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Great cam show- massive muscles

eric27ct [575] on 28 May 2023

KentClark replied...
Thankyou man! Hope to catch you soon for another 😁💪

This guyyyy!!! Absolutely top class, my custom vid arrived in less than 24 hours, couldn’t be happier, great friendly service as usual, always get exactly what I needed, Peter is beautiful and just an all round great guy to deal with, definately worth 5 stars all day long

MZM [60] on 20 Feb 2023

Please take care before parting with your cash - he has now stopped communicating with me and is not interested in a resolution.

biglad [198] on 20 Feb 2023

KentClark replied...
Thanks again for another review, hopefully they read my 5 star reviews before listening to yours. Please be careful of this man harassing, other bestflex models please be aware.

I have just received the custom video I ordered from Kent just a day ago. He is a clean 10 out of 10:
- he looks way better in his clips than in the photos posted here; his size is impressive, he is vascular, muscles beautifully contoured and proprotioned;
- he is well-behaved, replies quickly;
- he delivers in a timely manner, just as promised;
- despite my scenario being a little tricky to do right, he put up a perfect job; he read carefully through all my instructions and stuck to each and every one of them without missing a single point.
I absolutely recommend him. Hell, he is one of the best guys around here.

Maxwell9220 [220] on 7 Feb 2023

KentClark replied...
Thankyou for taking your time to leave me a review! Was a little tricky to make but trued my best for you! Hope to catch you soon! Much love! Kent xx

I’ve been following Peter for a while his physique is one of the best and he really knows how to show it off, the video was not a disappointment at all, even better than I could of imagined. Such a friendly & nice guy to chat with really open and had plenty of time for me not rushed like some, he put me right at ease as it was my first time, I would definately recommend to everyone, I’m really looking forward to more content from Peter, very professional and a real top bloke with a beautiful body that needs to be seen to be believed, you won’t disappointed here

MZM [60] on 2 Feb 2023

KentClark replied...
Thankyou for your kind words! Looking forward to creating more content! Much love ... Kent xxx

Sadly became unreliable and did not stick to what he said he would do. Such a shame.

biglad [198] on 2 Feb 2023

KentClark replied...
Thankyou for the review, take care sir

I contacted Kent for a custom video through email. He answered promptly and continued as we discussed my request. He was forthcoming with being busy for the week, but gave me a day I could pay and he'd have the video ready the next day. Happy to say all went smoothly. The video arrived, was in great quality, and Kent gave it his all. Kent admits he's "not really an actor" but I'm thankful he went along with my roleplay idea and unlike many, he did not read from any paper while performing in the video. Good guy here. :)

Jomax [20] on 28 Oct 2022

KentClark replied...
Thankyou for your support! I really enjoyed making that one for you, I will work on my acting skills hehe! Hope to make another in the future! Much love! Kent xxx

I just got my first video of Kane and let me tell you he is AMAZING!
Definitely add to my top list of models with his great communication, fast delivering and the nice attitude he has.
For the physique - all the photos you see in this profile don't do enough good to him - he is much much better in video - I was blown away with his top physique stats, his professional attitude, ability to role-play, his super HUGE body.

I RECOMMEND him for sure and will order more in future!
Thank you KentClark!

beddubi [14829] on 21 Jun 2022

KentClark replied...
Thankyou! Much love xxx

Recently had a custom video from Kent and it was incredible! He’s an enormous guy, tall and huge. He nailed everything I requested in the video. Thanks so ouch!

mb707 [690] on 1 Jun 2022

Received a custom video from him today. He's very open minded and very quick to deliver. You should give him a shot too!

RBJ89 [4922] on 24 Feb 2022

KentClark replied...
Thankyou! Xxx

Really nice guy, easy to deal with an quick response to a custom video request. Amazing biceps.

suz64 [355] on 1 Jan 2022

awesome camshoe this guy is huge super friendly

Ozsport63 [3684] on 20 Dec 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou!! Have a great Christmas!!

two words, MUSCLE GOD!!! 10/10

pexmkmeweak [120] on 27 Nov 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou so much!!

Got my first custom from this huge man! Very reliable, and VERY HUGE all over! Wow!

beefy4muscle [7372] on 1 Oct 2021

KentClark replied...
Oh thankyou for your kind words hope to catch you again soon

What an incredible video! Kent's newest video shows him completely shredded and flexing those guns until they're about to explode out of his super-huge body! His physique is truly incredible, huge in every way, and yet capped with the nicest personality you could hope to meet. All my dealing with him have been straightforward, with Kent going out of his way to be helpful, and suggest ways of giving an even better experience than I could have dreamed of. I can't wait for more of him - his videos just keep getting hotter and hotter!!

PeterAndrews14 [121] on 27 Sep 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou for your kind words hope to catch you soon

Handsome, hugely muscular and friendly guy.
Just had the best private show with this hugely muscular Beast of a man.
We set a rate, but I was so overwhelmed by his physique I ended up tipping more without him even asking!
Super sexy guy.
Worth anyone's time and money. I doubt you'd disagree

musclefanmarc [315] on 23 Sep 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou for your kind words! Loved our show! Hope to catch you again soon!

Requested my first custom video, and he's the MuscleBeast that he promises to be!! 30 minutes of bulging, blasting muscle!! Dizzying bowling ball biceps!! Also so handsome and so personable~ total MuscleGod!!

armon88 [11600] on 14 Sep 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou very much for your kind words ????

Just got my first custom video from this muscle god and it was INCREDIBLE. His body is absolutely amazing and those arms really are that huge. Very nice guy and easy to talk to through Skype. Overall an awesome experience will definitely be getting another video from him real soon.

ty123 [2641] on 23 Aug 2021

Got a custom video. He was nice and friendly. I got the video the next day after we talk. He is looks really good and god, those muscles are massive.

iheatrad.97 [4930] on 16 Aug 2021

Just had my first show with Kent and I'm thoroughly impressed. His body is huge and looks just as good as the photos. He was willing to do a preview before I paid as there was some caution my end with a few of the negative reviews below, but he followed through. Very reasonably priced also compared to some of the guys on here. Did the show straight after the payment and did everything we agreed :) will definitely be back for more.

lembas32 [445] on 6 Aug 2021

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