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26, 170cm (5'7"), 84kg (185 lbs)

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from foxxee [194] on 17 May 2021

I have had the pleasure of receiving many custom videos from this Alpha Muscle God, always timely and extremely hot ... Do yourself a favor and order a show or custom, you wont regret...

from meonly74 [440] on 16 March 2021

This guy used to be good but now became a thief. There's too many bad ones in here

from mann.70 [608] on 15 February 2021

I did a skype show with him some time ago. He claimed to be in contest shape and his skype-profile-pic showed that as well. Turned out he wasnt in great shape at all, so I never did a show with him again.

from mxyvitas [4505] on 19 December 2020

This guy has a very serious problem of cheating.

Firstly, I am 100% sure that I was contacting with the right person, according to his information above.
And I asked for a custom video. He said to send me on the same day, but sent me nothing.
Then he promised to send me next day, but he disappeared for a few days without replying.
Later, he promised me several times to send me within one hour, or told me he was sending. But he just disappeared after that, without any video.

So I really do NOT recommend this cheating guy, and suggest the site to ban him, for not letting people down.

from unchiuvierme [155] on 16 December 2020

I had a translation problem in that I asked Roland if he could do a show at the time of asking but he said he thought I just meant generally. So after purchasing two videos to enable a show, he told me he wasn't at home after all. So please be very specific with him when booking shows with the understanding that English is not his first language. I have two great videos anyhow and look forward to the live experience

from Darksky23 [115] on 4 November 2020

Roland finally delivered so I take back my other review. It took him long but he delivered and he did a really good job in the video I asked him for he did everything I wanted.

from KnowTruth#0312 [4745] on 5 July 2020

Roland is a muscle god that was made to be worshiped! Such hot videos and I know I have to have more from this muscle god!

Roland replied...
Good boy ;)

from Xerxes [1788] on 17 June 2020

I just bought my 2nd video from Roland and I am definitely not disappointed. Roland is very sexy, handsome, of course, and big bulging muscles everywhere! A true muscle/sexgod. He's also a very energetic performer and comes across as a genuinely nice guy!! I'm definitely a fan...I wish I was in Budaörs right now!! Oooh whee, baby!! LOL!!

Roland replied...
Thank you my man! ;?

from Xerxes [1788] on 9 June 2020

I just bought my first Roland video, Naked Office Boy, and I am not at all disappointed. Roland is very handsome, very muscular with three meaty, muscular legs!! I will be buying more of his videos...he's hot as hell!!

Roland replied...
Ahahha thank you so much :)

from gr8jays777 [710] on 13 April 2020

Handsome, huge, and loves to show off.

Roland replied...
See you next time bro :)

from rui.penc [4830] on 1 March 2020


Nice guy with a great show

Roland replied...
thanks friend ;)

from garsbuffoon [180] on 8 February 2020

I just had a cam show off with Roland. He is very hot and sexy. He did what I like to see and performed like a charm. All the poses with great endowment are easy for Roland to deal with. It makes for a great cam session.

Roland replied...
thank you :)

from squashme [755] on 30 January 2020

Very grateful for the video Roland delivered - all performed in time and of great quality. Thanks a lot man!

Roland replied...
thanks ;)

from petekalanini [185] on 22 January 2020

I requested a video from Roland two weeks ago and paid right away. I was promised to receive the video within 24 hours. Nothing. Then two days later, got promised to get the video within a day. Nothing. And then I sent several follow up emails. He stopped responding. This was a pretty awful experience. I don't understand why there are so many five star reviews. I guess I either got unlucky or these are just fake reviews.

from nc73921 [75] on 20 January 2020

I got a custom video from him. It was super hot, easy transaction, and he is very approachable with fetishes and fantasies. He doesn't make you feel weird or bad. Very accommodating! Thanks again : )

Roland replied...
Thank you :)

from lover84 [5] on 13 January 2020

I did a short show with Roland and It was amazing. I really like all the flex poses but in particular when he started to stroke his big dick. I really enjoyed it to see him with his monster cock ... and I really hope to meet up with him one day because he is an amazing man!
All the best Roland for your Career.

Roland replied...
Nice words my friend,thank you so much :)

from dhotboi [10] on 12 January 2020

Roland never disappoints! I am awestruck by this man. His massive size is enough to get me off. Between my need to worship him and his ability to dominate me is enough to make my head explode. I cannot wait for my next session!

Roland replied...
Good boy! ;)

from MuscleLove1991 [120] on 11 January 2020

Best Muscle Beast out there!
Nothing is better than being totally used as Daddy Faggot Toy!
Money is no issue for this Master!

Roland replied...
good boy! be ready for next time FAG! ;)

from muscle chi [10] on 16 December 2019

Great cam show, lots of flexing, posing, responsive to requests.

Roland replied...
Thanks :)

from muscle chi [10] on 16 December 2019

Great cam show, lots of flexing, posing, responsive to requests.

Roland replied...
Thank you:)

from Sparkle12425 [454] on 14 December 2019

Fantastic great physique very huge n nice guy.had my first cam i will say good at the cam n great flexes

Roland replied...
See you next time :)

from vulcan [365] on 14 December 2019

This is a late review , sorry about that mate. So, I got a custom vid from Roland which had both positive and negative aspects. On the up side , if you want to see a Jason Streatham lookalike flexing some pretty God damned impressive muscle groups then this guy is your man. And a very approachable guy he is also. On the down side, I didn't get the kind of custom vid I was after, perhaps my fault in not explaining well enough. All i all , a cool guy

Roland replied...
Thanks :)

from Flex4me888 [15] on 28 November 2019

Great show, very nicely built and a nice guy. Would definitely do another show

Roland replied...
Cant wait ;)

from Muns87 [2031] on 18 November 2019

I did a cam show with Roland the other day and it was great! I hadn't seen him in a while but he is always good to work with. He's nice and personable and always delivers! The show was hot and left me wanting more.

Roland replied...
thank you my friend :)

from musclefan1 [3965] on 14 November 2019

He has an incredible body and getting better and better
doing good shows and I had a meeting with him. Very friendly person with perfect muscles for worship. He does what he promised. Hope to meet him soon

Roland replied...
Cant wait my friend :)

from Uriel1 [150] on 14 November 2019

an incredible body and getting better and better
Good shows
He does what he promised.

Roland replied...
Thank you:)

from rui.penc [4830] on 6 November 2019

He's the best model cam here! Highly recommended!

Roland replied...
Thank you!:)see you soon :) ;)

from Lovedoveyxo [75] on 5 November 2019

He does such a great show and really sticks to what you request. He is also very good looking charming not to mention his great body. Definitely will do more shows with him =)

Roland replied...
Thanks :) see you soon!:)

from Zerohero99 [175] on 4 November 2019

I have recently ordered a custom vid from Roland. He was very responsive to emails and follow-up. The vid was delayed a bit due to his busy schedule so i was a bit worried. I got the vid today and it was perfect. Exactly like the script plus he also sent a bonus video for the delay. I'm very happy with the purchase :)

Roland replied...
Thank you my friend :)

from muscleloveruk999 [15] on 6 October 2019

I’ve had a couple of shows from Roland now. The guy is huge all over. Friendly, responsive and easy to deal with. Definitely recommend!

Roland replied...
Cant wait next show ;)

from dhotboi [10] on 6 October 2019

After every show with Roland, I am left breathless and awestruck. His body is perfect from the top of his bald head to his feet!!! My first show with him was in the offseason, and he looked show ready!!! This past spring I got to watch this massive man transform into a hulking beast!!! The thought of him getting any bigger seamed impossible.

He knows how to show off his hard work and dedication. All I want to do is give him the attention and adoration he is entitled to.

I could go on and on about Roland, but I need to go because I have a show with him in about an hour.


Roland replied...
Thank you so much my friend :) ;)

from jeromeroundu2 [4924] on 16 September 2019

To watch is guy shredded AF.... Striated and vascular like few on The BestFlex is completely impressive.... His muscle composition and detail to muscle is like few

To see this bodybuilder on off season is IMPRESSIVE! I will say this, Roland's off season physique remains lean and full like few on The BestFlex. The detail he maintains is SICK! I reconnected with him after a year or so, and his gains are incredible! He started with his shirt on and stretched the sleeves with his biceps like a CHAMP! His shirt off revealed the BEST off season physique one can note in bodybuilding. This dude is cool AF and wants to provide AAA material! His verbiage has come along way as he talks you through his competition physique! I personally would like to see him continue through his off season and then SHRED THE FUCK out his physique!

I am following a future PRO Bodybuilder!

Roland replied...
Thank you so much friend!:)

from davparis [572] on 24 August 2019

Roland was today, as usual i must say, in a splendid shape !
His show was amazing, and he's always calm and smiling, that a big plus.
He's secret tool is just amazing. Just ask him, you will be impressed ...
Thanks a lot for that show sexy man !

Roland replied...
Thanks :)

from Lovedoveyxo [75] on 22 August 2019

He is great at shows and really does the best to satisfy your needs. He did all I wanted for the show. definitely recommend!

Roland replied...
Cant wait next time ;)

from RobertO [10] on 15 August 2019

Great Guy.. enjoy a cool muscle flexing show

Roland replied...
Thank you :)

from Lovedoveyxo [75] on 13 August 2019

Just did a show and absolutely amazed on how good looking he is. He listened to my wishes and delivered instantly. Not only is he good looking but he is definitely strong. Will be back for more =)

Roland replied...
Thanks ;)

from Lovedoveyxo [75] on 13 August 2019

Just did a show and absolutely amazed on how good looking he is. He listened to my wishes and delivered instantly. Not only is he good looking but he is definitely strong. Will be back for more =)

Roland replied...
Heyyy thanks ;) cant wait the next show ;)

from davparis [572] on 4 August 2019

Today, a perfect nude show. I told you about the perfect muscles and cute face of Roland. But you can't imagine about his huge cock size ... Hot !!!

Roland replied...
Thank sir ;) see you in a next hot show????

from davparis [572] on 28 July 2019

Roland is not just an amazing muscle god. He is really cute and very friendly. So when he flexes for you, that's a real moment of pleasure. Thank you so much for that moment, and see you soon ....

Roland replied...
thank you! :) see you at next show soon :)

from RunawayJedi10 [530] on 19 July 2019

Very hot videos, Roland is a personable and likable guy. I was able to get videos from him easily.

Roland replied...
Thank you ;)

from musclefan.8 [98] on 8 June 2019

Have had a couple of cam sessions with the Master he is perfect in every way …….. can not get enough of his power and attitude towering over me , squatting his awesome muscled Alpha body … thank you

Roland replied...
Good boy ;)

from musclefan.8 [98] on 16 May 2019

After seeing Rolands clips I contacted him for a show , what can I say , he is friendly listened to my wishes and delivered in a none rush pvt show . He truly is a great man and awesome body ...... pity I can not meet him but maybe one day , can not recommend him enough , perfect manners, perfect body and handsome , I will be back ... thenk you fella

Roland replied...
Good cunt ;)

from debonaire1978 [975] on 9 May 2019

I just ordered four more custom videos from him. Roland is absolutely amazing and easy to work with. His physique is fantastic and he's very open to ideas. I highly recommend this stud!

Roland replied...
Thank you cant wait the next video ;) :)

from JamieF [11] on 5 May 2019

he look so big and talk very hot in his shows

Roland replied...

from trebazz [2646] on 1 February 2019

He's been really bad lately. I paid for a video, it took him 2 weeks and he sent 1/3 of it, and it wasn't even what I asked for. Very terrible work.

Roland replied...
It was a fake people with a fake account...

from gottagetbigger91 [445] on 21 January 2019

I really wish this could have gone differently. I truly do.

Ordered a custom video from Roland--via the email he provides on this profile--right after Christmas, and I gave him the money via PayPal on December 31. He asked me to give him the email where he could send me the video, and I gave it to him on three separate occasions. When it didn't work, I gave him a different email address with no response. It's now been three weeks since I sent him the payment, and I still haven't received any video whatsoever despite giving numerous email addresses (and attempting to contact him on Skype as well).

He seems like a charming guy, and I have no ill will towards him as a performer. I'll delete this review if I ended up talking to the wrong person by accident, or if I get the video I paid for, or if I get a refund for that video. Otherwise, I'm sad to say this was not a good experience, and I hope that I can be proven wrong.

Roland replied...
Fake people fake account...

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 11 October 2018

Received a 2nd Custom Video and he not only did the custom but he improved on it. Roland does cater to the muscle worshiper and he is a good with role plays. He has fun with my videos and knows how to cater to muscle worshipers. Roland is one of the good ones here on the bestflex. !!!!!!!

Roland replied...
Thank you ;)

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 3 October 2018

WOW. I have purchased quite a few videos videos from Roland. I finally read the other reviews and took the dive to a custom from Rolald. PERFECT Custom Video. He is very nice to deal with and his body is just rockin. He performed my scene exactly and then went over and above. The right amount of interaction. It almost felt that I was right there wanting to reach out and feel those huge muscles. I will be back for more !!!!

Roland replied...
thank you so much cant wait next one! :)

from littlelunch [8298] on 31 August 2018

Recently received another amazing custom from Roland, each one just gets better an better.

His current form is as stunning as his huge cock lol!

He has always been both polite and efficient on delivery of his videos for me.

Keep up the good work big man!

Roland replied...
thank you my friend :)

from Muscleloverboy [159] on 24 August 2018

I love you Roland! You're the one of the best models from BestFlex keep us in love with your hot videos big boy! Lots of love!!!!

Roland replied...
thank you my friend

from Fagpussyboi [245] on 27 July 2018

Order a custom video and bought 4 other clips from him for a total of $160. The 4 clips were delivered promptly. However, I have yet received the custom video. Ordered on the 19/07, said he is going to delivered at most 2 days later. Now is already 27/07, been 8 days.
Will delete this review if he sent me my video.

Roland replied...
It was a fake people with fake account...

from gr8jays777 [710] on 23 July 2018

Great guy. Ripped and polite.

Roland replied...
Hmmm thanks :P

from DiamondBear [120] on 9 July 2018

Fantastic experience, provided the custom video very quickly. Very professional and I would absolutely order again.

Roland replied...
thanks friend ;)

from ctaylor1816 [175] on 6 June 2018

I had an amazing video with Roland a while back and he was great. Huge Ripped and Veiny sexy Muscles and an absolutely gorgeous huge cock !!!

Roland replied...
thank sir ;)

from debonaire [1797] on 28 May 2018

Roland is the real deal. I ordered a detailed custom video and he did a great job. He truly brought my fantasy to life with his absolutely amazing physique that pops off the screen! He was easy to work with and made sure he delivered a video I would love which, as you can tell, he did!

Roland replied...
thank you this nice words my man! :)

from ctaylor1816 [175] on 20 April 2018

I had an amazing video with Roland a while back and he was great. Huge Ripped and Veiny sexy Muscles and an absolutely gorgeous huge cock !!!

Roland replied...
thank you so much :)

from littlelunch [8298] on 16 April 2018

I recently received my first custom video from Roland. I found him charming to deal with, extremely polite and he really endeavoured to deliver my idea. I was very happy with the result, with a second custom on order.

He is a handsome man and built in all the right places!

Thank you Roland

Roland replied...
thank you sir :)

from autoficu [221] on 5 April 2018

scammer. sent him the money, then I just got some excuses why he couldn't record the video. now he doesn't respond any more.

Roland replied...
it was not me,someone was maked a fake profile with my name and details.this is the reason why i write in my main page to ask from me a 10 sec prew verification!

from grant1 [105] on 3 December 2017

Cute dude, great body. Could do a little better at delivering vids when promised but overall great experience and a very sweet guy.

Roland replied...
thank you! :)

from a90 [410] on 21 October 2017

This guy gave me a shorter video than was agreed and then never offered a refund as he said he had no money. He also didnt follow my request. Very bad and well overdue bad review

from Chris_CJ78 [425] on 8 October 2017

Had a HOT cam show with Roland. Really hot. Super nice guy, easy to set up, and did I say HOT? Sexy how, really great

Roland replied...
thanks sir :)

from macsfire [497] on 9 September 2017

I've just had a camshow with him. He's great, sexy, muscled, masculine and very hung. I'd love to meet him up.

Roland replied...
thank you sir ! :)

from Francis [965] on 9 September 2017

Have a wonderful & amazing custom videos from Roland. Although I didn't request any videos from him, but the videos he delivered to me was fantastic. Looking at this individual huge muscle, veins, biceps, abs, and HUGE MUSCLE COCK will blow your mind Haha... So I highly recommended Roland to everyone not to be missed with

Roland replied...
thank you sir ! :)

from LUVPECS2015 [320] on 3 September 2017

I just ordered my first custom video from Roland & he did exactly what I wanted in the video & even more. Very friendly & easy guy to deal with & the turnaround time was awesome. The quality of the video was among the best I have ever seen. He has an amazing body & clearly enjoys showing it off. I am excited to get more videos from him in the future.

Roland replied...
thank you so much friend :) cant wait to ;)

from samy001 [350] on 1 July 2017

so I don't usually post reviews but I thought I would share with everyone my amazing experience with Roland i've been buying a number of videos from him off and on for over a year now and I've always been extremely satisfied with him he's super friendly has an amazing body a huge collection of videos not to mention huge package wink wink very affordable pricing whether you buy from here or directly from him I'm sure you'll be quite satisfied with him FYI if you buy premade videos from him you can workout a package deal for even greater value, also delivers videos very quickly quite often under 10 minutes All in all you can't go wrong with him

Roland replied...
thank you! :)

from Musclelover.47 [55] on 23 June 2017

Had an amazing session with this guy. He can take instruction well and has good muscle in which to workout....

Roland replied...
thank you sir,can't wait next session ! :)

from robero1975 [455] on 19 June 2017


Roland replied...

from Kensoudojo [119] on 18 June 2017

I have had a very positive experience with Roland and continue to do so :) he is worth coming back to as he is very friendly and generous. His body is amazing and he is pretty hot. He speaks very good english too.

Roland replied...
thank you so much ;) :)

from tomaus.74 [20] on 11 June 2017

He is a great find on here; 26 yr on from budapest - good english - very obliging - good value

Roland replied...
thank you! :)

from Muscularryan [3296] on 11 June 2017

Fantastic flexing and huge everywhere. His biceps could move mountains! Wish I was there to worship them

Roland replied...
thank you sir! :)

from belair1902 [45] on 12 May 2017

Roland is the whole package!! He is absolutely stunning! Truly a god among men!

Roland replied...
thank you! :)

from nc73921 [75] on 10 May 2017

Bought a custom video form him a while ago. He is fantastic. I highly recommend him! He looks great, he is open to what you want, and he is timely and trustworthy if you couldn't already tell from his 156 positive reviews! :)

Roland replied...
thank you sir ;)

from 8insBriefsBulge [70] on 10 May 2017

seriously the sexiest guy on the site, and probably the most well hung guy I have ever seen - he is a massive, good looking muscle god. He is polite, sexy and makes me spurt hard, just watching him. Am back to buy more

Roland replied...
thankssss ;)

from lkbreth [30] on 6 May 2017

ripped, huge, and amazing sexy

Roland replied...
thanksss ;)

from gardenweasel [70] on 5 May 2017

Just had a great show with Roland. Hot, handsome and and responsive. First time but I will be back.

Roland replied...
cant wait next time sir :) thank you ! ;)

from happypizzaperson [10] on 3 May 2017

Roland is absolutely stunning. I found him to be very approachable, honest and friendly. The two vids I've just purchased from him are both amazing and I'll definitely be back for more. Thank you so much Sir

Roland replied...
thank you sir! ;)

from ywtbo [85] on 30 April 2017

This is my second order from Roland !
Ordered a custom vid from Roland and it was done within two hours of ordering it. Recommend if you want swift action !

Roland replied...
thank you sir i hope you like the vid ;) :)

from tomaus.74 [20] on 29 April 2017

Roland gave me a hot session and was very friendly, obliging, understanding ... and oh! he's 8 weeks out from competition and looks amazing

Roland replied...
thank you sir! :)

from Kensoudojo [119] on 23 April 2017

Just got a number of videos from Roland, very good stuff, he is ripped and in great shape. He is very easy to deal with and very dependable.

Roland replied...
thanks man! :)

from jonjon [345] on 20 April 2017

Best shape I have ever seen Roland in - absolutely shredden but still with that handsome face that keeps us coming back! Fantastic show as always, can't wait to see him again

Roland replied...
i try to do my best sir! :) like always! )

from keithLA [45] on 19 April 2017

Had an amazing show!! Incredible biceps, shoulders, lat spread. Very positive and seems to be a great guy. I recommend!!!

Roland replied...
thank you so much ! :)

from gsplover [902] on 17 April 2017

good, good show. very accommodating and did all the flexing I requested. Next time we'll do a different routine!

Roland replied...
can't Wait ;)

from 8insBriefsBulge [70] on 14 April 2017

Seriously ripped, huge guy in every area. Seriously good looking...wearing tiny posing briefs, he looked the part. I cant wait for my next show..

Roland replied...
dont need to wait long...tomorrow ;) thank you sir ! ;)

from gsplover [902] on 2 April 2017

mmmmm. hot man and a hot show. very nice!

Roland replied...
thank you sir cant wait next time ;)

from bagi25 [5] on 17 March 2017

very nice show :-D

Roland replied...
thank you ;)

from ywtbo [85] on 12 March 2017

Ordered a custom video and it was awesome. Did exactly what I asked for not forgetting this guy was amazing to watch
Definitely recommend !!!

Roland replied...
thanks! :) cant wait the next video! :) ;)

from DallasBB [3465] on 31 January 2017

Roland gave me the best camshow I've ever had. He is very responsive to your needs, and knows exactly what to give you at the exact right time. His arms are some of the best I've ever seen he knows how to pose and flex in a really hot way. He has become my favorite.

Roland replied...
thank you see you soon ;) :)

from trevvvyyyy [35] on 23 January 2017

Roland gave one of the best shows I've ever had. Made sure all of my requests were met and he was so prompt and responsive. Would recommend him to anyone and everyone! 5 stars <3

Roland replied...
thanks!:) ;)

from nc73921 [75] on 23 January 2017

Love him. Second time I've used this guy and he's fantastic. His body is a 10/10, he's nice, takes requests, is very timely, helpful. I absolutely recommend him for cam shows and custom videos!

Roland replied...
thank you :)

from Lrak [10] on 22 January 2017

Great guy, he is very kind and his Body is awesome! He always asked what I wanted to see. Thank you!

Roland replied...
i thank you sir! :)

from franjac [5] on 18 January 2017

great guy, amazing physique, had a cam show and was amazing. very genuine guy

Roland replied...
thank you ;) see you soon!

from muscper [10] on 14 January 2017

This was great show. I definitely reccommend this guys. Very muscular, shredded, and really really BIG ... ;)

Roland replied...
thank you! see you soon next time for a hot show ;)

from MelD [400] on 2 January 2017

Last time I wrote a review for Roland, because he told me I could have a free show afterwards if I did. He never gave me the show and doesn't even respond to me anymore even though I didn't do anything. I guess he tricks a lot of people in to writing reviews.

Roland replied...

from maurinhogg [10] on 26 December 2016

Pablo is also extremely pleasant to deal with, honest and a gentleman!! 5*

Roland replied...
thank ! :) see you next time :) soon...;)

from leanhairy [430] on 24 December 2016

awesome upper body, great shape even in offseason, gentle and eager to please. the melancholic hercules never disappoints

Roland replied...
thank you my."old" friend :)

from slave4muscle1 [695] on 4 December 2016

Handsome alpha muscle ... loves to flex hard and make you weak. perfect muscles to tribute

Roland replied...
thanks slave! ;)

from morbeen [4155] on 27 November 2016

He is such a muscle God and very sexy. His body PERFECT and I love it when he shows off his huge muscle dick. He is a very handsome, strong, powerful and dominant young man, and totally worth every penny.

Roland replied...
thanks ;)

from jcmaxou [20] on 27 November 2016

Roland is gorgeous, he's handsome ( ohhh yes he is !! ), is has a huge powerfull body, but most of all, he's a gentleman ... very easy and reliable to deal with...the perfect man ... Do not hesitate one second more ... go and talk to him you won't be disapointed ...

Roland replied...
thank you sir, i said i like to deal with you ;) :) see you next time soon! :)

from Andrew123 [18] on 21 November 2016

had so many shows with this amazing dude. always such a good shape, knows what i need~ also very nice person

Roland replied...
and we will do more and more sir :) thank you ! ;)

from Dungu789 [490] on 7 November 2016

What an awesome experience

Great personality, even better physique, and very cool to have a show with.

Amazing to watch and see what he has achieved

Really a treat, and very worthwhile

You wont be disappointed!

Highly recommended - great value for money

Roland replied...
Thank you, see you aoon again! :)

from Bip10132 [3045] on 1 November 2016

Roland is the best guy on The Best Flex. He was willing to give me everything I wanted for a good deal. I can't wait until are cam show. He is very polite and sexy. I would recommend this guy to anyone.

Roland replied...
thank you ! :)

from caldermark [15750] on 30 October 2016

I only order videos. Roland is a great model. His physique is exceptional even during off season. Very vascular with dense, striated muscles. He works hard to meet all requests and is truly big everywhere. I plan to order many more videos from this kind musclegod.

Roland replied...
thank you so much friend! :)

from Andrew123 [18] on 20 October 2016

It was purely amazing. Very nice body. Few of the hottest can show I ever seen. He is such a good looking guy too

Roland replied...
thank you sir!:)next time we will do more ;)

from morbeen [4155] on 18 October 2016

He is the best muscle God on this site. His body is phenomenal and amazingly sexy. I highly recommend him.

Roland replied...
good boy....:P

from brouny12 [550] on 16 October 2016

Roland is such an awesome guy great to work with and WOW BODY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! He is huge everywhere, really enjoy working with him, speaks great English, very nice man. I really do want more from him, he's great guy, amazing body, and wonderful man. I recommend this guy to anyone, he will show you wonders. Love his veins, muscles, and just huge everywhere.

Roland replied...
thank you bro! :) you a very great guy! :)

from MelD [400] on 6 October 2016

Hi i just wanted to say that Roland is so handsome and nice. He is really in great shape and he has a good personality. You will enjoy your show with him :))

Roland replied...
thank honey :P ;)

from hayna [460] on 5 October 2016

The best man here, hey delivers quickly, hes is very friendly and gives his best to make you happy.

Roland replied...
thank you my friend :) cant wait until next show :)

from Manfan2004 [60] on 16 September 2016

Incredible cam / Skype show. Really nice guy, hot hot body and beautiful cock. So worth the money

Roland replied...
thank :) :P

from Maccy_pn [20] on 9 September 2016

Just had a show with this muscle god. Well worth it. Friendly, hot, accommodating and amazing assets ;)

Roland replied...
thank you :)

from maxwellmuscl [45] on 6 September 2016

Roland has got to be the hottest muscle around. His videos are scorching, his cock is amazing soft and truly unbelievable when hard. Buying his vids was easy and quick--and setting up a cam session smooth. He delivers in EVERY WAY. i hope at some point he lets his pubic, underarm, and some chest hair grow because he would reach true beast-god mode. He's great!

Roland replied...
i always do my best :P thanks...

from Musclelover.47 [55] on 5 September 2016

Had a great extended from this guy. Excellent muscles that can take a significant pounding. Looks especially hot when very pumped with oil and sweat! I look forward to another session...

Roland replied...
see you for a long long long session :P :) next time....;)

from smartone34 [70] on 3 September 2016

I just have to post about Roland again his body is omg words cannot describe it. He is ripped and his arms are huge. Definitely will be buying more videos of him.

Roland replied...
thank you :)

from qeturi [15] on 3 September 2016

He is very polite, positive, and did all I asked for on cam. Had a great show.

Roland replied...
Thank you, cant wait the next show ;)

from hypnopowerman [905] on 2 September 2016

Roland is easy to communicate with. Requested for a custom video from him and he delivered on my expectations. He's a very busy model so you just need to be a little patient when waiting on requests but he delivers quality work. Thank you Roland.

Roland replied...
I thank you sir :)

from smartone34 [70] on 1 September 2016

He came through for me did everything I wanted in the video I ordered. It was amazing his muscles and his abs are spectacular. I hope everything is OK with him though. He promised me a bonus video for making me wait so long and I haven't heard anything.

Roland replied...
Thank you sir :)

from jcmaxou [20] on 31 August 2016

He just contact me . He explained me why he was late and apologize. He is a real great man and sent me the video I expected ! Thank you Roland ! You are the BEST !

Roland replied...
thank you friend! :) and sorry again for this fault :)

from smartone34 [70] on 29 August 2016

I paid him for a video and last Saturday and I'm still waiting on it. Im not saying he took my money I called and saw it was him so I know he's legit. I don't why it's taking him so long to send me my video.

Roland replied...
i will send tomorrow sir im just busy in these days...and will send to you another video for bonus! sorry for the late :)

from bigluigi300 [10] on 22 August 2016

Five stars for Roland.
He is so easy to communicate with, friendly and business like. His videos are first-rate. He knows how to pose and he is in true competition shape: with great size, shaped body parts, and razor sharp detail.
He is a true athlete as well as a super-accomplished, marble-hard, bodybuilder. And he gives you a great blast of positive energy, from the first communication onwards.

Roland replied...
Thank you so much :):):)

from Pumpirony [235] on 20 August 2016

Hadn't had a cam show with Roland in a while and I don't know why. He was sexy as always, and just a few weeks after placing second in a contest, he looked great. Big arms, sexy chest, and his third leg is the icing on the cake: long, thick, and hard as a rock. Excellent show from a friendly guy who is committed to making sure you have a good time.

Roland replied...
thank you :D see you next time ;) soon...

from MuscleMilker69 [85] on 9 August 2016

Amazing! A true muscle God! His hug ripped physique will satisfy all your muscle cravings. From his huge biceps to his incredibly sexy abs and pecs, you will beg to worship him! His huge thick cock will leave you begging for more and more and yet you can never get enough! Always delivers on your custom video requests as well. Satisfies your every desire and fantasy! Can't wait to see more of him!

Roland replied...
good will see soon more ;)

from PW10123 [5] on 28 July 2016

Got a custom video from Roland and it was absolutely amazing! He delivered exactly what I asked for. His body is astounding. Will definitely be back for more - i'm a new fan!

Roland replied...
Cant wait your new requests :p

from Sammael [1820] on 10 July 2016

Amazing guy, very friendly and a body that you could only dream about. Highly recommended.

Roland replied...
thank friend,see you soon in a next show :)

from caldermark [15750] on 7 July 2016

I recently purchased three videos. They were fairly priced and had excellent lighting, camera work and close ups. Roland has an exceptional physique and shows it off very effectively. He is truly huge all over. Absolutely stunning in every respect. He is one of my favorite models on the web.

Roland replied...
i like make videos to you friend!:) cant wait the next requests ;)

from Musclelover.47 [55] on 7 July 2016

This guy is hot and does what he is told. Good muscle which I'm hoping to pound much harder in future sessions....

Roland replied...
cant wait until the next session :P :)

from bosbo [410] on 6 July 2016

Just had a chat with this guy and he is the nicest person ever. His body is perfectly muscled and is in a good shape!!!
Highly recommended.

Roland replied...
thank you ! :)

from RobotMonster [4130] on 3 July 2016

Roland is incredible - totally ripped, huge and thick...EVERYWHERE!
And, a really nice guy too!

Roland replied...
thank youuu!!!!:))

from lembas32 [385] on 3 July 2016

Second show with this guy, just as amazing as the first. Eager to please and huge all over, cannot recommend highly enough :)

Roland replied...
thanks :P see you soon in the third ;)

from Dungu789 [490] on 3 July 2016

absolute stunner - WOW! happy to hear requests. his body is in competition shape and his definition is top class - an anatomy textbook come to life

Awesome physique, and great personality and good to chat to as well.

Very professional, and very reliable!

Great Show

Roland replied...
Thank man!chat soon! ;)

from hjppmei3 [20] on 1 July 2016

absolute stunner. roland was friendly and happy to hear requests. his body is in competition shape and he's gonna rock his next contest. totally beautiful muscle god.

Roland replied...
thank you!:) i always try to do my best :P :) see you soon again ;)

from nak9 [250] on 29 June 2016

True alpha male. Professional, sexy and huge in every sense.

Roland replied...
Thank ;)

from musclepup [5175] on 24 June 2016

I've purchased many custom videos from Roland. He's very professional and always delivers promptly. He looks great on cam and ALL of his muscles are impressive ;)

Roland replied...
Thank man ;) cant wait to make another vid for you! :)

from Graphp [55] on 22 June 2016

Roland is a nice guy. His muscles are huge from bottom to top, he is very well proptioned, and he is hung very big. He gives a great show as well. Give him a shot!

Roland replied...
thank sir!see you next time ;) :)

from avengeranole [60] on 16 June 2016

WOW! I wanted muscle and did he deliver. Incredible body and definition. Cut and ripped. Super nice guy and very easy to talk to. Can't wait to see him again.

Roland replied...
thank ! see you next time :)

from Dungu789 [490] on 12 June 2016

Holy Moly

What more is there to say!

What a fantastic physique, and boy does he know how to show it off too!

Awesome personality, and very ameable, and responsive to requests too (within reason of course) and did i mention he has an incredible physique as well.

Great shows, great value for money, really worth the experience, and teh visual feedback is amazing.

Great guy too to just chat to and get tips (pardon the pun) and tricks on working out too

Overall very very pleasant experience

definite two thumbs up!

Roland replied...
thank you so much friend! :)

from slavepigboy [55] on 11 June 2016

what a chizzles and great body, and such pure dominance! Even if we only cammed I felt as if he was giving me his orders in person. +++++++ !

Roland replied...
Thank you! ;)

from pumpedje [15] on 9 June 2016

This man is amazingly muscular and proud to show it! He is big all over his body!!

Roland replied...
thank you sir! see you next time :)

from RobotMonster [4130] on 6 June 2016

Bought a show and videos from this incredibly friendly and super hot stud and could not be happier!
This guy is amazing!! And super friendly!

Roland replied...
thank you sir!:)

from manet1 [525] on 6 June 2016

I hate to be one of the few negative reviews but I too have had a similar problem as a few of the guys who have also reviewed him. My first custom video was exactly what i wanted; however, I requested a second custom video almost exactly like the first but with a few additions. He said he would get right to it. A few days later he said he was done. I asked it if was the requisite length and if it included all we discussed and he answered every question with yes. I paid and received the video and it was NOTHING like what i was requested. I brought this to his attention and he apologized and said he had an idea and would make another. He made the next video and told me that rather than sending it for free he is going to make me pay for it and he will send me another video for free later on. This bothered me and I turned it down. A person with good customer service would have made the actual video I requested and then sent it for free. I refused to pay for a video that still may not be what I requested. I loved his first video but unless he sends me the video I actually requested rather than one he made for someone else, I will not be doing business with him any longer.

Roland replied...
ITS NOT TRUE!!! you missunderstood me!

from Coolmanrico [887] on 6 June 2016

I can't get enough of this guy. Huge everywhere, handsome and incredibly nice. If you looking for a muscle guy to cam and buy videos from and haven't tried Roland yet, do so now. Very ripped at the moment and planning to get even ripper. Just got four more video from him, all amazing! Thanks Roland!

Roland replied...
hey sir! thank you :)) se you next time

from RobotMonster [4130] on 5 June 2016

Wow - this dude is a complete and total stud! Skype him now!

Roland replied...
thank you !!!:))

from caldermark [15750] on 4 June 2016

He has an outstanding physique. His arm and shoulder veins are among the best in the business. Super hard, well shaped biceps, and, as others have noted, big all over. I just get videos and he is eager to please and has reasonable prices. Well worth every penny!

Roland replied...
thanks friend! see you 2 weeks, in a better shape ;) :)

from Alcave [685] on 4 June 2016

i really recommend this guy. Serious, very good and sexy

Roland replied...
thank you! :)

from lembas32 [385] on 31 May 2016

Could not recommend this guy enough, his cam shows are amazing. Very reasonable prices and he looks even better on cam than in his photos. And trust me, he is most definitely huge all will not be disappointed ;)

Roland replied...
Thank you! :) see you next time ;)

from fannh [555] on 30 May 2016

Big muscles, big veins. Very nice.

Roland replied...
Thank you ;)

from jstevens [1545] on 30 May 2016

Had another great cam show with this Big Man! He is looking BIG and is in incredible shape.

Roland replied...
thank again my little man! dont your muscle god ! ;)

from k488.97 [3445] on 22 May 2016

Extremely hot. Very responsive and friendly. Skype show worth every penny!

Roland replied...
thanks friend! :)

from jstevens [1545] on 22 May 2016

I just had a great cam show with this Big Man! He is in incredible shape, and really got into flexing his Big Muscles - very highly recommended!

Roland replied...
thank my little man...:P !

from Rackfan [1230] on 22 May 2016

Sensational cam show! This guy really knows how to flex beautifully, up close to the cam so you feel like you could touch the huge muscles and from further away so you see the whole magnificent body flexed up. Just wonderful!!!

Roland replied...
Thanks friend :) i hope we will do more shows :)) see you soon! :)

from musclefan1 [3965] on 21 May 2016

I had a Skype show with him again. He is so ripped and muscular now. You need to see him on Skype.

Roland replied...
Thank sir! :):)

from Heny [10] on 20 May 2016

He is not also a very beautiful muscular man but also a polite person and a gentleman! Go for Roland! Your show in cam was amazing and you are simply handsome! xxx

Roland replied...
thank friend! :) i cant wait until next show :P :D

from Visconti [90] on 14 May 2016

Is it ossible to meet you? But do you travel?

Roland replied...
Contact me on skype or email sir! :) thanks! :)

from Coolmanrico [887] on 10 May 2016

Recently received two amazing videos from this muscle god this pass week. He's contest ready and is so ripped right now. I been dealing with Roland for a while now and he has always been friendly with me. A very nice person, handsome and an incredible body, Roland is the total package.

Roland replied...
thank you so much friend! :) keep in touch :)

from Dungu789 [490] on 28 April 2016

What an incredible performer, and what an awesome body too. He will do well in his upcoming show and competition. truly amazing size and definition, and a great personality too!

Just had a cam show with him, and his is massive and shredded and very accommodating with poses and requests and has a great physique which is worth admiring from all angles and the quality of teh video and lighting is top notch

He is a massive guy and has great definition and you could use him in an anatomy class as a text book!

Will be back for more

Roland replied...
thank sir!:)i always try to do my best-!:) cant wait until next show :)

from Kensoudojo [119] on 9 April 2016

Just had an amazing camshow with him! He was everything i expected, huge, ripped, and sexy as hell! He is really kind, sweet and responds to your desires! I hope to get more shows from you bro!

Roland replied...
thank friend! see you soon ! :)

from jkstad [105] on 31 July 2015

Roland is the best guy on here - very respectful, responsive and a great show!

Roland replied...
thank :P see you soon ;)

from bosbo [410] on 26 June 2015

Had another cam show with this muscle man and as always he never disappoints. He is so muscular and he has a very good personality :). Looking forward to the next session

Roland replied...
thank!i alwas do my best!;) see you...:P

from maarten [215] on 25 June 2015

He is enormous; great flexer; does what you want; awesome

Roland replied...
thank friend! :)

from sofladdd99 [130] on 21 June 2015

I had great cam show today. he is ripped...huge veins, huge delts, huge biceps, huge cut quads, and wait until you see him do a lat spread. He is so wide with such a small waist. Not only did he put on a good show, he is very engaging and interactive. He could not have been nicer. Add that to the killer body and his eagerness to please and I was totally please with the show. Thanks big guy!

Roland replied...
Thank friend...wait the next hot show! ;)

from nc73921 [75] on 20 June 2015

He is perfect! Beautiful body, wonderful face, and he is very sweet and kind. I recommend him for everyone! He listens to requests and performs without flaw.

Roland replied...
thank sir! wait the next show ! ;)

from musclefan1 [3965] on 14 June 2015

Was a great Skype show, nice guy to talk with. He knows how to show off his muscles. Grtz, Martin

Roland replied...
Thank Martin! :) ;)

from jonjon [345] on 7 June 2015

Amazing guy. Handsome, friendly and very good show! I have had 3 shows with him and he never disappoints! great body, cute smile and very easy to deal with!

Roland replied...
thank friend! see you next week...;)

from paul duchai [495] on 3 June 2015

Hello all muscle admirers, I had this afternoon one of the most spectacular muscle worship sessions with ROLAND. It started with some meet and greet chatting before he pumped his physique. I am amazed since my last visit with him his shape and symmetry has evolved into an amazing sight for the eyes to behold. Handsome as any Greek statue but with life and breath for his muscles. He was so kind to me and acommadting whe he started to show form the most interesting angles the body he has worked so HARD in the gym with multidude of reps, set, to create this work of muscle art. I was able to explore each region of this art. His mountainous peaks of his beautiful biceps, to the length and breath of his veined forearms attached to a massive thick and detailed horsehoe tricep on both of his amazing arms of the physique. He stood up and hit a massive wall of CHINA, those wide wide lats, with veins galore, wanting to be touched and licked. The delts exploded with each flex of huge boulders waiting to be kissed. The tree trunk quads and hammies with the calves were totally perfect. He is truly a gentleman who gives his 110% to his fans who need to appreciate and worship him. Nothing better than to watch a confident alpha male make me feel soooo HAPPY. Thank Roland you were/are the best and plan to visit more and more....10+++++++ recommendation

Roland replied...
like this review ! :) thank you so much! see you next time friend!:))

from musclefan56 [5] on 22 May 2015

Just had show with roland. Very hot was cumming in no time. would highly recommend

Roland replied...
hmmm thank :P ;):)

from paxtonport [75] on 10 May 2015

very good show. he knows how to flex well and he is a very nice guy. highly recommended

Roland replied...
thank!:) waiting you another hot shows in the future ;) :)

from bazzagood [191] on 10 May 2015

very cool guy and great shape he is in! recommend him for a cam show!

Roland replied...
thank you!:)in contest shape cause i competing soon :)

from Pumpirony [235] on 5 May 2015

Did another camshow with Roland two days ago and he looked even better and sexier than I remembered. He's only a couple weeks away from competition but he's still friendly, accommodating, and horny as always, eager to put on a hot show. A one hundred percent reliable guy!

Roland replied...
thank! :) wait you another show ;)

from MC08530 [160] on 3 May 2015

One of the finest specimens of man I've ever seen here. Handsome face, ripped body, and VERY big... Hit him up!

Roland replied...
ohh thank sir! :)

from paul duchai [495] on 1 May 2015

Hey musclelovers: I had an amazing experience with Roland. What charisma and beauty of his muscled physique. He is accommodating to your requests and not a clock watcher. He poses with flair and shows muscles from every angle. The definition to watch as he hits a bicep pose and the veins in his forearms need to be licked. Huge HUGE man with incredible muscle control to each body part. Loves to be admired and worshiped and goes to great lengths to show you a great time with his muscle physique which he is in shape only to be ripped as the weeks go by to prepare for competition. I give Roland 10+++++ and I recommend that all of you meet up and experience a true alpha male with gorgeous muscles to admire.

Roland replied...
Thank you so much!! :) i always do my best! :) see you next time :) ;)

from leanhairy [430] on 30 April 2015

in these days Roland is incredibly veiny, yet he has some more weeks to improve even more. hey, you can't miss the chance to see his super shows!

Roland replied...
Thank friend!!! :)

from jkstad [105] on 28 April 2015

Roland is the best on here - incredible body, very honest and a lovely guy.

Roland replied...
thnk you sir !:)

from Ozsport63 [1846] on 8 April 2015

just had very hot and sexy shoe with Roland, he is in great shape getting ready for contest, check him out.

Roland replied...
thank sir!see you next time! ;)

from bosbo [410] on 4 April 2015

Best performer ever. Really nice guy, very muscle friendly and veiny.

Roland replied...
Thank you! Kisses! ;) :)

from Pumpirony [235] on 3 April 2015

Such a hot guy, with a great attitude. Now he's five weeks out from a contest and looking terrific. Can't wait to watch his progress right up to the show.

Roland replied...
Thank sir!see you in the next show...more ripped and more veiny ;):P

from danvio [155] on 31 March 2015

Wow, that's all I can say!
I did a live cum show with Pablo and he's absolutely stunning (in every way: face, body, dick, etc.).
You can tell while flexing he actually enjoys showing off his hard work, makes it so much sexier.
He does exactly everything you ask up into the smallest details.

Also a little side note from myself: I'm a lot into circumcised and he's so far the only circumcised guy I've experienced on here, definitely got me extra"happy".
He is also nicely endowed.

And last: he's a very friendly guy, who even ignored his phone twice for me, definitely appreciated.

Best of luck with your contest mate and I hope to see you again soon! :)

Roland replied...
ohh thank you sir!:) ;) i wait the next show with your new requests;)

from musclesplz [190] on 12 March 2015

Unreliable; he kept rescheduling show. On the day he was supposed to do show, he didn't even say why he wasn't available.

Roland replied...

from gymhunk [10] on 11 March 2015

nice body

Roland replied...

from gardenweasel [70] on 1 March 2015

Stunning muscle show live on cam. Responsive....SO hot. Just amazing. Five stars.

Roland replied...
Thank you! :) see you next time for a longer show ;)

from roxas77 [10] on 17 February 2015

Amazing bodybilder,amazng men,amazing cock and ass

Roland replied...
Thank :D

from alexp [270] on 16 February 2015

Just had great cam show. Friendly guy. Great body. Looking forward to seeing him when he diets for upcoming competition

Roland replied...
see you in the next week ;) :)

from Pumpirony [235] on 12 February 2015

Had another cam show with Roland, and he was just as hot, sexy and fun as before. Plus, he's added a bit more size. He is now dieting down for his first contest, and I'm looking forward to watching his progress. Definitely one of the most reliable, friendly and attentive guys doing cam!

Roland replied...
thank you sir!:) see you soon! ;) :)

from Marylandguy77 [905] on 4 February 2015

Had a great show with him on SKYPE. It was a great show and he did everything I wanted. Love when the performers actually listen to me! I will be back for more shows.

Roland replied...
Thank sir! i wait your requests ;) :)

from showmemuscle [10] on 8 January 2015

Hot show! He's big ;)

Roland replied...

from bosbo [410] on 7 January 2015

Had a cam and was definitely worth it.
Sexy guy with nice muscle.
Will definitely have more chat with him.

Roland replied...
thank you! :)

from DBs [21166] on 4 January 2015

I have bought cams and videos from Roland and I could not fail to come here and share my experince, since I was amazed by this cute man, his huge and hard muscles and his incredible performance! I have already ordered more cams and videos, but I was so impressed that I think evveryone should have the oportunity to be so amazed as I was.

Roland replied...
Thank sir!:) see you soon! ;)

from leanhairy [430] on 20 December 2014

i've known this guy for months and he's always been very friendly and a correct person. his upper body is incredible, yet his legs are improving a lot lately. don't miss the chance of watching his shows, you will be amazed

Roland replied...
thank you friend! see you in 2015 ;)

from Coolmanrico [887] on 2 December 2014

Roland has created many impressive and sexy videos for me. Handsome, hard body, great flexer, and naughty are some of the many things I love about his videos. Thanks again Roland! :)

Roland replied...
Thank you ;) i hope you wait the next video ;)

from Vyyzx [5] on 26 November 2014

OMG, I just got a show from, Roland. He is the pure master of muscle, a freaking GOD! He has an amazing pysique and great strength. He is also very kind and awesome. He is just a great muscle guy that likes showing his power and gorgeous body to others. I was verry happy with his show, I still am :) I suggest you pick up a show from him, because you won't be disappointed. Woaaah!

Roland replied...
thank man! :) ;)

from tomafr [60] on 10 November 2014

just had a great show with him, his body is huge, he is really handsome and does everything he can to please you :)

Roland replied...
thank youu! :)

from luvmuscle [142] on 6 November 2014

I ordered a custom video and we exchanged many emails about what I wanted. When I expressed my disappointment that the video did not include what I wanted, he just said "I forget".
Also we agreed to a 30 minute video. The video was only 24 minutes. He said he would make another 6 minute video to make up for it. That was almost two weeks ago and I've written a couple of times, but he didn't write back.
Maybe it's a language barrier, but I did spend a lot on this video and was not happy :(

from Jakester [1855] on 31 October 2014

I have many videos from Roland. He looks awesome, he is polite and very easy to deal with and his videos are very good quality. He is the nicest guy and he always makes sure he does exactly what you want. He looks great, always in top condition.
You will love him !!! Give him a try, you will go back for more.

Roland replied...
THANK ALL! :) :) ;)

from jmtriplett [5] on 29 October 2014

Cam show was awesome...His biceps are increedible

Roland replied...
thank sir!:) see you soon ;) :)

from dsams87 [65] on 28 October 2014

Awesome and sexy young man. He's friendly and patient. Really fast transaction and took on board my suggestions for my custom vid. Would definitely recommend him.

Roland replied...
thank you! :)

from DBs [21166] on 6 October 2014

Incredible body, ripped muscles, hot show, really huge (every part) body! The best show and the most amazing man I have seen. Highly recommended!

Roland replied...
Thank! see you in the weekend! ;)

from Pumpirony [235] on 4 October 2014

Roland is huge (everywhere!) and gives an amazing cam show. He's very attentive to making sure you enjoy yourself, taking direction well, and providing direction to the session himself. Definitely one to see again!

Roland replied...
hey thanks! :) see you soon! ;)

from Ozsport63 [1846] on 4 October 2014

had an awesome show with Roland and he is awesome

Roland replied...
thank man! :)

from caldermark [15750] on 23 September 2014

Roland's videos are fantastic. He looks like his pictures and obviously has a super body, in EVERY respect. He follows requests to the letter. Very trustworthy.

Roland replied...
Thank you are a nice person! :)

from Kudosfcuk [5] on 21 September 2014

Have Cammed with Roland many times, he is always friendly and knows what you want. Always aiming to please he has a stunning body and very few limits

A real pleasure to watch

Roland replied...
thank you! see you soon! ;)

from Builtt [841] on 21 September 2014

Roland is in excellent condition!! He has a championship physique. He is very easy to deal with, and very personable. I recommend him highly!!

Roland replied...
thank you buddy! :)

from BigMusclefan [20] on 14 September 2014

Roland's body is impressive and he knows how to show it off. His huge fanbase proves he enjoys what he is doing. Highly Addictive!!!!!

Roland replied...
thank the review sir! :)

from Ando [15] on 14 September 2014

What an amazing body - rock hard - all over ;-)
Great guy who did exactly as I asked. Highly recommended
Suddenly Bucharest is in my travel plans!

Roland replied...
Thank you friend! :)

from DaveDe [265] on 10 September 2014

Guy does some amazing work on cam. super friendly and at tentative and willing to please. Defintiely recommend him to anyone.

Roland replied...
thank sir!:) see you next time ;)

from cesar777 [15] on 9 September 2014

Roland is a special guy, a great model a super sport boy! He as absolutely everything starting from a amazing body, big but still proportioned. He has the most handsome face, nipples, feet. All is special, even what I can not mention. On the top he is a nice guy, reliable and human. I wish him all the best and to me to meet him soon.

Roland replied...
thank you buddy! see you soon! ;) :)

from aray1978 [1255] on 3 September 2014

Excellent physique. Reliable and trustworthy. Delivers the goods.

Roland replied...
Thank buddy! ;):)

from Coolmanrico [887] on 17 August 2014

Received an amazing second custom video from him. I learned he is certainly big everywhere when he pulled out the weapon that hides underneath his pants. Can't wait till the next video!

Roland replied...
Haha :D thank man ;) :)

from Drifty [39] on 13 August 2014

Yes. I ordered a video and loved every second of it. He really sweats! I am looking forward to more, and, like I told him, I've stopped looking.

Roland replied...
Thank you sir! Hope you like the next vid ;) :)

from carpark [175] on 12 August 2014

he's the best extremely sexy and very friendly! definitely a must!!

Roland replied...
Thank you !:)

from Coolmanrico [887] on 3 August 2014

Purchased a custom video from Roland and it was amazing. He is incredibly handsome with a huge,ripped body. His HD camera is top notch and he is nice to deal with, i will be getting more videos from him. Thanks again Roland!


Roland replied...
thank you my friend! :) see you seoon ;)

from benoit3 [1130] on 14 July 2014

Roland's muscles and veins pop out in 3-D. Wicked biceps. He knows how to flex and isn't shy. Handsome, too.

Roland replied...
thank you!:):):)

from Musclefan90 [25] on 7 July 2014

Absolutely amazing body, looks exactly how he does in the pictures. he's big everywhere and I mean everywhere. :)

Roland replied...
thank youuu! :) :) :)

from Jakester [1855] on 5 July 2014

Just got more videos from this unbelievable person. I mean he is spectacular in every way. He has a great personality, he looks amazing and he is the nicest guy to deal with. He looks like Superman and acts down to earth. He is tremendous. I don't have enough nice things to say. I highly recommend him. You will NOT be disappointed. He looks better than his pictures, with a personality to match !!!! WOW !!!

Roland replied...
Thank you soo much! :) :) :)

from hutiro [70] on 4 July 2014

Roland has sent me several videos.
He has a spectacular, very sharp and hot body.
he likes to indulge in all, plus a special sympathy.
he is highly recommended

Roland replied...
Thank you!:)

from Alimacx [1540] on 3 July 2014

Roland was really great to deal with - friendly and quick to respond. The vid I got off him was AMAZING - he's built and incredible body and is a master at showing it off - all sorts of posing flexing and tensing - highly recommended!

Roland replied...
Thank you!:)

from Jakester [1855] on 3 July 2014

I have several custom videos. He is amazing. Always looks great. He has huge arms and he always puts max effort into his posing/flexing. He aims to please and he is very friendly and easy to deal with. I highly recommend him. He is the best !!!!!

Roland replied...
best?:) ohh thank much :)

from heinerle [85] on 3 July 2014

I bought a posingvideo yesterday and I will buy more of those videos. He is really awesome and truly recommended.

Roland replied...
thank you ! :)

from garsbuffoon [180] on 29 June 2014

So far the consensus for this guy is positive and I will add mine. I just had a cam session with Roli. He's polite and aim to please. I will definitely come back.

Roland replied...
i wait you ! :) thanks Sir! :) ;)

from xxxmanxxx [2115] on 29 June 2014

great cam show, amazing guy, perfect body, reasonable price, very accommodating and knows how to show off his ripped body, highly recommended.

Roland replied...
thank man! :)i hope see you soon! :)

from jonjon [345] on 24 June 2014

Very handsome guy and quite friendly... shows are bit expensive, ended without warning and followed up with a message saying he was tired, but to be fair, he did everything he said he would, just wasn't as mind blowing as I had hoped! Honest and trustworthy guy tho.

Roland replied...
I hope we meet another time sir when i do for you a better show :)

from hutiro [70] on 23 June 2014

this man is truly spectacular.
he has a very definite and hot body.
besides being very handsome.
but above all, he is very nice and likes to please.
one authentic ten

Roland replied...
Thank sir !:)

from Walter Pazzi [790] on 23 June 2014

A very hot show and amazing ripped muscles! All is hard and strong and he s a great performer...... I need to see him again

Roland replied...
Hey sir!:) i hope we meet in skype soon! :) have a good day!

from piity77 [100] on 19 June 2014

amazing and nice guy, willing to please....amazing guns, super elegant poser, every inch shreded...he is a super nice guy, worth every penny

Roland replied...
Thank man!:)) i wait for the next show :)

from alaterra [3995] on 16 June 2014

Roland just made me a superb custom video. Super hot biceps and pecs! Loved it!

Roland replied...
thank sir!

from musclepup [5175] on 13 June 2014

I purchased two custom vids from Roland and will definitely buy more. He is completely reliable and produced the vids exactly as I requested. Plus, he's adorable and his biceps are amazing!

Roland replied...
Thank you sir! :)

from DoonB [5653] on 30 April 2014

Big guy, looks great flexing. If you like big arms give him a shout.

Roland replied...
thanks :)

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