to display it. The videography is excellent, his blond body hair glistening on defined sculpted muscle is something worth watching over and over again. He's the real deal, who is best described with the word quality.

Caleb replied...
Thank you so much !!! ????

from euj24 [670] on 25 April 2020

I've said it once and I'll say it again: THIS MAN IS THE TRUTH!!

Whatever scenario you want for a custom vid, he always delivers ;)

Caleb replied...
Thank you !! ????????

from Jerrbear1993 [140] on 24 April 2020

Have to say that Caleb is absolutely amazing. I have gotten three custom videos from and each was a different slightly complex fantasy. Each and every time he delivered on everything I asked for from specific actions to happen to even the clothing I asked for. He truly is Ana amazing and professional individual. Will definitely come back for more videos in the future

Caleb replied...
Thank you I’m glad to deliver :)

from Jerrbear1993 [140] on 7 April 2020

He is awesome and knows how to follow your idea for a custom videos and it is amazing

Caleb replied...
Thanks ????

from bryanjohnson [1015] on 7 April 2020

It's been a while since I did a show with him, but he's the real deal. Superb shape and very much able to act out a custom video script. He's excellent all around

Caleb replied...
???????????????? Thanks!

from longbyname [1147] on 29 February 2020


The best!

from longbyname [1147] on 29 February 2020



from longbyname [1147] on 29 February 2020



from longbyname [1147] on 29 February 2020



from Zoomzombie [55] on 27 February 2020

I can’t believe I’m just getting to this now, sorry man.

Caleb did a custom vid for me last year and it was amazing. He’s a great actor and really gets into the story you propose. Could recommend this guy enough.

from randywrstl [35] on 20 January 2020

Caleb is a stunning young man. His combination of symmetry and power is the BEST. He is courteous, down to earth and a genuinely classy guy.

from visage25 [840] on 8 January 2020

Had a wonderful show with Caleb last week! Awesome body and great attitude - he's a pleasure to communicate with and his shows are top notch.

from Jaynuke1 [8215] on 4 January 2020

Caleb is one of the best and most popular models on TBF!!! He’s jacked beyond belief, and a master at showing it off. He’s quick to respond to emails and very easy to work with. He takes the time to understand what you are looking for and then delivers perfectly.
Thank you Caleb, your hard work shows! Keep it up buddy! There will be more custom videos in the future!

from Jay.45 [4283] on 24 December 2019

He’s back and bigger and just as shredded as ever !! This dude has been my go to guy for years and now he is competition ready. Huge quads and biceps almost softball size now. Hard as steel and he will fuken dominate the strongest dude. Give him a try or see him again. You never saw him like this before !!!!

from Francis [965] on 18 December 2019

After a year I have back to another show with Caleb. I can said he always maintain a good body shape and handsome as always. He is listening and do whatever you asking, a nice & honest muscular Stud to be contact. I will come back another show again.

from JoeUK23 [835] on 10 December 2019

Honestly the best guy on this site...hes always very busy (due to popular demand) but will always go the extra mile for every fan and is definetley worth any wait!! I tend to just go to him for videos now as I never seem to get bored of him..Amazing service once again. Thankyou Caleb!

from Popperpig [145] on 7 December 2019


this vid was amazing i cant wait to get another one made

from Jksierrat14 [95] on 24 October 2019

I ask for a custom video and he definitely delivers, the video is exact how i like it the man know how to do it right.

from mikedis [105] on 23 October 2019

Just bought my second custom vid from Caleb and needed to write a review and join the praises of everyone else. He truly is the best. i got in touch with him after joining his onlyfans, which in itself has a lot of amazing content. A few weeks ago ordered my first video and was blown away. Today I got my second video and he even managed to outdo himself with this one. He really just gets its better than anyone when it comes to making videos. All you have to do is just give him a brief idea and he instinctually understands and delivers even better than you imagine.He looks amazing, is super sexy, and has such a charismatic presence on screen. Also, his physique is looking insane. Chest, arms, back, everything is just huge. Definitely will be coming back to Caleb for many, many more.

from Popperpig [145] on 20 October 2019

amazing video cant wait to buy more

from ethelmetrz [285] on 11 October 2019

Caleb has always been great to deal with and delivers incredible content. Repeat customer!

from vtesco [815] on 9 October 2019

I just had the absolute greatest honor of meeting Caleb during my short vacation. I’ve always owned videos and been a “fan” of his but they do him no justice.... he should be the definition of perfection in the dictionary.. he’s gorgeous, he’s built like a tank, he is way stronger than I ever could’ve imagined, and he’s a genuine pleasure to talk to. I almost wanted to offer him another hour just to hang out and have dinner! It will be my privilege to meet him again next time I’m down ^_^

from Popperpig [145] on 6 October 2019


Amazing cant wait for the next time

from longbyname [1147] on 5 October 2019

Sensational show he hasnt missed a beat! The best of the best!

from jwest1111 [106] on 30 September 2019

Caleb VID. Young Stud Puts You in Your Place. I really went for the preview of Caleb’s latest VID and had to download it. The full thing is mind blowing!

Caleb’s been at the beach all summer, getting a tan with the girls chasing him, and he’s been at the gym pumping up his bod. I’ve never seen Cal so ripped and huge before. His looked to me like a picture from the front of muscle mag, the envy of all!

Now Caleb’s back with his fag friends, flexing his biceps, bouncing his pecs, and showing off the cuts in his legs. “Don’t fight it, watch that bicep --yeah that’s right,” he says, flexing his bicep like a hypnotist waving a watch in front of you. “I don’t have to say much to get you to submit. I want you to tell me how much this shit turns you on,” he says in a softer voice, pulling you in more. By the end of the VID he’s sweating and flexing so much, he had to have turned everyone on, even himself. I especially went for the bouncing pecs. Anyone who does that in front of me enough drives me up the wall!

Caleb fantasy fits me to a “T”, especially his Scrappy wrestling VIDS and sleeperholds. Five stars for perfection

from Salve4muscle [1565] on 9 September 2019


Bought a vid awhile back, great vid, born alpha. Been meaning to get in touch with again on Skype but no response. Caleb, if u see this how can I get in touch with you?

from Jay.45 [4283] on 27 August 2019

been getting shows from this dude for years. more reliable than my local pharmacy and unreal muscle shape. peaks, quads and the most alpha shows ever. if you haven't tried him, do yourself a favor, he will have you exploding

btw I'm the 200 review !!!!!!! I don't think he has a bad review in all 200

from John333 [80] on 26 August 2019

Completed meet up #2 with Caleb and once again, beyond impressed. Incredibly good looking, and VERY strong!

from soulboy87 [270] on 23 August 2019

It's been a while since I've done business with Caleb, but as always the video he made for me was of top notch quality. I highly recommend him.

from Joiakim_89 [110] on 28 July 2019


Incredible physique
Great Performer

from Shiwa [518] on 30 June 2019

Caleb is a great actor! In combination with his attitude and his hot body, he turns every video into a sensation!

from jwest1111 [106] on 27 June 2019

I asked Caleb make a video of a nerd walking home with books under his arm and Caleb and his friends coming up on him. “I’m going to show you what a real athlete is like,” he says smiling and laughing like a fiend. Ahh-oh!!! Anyone who’s ever seen a bully at work knows what it’s like if there’s an audience. Laughing and showing his teeth, he chokes me out with his smelly feet and bulging biceps power, taking pictures with his I-phone to show the world. The more he does it, the more he seems to get into it—really. It’s like it us his natural role in life all along. The acting is superb and Caleb’s body A-1. Can’t imagine anyone else could do such an act as well!!!

from JoeUK23 [835] on 21 June 2019

Amazing work Caleb, truly a professional and he wasn't looking at the time or hanging up once the time was reached....he carried on for 2 minutes after the time was reached which is a small thing but its really appreciated. It was worth every penny. Will be back again!

from photoguy12 [76] on 17 June 2019

Absolute perfection, simply the best.....

from TM95 [315] on 7 June 2019

Caleb is one of the best and most respectful performers on this site. He listens, is 100% honest and wants his customers to be satisfied. I have done about 5 shows with him and they are always spot on.

from Jaynuke1 [8215] on 10 May 2019

I’ve requested 2 custom videos so far and If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Caleb is excellent at doing exactly what is asked of him in his custom videos. He is pleasant to work with and a master at showing off that incredible physique.

Highly recommend Caleb for videos. My second wasn’t my last!!

from Arussell18 [548] on 7 May 2019

The best guy on here, nothing else needs to be said

from Cowboy3456 [5] on 12 April 2019

He knows how to put on a show with his muscles and his body

from longbyname [1147] on 8 April 2019

Another sensational show from Caleb wore exactly what i wanted and performed to absolute perfection!

from ShayneC [5] on 24 March 2019

Ordered a custom video from Caleb and he was amazing. From the communication to the actual video, total professional and couldn't have asked for more. His ability to interpret what you are asking for and turn it into a video is second to none. Thanks Caleb.

from gigator39 [340] on 20 March 2019

Caleb has almost 200 five star reviews... :p. All well deserved. I don't know what else I could say. He's still easy to work with and great performer. He always looks great. Always an excellent experience. Amazing!

from Runner55 [6] on 10 March 2019

Simply amazing! Caleb is not only professional and very easy to communicate with, but he is also incredibly talented! He was able to turn in a performance above and beyond my expectations because he interprets what you ask for and adds that extra ‘it’ factor which also made the video an extremely positive surprise! This guy has it all; he’s beautiful, hot, perfectly well rounded physique, and he’s funny where humor is needed! I’m definitely going to make more video requests from him because he’s the most talented wrestler/performer on any site I’ve seen and done business with to date!!

from TM95 [315] on 24 February 2019

This guy knows what he is doing and is honest in his business. There should be more guys like this on the sight instead of the low class scammers taking advantage. I would give Caleb a 10 is I could.

from Kamaswami [350] on 24 February 2019

So, I just finished my 3rd meetup with Caleb, and I have nothing but great things to say. He followed my requests completely and was genuinely interested in making sure I was happy. He is friendly, seems genuine, and is unbelievably hot. Cant wait to see him again!

from jwest1111 [106] on 18 February 2019

Caleb made an (almost) true to life video for me of what happened after Dick, big Varsity High School Letter Man Wrestler at my high school, comes up to me on my way home as I’m carrying a load of books. He’d been bothering me a lot lately. So, I say something like. "Hey, varsity man, how come you're always wearing your varsity jacket if you’re so great? I say you're a big so what! I bet you lost all your matches this year!" I shove him, and he tells me to come over to his house, wrestle him, and see who loses. Caleb portrayed every facial expression emotion and said it all with the right words, and right voice tone like born actor! At the same time, he kept showing off his big biceps and great bod and flexing his arm into my neck (like he was sleeper holding me). Seeing him up close, he had more muscle than I’ve ever thought. Distance shots just don’t do him justice. He’s five stars hot!

from j11 [235] on 17 February 2019

Simply amazing, looked stunning and played out requests well. Caleb oiled and dog collared is one hell of a sight.

from schivesg [5] on 17 February 2019

Absolutely the best! Just completed a custom video request with Caleb. Five plus stars all the way. Excellent communication, great attention to detail, and an amazing final product. No wonder he's so popular -- he's got the looks and the smarts to deliver every time. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!!

from longbyname [1147] on 11 February 2019

Incredible show he was so open to pleasing me and took it around his house in such a sexy way. He is so polite and accommodating cant say enough good things about Caleb

from Tedhayman [2440] on 9 February 2019

there are lots of great guys in this site... and then there is this guy!! CALEB
Honestly, a different league to anything i’ve experienced. he’s beautiful, talks sexy, confident and has an unbelievable body. he overwhelms me everytime and i just gotta keep going back to him.
he’s incredibly professional and like guys like tommyflex takes pride in customer satisfaction. i would give him 50 stars to be honest. the best, simple as that!

from Joiakim_89 [110] on 7 February 2019


Incredible Physique, Charismatic, The Camera loves him! A full fantasy.

from Bip10132 [3045] on 1 February 2019

I know this is a bit late but I just wanted to say how great caleb is he is understanding and he is really committed to his roleplay. His muscles are also really big and has a big fat cock to show off. I will be doing more shows with him.

from soflabateguy [1070] on 21 January 2019

Just received my second custom video. AMAZING experience!!! Both vids were perfect. Exactly what I was hoping to receive. Caleb is super easy to work with. And puts a lot of effort into making sure he includes every detail of your fantasy. So if you're thinking of having a custom made, just do it!! You'll love the whole experience! And the video will probably take your breath away..

from cccarlosss [570] on 26 December 2018

another 10 stars this guy is awesome !!!! love his body, the show was more than exellent……

from Lustmuscles69 [781] on 18 December 2018

Did a live cam show with Caleb. Very responsive to my requests to make the show even more enjoyable.

from cccarlosss [570] on 12 December 2018

best show ever !!! Great body..... 10 **********

from jwest1111 [106] on 25 November 2018

Caleb made a video for me. “You need to be seeing me after school today,” says he. “I want only “A’s” on my homework, no B’s.” “How aggressive do I have to get?” Caleb goes on, undressing in front of me showing me his mighty bod. And. all of it packed into a 5’7,” bod with 18” biceps and a 30” waist. “Come on,” he says, putting his hands around my neck and lifting me up. Then, a bearhug, school boy pin with his knees on my shoulders, a choke with his bare feet, and a long squeeze of his biceps on my neck to end it. All of it done with just the right timing, and perfect words and expressions! It’s my worst nightmare from junior high school come back to life as Caleb Sky. At least he somebody I’d want doing it to me instead of the real guy. I dreamed about it all last night. Great job! Caleb deserves all the stars after his name!

from londonstevie [35] on 18 November 2018

Had two excellent cam shows now with Caleb. His is friendly, professional and accommodating of my requests. He looks unbelievable on camera and delivers an unhurried experience. Definitely recommend him and definitely will be going back for me.

Thank you Caleb for the shows. Really appreciate the service.

from musclefuel [249] on 13 November 2018

Caleb’s videos are always the best. I had a strange request and he was more than happy to indulge. His prices are fair and his quality is above all. He’s very much alpha and you won’t be disappointed.

from Typerson [130] on 12 November 2018

Done several shows with Caleb and finally got my first custom video. Alway does an amazing job! Caleb will have you coming back for more!

from Drippy_ [265] on 2 November 2018

I truly and honestly believe that Caleb makes the best custom videos on this website. He has almost 200 positive reviews, and there is a reason for that. He can take any roleplay scenario you give him and PERFECT IT. If you have never had a roleplay custom video, but are interested in trying it out, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Caleb! Or if you’re only interested in muscle flexing, his body is sculpted to perfection! I can promise that you won’t regret doing business with him. Also, he is such a nice guy, and he’ll get you your video in a timely manner. I have nothing negative to say about him, he did everything I asked for and far exceeded my expectations. Thank you again Caleb, for such a great experience! You are the best! :)

from longbyname [1147] on 25 October 2018

Incredible show the absolute best

from euj24 [670] on 8 October 2018

The absolute best guy on this site. It's almost like he makes an art out of roleplay and takes it to a whole different level. If you haven't ordered a custom video from Caleb yet, you're missing out big time :)

from paulnesis [260] on 5 October 2018

Caleb is the most perfect dominant alpha. Did a custom vid of a roommate fantasy - was amazing. He can seriously act. He knew his lines but could riff off script understood the fantasy perfectly. Flexed well high quality video and good use of angles and dirty talk.

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 29 September 2018

BAM and another Caleb Video received. He never lets me down on my custom's. He is timely, hot looking, and he is built like a statue. He really takes my scenario and then goes to town with it. I have gotten multiple videos from him and he continues to get better. Never been disappointed by Caleb !!!!!!

from Jay.45 [4283] on 18 September 2018

this dude is my go to guy. NEVER had a bad show with him. Always swole and ripped and aesthetic. You will not be disappointed. and as of sept 2018 this kid is in the most dense, ridiculously aesthetic shape he's ever been in

from Shawn_1978 [639] on 12 September 2018

I just ordered my 2nd custom video from Caleb and if I thought he was orgasmic in my first video, he went way above and beyond that with this one! I cannot put into words just how amazing and multi-talented Caleb is. I could go on and on all day about him!

I wanted Caleb to dance to the song "SexyBack" and show off his amazing dance skills, and oh my god, I was not disappointed in the slightest! This muscle stud can entertain with his incredible dance moves, just as well as he can flexing his muscles for you! Caleb made this video sexy, seductive, sizzling, and exciting! After he danced, he showed off his amazing muscular body which looks even sexier since the last time I saw him. Caleb just oozes sex appeal and raw sexuality, it's very easy to see why people can easily become addicted to him, quickly. Caleb has the biggest personality which I think is much bigger than his muscles. He's such a genuine guy, who cares about his muscle fans and making sure they are entertained to the fullest! He goes out of his way to make sure you get only the best quality live show or video that he is able to give you and he loves every second of it!

Caleb, thank you so much, man, for another beyond orgasmic custom video experience! The talents and skills you possess are just mind blowing to me! You continue to become sexier and sexier, both in muscle, and most of all personality, which means a lot to all of us who love and appreciate you for sharing your talents with us! I wish you much love, man, and greater success in your bodybuilding endeavors and in any other business ventures that are in your future! God Bless!

from gr8jays777 [710] on 8 September 2018


Awesome guy. Great show.

from pod_rick [1155] on 5 September 2018

When I saw Caleb on here I got super excited because of the other videos I've seen of him elsewhere. I've ordered 3 customs from him so far and goddamn dude... Goddamn. He just absolutely dominates the screen. I got exactly what I was wanting every time, he's quick to record and send and doesn't mind the banter in the chat. 10/10 will order again.

from sfo13m [9641] on 28 August 2018

I am not surprised that Caleb Sky is one of the top guys at The Best Flex; it is well-earned. I have bought several custom videos from Caleb. I love each one I have received.

Including the most recent custom video I recently ordered. I gave him an idea, and what he produced was what I asked for and then some. The muscle-flexing and then the dominant, alpha-male banter is quite a combination. :)

from cccarlosss [570] on 27 August 2018

great show cocky guy !! highly recommend him

from Sinmar277 [1048] on 5 August 2018

Caleb is one of the good guys on the site! He's honest and a great guy to deal with! Give him a roleplay and he'll step seamlessly into character and deliver an amazing video! I highly recommend him for live shows or custom videos! Thanks for a great experience Caleb!

from kjuvik [70] on 28 July 2018

Been doing shows with this guy for a while now and always delivers 100% thx

from soulboy87 [270] on 20 July 2018

Caleb has big everything!

from madrasman [4529] on 17 July 2018

Looking bigger than 172 lbs now... Huge in every good, hot way!

from Ing89 [155] on 13 July 2018


Caleb was amazing! everything I hoped to see and more! He really went above and beyond to meet my request

from iestyn [0] on 11 July 2018

Just booked a story show on Skype with Caleb. He is phenomenal. Brilliant swagger, the gorgeous looks, great actor - just perfect. And the accent for a Brit, of course!

from jwest1111 [106] on 9 July 2018

Caleb made me an "I wrestle Scrappy wrestling video." He even did it over the weekend and delivered. Here's how it was. To show me a thing or two first, he flexed, and took me down in a surprise bearhug. After that, it was the neck choke by the legs, the school boy pin with his legs over my arms, and a murdering headlock. He dominated me all the way through, saying "why don't you do something?" "You can't," Haha, and he'd flex again, showing off. And last, "And now a little point I got to get across to you. I don’t leave anybody conscious when I’m done with them." I loved it so much I wrote out every word! and saved it to my hard drive. "A+" all the way!!!

from J@ckie123 [415] on 9 July 2018

By far the best video I’ve purchased so far and looking forward to buying another already! Thanks again

from oilboy4u [1077] on 6 July 2018

Caleb made the oiled up cocky vid for me that he posted, was truly a great working experience with him. I am into oil, poppers, veins and cocky attitude, which he delivers and then some! Looking forward to more with him. Professional and legit, unlike a few of the other scammers that have been around.

from jms2905509 [60] on 5 July 2018

To say Caleb is amazing would be an understatement. I've had at least 8 cam shows with him and each one is better than the last!! He's super friendly, considerate and always goes above and beyond to make sure I'm enjoying myself. He's been amazingly flexible with scheduling time with me. His smile is killer, that body....well, it's amazing. I was a little nervous to ask him to do the roleplay I wanted but he put me at ease and has delivered one incredible show after another. He totally gets what I love and brings his dominant alpha side into the mix which really makes the scene even better. He is totally in synch with my interests and ad libs like a pro. Run, Run, Run to schedule a cam show with him. You will not be sorry. Oh! And did I mention, those arms, those abs, that back, those shoulders..... Is it hot in here????? LOL

from Kamaswami [350] on 28 June 2018

I feel like I review I write for Caleb says that this was the best video ever, but this was. I don't know if it's because I've gotten a few from him, but he is able to take my direction and completely tailor it to what I am looking for. If you're a first timer looking for a video, or a veteran who's received a million shows, you can't go wrong with him. He's completely profession, friendly, and always delivers what you're looking for. I just wish I lived closer so I could meet him more often, because he's just as professional and friendly in person.

from nws02873 [47] on 26 June 2018

Just got my 4th custom video off Caleb, and there are no words to describe what an amazing dude Caleb is. Easy to speak to, very fast doing it and reasonable price, especially with the stunning quality you get. And that body :O omg his physique is perfect, a physical masterpiece. And he really knows how to show it off in just about any way. A true professional that everyone should try at least once, I imagine you'd be hooked on him after that.

from bennyshazz [255] on 23 June 2018

Just got another video from Caleb. Won't review the video as it was amazing as always but want to say again that Caleb has some of the best customer service skills of any muscle god. Seriously, I have ordered several times from him and can't stress enough how easy and pleasant it is to work with him. Even when I totally dropped the ball on my end he was more than understanding and helped me fix the issue that I caused and he was in no fault for. Totally outstanding guy.

from sethinator89 [285] on 23 June 2018

Caleb is awesome! Had a live cam show with him. Amazing guy!

from SCWres [15] on 14 June 2018

Absolutely one if not the best. Listens to requests and delivers.

from jwest1111 [106] on 12 June 2018

Had a wrestling meet-up with Caleb on Skype. I bad mouthed him, and he came back flexing. He had me in tight headlocks and crushed me with his legs to put me out all the way. He'd take me to the twilight zone, let go, and do it over and over again I never saw legs that size before in the real! His arms were bigger than I ever seen them before, too. A "5" for sure, at least for cockiness and big legs, plus everything else.

from crawlden [297] on 4 June 2018

This stallion can win any Kentucky Derby

from longbyname [1147] on 29 May 2018



from Kamaswami [350] on 28 May 2018

It seems like I'm writing a review for Caleb every other day, but I can't stop getting videos from him. This most recent one was his best yet, and I've figured out why I keep coming back. Though he deals with hundreds of guys, who knows how to make custom vids feel custom, like he really remembers me and what I like. Whether he does or not makes no difference because he's so good at performing, and exceedingly professional. I'm sure I won't stop buying from him until he stops making them.

from sfo13m [9641] on 22 May 2018

I contacted Caleb for another custom flex video. The resulting video was amazing. Muscles and alpha, dominant talk is an excellent combination.

I will return for more.

from Kamaswami [350] on 17 May 2018

Just got another video from Caleb and was as pleased as ever. This one was different from anything I've ever gotten from him in the past, and it's one of the hottest I've ever recieved. Caleb is very accommodating, and great to work with.

from FallenStar2121 [105] on 17 May 2018

Absolutely outstanding!
This guy is so hot that I took the dive and requested my first ever custom. Caleb delivered on my fantasy and far exceeded my initial expectations. To top it off he made the whole thing as easy as possible. Already thinking about getting another from him.

from Kamaswami [350] on 15 May 2018

I was just lucky enough to finish my second meetup with Caleb. He's as nice and accommodating in real life as in his videos, and he truly wants to make you happy. He enjoys finding out what people like and then making it happen. The fact that such a nice guy has built such a phenomenal physique, and seems to honestly enjoy showing it off, is amazing. I've met a few guys who flex, but none of them seem to enjoy it quite as much as Caleb; he's either a great actor, or really gets into it. Anyway, if you get the chance, I can't recommend him enough.

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 15 May 2018

Caleb has delivered 2 custom videos from my scenes and I can tell you that he has set the bar pretty high. He executes me scenes with precision and puts his own spin with them. He is a pleasure to work with. Very polite. He loves to get into the scene and you can honestly tell that he does. He loves to flex and show off and he knows exactly how to do it and get you all excited in the process....Highly Recommended.

from Twolve1 [2055] on 13 May 2018

Actually wanted to make sure I left a review for two custom videos I did with Caleb a couple months ago. They were outstanding as usual. There are good cam guys and then there is the elite of the elite. Caleb is in the elite of the elite. Videos are outstanding and he is incredibly timely to deliver. Not sure how many different ways to say how good is videos are so will just leave it at that. - Gary

from TouchyFeely [1671] on 12 May 2018

Master of performance and great communication. Says exactly what you need to hear, flexes his great proportions!!! Will need to be back soon!

from JoeNYC [5555] on 7 May 2018


Caleb has been blowing my mind lately like never before and leaving me in total awe! I have been getting custom videos from him very regularly for the last year and a half and he just made me the greatest video he's made me yet! Unlike some other guys who sometimes just phone it in or go through the motions and who you might become bored with after a while, Caleb always puts 110% into his videos and shows and he just gets better and better! In my opinion, Caleb is the best and hottest guy on this site by far! Once Caleb knows what you like, brace yourself, because he will keep finding ways to blow your mind and to permanently own you! Sometimes I feel like he knows my fantasies better than I do! LOL! He definitely brings them to life better than I could ever imagine! Each new video he makes me is better than the last! Just when I think that there is no way he can possibly top himself, he goes and does it each and every time! The fact that I've gotten tons and tons of videos from him, but yet I still want more says a lot about how phenomenal he is! I just can't get enough of him!

from youp555 [410] on 7 May 2018

Had an amazing and mesmerizing role play with Caleb. Awesome show all around. He was patient as I set up a new payment system and called promptly after cash was sent. Kind and professional when organizing, and totally in character on cam!

from Mitch.74 [50] on 7 May 2018

Caleb is easy to deal with, straight forward and professional. I just received a custom video and it was well done, exactly like I requested. I use services like this a lot and Caleb is one of a handful of models who was a complete joy to deal with. I recommend him.

from luvmuscle [142] on 5 May 2018


Caleb was very easy to deal with. His video delivered exactly what I wanted, and I blew a huge load ;)

from JoeNYC [5555] on 30 April 2018


I continue to request custom videos from Caleb very regularly and I just can not seem to get enough of him! With each new video I receive from Caleb, he just blows me away more and more! Caleb has this amazing talent for bringing your fantasies to life. He truly has a gift for reading between the lines of your fantasy or request, getting to the root of it and then bringing it to life on video, but making it even better than you ever could have imagined. It's difficult to explain, but it's almost as if he can read your mind! When it comes to role-playing, there's no one better than Caleb! One of the many things that I really appreciate about Caleb is how present he always is in the videos he makes me. He always gives 110% and always puts his all into them. He genuinely loves to flex and show off, which makes his videos all the more amazing. In my opinion, Caleb is truly one of the best and hottest guys on this site and I will definitely be getting a lot more videos from Caleb for a long time to come!

from JoeNYC [5555] on 19 April 2018


I truly can not recommend Caleb highly enough! I've been requesting custom videos from Caleb for almost a year and a half now and in that time, I have gotten dozens and dozens of videos from him and I continue to get videos from him very regularly. I just can not get enough of Caleb! Each video he makes me is more amazing than the last one and he just keeps getting bigger and hotter and sexier and more muscular each day! I have been buying muscle videos for years and years and I can honestly say that Caleb is one my all time favorites. He is definitely one of the best guys on this website, by far! I just love Caleb so much and for so many different reasons that I don't even know where to begin. He's just got so many incredible qualities about him that it would be impossible to list them all here! Let's start with his obvious physical attributes! As you can tell from the pics here on his page, his body is PHENOMENAL, both upper and lower, and he is extremely handsome, but trust me when I say that he is even hotter on video and on cam! I always tell Caleb that he is male perfection and the ultimate male fantsy and that is absolutely true! Caleb is amazing at flexing and posing and he genuinely loves to show off his phenomenal physique to his fans. He is also excellent at roleplaying and can give you any kind of attitude or scenario you want. In fact, not only will he nail your request, but he'll make it even better than you ever could have imagined or hoped for! I have never known anyone else who is always so enthusiastic about making videos and showing off and who genuinely enjoys it! Also,the picture quality of his vids is excellent! One of the many things that I really love about Caleb is that he always gives 110% in his shows and videos and he always makes sure to give you exactly what you requested. He is extremely reliable and trustworthy in every way! He also happens to be one of the nicest guys that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Not only is he insanely hot and sexy, but he's a really great guy, a real class act all around, which is so rare to find. I really can't say enough great things about Caleb, but I'll stop for now, so I can save something for my next review/novel! ; )

from debonaire [1797] on 19 April 2018

I ordered another detailed custom from Caleb and as always he did an AMAZING job! He's a master role player, his body is phenomenal and he's fun to work with. He's honest, dependable and really cares about delivering great videos to his clients. By far he's one of the best if not the best model on this site.

from Kamaswami [350] on 15 April 2018

I just recieved another video from Caleb, and what else is there to say? He's incredibly easy to work with and always delivers what I'm looking for. It's always a great experience in every way imaginable.

from Kamaswami [350] on 13 April 2018

Got another vid from Caleb a few weeks ago and realized I forgot to review it. What's to say, he k owe exactly what I'm looking for and delivers. He's a seriously nice, respectful dude who knows how to be cocky and show off, with the perfect touches of personalization. I just ordered another video from him, and can't wait to see him in person again.

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 11 April 2018

What can you say about Caleb that hasn't already been said. Received another Custom video from him. He is definitely one of the sexiest Alpha's and his body is so put together. They way he acts out a scene, he goes from sweet to instantly cocky and then teases you with it. LOVE Caleb

from sethinator89 [285] on 7 April 2018

After receiving his video, I met up with Caleb in person since I live nearby. Definitely the only muscle god who should ever be worshipped. He is absolutely amazing in person. His sweet, cocky attitude. His gorgeously sculpted body. His dancing and stripping skills. I requested some different outfits for him to bring and strip in and he was more than prepared. He loves to perform and make your fantasy come true. He loves to be admired and liked it when I encouraged him to admire his greek god body. Definitely one of the best experiences ever. He is truely the alpha muscle god. Amazing dude!

from luvmuscle [142] on 4 April 2018

Wow Caleb is really hot and made me a custom video exactly how I wanted it. He's very cocky and dominant yet respectful. He'll be happy to know that after watching his video, I blew a huge load.

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 4 April 2018

Another 2 custom Videos under his belt. That BACK has got to be the sexiest back that is on this site. When he is turning and getting ready to flex, I just want to drool. What he does with my scenes is just amazing. He just goes to town with them and his imagination is pretty wild. When he is talking is alpha talk and posing and injecting a little noise in to posing, it sends me straight to the moon. Then he gives this look before he flexes and WOW, I am completely Lost. He is the Sexy Alpha on this Site. He has a way with words and his videos are just jaw dropping. You will never go wrong with Caleb. !!!

from Shawn_1978 [639] on 4 April 2018

I ordered my very first custom video from Caleb last night and recieved it today! If there's one word to describe Caleb, it would be: "ORGASMIC!" Man, oh man, does this muscle stud explode with raw sexuality and sexual heat! The custom video he gave me was beyond perfection! Caleb managed to turn me on from start to finish, with his perfect flexing and posing, and damn, can he dance! His muscle tone, definition, and bulk is outstanding and he seems to be getting bigger and bigger as each month passes. And don't even get me started on his amazing ass! He showed me just how incredible his ass looks in anything he wears, first in tight jeans and then in his sexy red and white jockstrap he showed off in! This muscle stud knows how to please! Just tell him what you want and lay all the details out for him and he will deliver!

Caleb is also one of the nicest and most mature guys I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. He's definitely more mature than most guys his age. He's a professional in every sense of the word and strives to give only the best to his muscle admirers. If I thought this video was hot, I can one imagine how much hotter a live muscle worship session with him would be. To feel his rock hard muscles and body while he proudly flexes and shows it off, with confidence, would be the ultimate muscle lover's dream come true! Caleb is the kind of muscle stud you want to experience, again and again, because he's that good at entertaining you and bringing your muscle worship fantasies to life!

Thank you so much Caleb, for a totally orgasmic first custom video experience! I hope our future videos we do together will be even hotter than the next! Also, I hope I have the serious honor of meeting you one day so you can show me just how rock hard and amazing your physique really is! Keep working hard, buddy, and become even bigger, stronger, and sexier! God Bless!

from squidbilly [440] on 3 April 2018


***********Way more than 5 Stars, just had my first show with him and it was fantastic! Super hot and super nice guy, I'll definitely be requesting another show or a video, and I recommend everyone else to if you haven't already. Great show and a great guy!

from Rimiko58 [640] on 24 March 2018

I have ordered two custom videos from Caleb and he is, without a doubt, the best. He's a pro at the "cocky alpha thing"...and He's nice.

from bennyshazz [255] on 19 March 2018

Got another video from Caleb. He is not only a pure muscle god that is happy to please but he has GREAT customer service skills which makes ordering a custom video so much easier. I can verify that if you ask him to do something that he will do his best to accommodate. So 5 stars for making the hottest videos and having great customer service.

from serfm1976 [285] on 18 March 2018

Great muscles and body woww

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 15 March 2018

I have just received my 3rd Custom video from Caleb and I can tell you, you will not find a more sexier Alpha than Caleb. When you combine that voice, with that body and Muscles and looks and you have the perfect package. He more than executed my scenes with precision. He nailed them and then some. His close ups are truly Close ups. His voice is like Butter and when combined with that body. Drooling. He keeps you up to date on his progress. LOVE THIS GUY.

from longbyname [1147] on 14 March 2018


Awesome awesome awesome awesomeeeeeeee

from debonaire [1797] on 12 March 2018

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Caleb is addictive. I just bought my fourth custom video from him and he delivered another great video. As always he took my fantasy and elevated it. He always comes up with cool ideas to make the video even hotter. He strives to make each video even better than the last one. He truly takes pride in what he does. He's a master role player and his physique is out of this world. He's honest, easy to work with and an all around great guy. If you haven't purchased a video from him you definitely should. You won't regret it.

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 7 March 2018

It's been a while since I posted my last review of Caleb but I've had plenty of shows with him. Just had one today. Every show has been amazing, exceeding anything I can imagine. You can tell he sincerely enjoys doing what he does. Give him an idea an he will blow your mind with how perfect he brings your fantasy to life!

from sfo13m [9641] on 16 February 2018

After seeing his Love Muscle video, I ordered a custom video from Caleb. I was pleased with the result. I had a great experience doing business with him.

My favourites are his voice, alpha attitude, and expert posing.

from thetallg [849] on 1 February 2018

Been like half a year from our last show, I think he got even better at this whole thing and he was already one of the best before hand. anyways been doing shows for a year/year and a half? and he has never falters on what he brings!

from sethinator89 [285] on 26 January 2018

Just got my first vid back from Caleb. He is absolutely perfect in every way. The costume, the attitude, the body....he is a true alpha and muscle. Don’t worship anyone but him. He is a god!

from squashme [755] on 15 January 2018

I just wanted to thank Caleb once again for the great video he delivered me recently. And he's very easy to deal with, prompt in deliveries, so highly recommend! And what a huge stud he is on top of all of that! So positively a 5*!

from tjst226 [136] on 11 January 2018

Did exactly what I wanted in custom videos. Definitely very responsive and excellent at doing what you want him to do and delivered timely! And even gave me more than I requested! Definitely work with him!

from Williamfan [80] on 2 January 2018

Simply amazing he have is own video site and he gave a fantastic service and that body its just amazing maybe sculpt by the god

from debonaire [1797] on 17 December 2017

This is my second custom video from Caleb. He definitely took it up a notch. In this case -- the sequel is better than the original. He took my detailed storyline and elevated it by adding lights and props. His role playing is pitch perfect. This is hands down the best custom I've ever bought.

from laark21 [550] on 16 December 2017

Simply the best. :) just got my second custom vid and I couldn't be happier. Caleb did everything I asked for and in some very creative ways that'll have me coming back in no time. You need to order a video from this guy to believe it. His body looks amazing right now and he is possibly the best at showing it off. Thank you Caleb!

from philipinftl [395] on 10 December 2017

Simply the best cam guy around. Fast turnaround, amazingly creative at roleplay. Great body that has only gotten better in the past year and reasonable rates for everything from cam shows to meet-ups

from timo.muscle [605] on 9 December 2017

a very nice and good-looking guy, will ask him for my 5th custom vid soon, he always does a great Job!

from nws02873 [47] on 2 December 2017

Had my 3rd custom vid from Caleb and he continues to defy my expectations - he goes above and beyond everytime and is really friendly and professional when communicating. Everyone needs to get a vid off this guy - he's ridiculously good looking, has a mind-blowing physique and is the best at role playing and making his customers happy. Easily the best at what he does and I couldn't recommend him high enough, 5 stars is not enough he gets a 100 :)

from tycho27 [1387] on 27 November 2017

I had a camshow with Him: he has a totally amazing personality and body. Very natural at doing cool roleplays and very very beautiful. Will enchant you and mesmerize you totally!

from debonaire [1797] on 21 November 2017

I ordered a custom video from Caleb. He did an AMAZING job!!! He exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond. I couldn't have asked for a better video. The camera angle and lighting were on point and the role playing was tip-top. He's a fantastic performer who really got into the role. So I don't just give him five stars... I give him like a million.

from musclelover79 [465] on 19 November 2017

I had asked Caleb to do a custom video for me and it was amazing. He really gets into the show, flexing, and showing off his alpha body. He is so nice and so easy to talk to. We gone back and forth a few day before we got thing straightened out. Bet I'll be back for another video soon. Thanks Caleb!

from jngrand93 [305] on 19 November 2017

Just ordered a custom video from this guy and it was amazing! Not only does he have an awesome physique, he's also easy to work with and quick. I ordered the video yesterday and received it the very next day. If you're a fan of muscle control, he's a pro at it! Definitely recommend him!

from laark21 [550] on 25 October 2017

I ordered a custom video from Caleb after a few days of messaging him back and forth. I was excited to go through with it as this was my first one. He was so pleasant to talk to, and answered any questions I had. When we had a minor issue on figuring things out, he was super kind to work through it with me enough so I could eventually receive a video not too long after I had sent him money. He also kept me updated which shows how great of a guy he is. Lemme tell you, this video was exactly what I wanted. He went above and beyond with the requests I gave him, and I could tell he enjoyed doing it. He's definitely unlike any other. Awesome personality, insane body, amazing flexing, and just overall a great guy. Caleb, this was a great first experience. Can't wait to come to you again. Looking forward to it. Thank you! :)

Caleb replied...
Anytime :) thanks

from nak9 [250] on 12 October 2017

A truly top notch camshow. His definition is excellent. He knows how to make you feel excited. I simply wish I was there to feel those hard muscles. 10/10

Caleb replied...
Don’t u ? ;) thank u

from LE95 [120] on 8 October 2017

Had my second show with Caleb which was even better than the first! I could not recommend him enough, he will listen to your requests carefully and will follow them through down to every detail. He's very easy to talk to, he replies and sends across videos very quickly too! I would advise everyone to give him a try! Thank you.

Caleb replied...
Thank u ! :)

from Shiwa [518] on 3 October 2017

He deserves more than 5 stars! I ordered one custom video, it was delivered within 24 hours and just awesome! He knew what I wanted to see, his acting combined with his handsome face and huge body is something what I was looking for. Since then I ordered two more videos and every time it's a new feeling. Highly, highly recommended!

Caleb replied...
Your awesome. Thank you !! :)

from gofg [675] on 2 October 2017

OMG!!!!! Hands down the best, sexiest, cockiest show I have ever had! His ass is to die for and he is so handsome! Will be back!!!

Caleb replied...
;) il be waiting thanks!

from theworldshavoc [30] on 28 September 2017

I don't even know where to begin. Hands down one of the best shows I've had in a loooooong time. Caleb is fine as hell and charismatic. Great prices and he gives you exactly what you ask for. Definitely one of the best around. Seriously, if you're into flex shows, check this guy out. I'm a new regular for sure. Top notch body.

Caleb replied...
Thank you!! ;) means alot

from Jay.45 [4283] on 23 September 2017

these pics don't really do this muscle god justice. I have had about 10 or more show with this guy and the muscle, the confidence and ability to fulfill multiple requests and fantasies is top notch. I have never had a bad show from him and only had stellar shows. Couldn't recommend him for highly. Very personable, very professional and a muscle god who has symmetry, swag, size and conditioning

Caleb replied...
Thanks bro! :)

from LE95 [120] on 21 September 2017

I ordered a custom video with Caleb and it was so amazing! It included everything I asked and more. Caleb puts a lot of effort into your video, and makes sure it's exactly what you want. He also delivered the video within one day of paying which shows how seriously he takes this and how much he cares about his viewers. Highly recommend, thanks Caleb!

Caleb replied...
You the best thanks :)

from gigator39 [340] on 21 September 2017

Got a second custom video by Caleb and it was even better than the first. He really goes all out. Superfast turnaround. Always looks great. Can't say enough good things about him. His bio is no lie. He is the best actor in roleplay I've ever had the pleasure to interact with. I'd give him 10 stars if i could. Highly recommend.

Caleb replied...
10 stars ! Thank you ! ;))

from nws02873 [47] on 15 September 2017

I have never asked for a custom vid off anyone before, and I picked Caleb because he has excellent reviews and, well just look at him; the guy looks like he was carved by the gods. When I first asked him he replied really quick, was really courteous and friendly and even apologetic over a delay that wasn't even in his control. He was even understanding with payment issues. And the video - OMG it was perfect, everything I asked for and more. It was like he read my mind. One of the hottest things I have ever seen.
So yeah, I highly, highly recommend Caleb - really nice guy, great performer and a perfect body. Everyone should get a vid of this guy at some point.

Caleb replied...
Thank you so much! I enjoyed being your first ;) haha

from gigator39 [340] on 8 September 2017

Got a custom video from Caleb and it was great. Definitely glad i contacted him and made the request. Good looking guy, great body, good attitude and a pleasure to work with. 5 stars for sure.

Caleb replied...
Thank you !! :)

from MuscleLover22 [146] on 1 September 2017

You likely won't find any cam show guy to rate higher than Caleb in ALL categories. He's a Man of his word, considerate, gives his all to please you, meeting your expectations. We each have specific muscle guy "types." They vary widely. But no objective muscle admirer, whatever their type, could say anything negative about Caleb's body. Look at his photos. They are current, accurate and if anything, do not do him justice. It is jaw-dropping when he appears live on your screen. And he knocks himself out to deliver your personal requests. Caleb aims to please. And for me, he overshot my expectations.

Caleb replied...
Anytime ! ;) thanks

from Lovedoveyxo [75] on 29 August 2017

I was left speechless after the show. He really does understand how to put on a good show and how make the customer feel good and special.

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 23 August 2017

I don't know what's left to say. Caleb is amazing, and the best out there. We've done so many shows that he knows exactly what to do to get me going. It's as though he has leapt directly from the fantasies in my head onto the screen. And I have to say I also enjoy that while we're talking during the show (and I think I talk a lot haha), I feel like I'm talking to a friend. That's how comfortable this dude can make you feel. Great guy in both body and personality!

Caleb replied...
:) thank you !!

from evren93 [182] on 16 August 2017

Guys stop wasting your time with other guys..Caleb is the guy you have been searching for your whole life.. i did several shows with him and finally ordered a custom video and it was a fcking masterpiece. It was awesome and more than perfect. His body is out of this world..can't describe it with words you got to see it with your own eyes and you will never want to do a show with someone else. Thank you for the last video Caleb you literally dominated me with your power

Caleb replied...
Thanks bro! ????????????

from Airgo30 [25] on 15 August 2017

Caleb is awsome really great and nice ask him for cam shows amd he does them, i highly recommend this stud great guy awsome body well worth the money..

Caleb replied...
Thanks !! :)????????

from Will M. [194] on 7 August 2017

Just received one of the BEST custom videos from this Alpha...I wanted a special video for my birthday and He ensured it was just that! I was not sure He would deliver a video that met my "SPECIAL" taste as many guys cannot (for one reason or another), but that was quickly dispelled in the first minute. He is both sexy and domineering at the same time all while shooting in HD quality to capture that massive, muscular frame. There was a short delay, but He communicated it effectively.

My ONLY regret is that it was in video format as opposed to an in-person session, but it is only a matter of time now that I have experienced this TITAN!!!

Caleb replied...
Hell yeah ???????????? Thanks bro. Just wait till u experience it in person

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 4 August 2017

My first review of Caleb using the new star rating system. But 5 stars are not enough for this guy! Caleb puts the BEST in TheBestFlex, because he is undeniably one of the hottest and best performers out there. Every show I have with him blows my mind and is intensely fun and enjoyable. I've said it before, as have many others, but he comes with my HIGHEST recommendation!!

from Ragabrel [575] on 28 July 2017

Caleb films a great video when he says he will at a reasonable price and looks even better in the video than in his pictures. Basically, what the other seventy-some guys have said

from Kamaswami [350] on 20 July 2017

I don't post a review every time I deal with Caleb, though each time has been positive. I just had to reiterate what a great guy he is. If it were just his hot body and handsome face, I could get that from plenty of guys. It's that combined with his genuinely cool personality, ability to perform any situation (this cat is an actor), and his constant delivery of 100% effort on every video I've received. I don't think I'll ever find someone I could recommend more highly. You won't be disappointed, I certainly never have been.

from RSully94 [175] on 12 July 2017

Did a show with Caleb earlier today. We worked something out pretty quickly and he was ok with pretty much everything I asked for. #datasstho. Lol, I had to throw that hashtag in there because he seriously has one of the biggest and most firm butts out of the 30+ guys I've done shows with. Go ahead and hit him up for a show. His 100% universal approval rating is like that for a reason. You won't be disappointed.

from Twolve1 [2055] on 30 June 2017

Had not left feedback yet from part II of my videos with Caleb and just wanted to say Part II was even better than Part I. Caleb brings incredible personality, attitude, muscle, the pecs, arms etc. to his videos Great guy to do a video with. Looking forward to the next one.

from JoeNYC [5555] on 23 June 2017

Caleb is one of my absolute favorites and, by far, one of the best guys on The Best Flex and he somehow manages to keep getting better and better! I have gotten so many custom videos from him and I definitely plan on getting many more! Caleb has so many incredible qualities that I don't even know where to begin! Not only is Caleb insanely hot, but he also genuinely loves to flex and show off that phenomenal body of his. He is excellent at roleplaying and he always gives 100 % in his videos and camshows. Caleb always aims to please and makes sure to give you exactly what you requested. One thing that I really love about Caleb is how enthusiastic he is about all of this. Whatever video request I throw at him, he is always so eager and excited about making it. Caleb is an extremely nice guy, very friendly and very pleasant to chat with, but he can pull off any attitude you want in shows and videos. Caleb is also incredibly reliable and trustworthy. Whenever you "do business" with Caleb, you can guarantee that you will get exactly what you requested and that it will be amazing. I truly can not say enough great things about him! I highly, highly recommend Caleb to anyone and everyone!

from pexmkmeweak [60] on 31 May 2017

Over the years, the number of men who I have done business with online is astronomical. The second that I saw Calebs profile, I knew that he was something unique. Coordinating our schedules was somewhat exhaustive... HOWEVER!!! the second that the cam came on, I knew that this was a treat. Caleb look 20 times better than any pic on here... not only that, his whole demeanor was very focused and engaged in giving the best show. I use those words because this was in fact... THE BEST cam session that I have ever had. Caleb is a total gentleman, with boyish twinkle in his eyes... I promise u, if u are wondering "Whether or Not" its a reverberating YES

from Ozsport63 [1846] on 30 May 2017

had an amazing show with Caleb, he is such a nice guy, ripped and muscled and loves to perform
Highly recommended

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 29 May 2017

Another show with this amazing stud! Caleb has it all: good looks with the most amazing smile I've ever seen, a great body that he knows how to show off every muscle that you can't take your eyes off of, a personality that makes you feel completely relaxed, and the ability to sense exactly what you like and put on a performance that you will never forget.

from Twolve1 [2055] on 26 May 2017

Did a custom video with Caleb and it was simply outstanding. Can't say enough good things about him. With the video he took a basic script and made it amazing. All I can say is, can't wait for part II. :)

from Kamaswami [350] on 25 May 2017

I just recently got another video from Caleb (I've lost count of how many so far). The thing that sets him apart is that he's always up for whatever scenario I throw at him, and he always gives 110% in every video he's ever made for me. It also doesn't hurt that he's handsome, super friendly, and all around easy to work with. I can't recommend him enough!

Caleb replied...
Thanks ! :) anytime. You know I'm down for it ;) haha

from evren93 [182] on 23 May 2017

Guys it is impossible to describe this guy with words. I had a show with him last week and it was the best show I have ever had. His muscles were more than perfect. I was confused where I should look at. His abs, chest, biceps or face :D the pov wrestling show I had with him gave me the feeling that I have been dominated by him.. it felt real ..I really wanna know how it feels in real.. I really recommend him..guys get a show with him and you will have the best time of your life... This guy is a muscle god.. can't wait for the next show :)

Caleb replied...
Thanks so much! :)

from Jay.45 [4283] on 3 May 2017

have had so many shows with this dude and have to give him the top rating ever. This guy is my go to go. Always gives his best and is worth every penny. Very reasonable prices and great shows and crazy physique. Very good looking guy as well. Rock hard conditioned muscle. See him now; you will never regret it

Caleb replied...
Thanks bro! 💪🏼 Always win flexin on you ;)

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 26 April 2017

I had yet another mind-blowing show with Caleb. Once he knows what you like, he runs with it. And oh man does he know how to perform. I didn't have to say much, from doing shows with him he knew exactly what to do, and every single movement and pose was what I liked to see and beyond. I really, really enjoy doing shows with him; every show is so much fun!

from thetallg [849] on 19 April 2017

Caleb is the alpha of alphas. When I see his perfect sexy muscle, I can barely control myself. I just loose it. He just makes me want to give up everything. Caleb is the greatest master in the world!!

from Coolmanrico [887] on 18 April 2017

Received a custom video from this sexy muscle god. He's so handsome,those lip and eyes are mesmerizing. And that bod wow. I will certainly buy more from him.

from timo.muscle [605] on 15 April 2017

got my first custom vid last week and it was absolutely amazing! he's so kind, so hot - and what a sexy voice!! ;)

Caleb replied...
Thanks! ;)

from ilovesuperman [5] on 11 April 2017

Just had an amazing show with Caleb
His body is just magnificent and he's always willing to make your wishes come true!
Highly recommended

Caleb replied...
Thanks !

from Twolve1 [2055] on 9 April 2017

Purchased a couple videos from Caleb and they are great as are his shows. Have done a couple shows and Caleb is one of the best. Really gets into the show so a lot of fun. Recommend him to others.

from Classic142001 [491] on 6 April 2017

What else is there to say? This guy is the best of the best. Friendly, creative, responsive, and smoking hot.

Caleb replied...
;) thanks

from Fatty [736] on 6 April 2017

I was lucky enough to find Caleb's profile three weeks ago and he has already blessed me with 6 videos. I honestly cannot get enough.

Wow, this man is hot!!!! Like, scorching hot!!! I know I sound like a helpless fanboy, but it is impossible to exaggerate what a stunningly handsome man he is. From top to toe, his physique is just the stuff of dreams: large muscular thighs, tight defined abs, a chest and shoulders which make me drool, baseball biceps. He has worked hard on his body and the results are a joy to behold. I don’t mean to be crude, but his ass….just unbelievable!! He flexes and shows off the superhuman results of his hard work, and it leaves me speechless.

He has a fantastically seductive voice, which drives me nuts, and he has taken the trouble to get to know what I like. He pushes every button I have and keeps me coming back begging for more! I could watch his handsome face all day, and when he comes close to the camera and smiles his cocky smile, he just owns me…

Caleb has to be seen to be believed. Just sheer perfection. The most perfect man I have ever seen. Don’t hesitate to contact him. There is no-one better to make your fantasies come to life.

Caleb replied...
Best review ! ;)

from Kamaswami [350] on 5 April 2017

I got another vid from Caleb, and this time let him decide what to do. Great video (he remembered what I like), and nice guy to deal with. I can't help it, I have to keep coming back for more!

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 5 April 2017

Once more, I had an amazing cam show with Caleb. He puts so much into each show, and once he knows what you like he takes it and runs with it and performs way above any expectation. And you can tell he enjoys what he does, which really adds to the quality of the show! If you haven't had a show with him yet... why not??

from Andrew1446 [1355] on 29 March 2017

I was so impressed with the video I received from Caleb. Not only does he look phenomenal, his personality really shines through and makes it so much fun to watch. He was fantastic to deal with and delivered the video within a day of making the payment. I can't even think how he could have done a better job, everything went so well. HIGHLY recommended and I'll definitely be going back to him for more.

Caleb replied...
awesome:) thanks so much :)

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 20 March 2017

Just finished up another show with Caleb. I've said it all before so I'll keep this one short and to the point: Caleb is hands down the BEST cam guy out there!

Caleb replied...
your the best !! :)

from Fatty [736] on 16 March 2017

I came across Caleb's profile last week, and the amazing pictures prompted me to ask for a custom video straight away - and I have already gone back for more! Unbelievably, I immediately noticed that he is even hotter than in his pictures. He looks just perfect, with beautiful skin and an amazingly handsome face. And his body is just crammed full of perfectly formed muscle. When he poses, he looks like Michelangelo's David brought to life, and he has perfect control over every muscle. It's just a joy to watch him move gracefully from one pose to another. On cam, he is as mean and dominant (!), or as friendly and alpha, as you want to be. When dealing with him off-cam, he is totally trustworthy and reliable. Sorry for the long review, but Caleb is just amazing. He is probably the hottest man I have ever seen, and when he filmed himself working out on a pull-up bar, I knew I was hooked for life!

Caleb replied...
wow. thanks so much ! :) ur awesome

from errorna [415] on 13 March 2017

Definiteluly fantastic! This is my second sciatic video from Caleb. As always, he is easy to communicate, open to ideas and really work hard to make the video. Unlike some other guys on this website, Caleb is so dedicated. I know hitting bodybuilding poses is really a hard work. But he never stop in the 11 minute video, with sweat on his body. He is such a nice person! Definitely I will come back again. Thank you so much Caleb!

Caleb replied...
thanks so musch! that's an awesome review. love it

from cyberspace616 [65] on 7 March 2017

Wow! So hot and so easy to work with! And so nice as well

Caleb replied...
Thank you !! :)

from thetallg [849] on 2 March 2017

his power is growing more and more (if that is not for you don't worry he does vanilla too) I am always satisfied and I can not stress enough to give him a shot. you will be blown away!

Caleb replied...
;) thanks g

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 23 February 2017

I've lost count of how many shows I've had with Caleb. His shows are exceptional. He puts so much effort into each and every show, and always delivers exactly what I'm looking for. He's really easy to talk to and is one of the nicest guys I've ever done a show with. And his physique is in perfect shape and he definitely loves to show it off. Thanks for another great show!

Caleb replied...
Your welcome !! Thanks, I love our shows ;)

from sfbrad [5] on 23 February 2017

I was able to meet up with Caleb recently. What a great session. First off, like others have said, he is a super nice guy. Great communications before and during. Caleb arrived right on time. His body is amazing. I think he's bigger now than in his pictures. He clearly loves to flex and show off. He gave and received subtle cues during the session like a pro. Our session got hotter and hotter as he flexed hard, got even more pumped, broke out in a sweat and got more physically and verbally alpha. If you like smooth, naturally super-muscular young alpha-type guys and you have a chance to meet up with Caleb, do it.

Caleb replied...
;) had a good time. Thanks

from Md33 [115] on 23 February 2017

He's got that rating for a reason!!! WOW WOW WOW!
Awesome body, great attitude, fantastic actor and then there's THAT ass! WOW!

Caleb replied...
:) thanks

from Kamaswami [350] on 19 February 2017

Another video from Caleb and I couldn't be happier. I had problems on my end, and he was gracious enough to double check everything and resend the video. On top of being so kind, not only is he amazingly handsome, I think he's getting bigger (I know his quads are)! I couldn't be happier, and couldn't be more effusive in my praise. One of a kind, and genuinely the best on the site.

Caleb replied...
Thank you so much !

from thetallg [849] on 16 February 2017

So I was waiting until his internet connection was good before I posted anything and then forgot to haha. Caleb's cam shows are amazing. He is insanely easy to work. I like pretty agressive took him a minute to realize the line pretty much does not get crossed with me, but I guess that comes with experience and getting to know the customer better. He only accepts money when he is actually ready for a show so that makes him very reliable as well. I have been doing shows for months and the consistency is very much there, I highly recommend this god!

Caleb replied...
Thanks G!! Caleb needs worshiped today for sure ;)

from Jay.45 [4283] on 7 February 2017

super alpha bad ass - just did my 4th show. Kid is an aesthetic beast

Caleb replied...
Thanks J. What am I 3-1? ;) 💪🏼😋

from tew20856 [135] on 5 February 2017

Very nice guy. Honest too. You won't be sorry if you contact him. Very good looking, great build.

Caleb replied...
Thanks you! Means a lot

from Jay.45 [4283] on 3 February 2017

kid is a muscle god. Alpha as fuk. Try him - fuken thick peaked muscle. Great attitude, cocky and alpha - 10 out of 10

Caleb replied...
;) thanks !

from squashme [755] on 2 February 2017

The video I got from Caleb is probably the best I had so far. Totally what I asked him for and he himself is just phenomenal. Enjoyed it a lot and very grateful!!!

Caleb replied...
Wow! Means a lot. Thank you !!

from Jay.45 [4283] on 26 January 2017

got my second show with this kid. Fucken awesome !!! First, every pic he currently has up, is smaller than he is now. He is bigger now and just as lean if not a bit leaner. His quads are huge. Biceps are perfect. Great attitude. GET A SHOW you will not regret it

Caleb replied...
Hell yeah. Still growing baby 💪🏼💪🏼

from Kamaswami [350] on 24 January 2017

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Caleb recently, and the experience was nothing but positive. Firstly, Caleb was easy to deal with, kind, friendly, and just genuinely nice. Secondly, he was handsome, sexy, confident, took cues from our meeting and tailored it according as we progressed. Oh, and his body is even more phenomenal in person than in video. If you have the opportunity to meet this young Adonis, don't pass it up. Thanks Caleb, KT

Caleb replied...

from Kamaswami [350] on 21 January 2017

I got another video from Caleb last week, and he knocked it out of the park again. Great body, handsome face, easy to deal with, quick, and gave me exactly what I wanted. I could not recommend him enough. KT

Caleb replied...
Thanks !!

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 14 January 2017

I know everything has been said before, but I'm going to say it again. This guy is amazing. I just now had yet another show with Caleb, and once again I was blown away by the performance. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are enjoying yourself. This guy has it all: looks, body, and personality. Just one look at his killer smile while he's flexing and you'll know you picked the right guy for a show. I can't say enough great things about him. Thank you, Caleb, and looking forward to the next show!

from scooby [690] on 13 January 2017

So hot he should be bronzed and made into a statue so all mankind can admire that ripped, veiny and aesthetic body for all eternity!

from scooby [690] on 9 January 2017

Caleb and his mesmerizing muscles keep getting hotter and hotter with each and every vid! Salivating satisfaction with every ferocious flex! GET ADDICTED!!!

Caleb replied...

from scooby [690] on 8 January 2017

Ripped veiny baseball biceps looking even better! Super hot aesthetic stud! Sexy muscle worship vid!

Caleb replied...

from scooby [690] on 8 January 2017


from Twolve1 [2055] on 6 January 2017

Did two shows with Caleb this past week and absolutely great guy to do shows with. Easy to chat with and really gets into the show. Can't say enough great things. Awesome body and great personality as well. Looking forward to future shows - Gary

Caleb replied...
Thank you! ;)

from mango50 [140] on 5 January 2017

I had an amazing show from Caleb! He looks incredible! He obviously works VERY hard to keep himself in good shape, and he also worked hard to get into the show I had asked for. Caleb is really easy to work with, too. He's responsive and very friendly. Truly a fantastic guy to have some fun with. I'm already looking forward to seeing him again.

Caleb replied...
Wow thank you!! 😁

from JoeNYC [5555] on 4 January 2017

There are no words to accurately describe just how amazing Caleb is! I requested my first custom video from Caleb about a week ago and since then, I have received seven videos from him. That should give you an idea of just how phenomenal Caleb is! He completely blows my mind! Caleb has one of the most unbelievable bodies that I have ever seen! His physique is absolutely phenomenal and flawless and he just loves to flex and pose and show off. He is also very eager to please, so he always makes sure to fulfill your requests in custom videos and is quite fast at getting those videos to you too. On top of all that, Caleb is an incredibly nice guy and it's always so pleasant to chat and communicate with him. I have been buying flexing videos for many years now and have requested countless custom videos from tons of bodybuilders and "cam guys" and I can honestly say that Caleb is one of the best I've ever encountered! In one week's time, he's already become one of my all time favorites! The videos he's made me are some of the hottest, sexiest, most amazing videos I have ever bought. I will definitely be getting many more videos from Caleb for a long time to come! In case it wasn't too clear, I highly, highly recommend Caleb! :)

Caleb replied...
Your the best! Thanks Joe ;)

from nc73921 [75] on 2 January 2017

Absolutely fantastic custom vid! I highly recommend. Very trustworthy guy, very open to fantasies, looks every bit as good as his pics and better even! He was actually traveling when I ordered the video and he still made time to get it to me within 24 hours.

Caleb replied...
Thank you !! Anytime :)

from Kamaswami [350] on 26 December 2016

I recently got a custom video from Caleb, and he did a great job. He nailed the attitude I wanted, looked great, and delivered quickly and kindly. I would definitely recommend, and I'll be using him again soon.

Caleb replied...
Thanks! 😁😁💪🏼

from Classic142001 [491] on 22 December 2016

Caleb went above and beyond with one of the best custom vids I've ever seen. He was great to deal with and delivered the same day. Exactly what I asked for--I will be back for more!

Caleb replied...
😁😁 anytime !

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 22 December 2016

I usually don't get shows this often, but I was so impressed with the show yesterday that I decided to treat myself to another show with Caleb! Again, WOW. Perfect execution of everything I requested. And he is as good-looking as he is muscular. My recommendation to whoever is reading this review... do not miss out on this guy!

Caleb replied...
😝 it was fun. Thank you so much

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 21 December 2016

WOW. Allow me to add to the positive reviews here. I just had a show with Caleb, and it was fantastic. He genuinely enjoys showing off. He was very accommodating to my requests and put on one hell of a show. He was a great guy to talk to as well. I will definitely be back for another show. Message him for a show and I doubt you'll be disappointed!!

Caleb replied...
Thaaaaaank you!! :)

from scooby [690] on 19 December 2016

Ripped sexy muscles keep getting bigger and better all the time!

Caleb replied...

from scooby [690] on 19 December 2016

Playful and sexy! Mesmerizes every time!

Caleb replied...

from tim40208.57 [35] on 17 December 2016

Caleb does a great job! Flexed the entire time - he really does like to show off. Well worth your time.

Caleb replied...
Wow thank you!!!

from scooby [690] on 14 December 2016

Got another vid from Caleb!!! Cute face. Sexy voice. Plump chest. Peaked biceps. Ripped abs. Cut legs. Sexy ass. 'Nuff said!!!!

Caleb replied...
Your the best! :)

from scooby [690] on 14 December 2016

Ripped and sexy as fuck! Muscle! Worship! Ecstasy!!!

Caleb replied...
😝 thanks so much!

from scooby [690] on 13 December 2016

Got another vid from Caleb. One sexy ripped wild man alpha lean muscle stud vid!!! 🔥😍

Caleb replied...
Thanks 😘

from DrGregB [35] on 12 December 2016

Had a cam show with Caleb yesterday, and it was great. His number goal is to make the session enjoyable. He is super nice.

Caleb replied...
Thank youuuu greg😉

from Jay.45 [4283] on 11 December 2016

jacked up, rock hard god. totally recommend !!!!!

Caleb replied...
💪🏼 thanks bro!!!

from leighton209 [1900] on 11 December 2016

I ordered a custom video from Caleb in the morning and he was able to send it to me by that afternoon. He's easy to deal with, the video was amazing, he did what I asked for (and more), plus he is in great shape and looks really amazing.

Caleb replied...
Thank you!! Means a lot!

from scooby [690] on 9 December 2016

I got a vid from Caleb and loved it! Hot shredded sexy muscle with a deep sexy voice and cocky attitude! Peaked biceps...washboard abs...cut legs...FIT AS FUCK!!!

Caleb replied...
Thanks so much scoob!

from humboldt [627] on 9 December 2016

I would like to echo what others have said: Caleb is amazing! I ordered a custom vid from him the other night. He had it to me that night! He did everything I requested and more. His body is amazing, and he looks absolutely terrific in compression gear. His communication was also very friendly. Needless to say, I am a very happy customer. And I am already thinking about ordering another vid from him! I highly recommend him.

Caleb replied...
Thank you !!! 😉

from P. Alex [470] on 8 December 2016

Caleb is out of this world. Totally got into my scene and went above and beyond. His body is ripped, hard and he knows how to flex it. I definitely will be getting other shows from him for sure

Caleb replied...
You are awsome! Loved the role play. Thank u 😋

from rubeng2016 [360] on 8 December 2016

Caleb has an awesome body- biceps, pecs, abs, legs. plus! He has got a super nice personality and makes you feel great! I loved it!

Caleb replied...
😉 thank you so much

from longbyname [1147] on 5 December 2016

Sendational show best of the best!!!

Caleb replied...
Thanks! 😉

from sfo13m [9641] on 4 December 2016

I found out about Caleb through looking through the website.

I contacted Caleb through e-mail for a flexing video. Caleb is a nice guy to deal with and he made good suggestions for the video.

Caleb has a thickly muscled, aesthetic physique (as seen in his profile pics).

The video was filled with hard flexing and sweat--a workout in itself :)--in sum, a great video.

Caleb replied...
Thank you so much! 😁

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