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I did a cam with Niko - he's amazing, so muscular and hot and really listens to what you want. Thanks!

heynow50000 [560] on 27 Nov 2021

I just ordered and received a custom video from Niko, and Wow!!! ๐Ÿ˜
I've got a bit of a karate fetish, and Niko made for me a fantastic karate video where he uses those muscles to show what I would see if I was there in person with him! He has the perfect body from head to feet! ๐Ÿ˜ he even started making the video before he received the money, so I didn't have to wait to receive my video! Thank you Niko, you're amazing and I will definitely order again! This short video rounds off nicely his sculptured muscles.

Markie4910 [55] on 14 Oct 2021

another awesome video I received from Niko!! one of the most good-looking guys! most talented and professional. I was very detailed with my request and he did not miss anything! he is an awesome guy! no wonder he is one of the top-rated models here.

muscledome [325] on 21 Jul 2021

Ordered a custom from Niko. He is very kind, professional, and attentive to what you want. He did the custom well and timely. I'd definitely come back to him. Thanks Niko!

feandkh [435] on 8 Jul 2021

niko is a special guy for me! he is very accommodating and listen to what you really wants for a custom. he even went above and beyond to my unusual custom request!! will order more, just waiting for him to say yes again for my request! he is the big deal!

muscledome [325] on 8 Jul 2021

Niko is a great guy, his body is like a fine wine, maturing wonderfully. There is great depth to his physique, he presents it beautifully, and there is such detail it is wonderful to watch him show off it's many details. I have purchased several videos from him and will continue to support him. Highly recommended.

harlanny [12778] on 31 Mar 2021

A big 50 thank you Niko, The duo custom with Dante was hilarious and hot in equal measure - exactly as requested lol

Handsome, and that body, just damn....loved it!

Thanks big guy

littlelunch [8674] on 11 Mar 2021

Niko is one incredible athlete!!! I can not recommend arranging a custom video ASAP enough you will not be disappointed he is not only a great man but has one of the most amazing physiques on TBF!!!! Cant wait to order more and more videos!

sub4biceps [1497] on 31 Jan 2021

I have been requesting custom videos from Niko for at least 1.5 years now, if not longer!! He is always quick to respond and very kind and patient when discussing the details of the request. Niko always goes above and beyond every request.

His physique is that of a decorated athlete! Very ripped abs, developed muscular arms and a huge chest!! His vascularity is intense and he can show off his athletic body like a pro!!!

I highly recommend Niko for a show, a custom video or, if you dare, check out his Onlyfans Page!!!! No matter your choice, you wonโ€™t be disappointed!!!!

Jaynuke1 [8455] on 14 Dec 2020

Exceptional show from Niko, as always super professional and super hot.

Always willing to listen to ideas and craft a video to your requirements. If you have not had the pleasure of a video from this muscle god then contact him now.

littlelunch [8674] on 12 Dec 2020

I want to be that One lucky fan to meet this handsome, that I have to do?? Uffff this guy is amazing ????????

zsergen [240] on 8 Nov 2020

Amazing guy with a great shape and friendly mood. I love to see stroke his muscles so hot ????

Walter Pazzi [795] on 21 Oct 2020

Just did a show with Niko, and OMG he's hot, nice, and big!! I plan to do more shows with him, but he did what I asked and was nice the whole time, loved the show big time!!

smalltownwyo [315] on 18 Oct 2020

Just received a great duo custom (with Viktor Baili). The guys have a good chemistry and worked well together to create a nice take on my idea.

Both guys are always polite and easy to deal with, and the video was delivered when I asked for. Very happy!

What beats one muscle guy? TWO lol.

littlelunch [8674] on 12 Oct 2020

Serious and sexy muscle boy! I had a fancy show was very amazing and I loved talked with him is very friendly!

luker81 [452] on 21 Jun 2020

Niko replied...
Thank you man!

Truly beautiful muscular Man. Very reliable and serious. The communication was very good. Video was amazing! I was very satisfied! The quality of the video recording was excellent. I highly recommend this man! I'm planning to buy more videos. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Niko!

Yazmik [345] on 9 Apr 2020

Niko replied...
Thanks! Keep doing a great job always!

Such a great guy. Your very own muscle model. Videos are always great!

DoonB [5803] on 8 Apr 2020

Niko replied...
Thank you

Nice attitude from this guys in shows. Every time doing something new and showing his body from the bests sides, not that their is a bad side. Highly recommend you to try!

Arussell18 [548] on 27 Mar 2020

Niko replied...
Thanks so much

Niko is one of my favorite models of all times. I have been following him for a few years. His physique is always in top condition and continues to improve. He is eager to follow my suggestions and always makes great videos. His flexing is intense and very effective. I HIGHLY recommend him. He is one of the very best models on this site.

caldermark [17705] on 27 Mar 2020

Niko replied...
Itโ€™s nice to know that I am one of your favorite models! Keep going! Thank you again and again

I buy regularly from Niko. He always looks amazing and my latest video is just as good. So professional and like having your own male model posing for you.

DoonB [5803] on 21 Mar 2020

Niko replied...
Thanks my dear friend

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