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23, 170cm (5'7"), 95kg (209 lbs)

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ClassicPhysique has 86 reviews.

from KavanS [816] on 6 July 2020

Finding words for this amazing and kind guy is hard, but I did it. I highly suggest this guy for video commission. He super professional. What he did was what I've asked. Five starts are not enough, I would give him 1000 at least, as minimum!

from KavanS [816] on 29 June 2020

This guy is absolutely amazing.
3-Amazingly Muscular

Paid and delivered the videos in not time!

from Ozsport63 [1543] on 14 June 2020


video was amazing

from J@ckie123 [350] on 17 May 2020


Great video thank you! (Forgot to leave this review sooner).

from DBs [20845] on 13 May 2020


Great flex show!

from KavanS [816] on 18 January 2020


He delivers what you ask.
Great guy!

from Jaynuke1 [7595] on 18 December 2019

Simply Perfect!! The custom video I just got was beyond what I imagined it would be. The shape that he is in right now, he could walk onto the stage, again, and win. The professionalism and communication was superb!! Highly recommended. 10 Stars!!!!!

from yeaheurope [315] on 5 December 2019

I had a second show with this great guy. And it was even hotter than the first time. I couldn't think it was possible. Very easy to deal with, easy to communicate, he plays the game. You have a goodlooking man, with an angel smile, and the devil's body. And he knows how to play with both. I don't recommend, you HAVE TO try and adopt him !!

from trashslave [5] on 20 November 2019

Perfect! So perfect that i want him to own me. His voice makes me kneel to worship.

from lovelats [290] on 19 November 2019

This man is truly incredible! Extremely reliable and delivered right on time and his posing is top notch. He goes out of his way to delivery exactly what you want. He is also the nicest athlete around and loves to show off. I ordered a second one almost immediately after seeing the first! I highly recommend hime to everyone!

from Galaco [200] on 9 November 2019

Just got a video from him and it exceeded all my expectations! Truly an amazing guy with an amazing body to boot. Absolutely can not wait for my next video from him!

from yeaheurope [315] on 7 November 2019

He is just fantastic. He is sensual, so sensual . . . he is flexing his body slowly, showing a perfect control of his strength. He is smilling, and getting bigger, as if it was just easy. He is teasing you, playing with you, seducing you . . . And even you know it's just business, well . . .

from MikesBigArms [2870] on 30 October 2019


This guy always records the very best videos!

from kwa389 [240] on 17 October 2019

Great show! Very accommodating.

from JoeNYC [4562] on 19 September 2019

I can not say enough great things about ClassicPhysique! I have gotten quite a few custom videos from him now and they have all been absolutely amazing and have been exactly what I requested. Adam is always eager to please and he seems to make it a point to learn and to remember everything you love so that he can blow you away more and more with each new video. He is extremely reliable, trustworthy and open-minded. As you can see from his pictures and videos here, Adam is incredibly hot and he loves to show off, but he is also an extremely nice guy and it's always a pleasure to chat with him. I highly recommend ClassicPhysique to everyone!

I really should have left this review a long time ago, but I've been slacking with my reviews lately. Please forgive me Adam! ;)

from DeputyDawg [910] on 8 September 2019

Had yet another amazing show with him.
He never ceases to stop impressing me.

The muscle control he has and shows is awesome..

But don't take my word for it alone, book yourself. You will see.

I will continue to come back to him :)

from AaronKerzaan [20] on 2 September 2019

I met this incredible guy three days ago.
We made a appointment two months ago, but kept contact through time.
He is very friendly, kind and gentle.
He had to travel a lot for our meet up, so I told him I really appreciate that!

What an incredible body! Huge biceps, pecs, lads and shoulders. Very hard!
His legs are huge too. His abs hard and he can do funny trick with it. Lovely!
It was nice to feel those hard and sweaty muscles (yes, it was a warm day).

He really likes to show and flex his muscles. He sure can be proud and showing the results of his hard working.

Besides the big muscle, it's a nice guy to talk to and we had a nice conversation. No capsones.

Of course I will make a new appointment with him. When I visit Prague or Chech Republic again.
Really recommended!

D?kuji Adam ;)

from KavanS [816] on 16 June 2019


Great show :)

from DeputyDawg [910] on 4 June 2019

Just had another cam show!!!!

Just as amazing as before. Perhaps better.

This man is handsome, has the MUSCLE for sure and super nice. NO attitude with him.

This is what will keep me coming back.

Great show !!!!!!!! Thanks again my friend!!!!

from MikesBigArms [2870] on 14 May 2019


Adam is always friendly and eager to please. I've had several shows and bought a lot of custom vids. He has an amazing physique and really knows how to show it off, and work me into a frenzy. I highly recommend him!

from DeputyDawg [910] on 31 March 2019

Just had another cam show !!!!

WOW this man continues to awe me with his size and muscle control. Slow motion pec bounce and vacuum are amazing. Biceps are incredible too.

Super nice guy - ZERO attitude!!!!!!

That is why I will come back again

from DBs [20845] on 8 March 2019


I just got two amazing videos from ClassicPhysique! His shape is incredible, almost impossible to believe! He is absolutely gorgeous, huge and strong! Also, if you like a colossal chest, you will find yourself hypnotized by the one (49 inches) of this handsome man!

ClassicPhysique replied...
I am happy that you liked it! Thank you!

from DBs [20845] on 6 March 2019


After a long time (few weeks), I had another cam with this man. And I could not be happier with... he is the same handsome man, but has added some mass in the right places! He is stronger, ripped, incredible! Still during the show, I asked for TWO videos! It was fantastic!

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thank you! Looking forward for more!

from muscleluvr009 [58] on 16 February 2019


Had a great chat with this lad and he is really nice.

from harlanny [9166] on 10 February 2019

I have been purchasing videos from him several times a month for 6 months. Not only is he honest, trustworthy, and punctual, he has a smoking body and knows how to push your buttons. This man is a class act who is an exceptional athlete who is willing to share the fruits of his labor via his videos. It is a pleasure to watch him transform his physique and make himself more exceptional through his hard work.

from musclespy [185] on 7 February 2019


Simply delightful: beautiful eyes, incredible strength. Fulfilled my custom video, muscle worship request, exceeded expectations and totally turned me on. His body is incredible and a work of art.

from cbutt09 [905] on 26 January 2019


Nice guy, very accomodating. Did what I asked pretty well.

from fitbass [325] on 6 January 2019


The best flexing imaginable

from cody0125 [115] on 5 January 2019

What I have seen is already beautiful, Pecs well traced, a body and skin texture perfect. He has a beautiful smile and is not headstrong.I can’t wait to see more of him

from DoonB [4772] on 1 January 2019


Simply perfection!

from DoonB [4772] on 1 January 2019


Always awesome!

from thetallg [771] on 30 December 2018

as always undeniable perfection, and it is like he grows bigger by the second. He has invested everything into the perfect muscle god he is. Been watching him explode over the last few years. Very easy to deal with, No bad experiences ever. He takes nothing for granted.

from DeputyDawg [910] on 29 December 2018

If you a great chiseled body, go see this man
His body is amazing. Great posing too
Ask him about his ab/vacuum pose - very NICE

Great Show

from DBs [20845] on 20 December 2018


ClassicPhysique is always in perfect shape, but it never hurts to say how incredible is his perfect muscles when he comes before and after a contest! I highly recommend you all ask for a time with this kind and fantastic man!

from DBs [20845] on 13 December 2018


Always putting amazing shows and fantastic videos! The quality of the image is always impeccable!

from DBs [20845] on 4 December 2018


He was just after his victory in the competition and - again - made an amazing custom video! Perfect!

from Ozsport63 [1543] on 20 November 2018


awesome video thank you Adam

from Bob1234 [1750] on 27 October 2018

I ordered a custom video from him, the video was great and he is muscular, on skype he is very lovely and friendly and also delivers videos fast.
I highly recommend him

from Jakester [1750] on 17 October 2018


Awesome video
Looks Great...
Nice guy to deal with.
Highly recommend.

from harlanny [9166] on 16 October 2018

Over the past several months I have purchased videos weekly from him. He is very professional, always makes a quality product, and is inspirational to watch. He is very worthy of your support.

from serfm1976 [285] on 11 October 2018

Perfect body and legs wowww

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thank you! Looking forward to do more shows!

from sub4biceps [1356] on 27 September 2018


The most incredible physique! There is a reason this man is a champion! If you have not yet arranged a show or a custom video DO IT ASAP! You will not be disappointed, from the physique on show to the man himself, my video was delivered within 24hours of payment and I cant wait to order another one!

from leanmeen217 [170] on 18 September 2018

He looks great, aims to please and is very prompt!

from harlanny [9166] on 13 September 2018

I have purchased many videos from him. Each video is better than the last. I find him honest, forthright, professional, with an amazing sensual physique. I will continue to support him as he trains for competition. It is rare you find someone this great to deal with.

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thank you so much for your support!

from jessmack [715] on 24 August 2018


Incredible video as always. High quality, great lighting and delivered as agreed. And incredible physique :)

Very professional. 4th purchase and will work with him again.

from Coolmanrico [826] on 23 August 2018


Got my first custom video from this young muscle god and was blown away. He's handsome, with a killer body and wow what a chest. Will certainly be back to worship him more.

from jessmack [715] on 23 August 2018


delivered as promise. great quality!

from thetallg [771] on 16 August 2018

Total god, still staying pretty ripped and growing still!!!

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thats my style! Thank you!

from Jakester [1750] on 13 August 2018


Easy to deal with.
Nice guy.

from harlanny [9166] on 13 August 2018

This man has wonderful conditioning at present. I purchased several videos from him. They were all excellent. He is a pleasure to interact with. Top notch person. Top notch physique. He is on the ascent! I intend to purchase many more.

from halfaperson [135] on 7 August 2018

Not come across a guy as polite, sincere and shredded as Adam. His videos are incredibly reasonably priced and his upper body definition is on-point as is his professionalism and courteous manner. Chest looks like it's chiselled from marble and his arms are so well-built. Worth every dollar and more and it won't be the last time I request a video from him. A guy like this has the body and personality that is a pleasure to support him in his goals.

from chelm [293] on 5 August 2018

Classic is the word... absolute perfect shape/proportion/size, and a great smile as well. Terrifically easy and respectful - he is an aesthetic feast!!!

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thank you so much!

from armmuscles1 [175] on 1 August 2018

Had a show with guy earlier tonight. He is AWESOME!! Brilliant show. Such a nice guy

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thank you! See you soon!!

from thetallg [771] on 15 June 2018

Coming straight off a fresh win from his show the confidence in this one is unreal. If you have not gotten a show or a vid from him I highly recommend it, and also recommend reevaluating your life haha. You won't be dissapointed, his body is rocking and looking over the last couple years with him he puts pretty much everything back into his body your $ will not go to waste.

from Ozsport63 [1543] on 29 May 2018

received custom video from Adam, he is in amazing shape and he know how to show off his muscled physique. Also he is a great guy to deal with, highly reocmmended

from Ozsport63 [1543] on 13 May 2018


Adam was awesome great show

from DBs [20845] on 12 May 2018


Always in perfect shape, amazing looking and unforgettable videos!

from DBs [20845] on 10 May 2018


Got a great video from him! As usual, he looks amazing and is huge and ripped! Recommend him highly!

from thetallg [771] on 24 April 2018

First time back with him in a while. He is so ripped huge and veiny. I need a hell of a lot more!!! Cm is also very clear, the change of location was very beneficial.

from MikesBigArms [2870] on 22 April 2018

I had a cam show a few days ago, with Adam. He is a polite gentleman, and did everything I asked him to do. HIs broad shoulders and tiny waist gives him an amazing v-taper. And, his chest is big & thick and is his best body part and then it's his huge quads. Adam looking exactly like his photos. He was in competition shape. He's definitely worth the time. I recommend that everyone should have a cam show with this muscular stud.

from dman123dman [285] on 22 April 2018



from Ozsport63 [1543] on 20 April 2018

just had a great show with Adam, he is looking ripped, in great shape and always a pleasure to deal with, highly recommended

from debonaire [1797] on 18 January 2018

I sent him an inquiry about doing a superhero custom video. Instead of taking my money and doing a bad job, he was honest and said he wasn't that experienced at doing that kind of custom. So I'm leaving a review for him because there are so many dishonest guys out there. It's always nice to find someone that has integrity.

from gibson [515] on 7 November 2017

This guy is amazing!!
For all who want to see a show with an athlete who has an incredible and beautiful muscular physique ask him!!!!
I have never seen a better shape his super plumped muscles looks awesomeeee!!!! He is really great! I like the shows so much and the flexing videos he make too!!
Don't be afraid to trust him. He is so nice and honest!!

from Neal [755] on 4 November 2017


Great show by a great guy!

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thank you so much! I really appreciate every one of my customers. Hope we can do more soon!

from thetallg [771] on 28 May 2017

jesus christ on a pogo-stick You would be stupid not to get a show with him right now!!!! So much growth over the last year and the intenet connection and camera are now really working out. huge ad ripped right after his comp. i personally almost had a heart attack.

from DBs [20845] on 22 April 2017

I keep buying videos of this man and they all have been amazing! Now he is getting ready for another competition and he is looking still better!

from DBs [20845] on 10 December 2016

Just had another cam with him. His current shape is incredible! It is hard to say if he is cutting or bulking, cause he is huge and sharp! Awesome man!

from DBs [20845] on 26 November 2016

awesome man!!

from Ozsport63 [1543] on 21 November 2016

Got a video from Adam it was amazing this guys is so nice and what an awesome body

from piity77 [100] on 10 November 2016

Adam is just simply mind blowing performer. You dont see this kind muscle control very often. Huge striated pecs, perfect abs and just out od this world quads and hams. But he is also very friendly and honest. This guy not only loves performing, but he also knows how to perform to give u exactly what u want and more... Several shows behind us...hope there will be manny more. 100% RECOMENDED!!!

from DBs [20845] on 8 November 2016

I had another great show with ClassicPhysique! He keeps improving his shape and he knows how to show each part of his hot body! Very recommended!

from DBs [20845] on 3 November 2016

Another great show!!

from Ozsport63 [1543] on 29 October 2016

Adam provided another great show last night
h is such great guy and a killer smile

from Ozsport63 [1543] on 19 October 2016

had another show with this guy and he is amazing also super friendly and honest.
He offered to refund money when he could not complete the camshow. 100% recommended

from Ozsport63 [1543] on 11 October 2016

I had a great cam show with Classic Physique, he is bulking but still looks awesome and very friendly, highly recommend

from Walter Pazzi [760] on 21 September 2016

Another amazing hot flex video! I love this guy so hot and ripped! Glad to buy his videos, can't wait for the next one.

from Md33 [115] on 6 September 2016

Very good show! I would recommend you ask for the red Calvins. This guys quads alone are reason enough to ask for a show! Then there's the rest of him, very nice guy, confident, wast communication. Top cammer

from Walter Pazzi [760] on 3 September 2016

I discovered him through his best pictures on this site. He is one of those cam guys that really know how to put on a great flex show.

I love his muscle thickness, especially pecs and arms.

He loves flexing, and I love the flex shows I have gotten so far.

I will definitely back for more.

from Kamaswami [350] on 2 September 2016

I just got a custom video (of sorts) and he was do nice to deal with. He's offseason, but terribly handsome and still has a great shape. He was also very honest, quick to respond, and easy to work with. I recommend.

from Jakester [1750] on 19 August 2016

Got a custom flex video. Real great guy to deal with.....He looks awesome.....and he works with you to make the best video possible....he is getting ready to he will be incredible.....I plan on buying more....I highly recommend.

from CaseyLim [250] on 18 August 2016

wow one of the best show. he has a great body with a killer smile. so cute yet cocky! loved it loved it loved it.

from leanhairy [415] on 15 August 2016

watching his show has been pure pleasure. honest, very kind to chat with, that bit of cockiness which makes u addicted, and a gorgeous body even in offseason. highly strongly happily recommended

from gofg [665] on 14 August 2016

2nd show in one day and all I can say is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

from gofg [665] on 14 August 2016

OMG! I am in love! Just had a show and got a preview video too to put me at ease that he was legit! What can I say I am going to be having many more shows with him!

from thetallg [771] on 13 August 2016

good show, pics are not current shape though

ClassicPhysique replied...
Sorry man, I have bad quality webcam...

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Age 23
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 95kg (209 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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