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10 stars amazing guy trustworthy and body to die for

tobyb123 [415] on 1 Oct 2021

Got my first custom from this huge man! Very reliable, and VERY HUGE all over! Wow!

beefy4muscle [5640] on 1 Oct 2021

KentClark replied...
Oh thankyou for your kind words hope to catch you again soon

What an incredible video! Kent's newest video shows him completely shredded and flexing those guns until they're about to explode out of his super-huge body! His physique is truly incredible, huge in every way, and yet capped with the nicest personality you could hope to meet. All my dealing with him have been straightforward, with Kent going out of his way to be helpful, and suggest ways of giving an even better experience than I could have dreamed of. I can't wait for more of him - his videos just keep getting hotter and hotter!!

PeterAndrews14 [111] on 27 Sep 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou for your kind words hope to catch you soon

Handsome, hugely muscular and friendly guy.
Just had the best private show with this hugely muscular Beast of a man.
We set a rate, but I was so overwhelmed by his physique I ended up tipping more without him even asking!
Super sexy guy.
Worth anyone's time and money. I doubt you'd disagree

musclefanmarc [310] on 23 Sep 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou for your kind words! Loved our show! Hope to catch you again soon!

This review is a little late but i got another video from Kent. He is a gorgeous pumped beast with that sexy British charm. His biceps are huge and he's hot as hell, I know I'll be getting more videos from him he's definitely worth it I could worship his guns all day long.

Master Marcus [112] on 21 Sep 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou sir for your kind words hope to catch you again soon

Requested my first custom video, and he's the MuscleBeast that he promises to be!! 30 minutes of bulging, blasting muscle!! Dizzying bowling ball biceps!! Also so handsome and so personable~ total MuscleGod!!

armon88 [4430] on 14 Sep 2021

KentClark replied...
Thankyou very much for your kind words ????

I ordered another custom video from Kent. He's an absolute beast and gave me everything I asked for in the video. Definitely worth your time in contacting him, he has great rates too. If you want a huge muscle monster whose also polite and nice he's definitely worth ordering from.

Master Marcus [112] on 24 Aug 2021

Just got my first custom video from this muscle god and it was INCREDIBLE. His body is absolutely amazing and those arms really are that huge. Very nice guy and easy to talk to through Skype. Overall an awesome experience will definitely be getting another video from him real soon.

ty123 [1025] on 23 Aug 2021

I received a custom video from Kent. He's super nice to chat with and is absolutely gorgeous, those 22 inch biceps are real. I'll definitely be ordering more from him in the future.

Master Marcus [112] on 18 Aug 2021

Got a custom video. He was nice and friendly. I got the video the next day after we talk. He is looks really good and god, those muscles are massive.

iheatrad.97 [3115] on 16 Aug 2021

Just had my first show with Kent and I'm thoroughly impressed. His body is huge and looks just as good as the photos. He was willing to do a preview before I paid as there was some caution my end with a few of the negative reviews below, but he followed through. Very reasonably priced also compared to some of the guys on here. Did the show straight after the payment and did everything we agreed :) will definitely be back for more.

lembas32 [395] on 6 Aug 2021

Kent is an amazing and very easy going professional man. His physique is so much to take in. He completed a special video for me and I just can't comprehend the size of this man. He has put on size going back to the gym and he is vascular and huge and just incredible. If you want to see what a bodybuilder looks like, then get a video from Kent. He will blow you away.

djmuscleflex [22872] on 6 Jul 2021

First of all this man's body is absolutely AMAZING and he's such a genuinely friendly guy. We messaged on Skype and did a show shortly there after and it was well worth it. Very reasonable rates for the muscles he puts on display. Will be doing this again with him very soon. I'm still in awe of his sheer size.

Noah [226] on 17 Jun 2021

Got a custom video from this amazing stud. Huge all over, and I can also attest he's one of the nicest guys to deal with on thebestflex. Video turnaround in a day, very quick. I highly recommend.

nicegent [440] on 1 Apr 2021

Received my first custom video within a few days and was a great interaction. Thanks! Amazing flexing and can't wait for him to get even bigger! Will be back for more!!!

musclecraver83 [105] on 24 Mar 2021

I've had 2 great custom videos made by Kent. One in early December and one just a few days ago. This man is a MONSTER! He's absolutely huge! Also, one of the nicest guys out there. Very chill and easy to talk to.

Shadowace819 [626] on 18 Jan 2021

Sorry to say he is now completely ignoring me when I ask about video I ordered over 3 weeks ago.
If he had contacted me saying he had difficulty I would have understood. Sad.Be cautious parting with your cash with him.

ucl1964 [2775] on 17 Jan 2021

KentClark replied...
If you can get back in contact with me I'll be happy to sort it, I've been busy lately and just recently lost one of my good friends to covid, I'm back now I just had to have some time away

Another great show from Kent - he really has the biggest arms on the site coming in at a whopping 22" cold!!!! All round nice guy, with chilled attitude and great physique - i'll be back for more mate!

biglad [143] on 9 Dec 2020

I have to disagree with DoonB and BDFLEXGA and I hope they worked their situations with KentClark out. This guy is the biggest, the best body and nice too. If you like huge, he's your man and always been true to his word with me.

builtim [280] on 24 Nov 2020

The nicest guy and just massive and so much symmetry. totally a good investment of your cash. A true bodybuilder.

builtim [280] on 4 Oct 2020

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