Muscle hunk 3

Alfa muscle stud

18, 184cm (6'0"), 112kg (246 lbs)

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Alfa muscle stud


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About me

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle! Watch me grow week by week! Im a stripper and a bodybuilder full time. I offer videos and cam show services. Flexing nude flexing striptease. I will do almost any request message me on Skype or by email :)


from Shawn_1978 [537] on 7 December 2019

I purchased my first custom video from Muscle Hunk 3 today and received it, this afternoon. I just finished watching it and needless to say this young stud blew me away. Not only is he very handsome with a nicely built body, but he's one hell of a sexy dancer! I had him do a hot strip and flex video for me, wearing blue jeans and underneath, he wore blue boxerbriefs. He also had on a nicely fitted shirt that clung to his pecs nicely, really showing off his sexy torso. Muscle Hunk 3 has very nicely shaped and defined biceps, a great looking pair of hairy pecs, big traps and shoulders, and some big quads that really made me hard when he would flex them. He danced and teased me with his body, knowing that his muscles and handsome good looks turned me on and he wanted to make sure it stayed that way and that I couldn't get enough of his big muscular body. He wanted me to enjoy his muscles and feel how hard and strong they are from all his hours of hard work in the gym. His physique may not yet be ripped and chiseled, but he will get that way soon! If you like all kinds of muscle and are not hung up on perfection, then you will love Muscle Hunk 3's body. It's hard to believe that he's only 18 years old, given how big he is. He looks like he's got the body of a 27 year old muscle stud. If he's big now, I can't wait to see what he becomes with another 10 years of muscle gains and hard work! I think, if he would ever want to compete in bodybuilding, he would be fierce competition, on that stage! From watching him perform, I already know that this man is a go getter, and will accomplish big things in his future! I highly recommend him, if you want someone who can entertain you with his other talents besides just flexing his muscles. He's very friendly and down to earth and was very easy to do business with. I hope to do more videos with Muscle Hunk 3, with even more fun ideas and themes that he can use to entertain me with his handsomeness and big muscular body! Thank you, Muscle Hunk 3, for an amazing, well done, first custom video! I hope any other videos you do for me will just keep getting hotter and hotter! I wish you much love and even more success with your bodybuilding endeavors! God Bless!

from jesse86 [90] on 17 November 2019

This guy is just a massive, thick, confident, masculine fucking tank of a human. The kind of guy you don’t forget seeing if you’re lucky enough to cross paths. Definitely knows how to get into the mental aspect of muscle worship. He started to realize what I was into and took it to a good spot. Definitely a guy worth spending some time with. The experience grows! Much like this stud.

from kwa389 [240] on 17 November 2019

Great guy, very accommodating.

from atrbg20 [220] on 9 November 2019

The massive muscle hunk is back - and bigger and better than ever. Got a video from him and was very happy with it. He really is the total package: massive, handsome, and attentive. Cannot recommend enough.

from gsplover [662] on 6 November 2019

Thought I'd take a chance on him after his string of not-so-good reviews. He was pleasant to chat with and delivered a custom video in his specified time. The video was quite good. One technical problem that he explained and rectified. A surprisingly young performer, but a very capable one. Recommended.

Muscle hunk 3 has 16 more reviews. Read them all here.

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Age 18
Height 184cm (6'0")
Weight 112kg (246 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Hairy
Ethnicity White


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