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28, 177cm (5'10"), 120kg (264 lbs)

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from IntoHUNG [10] on 15 May 2019

This is the second time I have met Raul within a month. I was surprised to see that he’d actually grown in the two weeks since last seeing him.
He arrived in a tight black tracksuit that hugged his wide thick body.
I measured his arms and legs and he’d made good gains, even Raul was surprised.
He did a few press-ups and I could see how his chest pumped up and got bigger, it was very hot!
He’s a very polite guy but a real hulk! I can’t wait to see him when he’s in competition condition ????

from SwimGuy [25] on 13 May 2019

WOW had the pleasure of meeting Raul while I was staying over in Birmingham and this guy is AWESOME!
When I first saw him fully clothed you could just tell he was going to be impressive. Once he uncovered himself and started to flex it was so incredible. He is much bigger than the pictures suggest.
He was HUGE and rock solid and his most muscular pose was just mind blowing. Very nice guy a true gentle Giant.

from MattW [820] on 11 May 2019

One of the nicest - and certainly one of the biggest! - guys I have ever met from here. Genuine, humble, easy to talk to you and an incredible, massive physique. Highly recommended.

from kevb [20] on 29 April 2019

Took the money for a show -then asked for more which was sent -I am still waiting-dont waste your money

from IntoHUNG [10] on 27 April 2019

My experience with Raul was amazing. When I first saw him I couldn’t believe how wide he was!
He is better than the pictures, as he’s put on some serious gains. His body was freshly showered after just finishing at the gym (so he was very pumped), he was very smooth and soft.

He flexed and posed and showed off the size and power of his body, it was amazing.

He didn’t watch the clock, he was very friendly, polite and genuine. I’d highly recommend him if you’re a serious muscle fan.

from Ricardonunez [25] on 10 April 2019

Met up with Raul for the fourth time yesterday. He is bigger than ever! 125kg and ripped. His legs and biceps are unbelievable.
If you are into muscle, this guy is the real deal.
Really easy to talk with as well. A real gent.

from buyer456.86 [410] on 21 March 2019


HULK89 replied...
raul.maghiar is my skype man :) someone has the same skype id just as it finally has a "." worry "raul.maghiar." it s not me

from Leicswrestle [15] on 1 September 2018

I have meet Raul twice now and can honestly say what a nice pleasant guy he his .
And his body is huge like a hulk ????????

from popeyemark [10] on 28 July 2018

Very rude and ignorant. Doesn't ever reply to e-mails.What's the point of having a profile on here?!

HULK89 replied...

from thetallg [702] on 21 June 2018

I did it I finally did the damn near impossible!!! Got my first show from Raul and i was blooooooown away by him. The size, the summitry, the ripped to perfection, and for me said everything he needed to. Picture quality was damn near perfect too. Good luck really getting him, but it you do, hot damn you are in for a treat!

from keylinks [185] on 21 May 2018

Had a camshow with this amazing hunk today. He was easy going and very pleasant to talk to. Attentive and kind. His body is simply astounding and took my breath away. This was the first camshow I've ever done with someone, and he didn't disappoint. Not only does he have a stunning physique, but he is also a true gentleman. Cant wait to meet up with him, and I can't rate him highly enough.

from bravomuscle [25] on 8 April 2018

One of my favorites! He is huge, beefy, sexy! Can't get enough of him! Ask him to dance for you, you're going to like it! ;)

from Ricardonunez [25] on 22 November 2017

Met up with Raul in person this week.
He is absolutely huge. Great guy. Really easy to talk with.Confident but modest. No ego at all.
His arms and legs are the biggest I have ever seen.I will definitely meet up with him again.

from msclelover [116] on 10 November 2017

Raul is simply the best. Have had several cam shows with him and he delivers 100% every time and keeps you coming back for more!

from ardenu1 [41] on 10 November 2017

I had a cam show with him, he was super nice to talk with, surely huge and big, not to mention a good looking figure.

from londondude [157] on 9 November 2017

This guy is ridiculously built...he must be over 115kg.
Huge veiny arms and massive muscle all over.
Really easy to work with and ready to please.
Will definitely arrange another meet-up or custom video.

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Age 28
Height 177cm (5'10")
Weight 120kg (264 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


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