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Young college bodybuilder who loves to show off

24, 181cm (5'11"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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from bobby [1275] on 9 December 2018

I sent this man $$$ for a pre-arranged cam show and it never happened. Do not send him any money. He is a total scammer!

from seanmendes66 [5] on 21 November 2018

I bought a custom video from Jake about 4 months ago now and never received it. I've messaged him on Skype at least once a week for an update and he's responded twice within those 4 months apologizing, but still with no timeframe for the video. I'm ok waiting for the video, but I wish he would at least keep me updated. Hopefully I can still get the video and change this review...

from bigone14 [5870] on 19 November 2018

Since having left my last review Jake has sent me the video that I had requested as well as a bonus for having to wait so long for the video. I appreciate him doing the right thing by providing something extra as apology for the wait time. As for the video it was good; he is a very good looking guy and it was a pleasure to watch him show off in the video. While I stand by my previous review I do feel better about the situation now that Jake has made efforts to both send me the video that I purchased and to make the situation right.

from bigone14 [5870] on 13 November 2018

I hate to do this. I hate to leave a poor review but in this instance I feel compelled to do so. I ordered custom video some time ago and have still not received it. I attempted to message Jake over and over again until finally he answered me at the end of last week. He asked for apologized and asked for my patience because he would have the video I bought for me this weekend. Unfortunately the weekend came and went and I still have not been given the video I paid for. I'm not angry so much as I am disappointed. I think I'm a reasonable person. I don't think it is too much to ask that a model communicate with the customers. I totally get that shit happens, we are after all only human. And I'm willing to work with someone to make the best of a situation but the total lack of communication and the seemingly endless wait for something that I already paid for it just simply too much. I don't intend to be a harsh critic but I really am disappointed in this entire situation. While I don't want to scare off potential customers with this review of my experience, because Jake is a seemingly nice guy when he has his act together, I hope to better inform those customers of what is going on with my situation and the situations described by others who have bought content and not received it for some time.

from oilboy4u [325] on 7 November 2018

Be great if he followed through on his custom vids after he gets your money. Months have gone by and still nothing. Sad, because he seemed like such a great and professional guy

from billygoatj445 [5] on 16 October 2018

I paid Jake for a custom video 3.5 months ago and haven't received it. I've been consistently messaging him on Skype requesting updates and he hasn't been responding. I don't mind waiting for a video at all, but the fact that he's not sending any updates just isn't fair. At one point he asked me if I had a left a review here, and I told him that I didn't, and then he went back to ignoring my messages. I hope that I can still get a good experience out of this and change this review, but it just seems less and less likely as the weeks go by.

from debonaire1978 [145] on 14 October 2018

I've had a bad experience with this guy as well. It's been six months and he still hasn't sent the video he said he would. Yes, he's got a great physique but he's not worth rolling the dice to see if he's going to cheat you.

from bobby [1275] on 12 October 2018

I sent him $$$ for arranged cam show. It never happened and he has never responded to my inquiries regarding this problem. He is not to be trusted!

Jacked Jake replied...
Message me on my new skype @jackedjake01@gmail.com

from MikesBigArms [1002] on 5 October 2018

Today I received a Skype message from Jake. He told me that he had my custom videos ready, and asked for my email address. I was really surprised, and happy, because I ordered the videos a few months ago. Jake sincerely apologized for the long delay and told me, he wanted to make things right. He is now in the process of getting back to everyone. Of course this action is the right thing to do, but it also demonstrates integrity. We don't know what may be going on in a persons personal life, but when something pleasant like this happens, it restored my faith that there are good people in this world, who sometimes fall on bad times for a while. So, if you guys are waiting for a video, that you've paid for, but never got, don't be surprised if you receive a message from Jake, to make things right. Oh, those two videos he sent are awesome, and he's now in the best shape ever. I rate him ****4 Stars.

from oilboy4u [325] on 2 October 2018

Sad, I have purchased before and was always good experience. Bought custom 3 months ago and got a few excuses. Did understand he was competing and that I wasn't the only customer he had to film for. Got a message couple weeks ago that he was working on it and it was going to be awesome. Well, still nothing and no response on Skype or email. Sad, as I said, he has some much going and could really being raking in some cash legitimately from his fans.

from nchiker35 [15] on 27 September 2018

Earlier this year I had purchased a custom video from Jake. We went back and forth with communication but the video was never sent. Out of the blue Jake contacted me and ask if I still wanted the video. I said I did. He apologized for the delay and said he was now in a situation to make the video. He completed the video that day and it was beyond amazing. Everything I had hoped for. I don't know what issues he was having. But I do know he did make things right and delivered an amazing video.

from dman123dman [210] on 18 September 2018

I made the mistake as others have and did another live cam. We had done one earlier this year that was good so I figured he had mended his ways. Hardly. Paid him for a cam over a month ago and the same usual bs about being busy, but mostly just does not respond. This is the reality, while he has a killer physique, he has the ethics of a worm. He just refuses to honor his commitments and is NEVER to be trusted. If you are the lucky few to get what you paid for, you are just that, the lucky one. It won't happen twice. Avoid this jerk at all costs.

from littlelunch [3702] on 13 September 2018

All I can say is Ozsport63 & Jazz614 you are two of the fortunate ones. I myself am still waiting on a custom he came to me asking for from January 26th 2018.
Despite comments during the silence when I've messaged on forums or Skype chat that generate a brief comment form him such as these quotes.
“I'm willing to send this video and make you a new one for free. I keep fucking up I know."
”Sorry man started a new job. I’ll make the video this weekend when I’m not exhausted from work lol And I can send you other videos as well for free. I like you enough to do both."
He promised in a Skype chat forum a week ago that 'I was a good guy and he would be doing the video."
Well still no custom and not even a free video. Nothing but the normal silence.
The real sadness of it is the I genuinely like Jake, we had done other customs, never plain sailing, but he did deliver on those and one of them is up there in my top 5 customs of all time. I've had plenty of customs so that's an accolade!
He just can't be trusted not to take your money and go silent, you see it time and again in the reviews. So save your money for other guys that will deliver and just buy pre-mades from Jake. If you do decide to give him a chance, insist on a half payment or better yet payment on delivery.
This is technically a second review for a product that is 7 months overdue (I consider it interest on a still outstanding product) so I will happily remove it should the custom miraculously appear. I would love it to but I'm certainly not holding my breath.

And to Jake directly, dude you need to sort you head out, either make videos on time, earn cash and get repeat happy customers OR just stick to pre-mades on BestFlex.

from CuteStudMD [80] on 10 September 2018

So, I decided to give this guy another chance at doing a video. I contacted him with the details and he gave me his payment email and said he would have it done that weekend. I sent payment, but it was to Google Pay (which kept being denied). He said that the address was for Paypal. I sent the payment and he said he would have the video to me in a week (which was fine since I made that mistake). Two days before the week was up, I messaged him to Skype reminding him about the promised deadline. He assured me he would have it sent. A day before the deadline, I sent him 2 messages reminding him on Skype, but he didn't respond at all. The day it was promised, I messaged him again with no video nor a response. I knew his tricks, so I had paid on PayPal for merchandise, so I filed a claim.

The next day (2 days after it was promised) he messages me and sends a pic that his Paypal account was suspended (probably from a ton of people filing claims). He then messages me today and says it's my fault that the video wasn't sent, he had it done 4 days before, why did I file a claim 1 day after it was promised, etc. The kicker: He says I'M too difficult to deal with and blocks me on Skype.

This guy is a complete mess who doesn't function in reality or with logic. This is not the business for him. DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY! There are plenty of guys on this site that I deal with on a regular basis who deliver when promised in 24 hours. This guy has burned too many people in the past, and he can't seem to get his stuff together.

from Jazz614 [35] on 10 September 2018

Jake got back to me right away when I messaged him. And he was super nice and honestly is an awesome dude! I asked for a video and we worked everything in like 5 minutes. I’m waiting for it now but I bet ou will be one of the best videos ever I will get from anyone. Don’t understand the negativity towards this guy!

from Ozsport63 [1039] on 3 September 2018

Jake contacted me and apologized, we then had an awesome cam-show.
give this guy credit and remember he has to deal with a lot on difficult members on here, pays to be respectful.
give Jake a break

from gr8jays74 [130] on 1 September 2018

Finally set up a cam show. Does deliver on promises eventually. Wouldn't say he's worth what he charges. Does look great though.

Jacked Jake replied...
I get 2 stars for this? lol

from Ozsport63 [1039] on 1 September 2018

this guy is a jerk, the best flax admin should block/delete his profile, hes is rude and does not deserve to be on here

from thatnerdyviking [340] on 21 June 2018

You will notice a truly mix bag of reviews of Jake, from great reviews to abysmal ones. I was one of the unfortunate idiots who didn't prioritize the bad reviews in deciding whether or not to purchase a custom from Jake.

I ordered a vid and was told that it was going to be made that very night, or at the absolute possible latest, the next night. But then days start going by and it's at that point that I realize I am one of the unlucky ones. I proceeded to ask him what was up. I received some excuse about him getting a new job and he also sent me some other vid (which is something he "never" does, or so he claimed) which was very different from what I asked for and was definitely not something I would have spent a dime on. But he assured me he would get me that vid he made for me. More days pass. And more days. I sent him several more messages and received still more flimsy excuses. Now almost a month has passed. He has since stopped responding. Maybe he will respond to this review with a usual response I have seen to other negative reviews about how "I should have contacted him on Skype about this." What would the point of that be? This man is a scammer. Beware, friends, beware.

from Fagpussyboi [190] on 22 May 2018

Lol, I ordered a custom video from him around last year November and paid $300. However, after weeks and weeks of waiting he gave excuses after excuses, I still didn't get the video. So I went on Paypal and inform them that the video I asked for is not delivered. So then he came to contact me and sent me around 5 videos he had made previously for other people.
So lessons learnt guys, buy his videos online and not elsewhere.

Jacked Jake replied...
Why not just message me on Skype since this seems like a misunderstanding and seems like we resolved the issue if I sent you “5” videos. I don’t do that for everyone so not sure why you’re on here complaining. Message me on Skype. Clearly if I had 5 videos to send, I have no problem making videos. New one will be released soon actually :)

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 11 May 2018

WOW and WOW. Jake delivered a First Class Custom Video to me. He is a big man and loves to flex and show off. I gave him my scene to follow, which I allow him to make changes as to be creative as long as he keeps to the general script. He delivered something that was just speechless. He has never disappointed me in any of my videos.

from debonaire [1797] on 5 May 2018

UPDATED REVIEW: After reading the message below he contacted me on Skype. He sent me a free pre-made video for the wait and said he would refund me. That was supposed to happen yesterday. Although the free video was a nice gesture, it doesn't nearly cover the amount of money he took from me for the video he never delivered. Work with him at your own risk.

Early April he took my money for a video and I haven't gotten it. Three weeks ago he said he was sick. I asked him to refund me but never heard back. Luckily I got him to agree to a split payment so I only lost half money. Some people have had good experiences with him. I'm not one of those people. I guess he thinks it's okay to take people's money and then string them along for over a month. For customs and cam shows there are too many guys out there who are honest and dependable. Why deal with his inconsistency? If you want to support him, protect yourself and buy a pre-made video from The Best Flex.

For more info you can check out the following thread: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/youngmusclestuds/viewtopic.php?p=131743#p131743

from ipay4being [320] on 3 May 2018

Awesome session. Jake had me so excited with his dominant attitude and awesome body to back up the attitude. He gives a whole new meaning to muscle worship and his body is as good as his photos.

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 1 May 2018

Received my latest custom video from Jake. It was epic that he mentioned another series that we did a while back. His close ups are perfect and his attitude is awesome. He has delivered to me on time. His body is Jacked up and he is very very kind to me when we talk back and forth. For me he does extremely well and produces a top notch product.

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 18 April 2018

Received yet another Custom Video from Jake. WOW. He delivers spot on everything that I have requested in my custom. His cockiness and his acting are spot on. He gives me close ups and holds them. He has never let me down. He hasn't made promises that he can't keep. I have no issues with Jake.

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 10 April 2018

Received my Custom Video from Jake. I keep looking at these reviews and I have never had any issues from him at all. He keeps me up to date and delivers some of the best scenes that I can ask for. I love his Personality, his body and what he delivers to me. He has never promised me things that he can't deliver. I am more than a satisfied customer. For me, he is a Keeper !!!!!

from CuteStudMD [80] on 10 April 2018

I previously wrote a negative review for Jake. However, today he delivered the video that he promised. It was great! I tend to like complex role play style videos, and he delivered! After this video, I feel like I would buy more videos from him as long as he keeps those turn around times short -- which I think he is attempting to do now. All in all, I am a satisfied customer.

from Etps17 [10] on 8 April 2018

Different name, same player. Scammed me once and never again. Be careful of this character unless you are into that sort of thing.

Jacked Jake replied...
Excuse me? What is this in regards too? Message me on Skype @Jackedjake01@gmail.com so we can get this settled. Haven't scammed anyone

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 27 March 2018

Received my 3rd Custom video from Jake. I have absolutely no issues with Jake at all. He delivers when he says, he keeps me up to date when he is delayed and he delivers with high quality. I have tons of his videos and 3 Customs and I can tell you that his custom videos are just amazing and when he does a close up flex of his biceps and chest. DROOL is hitting the floor. He really connects with my scenes and does a fantastic job of telling my scene. Again, He has never scammed me or came up short with me. He is always on point and delivers always. !!!!

from sdfhvosivh [155] on 26 March 2018

Might have taken a while but I contacted him asking if he could do a popper intox video. He told me he had made one for someone else and actually charged me less than what he charged to make it! Very good experience, video was definitely worth it!

from Orophin320 [40] on 24 March 2018

This guys is nothing but a scammer. Stay far away and don't send money because you will never see your video or your money back.

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 23 March 2018

Well, I just received my 2nd custom video for Jake. It exceed what I expected. I love giving scenarios to bodybuilders to see what they will do with the scene. He follows and improves what I give him. His Biceps are just freaking awesome and the angle of the scene was good. He gives me slow flexing so I can enjoy his outstanding body. Highly recommend Jake for custom videos.

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 20 March 2018

WOW..WOW..WOW. He is Huge. I have been a fan of Jake from one of his first videos and have gotten each one and he has gotten bigger and bigger. He has the attitude to go with that body. Now I have him a scene and he more than did it perfectly. It was awesome to work with thru Skype. I contacted him on Friday and got the video by Monday, just like he said. I have no issues with Jake. I have requested another custom video because it was just that good. He out did himself on my Custom Video. I can't wait until the 2nd.

from BDFLEXGA [320] on 23 February 2018

Small misunderstanding. He came threw with some HOT videos. :)

Jacked Jake replied...
Glad you enjoyed them man! Finally got my shit together and am back on track. Just wait until my newest videos come out ;) Keep getting better and better

from littlelunch [3702] on 19 February 2018

He approached me for another custom, took my money then went silent. Do yourself a favour and avoid this kid, he will likely steal your money and either avoid you or make up excuse after excuse.

There are many great guys on Best Flex, don't throw away your hard earned cash on this kid. Buy his videos on here sure, but never give him money directly he WILL disappoint you. It's not worth the stress.

He gives the website a bad name, they should take note of all these horrendous reviews and deal with him. I will happily mail the admins with the recent communications from him, what little there was once he had the cash!

Kick him to the curb and deal with professionals.....

from Rimiko58 [460] on 7 February 2018

I have put off writing a review because I wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt ....Well it has been three days since I ordered and paid for a video and there has been radio silence. This guy is no good. He should be kicked off this site.

Jacked Jake replied...
Please message me on my new Skype jackedjake01@gmail.com so we can get this resolved since I'm not sure what video you're talking about especially if it wasn't for a custom.

from Orophin320 [40] on 7 January 2018

I don't know what has been going on with him. I have ordered several videos in the past, and he always took forever to deliver, but this time, after a month of waiting with promises to deliver at the beginning and then just ignoring my messages completely, I had to get Google Wallet to refund my money. I advise to stay away.

Jacked Jake replied...
I sent this guy back his money due to me not being able to make his video in the time frame we agreed on due to family issues and health reasons. I'm all good now.

from jamessterves [20] on 2 January 2018

This guy was great when i bought one video...then after I paid him for 2 more...he went quiet and kept coming up with excuses. It's been several weeks, and still no video. He's a liar. I'm still waiting for the videos and will be contacting thebestflex to complain - hopefully they will remove him from the site. SCAMMER!

from muscleshox [55] on 29 October 2017

Sent $100 on October 9th for a custom video. Today 29th, still haven’t received anything and he does not reply. I hope he can refund, I suggest to avoid to send payments to him. Escalating case to PayPal to close his account for violation of terms.

Jacked Jake replied...
I'm sorry we could not get things handled. Told you what was going on and even responded to your emails and gave you a refund. On top of that, I gave you 2 free videos I made. Not too sure what else I could do. Can't please everyone I guess.

from trailblazer [905] on 22 October 2017

Absolutely the best guy I’ve seen! One of the most incredible physiques I’ve ever seen. He really asks and customizes what he offers to you and your interests ans gets to know and remember the preferences of his customers. On top of that he has one of the best cocky attitudes in his videos than any other one I’ve seen. He’s absolutely AWESOME to do business with and promptly answers on Skype and delivers all videos in a very timely manner. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!!!

from heterosp [91] on 8 October 2017

Back in January 2017 I paid $60 for a camshow, then he last minute couldn't do it... refused to refund me despite multiple requests, said he'd do a camshow later, was angry I didn't like that option- "if you want to ruin us doing shows forever then I’d keep going"... it's been nine months now, anytime I message him to ask for the show, he mysteriously changes to "away"... spend your money on someone with integrity

Jacked Jake replied...
Email me @beyondgenetics7@gmail.com as I haven't been able to access my skype account lately.

from mslover [75] on 24 September 2017

He delivered a vid for me. Didn’t have to wait long, less than 5 min. But, just give him a chance. He keeps his word

from RSully94 [175] on 2 September 2017

Just did a show with Jake. While it wasn't THE best show ever, it was still a pretty decent show. He was able to understand what I wanted and for the most part things went according to plan.

I'm aware of the problems people have with this guy. I'm thankful that my experience with him was positive.

from chicago_27 [20] on 23 July 2017

This guy is a dick to try to work with. Tried to order a simple custom vid and it was nothing but bullshit. Said I "should be happy with whatever I got for $50". Forget you. Claims he sells those for $300 but has a ton of them on here for $25. I hope those who pay that much think he's worth it.

Jacked Jake replied...
Saw this comment coming. Have screen shots of him asking for a domination custom in which I do make for a lot of money and people pay for them. Told him I'd make it for only $100 as it is a "custom" video not a pre made one like on here and he refused so I tried cutting him a deal and then tried sending me a link of something to watch with a password in which I declined as it was too much work just for one cheap custom video. I can only work with my clients so much, but this guy was a huge hassle. Can't please everyone especially in this scene.

from sltm197777 [780] on 21 June 2017

Took my money and then didn't cam and kept ignoring my messages

Jacked Jake replied...
Message me on Skype @Beyondgenetics buddy. There have been a few accounts who have the same name as me so that's probably what happened. Have to be careful with who you're actually messaging. Next time ask for a preview.

from BDson [246] on 28 March 2017

One of the coolest guys I have had the privilege of talking to from this site. Dude took me places I never expected.

Jacked Jake replied...
That's what I do best, always looking for more :)

from kakarot121 [90] on 26 March 2017

very hot soles giant feet :)

Jacked Jake replied...
The biggest and baddest

from PecsandAbsAddicted [195] on 26 February 2017

I haven't bought any customs or done any cams with BG, but I absolutely love all of the videos that I have bought from him on here. I love the cocky talk that he does in his videos and it makes you feel like you are literally right in his presence and is talking straight to your face. I can't wait for more content to be released and will forever see BG as a true Alpha God.

Jacked Jake replied...
Appreciate your support man and stay on the look out for more quality content! I pride myself on being the best and most verbal Alpha there is on this site. Thanks for the feedback buddy :)

from alaterra [1250] on 11 August 2016

Superb video maker. Top quality videos and gives you exactly what you asked for. Highly recommended

Jacked Jake replied...
Thanks buddy, always a pleasure :)

from kenem [40] on 28 July 2016

almost 5 months and still no video; he's happy to update his status about being online... people wasting his time, etc.

Avoid at all costs. Truly disappointed.

from alaterra [1250] on 19 April 2016

I too have been waiting for a custom video that I ordered on the 15th February. Its a pity, because the quality of his videos is fantastic. Just wished I didnt have to wait this long.

from kenem [40] on 18 April 2016

Sad that I have to post this... two months and no video as promised. Same deal of saying he was busy and needing some time. Hasn't replied to my messages since. Demanded that I send payment ASAP to show that I wasn't wasting his time; then stops talking. He has some great reviews and others with similar issues to me. I'm still waiting. Will gladly change this review if I ever receive what I paid for and was promised.

from dman123dman [210] on 27 February 2016

I have done many cams in the past and all were good. Then in November i paid him a lot in advance for a cam and over a 3 months period i never got what i paid for. There was always an excuse, or dodge or times he would go weeks without responding. Finally in February i just told him forget it, i was tired of waiting and waiting and keep the money - my time is not worth being jerked around. Instead of doing the decent thing and doing the cam then and there or returning the money, he just kept it and never did anything. Total lack of ethics - when you dont do what you were paid for, you return the money. As i said, had many cams wit him, but he is flakey and not respectful of the fact that wasting the payers time is just as f-ed up as people wasting his.

from alaterra [1250] on 15 February 2016

Finally got my video and WOW. Superb quality and superb model. Received everything I asked for and could not be any happier.

from drew32 [325] on 12 February 2016

I retract my previous review. This dude is legit. He reached out to me to apologize for not getting back to me and made things right. He is a true alpha. Killer body and a great cocky attitude. Definitely going to the top of my list. A good guy all around.

from doc73 [14075] on 30 October 2015

Have all the videos, is looking even bigger in cocky alpha. Love the UA shirt. Also has private vids available thru Skype and is very prompt to reply.

from Thesuperduperbooster [95] on 10 June 2015

So I've been talking with BG on Skype, and he explained a couple things that cleared up a lot. And while I still haven't gotten a refund, or think it should be taking this long, I'm giving the guy a positive review. Why? Cause he's legit not a scam. Not going to to into detail about why I say this cause its personal stuff, but I can understand the delays.

I do want to explain that I wasn't trying to "spam" his review page. It's just the first review never seemed to change anything and I was still kinda feeling ignored after a couple more months. The second review was less of a review and more of a way to get my thoughts out on the situation. I admit I sounded mean and a bit hateful in it, so I'm sorry BG. Hopefully this shows you I'm not really a bad guy, and we can go back to just being cool. I'm still hoping you could do the refund still even though I'm giving you a positive rating now, but I'm definitely more understanding about the time it will take.

Check him out guys , I'm sure he'll deliver for you guys no question. The other fan reviews show that he isn't a scam out to take everyones money like a few other guys I've come across. He's really nice, good looking, and while I'm still unsatisfied with my predicament, I'm hopeful he'll find it in him to somehow compensate for my waiting.

from spence8585 [10] on 14 May 2015

this guy seriously has everything. good looks. strong and clever personality. his clothes fit him like they're made specifically for him. i'm crazy excited about this guy and would definitely return again and again for shows.

yes, he is wary of people who add him and then waste his time, but if i were in his position, i'd be the same. there's something very inviting about him and he's easy to talk to - which also means that the guys who "expect something for nothing" are gonna try to take advantage of him. You have to put yourself in his shoes and think about what he goes through and how many tons of people contact him a day. I'd probably react the same way if I was him.

that aside, there are so many cam guys who it feels like pulling teeth trying to communicate to them. beyondgenetics responds to me EVERY time and has since day one. this dude's the real deal, no joke, no exaggeration. Introduce yourself and get a show today. just writing this review is making me want another one.

from buckspa [185] on 13 May 2015

Hi Superduperbooster, you aren't the only one. I posted a review in late April that apparently disappeared. Here it is again:

This guy is a real jerk. I asked about his private videos, then he asked what I was looking for. I told him and he doesn't do it. So, I replied 'Ok, thanks for the info' and he responded 'Thanks for wasting my time.' The entire episode took two minutes and he wrote 13 words, apparently enough of a strain on his time resources to warrant complaining.

I had qualms about contacting him in the first place because he has in his Skype DO NOT ADD ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO WASTE MY TIME.

For his sake, hopefully he will get an attitude adjustment.

There are a few other negative reviews of him on YoungMuscleStuds board: http://youngmusclestuds.yuku.com/topic/5499/beyondgenetics#.VVOZ__lViko

Jacked Jake replied...
Have you ever thought that it might just be you? Look at all my other reviews. I'm doing this to get my name out there and motivate and sell videos, not to have my time wassted by the likes of you. Thanks for the review buddy, I have thousands of fans that will take your spot lol No need to get mad because I didn't talk to you. Later

from runt chuck [80] on 3 May 2015

this stud's videos are just AMAZING! he is the total package of perfect physique and cocky attitude -- truly commanding respect and admiration!

from lovehugemuscles [10] on 2 May 2015

Amazing OMG I want more

from jessmack [460] on 27 April 2015

WOW! great video! perfect combination of sexiness and cockiness. a true alpha male!

from ajnatl30 [10] on 22 April 2015

Good vid

from runt chuck [80] on 9 April 2015

chiseled statuesque muscles, amazing posing technique, cocky youthful attitude of arrogance, plus abs, arms and ass of death = perfection. And that's BeyondGenetics. Couldn't recommend more highly.

from cj [76] on 15 March 2015

Well I had bough yet another video from this stunning man. He never ceases to awe and amaze me. Not only does he possess a remarkable physique and love showing it off, but he is a genuinely good guy. Its hard to to fall head over heels for him. But still get to see him anyhow. ;)

from cj [76] on 11 March 2015

Well I just purchased me 3rd video from this man. He and they are just amazing! Not only is he absolute physical perfection, but he is a true gentleman as well. I think I'm in love.

from tibbi123 [10] on 9 January 2015

great muscle guy and trustworthy and super nice to ppl. would see again

from DBs [4975] on 2 January 2015

in the middle of some scammers and bad guys lately, here there is one you can go on without risk. the man is THE god! amazing face, amazing body, amazing performance, amazing show!!!! firstly i was spechless, so i almost faded in the show! he is not just THE god, but he is really masculine and put so much energy in the show that... wow! i would recomend a million of times, but it is better if you dont waste much of your time reading my lines and ask for a cam ASAP!

from sfo13m [5051] on 1 January 2015

BeyondGenetics makes great flexing videos. Muscles are big and thick (awesome arms and back omg) and look excellent relaxed and flexed.

BG loves to flex and has built a body that needs to be flexed and shown off.

BG is professional, trustworthy, and a nice person to do business with. I will return to him to order more videos.

from musclepup [1410] on 30 December 2014

I purchased a custom vid from BeyondGenetics and liked it so much I immediately ordered another one. We managed to work around the fact that he can't talk openly due to his living situation. He's easy to work with, very professional and extremely confident…good qualities to have in a musclegod!

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Age 24
Height 181cm (5'11")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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