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28, 182cm (6'0"), 96kg (211 lbs)

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Joshua Armstrong has 43 reviews.

from Fzpanda [635] on 19 February 2019

Josh was very patient in making my video, and constantly kept me updated on the progress. Highly recommended.

from iestyn [94] on 22 April 2018

The King of custom vids. Great actor, the build, brilliant build up of story. Brilliant.

from ywtbo [75] on 2 May 2017

Ordered a custom video from Joshua. It's one of many and this guy keeps blowing my mind ;)) ..helped by his cockiness and made in record time. Thanks again josh ! The wine glass was perfect ;)) hehe

from timo.muscle [380] on 15 April 2017

Josh is a professional, made a lot of great custom vids for me. he does exactly what you're asking for.

from JoeNYC [2903] on 27 March 2017

Guys, I can not recommend Joshua highly enough! He is truly one of the best "cam guys" around! To say that he is absolutely amazing is an understatement! I have bought several custom videos from Joshua and they have all been phenomenal, but this most recent one he made me was on another level! I just finished watching it and my head is spinning, so please excuse me if this review doesn't flow too well or if I use too many exclamation points! In all seriousness though, there are very few out there who put in the amount of effort that Joshua does to make sure that your video comes out exactly the way you want it to and that you will love it! He is also such an incredibly nice guy and it's always such a pleasure to communicate with him! As for his physical attributes, well, I don't have to tell you how gorgeous he is or how phenomenal his physique is (you can see that for yourself in his pics), but I will tell you that the way he flexes and poses in videos will completely blow your mind! Actually, mind-blowing isn't a strong enough adjective to describe his style of flexing and posing! I'm shocked that I was even able to compose myself enough to type up this review after watching that unbelievable video he just made me! I honestly can not say enough great things about Joshua! I look forward to getting many more videos from Joshua for a long time to come! I have no doubt that he will blow my mind each time!

from BDson [246] on 28 December 2016

I finally was able to get a show with Josh after wanting one for a couple years. The best show inhale EVER had. No wonder he is considered one of the best around. Nice guy and very professional. I will be doing business with Josh again.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Hey man, Back online again alot more now.. And loving every minute of it. Thanks for taking this show, mate. I'm glad i was able to nail it for you :) makes me happy when i get it right ;)

from ywtbo [75] on 27 November 2016

I had a custom made video made in the summer. It was amazing and as requested. He puts a lot of time into the vids and delivers a polished result. Just wish I'd eaten the sandwich too :))
I'm ordering again:) very soon

Joshua Armstrong replied...
i'm ready to make another cum sandwich ;) haha loved that video man, top bloke too :)

from iestyn [94] on 6 October 2016

Joshua made me a bespoke video. He took a lot of trouble over getting the scenario absolutely right and delivered the finished video when he said he would. The porn element is fantastic, he is brilliant ratcheting up the teasing and he works the scenario perfectly. Classic.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Hi mate, Lovely to read this from you, thank you. I loved every moment, as i know you did too ;)

from worjaffa [10] on 21 May 2016

This man is an absolute diamond. His videos are easily the hottest I've ever seen, but probably even more importantly, it's obvious he's really passionate about turning people on and delivering what he promises. If you want to worship a man who is beautiful but also funny, intelligent, passionate and totally engaging, well you've found your God right here. Thanks Joshua - you're a living legend!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Thank you for this review, it just gave me an ear to ear grin!!

from maarten [185] on 5 July 2015

He is great. Ordered a custom vid in which he was amazing.
This guy is a very good choice

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Super hot , dominant & HARD! Words used by yourself! LOVED IT :) Thank you for reviewing me on thebestflex!

from oriapplepie [125] on 3 March 2015

Got 2 custom videos from Josh and meow...... he made many of my wet dreams came true ;)

Joshua Armstrong replied...
this makes me happier than anything else.. knowing ive ruined some more underpants :P

from GvR0611 [15] on 28 January 2015

Josh is AMAZING! I've joined his site and the videos on there blew me away...

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Appreciate this alot and thank you for being with me :) Xxx

from oriapplepie [125] on 25 January 2015

Got a video from Josh and wow... he has the looks, the accent and of cos the body. But I think Josh is probably the best in acting here too. I really like his role playing videos as he speaks into the character :) which not many can do :)

Joshua Armstrong replied...
it comes across because i really love what i do, couldnt do it without your fantasy!!

from muscleluv19 [75] on 20 December 2014

I know I all ready wrote a review but I think Joshua deserves another one from me!!! I bought a lot of his custom videos and I love every one of them!! I had a few camshows with him and it was even better seeing him on cam!! I guess I'll have to have a meetup session with him soon to make my addiction toward him even better!!! Love everything he does!! I will definitely keep staying with this AMAZING guy!!!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
#1 man lawson!! love it buddy thank you!!

from cosher [5] on 5 December 2014

I have a about three personal shows from Josh, superb as usual. He puts so much effort into all his vids for his fans. Love his physique, face and sense of humour. He keeps getting better.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Hi mate, thank you, Love this message it just gave me a smile this saturdya morning :)

from Jez [5] on 18 November 2014

Huge fan of Joshua's and love every video he makes! Running his fanpage on Twitter too @fans_joshua ;-)

Joshua Armstrong replied...
absolute life safer having a bridge between my twitter and atleast a collection of the social media fans, theres just not enough hours in the day.. and just doing it as a fan is unbelievable!! makes me warm at night lol!!!

from Peclover28 [35] on 7 November 2014

Recently discovered Joshua and what can i say, he is a amazing guy. Highly recommend checking him out here and his own site, guarantee you wont be disappointed. ;)

Joshua Armstrong replied...
thank you david the pleasure was all mine xxx

from londonstevie [35] on 4 October 2014

Bought a custom made video from Josh this weekend. Very speedy response and completely responded to my requests, a great body and face and an even greater personality. Very welcoming and responsive to people's needs, a true gent!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
i absolutely loved this one thats for sure ;)

from vhornynow [5] on 16 August 2014

Just bought a few videos from Joshua. I don't need to say how awesome they were as that is obvious from the previews. But he is an exceptionally nice guy to deal with. Wish him only the best.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
sorry i didnt put a personalresponse to this till just now, ive been a busy boy! but was my PLEASURE :)

from Coolmanrico [776] on 12 August 2014

Recently received a video from Josh and it was amazing. He's smart, friendly, sexy and a little naughty. Combine that with his insane body and he's a complete Muscle god that will have you coming back for more.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
<3 <3 cant wait for it

from Adam95 [35] on 31 July 2014


Joshua Armstrong replied...
<3 back at you x

from longbyname [667] on 12 June 2014

Awesome cam show really wants to deliver a good show and he blew me away!!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
thank you for this review:) x

from muscleluv19 [75] on 5 June 2014

I have bought a couple of videos from Joshua and they get better each and every single time. I asked for a couple of custom videos and he delivered to what I asked for and even more than what I expected each time! You will get addicted to him and that's the only bad thing about him!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
I will KEEP making them get better!!

from marsman [135] on 28 May 2014

I fully recommend Joshua, he makes a great custom video because he follows your requested details to the letter. He has a great physique and excellent customer service. The fact he goes through great lengths to deliver makes him unique.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
i really do emphasise i will follow it TO the letter, i feel its very important

from alezubiri [185] on 26 May 2014

Outstanding in every aspect. Infinite male beauty and a deep will to please his clients.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
spot on, im made to please :) :) xx

from sub_guy [30] on 2 May 2014

The Best... what else can I say?

Joshua Armstrong replied...
loved it..lovely guy and a new experience and one i want again and again :P

from Botis [55] on 1 May 2014

All comments are 100 % true. This smile, body and personality are the best combination I have experienced so far. You are a fool if you dont try him out!! Only think I dislike is how addicted you can get to him. :)

Joshua Armstrong replied...
hey man, what a lovely thing to say, even a lovely dislike :D

from johnnyc [15] on 11 April 2014

Funny as hell and a great body. Highly recommended.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
thank you mr C :)

from Canadian Worshipper [1231] on 1 April 2014

I had an excellent cam show with Joshua. I was in the mood for something cocky, and he delivered it! Great muscle and attitude made for a great show! Thanks!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Ive got more where that came from :P

from DoonB [2818] on 25 March 2014

Just gets better and better!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
as do ur requests :p triangle!!!!

from chrisstockton [550] on 22 March 2014

This guy is off the scale - he did me an amazing video and have had several cam shows with him - so sexy, so willing to please, his body is just amazing - i cannot praise him enough!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
CC ! my man!! such brilliant praise and I appreciate it so ! also put 100% into your shows!

from tycho27 [656] on 21 March 2014

Joshua is the absolute bets looking ALPHA MALE on this whole site: cocky,strong and He is super reliable and talks with Him are truly an awesome experience. highly recommended!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Tycho.. great meet! perfect worshipper

from Botis [55] on 21 March 2014

He got me hocked!!! Cant believe there is a man like him walking around! He is dangerously HOT!! Watch out he is all you will ever want.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
;) we loved it didnt we!!! x

from DoonB [2818] on 19 March 2014

Josh is simply amazing. Incredibly hot, great to interact with and always willing to please.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Doonie man :) :)

from heterosp [91] on 17 March 2014

Superhot, fantastic at roleplaying too! VERY open to requests, can't say enough good things! Can't wait for my next show!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
superman!!!! good to do it buddy cant wait for part 2

from musclegoat [60] on 17 March 2014

Joshua was awesome. He delivered 110%.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
I love it buddy so i will always go the extra mile!!

from ugbikille85 [35] on 9 March 2014

Bought a video from Joshua and it was even more than I could dream of. Perfect body (that looks even better in motion), sexy accent and gorgeous face. His smile lights up the screen and his muscles are huge and vascular. Lots of amazing veins. Gorgeous man. I will definitely come back for more.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Hi buddy this means allot to me cant wait to get in touch again :) J x

from Will M. [156] on 5 March 2014

Joshua is an absolute pleasure to interact with, very cordial and pleasant from the beginning. Responded immediately and push all the right buttons that will surely have me coming back for more...

Joshua Armstrong replied...
CANT wait for you to come back for mr and thank you for the lovely review :) :)

from youp555 [310] on 5 March 2014

Joshua is incredibly charming and certainly a mountain of muscle :)

Joshua Armstrong replied...
wooh no problem,loved a gentleman customer even refunded your double payment :p x

from Sammael [1215] on 1 March 2014

This guy completly blew me away. His smile alone is enough to make me jizz. Perfect gentleman with a body that will blow your mind!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
wow thank you i loved it too :)

from Fob [380] on 26 February 2014

Got a video and wow. quality was amazing, did everything I asked for and delivered on time.. Great body and really nice person.. will be back for more

Joshua Armstrong replied...
wow thank you very kind there mate i loved making it :)

from luvmuscle [130] on 24 February 2014

Wow this guy is beyond hot and sexy. He made me a custom video that was exactly what I wanted. I will be back for more :)

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Thanks buddy enjoyed it :)

from DoonB [2818] on 23 February 2014

Bought a video from Josh. He's huge and certainly a real gent. Did exactly what I asked and was straight on making the video. If you like beefy muscle, you'll love him.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
What a gent review! thanks buddy :)

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Age 28
Height 182cm (6'0")
Weight 96kg (211 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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