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22, 190cm (6'3"), 107kg (235 lbs)

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from ADAM1 [5036] on 21 August 2019

I have tried TWICE to connect with this guy for a video. Both times he initially responded, but then communications fizzled out when he stopped responding, with no result.

Why advertise a product that is not available?

from DeputyDawg [625] on 30 June 2019

Had my first show with Chad.

He is freaking awesome. Yes he has a super HOT body and flexes well. But more importantly (and what will keep me coming back) - NO attitude super friendly guy

Thanks Chad for a great show. I really enjoyed it. You look (and sound) amazing. Wish you the best

from Mark [156] on 19 May 2019

Chad is absolutely the most amazing and jacked guy around. He's naturally alpha as can be, he knows he is powerful, built as hell, and my god his voice is godly. He will make you shake and shiver in awe of him.

He's freaking INCREDIBLE, by the way - he's jacked as fuck. Hit him up for a show - you won't be disappointed.

from TillXXX [465] on 28 April 2019

His onlyfans is all the proof I need for what a cam show is like. I already canceled my subscription and want a refund! Low posting frequency. Not even worth the price.

from scooby [581] on 20 March 2019

MUSCLE PERFECTION!! Your wet MUSCLEGOD dream come to life!

from jeromeroundu2 [1628] on 11 March 2019

So it goes like this in Physique bodybuilding.... Fighter Physique, Beach body Physique and then Physique (stage ready). I caught a show with this homie.... I thought he was a competitor..... NOPE! He just wants to keep a beach body which is a competition in itself. NOTE this.... He should be a NPC physique competitor.... However, one thing you can not bring when competing in a physique competition is..... over developed muscle..... This homie disqualifies cause his legs are bodybuilding! He is 100% Classic Physique! Bro will rock your goals with his top edge physique! MUSCLE on MUSCLE! His verbal description of his muscles are like no other..... Why? cause he is a fuckin BEAST! 100% bodybuilding MOTIVATION! Built like a brick wall and lets you know why!

Definition in his torso..... (lines, cuts and definition) This fucker is for REAL!!!! Buy and support this dude.... He should compete, and he is all genetics! I kill myself to look like ME..... He does it with ease! ALL GENETICS.... Check this BEAST OUT!

from alain6901 [1877] on 8 March 2019

I just bought my first custom vid from Chad and wow, I have to say his physique is really amazing. He has the perfect size.
On top of his incredible muscles, he is a super nice and friendly guy, really easy to communicate and deal with.
To start with I found it difficult to get in touch, but once you manage to get to him, his attitude is just great.
I'll be back for more ;)

from GSmith [145] on 4 March 2019

This guy is super super hot. Just had a really great show with him. Super attentive and did everything we agreed. I'll back back again and again. Whole body on point, really hot dude.

from pecslicker [75] on 5 February 2019

wow, just wow, the size of his extremely ripped muscles will leave you speechless! he is a nice guy and an extremely alpha male muscle god!
a drem for every muscle worshipper!!
if you never bought a show from him you can't understand! just buy it already!!

from bicepsfanUK [90] on 28 January 2019

Had another amazing show with Chad today. This guy’s body is off the charts. His attitude is off the charts. His voice is off the charts. One of the best cam shows I’ve ever had, probably since my last show with ... him! He knows what you want and gives it to you in spades. And then some more. OMG! Check him out!

from petemac [685] on 13 January 2019

Just had my first cam show with this total stud. He is incredible. Full of rock hard, ripped muscle that he loves to show off. His pecs and quads are second to none. So easy to talk to and deal with. He is the total package!

from longbyname [727] on 26 December 2018

Waited a long time to get a show with him but he was definitely worth the wait sensational physique and very polite to deal with did everything i asked

from macsfire [403] on 24 December 2018

Finally i got to have a session with him. Pics makes him justice, yet cam is the real deal. He's huge in every possible part of his body. Super verbal, super cocky and at the end very very nice person. He's a true God. Very natural attitude, nothing is fake with him. Sign up for a show now.

from bicepsfanUK [90] on 23 December 2018

I had a few amazing shows with Chad months ago (see previous review), but was unable to track him down since then. Different time zones didn’t help and he was too busy for cam shows. Just like q Christmas gift he reappeared online this week and apparently he intends to be on often. Chad is even in better shape than before. Really thick and yet cut to perfection. His arms are off the charts and, boy, does he know how to show them off! He held a single arm peak for most of our show like it was zero effort for him, using the other arm to make me worship his insane forearm. Add the sexiest, most alpha voice you’ve ever heard and you are in for a treat! I wanted to focus on arms but he removed his shirt at the end and, and I’m simply lost for words. I hope he’s here to stay. Second to none. What a god!

from Mark [156] on 21 December 2018

The man is a fucking god, there is nothing else to say about it, ignore the rest get a show with Chad.

from German muscle fan [135] on 17 December 2018

A hot, hot, hot beast!!!!!

from Mark [156] on 30 August 2018

Picked up a show with this absolutely shredded beast. Every muscle is ripped, he's vascular. Fucking strong, powerful, awe-inspiring. He towers over you and you know who is the king. He's prompt, easy to talk to and work with, and he's a really nice guy as well. I will def be coming back to get more from Chad.

Did I mention he's jacked and SHREDDED as hell?

from bicepsfanUK [90] on 14 March 2018

What a man! I’d added him to my Skype a while ago and he didn’t seem to be around much, so I was delighted to see that he was doing shows again since last week. I was curious as to why there weren’t more profiles and video content of him out there. I can now see that his low profile online may just be a safety measure not to break the internet or to cause serious global warming because he’s THAT hot! Communication in the build-up to show was exemplary: he responded promptly, was more than happy to hear about what I wanted to see and delivered the show of a lifetime. Not only is he the most jacked guy on thebestflex. He is sexy, has a real alpha attitude, hot, masculine voice, great energy and willing to please. He really went out of his way to make my muscle fantasies come true and then made a point of asking for feedback afterwards to do even better next time. I know he looks and sounds almost too good to be true, but he’s real. And the real deal too. Prices are reasonable considering the quality of what he delivers. He’s not obsessed with money like so many models out there. He really seems to enjoy the worship! I hope to be fortunate enough to get many more shows with this stud! Highly recommended. Give him a try!

from builtim [189] on 4 March 2018

He's a bit hard to nail down for a show, but its worth the effort. Most amazing body. I mean those stats, awesome!!! Huge quads and biceps and perfect symmetry and great deep voice and only 20 yo. He is going to make bank building those muscles and showing them off. woof! I've done several shows, I'm addicted! in2musc

from Muscularryan [1086] on 17 February 2018

This guy is awesome in every way. He is super jacked arms chest legs bulging and has a solid sweet personality. Can’t wait to do another show with him.

from philipinftl [150] on 10 December 2017

Super easy to work with. Discussed video, filmed video, and delivered within an hour. Amazing size and definition as is evidenced by his pics and video preview on Best Flex. One of the best around.

from DavidG528 [25] on 11 November 2017

He is total perfection..... muscle god and he wont disappoint. contact him

from Skillguy81 [81] on 26 October 2017

deep arrogant alpha voice and the best body for such a young muscleking I ve every seen

from that1time [70] on 8 October 2017

AMAZING hot body, awesome attitude. killer show. you won't regret spending your money on him

from MuscleFan11.93 [95] on 26 June 2017

Just had my first cam show with Chad the other day and damn did he deliver. He's one of the hottest guys I've had a show with in a while. Killer physique and great personality. Easy to work with and takes your requests. I will def be back for more.

from Einlondon [70] on 22 June 2017

This guy is the real deal. Love his cocky alpha voice. Great show... will be a new regular ;)

from keithLA [45] on 16 June 2017

Love this guy. Great personality, amazing, amazing body. Chad has one incredible, charming smile that draws you in.

from Jomax [87] on 23 April 2017

Same experience as the person below. Sent an email, no response. Weeks later, Tried Skype and no answer.
If Chad is no longer interested in offering services, he should remove his profile.

from timo.muscle [430] on 13 April 2017

try to get in touch since months. sent e-mails and messages on skype - no answer

from Om74 [860] on 4 April 2017

Cool chad was a very beautyful muscle man. His body are perfect. The big arms with viens mmmh. His big chest and shoulders are incredibel cool. The abs and the strong big legs woow... i like very much. His cute face with smile wonderful and incredibel. I hope i can see him again. Take care sexy chad....

from Ozsport63 [1048] on 11 March 2017

chad is awesome amazing body and super friendly

from justinian411 [195] on 8 March 2017

Very Hot Show...Very Impressed. Highly suggest engaging Chat for a 20 min show.......

from youngsl9866 [35] on 7 March 2017

What can I say that hasn't been said before: This guy is a total muscle god!! Handsome face, perfect muscles, deep voice and alpha as fuck! I know I'll be wor$hipping him a LOT more coming months :)
Highly recommended!

from adamreis0 [146] on 2 March 2017

Amazing!! A king who was born to be served. Your biceps and pecs is heaven. Unfortunately I can't touch the muscles of this god here in my computer screen :/ Highly recommended!

from slavetomuscle77 [20] on 23 February 2017

Chad is the alpha amongst alphas. His chiseled perfect face, his massive pecs, his striated arms, his V, his voice. Everything draws you in to serve harder and harder. Do it.

from Will M. [179] on 22 February 2017


Been waiting to do a show with this ALPHA for a while and it was WELL WORTH the time. Aesthetics are absolutely STUNNING! He knows how to show off His hard earned muscle, and He knows that he BLOWS the competition out of the water. Hoping that this resurgence is lasting, as I plan to come back for a LOT more content.

Do not waste His time, be direct and up front with your request as He is not afraid to be honest in response. Compliment the ADONIS body that is on your computer screen, He feeds on the positive vibes and it will entice Him to keep a regular schedule for cam shows. That being said, His QUADS and BICEPS are my favorite muscles since they are bulging even when relaxed and are veiny AF!

from freezer [320] on 24 January 2017

damn hot Show!

from Sammael [1295] on 24 January 2017

Amazing body, both ripped and huge. Great physique and a really nice person to deal with. Highly recommended.

from vonking [113] on 31 December 2016

Had an amazing show with Chad! Muscles look great and his face is super fine! Highly recommend.

from mikeyt [15] on 23 December 2016

Georgeous as fuck!

from Mark [156] on 4 December 2016

A legend in his own right, Chad is big, jacked and gorgeous. That voice too... deep, sexy... ALPHA as fuck.

from slave4muscle1 [695] on 4 December 2016

Chad is a REAL alpha ... strong, handsome, sexy ... i would kneel to worship this muscle god every day!

from musclegoat [60] on 4 December 2016

Insanely hot..and real. No faking his alpha attitude. It's all natural.

from mikeyt [15] on 3 December 2016

Possibly the best camguy I have ever cammed with. Big thick muscles all over....georgeous face.....and a true cocky attitude. He is so hot and he knows it! PERFECTION!

from In2bigguys.53 [372] on 2 December 2016

This big guy is the total Alpha package !
He's friendly and communicative , and gives youe the best Cocky alpha time u r in need of .
I would defiantly cam with him again

from scooby [581] on 2 December 2016

Pictures are really hot BUT...he has a lot of people to respond to so I think he picks and chooses with whom he does camshows. He told me maybe later....was on awhile...and then went we did not even get into negotiating a later camshow. Made me feel like he did not want my business and I would have been interested in a longer camshow if he had responded back. Hot body but a somewhat uninterested least with me. Not a good business dealer and possibly conceited I wonder.

from mistermzun [880] on 1 December 2016

I couldn't agree more with other reviewers. Chad's muscles on cam are mind-blowing. I'll admit I had some trouble early on connecting with him but realized he must be getting hundreds of messages at a time. I mean look at him, he's HOT! I recently tried messaging him straight up, cut to the chase and said I wanted to see flexing now, asked his price, paid... and so began the next best minutes of my muscle worshipping life. My advice to others who want to experience heaven: be direct and sort out show requests and payment quickly; he's super nice (and cocky!) but must be really busy so save the 'how's it going' banter for the show. You seriously won't regret it!

from Renaud [10] on 1 December 2016

Great show. Great guy. I highly recommend him.

from Walter Pazzi [695] on 27 November 2016

Proud to give Chas his first good review: I Had an amazing exchange with Chad.
He is friendly, handsome; responsive, and easy to chat with.
A gentleman and a true athlete. At ease with himself and his training.
He is in outstanding shape these days, with great size, and a superb balance between outstanding, wide deltoids and matching quads. Huge and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
Connecting with Chad is the sort of exchange that makes you want to train harder, and train smarter, because it all leads to better health, and a better sense of self-worth.
Connecting with Chad was a real win-win. We will see again and I can't wait a his hot video

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Age 22
Height 190cm (6'3")
Weight 107kg (235 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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