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Great actor and easy to talk to

mishka [1450] on 17 Nov 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you my friend!

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I ordered a role-play video from this gorgeous muscular man. Before recently. I forgot to write a review, so I want to fix it. The video was amazing, he knows how to play his roles perfectly. He did everything I wanted to see and was very professional about it. His skill is masterful. You can see that he really has a lot of experience. The image quality of the video was good and he kept the length of the video as we agreed in advance. Overall, I am very satisfied! If you want a really good roleplay video, then he is the right man for you. Very recommended!!!

Yazmik [440] on 15 Nov 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you buddy! Always ready 😁

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Great videos. So professional

mishka [1450] on 13 Nov 2022

Very professional guy who loves his work, easy to deal with.

timo.muscle [985] on 12 Nov 2022

I had a couple of custom videos from him. He is always friendly and always delivers as promised.
He is the only muscle god. Trust me, after you have seen this man in action, you will want nobody else.... He is the absolute BEST. Thank you, Sir. You are an awesome person and a great man.

F1Swiss [766] on 13 Oct 2022

Dron replied...
Thanks Flu! You deserve the best🤍

Another custom video that is just perfect!
I really love watching you showing off your masculinity and flexing all your muscle groups.
Like a real man you don't have anything to hide and I love it!

You are an incredible guy Andrey and I am super happy I have met you.
Working with you is super easy and always pleasant.
You always deliver the best and you do it so quickly and with a lot of attention to what I like.

Your physique is outstanding but on top of that you are a great person.
That's why I am happy and proud to support you the best I can.
You deserve the best just like you give the best of yourself.

Many thanks Andrey and see you again soon ;)


alain6901 [7591] on 22 Sep 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you Alain! Thank you for your great support!

Had two custom videos with this beautiful stud. Tell him exactly what you want, and he will make your jaw drop.
Video quality was great and crystal clear…fast delivery also. Let him run the camera over his body for some hot fkn closeups…..try not to get lost in those beautiful eyes……
Thanks for the amazing fantasies, Dron!!! I’ll be back soon!

IcyStony98 [2625] on 20 Sep 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you buddy! I'm waiting for your messages!

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Amazing guy. Always makes great videos

mishka [1450] on 18 Sep 2022

Dron replied...
6 months of our cooperation! Thank you for that, man!

Love love love love what you do for me Andrey!
In my eyes you are the most incredible guy I have worked with on here!
Not only your body is absolute perfection but the quality of the videos you deliver is just beyond belief.
You always always deliver what I want and you add your personal touch which is classy and nice and masculine.
You are a pure gem to look at.
And you are a real man so you show it all.
Plus you deliver really quickly and you are really committed to satisfy me.
I love working with you and I am happy to know you and support you.
Take care Andrey!


alain6901 [7591] on 17 Sep 2022

Dron replied...
It's a pleasure for me to work with you Alain! You're a person who knows what he really wants! Working with you is easy and pleasant! Thanks 🙏🏻

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Already got back to you for a new custom :)
One day after the 1st.
That's how much I liked your video.
And WOW!
The second one was really outstanding :)
Your physique is truly exceptional and you are so proud of it, proud of showing it all like a real man.

It's always so so easy to work with you.
100% reliable, friendly, committed to the quality of every detail, listening to what I like, super quick to deliver.

A lot of good energy and good vibes are around you.
You are a true gem on this site Andrey!
And I'm proud to support you!


alain6901 [7591] on 14 Sep 2022

Dron replied...
Oh, my God... Thank you so much! I don't know what to say😅 Many thanks!!!

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I am so happy I ordered a first cuwstom video from you!
You are everything I like in a man
A truly outstanding and impressive chiselled physique, every centimenter of your body is pure perfection to look at!
Nice and friendly attitude, humble and straight forward guy
Proud of his body and happy to show it all with no inhibition
Happy to please and positive all the time!

It was really easy and nice to contact you and you delivered the video so fast!

Your OnlyFans is also pure pleasure!

I am happy to support a super handsome guy like you
I hope we will get to know each other better and I will be proud to get more and more content from you

Take care!

alain6901 [7591] on 13 Sep 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you so much Alain! Thank you for all this words 🙏🏻

My first video made by Dron. Amazing guy, easy to talk to and with stunning physique. Definitely want more.

andrew1989 [195] on 2 Sep 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you! Жду тебя снова у меня в скайпе! 🙏🏻

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Amazing professional and his friend VitalikShepelev. Recommended

mishka [1450] on 22 Aug 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you! We're glad you like it! 😁

Another great role play custom video. Each one gets better and better. Dron really got into character and played all the different emotional levels I needed. He was sexy, seductive, a total alpha who was able to be vulnerable. He gave me different camera angles and shots which let me know he really put time into my video. Talking with him over Skype was enjoyable. He's a great guy who really enjoys what he does. If you haven't gotten a video from him... don't wait.

debonaire1978 [1410] on 8 Aug 2022

Dron replied...
Always welcome! It's a pleasure for me to work together 🤍

I just received another great custom video from him. It was even better than the first one! If you're into roleplaying Dron is amazing!

debonaire1978 [1410] on 29 Jul 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you again my friend!

Dron is really unique... the body of a Greek god, and a truly kind guy always attentive to your needs and requests, always a charming smile and look... only the most positive attitude you will get from him. Very sensuous too, nothing is mechanical, on the contrary he clearly enjoys what he is doing.
So about his body... every part -and I mean it- is beautiful and harmony reigns supreme: even the tan is just great! from his beautiful feet, great calves, thick thighs, flawless six-pack, superhero pecs, sexy pointed nips which seem ready to be sucked, those powerful arms and shoulders, strong perfect hands and fingers... even the nails are the ideal size and shape (I love hands ;-)... now for the butt, well how can I say that?... this butt is a poem: it's the perfect fit between the muscular back and the fabulous legs: bubbly and firm, a butt to die for!
So enchanted I am that now I want to meet him in person: anywhere, anytime!

ivo [1426] on 29 Jul 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you so much! We really did a good job! I was very happy to do it for you 😄

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Absolute muscle beast! Amazing guy

beatmehard1986 [265] on 27 Jul 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you again!

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Amazing cam show

beatmehard1986 [265] on 27 Jul 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you so much for that! 🙏🏻

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His body is absolutely amazing, the pics don't do him justice. ALSO he's is extremely kind, totally open minded about what muscle fetishes I like and so on, and delivered within an hour my request. Will def be ordering from him again

Msclfan29 [360] on 5 Jul 2022

Dron replied...
Thank you!I'm glad you like it! I’m waiting for you massage! 🤍

I know it's been said but it needs to be said again... Dron is Superman. In fact, he did a Superman role play for me and his performance was perfection. The video quality was good. He gave me different camera angles and shots. And he delivered when he said he would. I highly recommend.

debonaire1978 [1410] on 2 Jul 2022

Dron replied...
Again Thank you my friend! 🙏🏻

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