Russian/American Beard Bodybuilder!

34, 185cm (6'1"), 116kg (255 lbs)

West Palm Beach, Florida

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Russian/American Beard Bodybuilder!


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About me

Big, Strong and Bearded Bodybuilder. Russian/USA muscle. Love to show off and flex. Always on top condition. Always improving. Quality over quantity!!

Meet me

I'm available to meet in West Palm Beach, Florida.


from nicegent [405] on 22 January 2021

It's been a while since i got a show with Sergei. I am glad I reached out again. He's awesome. Super nice, and better looking than ever. After the show i couldnt get enough, so i bought a custom vid after discussing ideas with him. I highly recommend, completely worth it.

from obedienceandshame [2260] on 7 June 2020

I have never met anyone... to this day with a more pristine form. Every muscle curves right into the next. Just watching him stand over you is enough to make you dizzy and helpless. I'm embarassed to say that I've had my tongue out on my knees dizzy with this guy. Shameful.and embarrassing, but I came back for more over and over again. This guy is your best deal on BestFlex. Believe me.

from djmuscleflex [22487] on 29 May 2020

I have been doing a few videos with this man and WOW. Each Video gets better and better. He has a very commanding presence on his video. He knows how to treat a muscle worshiper. His scenes come off without a hitch. Sergei is extremely easy to work with. He is quick on his delivery and you just can't get enough of him. His body is a temple of muscle and you can tell he loves showing it off !!!!! Will definitely be back for another !!!

from Worshipper2020 [840] on 14 May 2020

I purchased my first video from this Muscle Beast and it was an incredible show: I appreciated the quality of his mass and the way he flexes showing off lines, biceps peaks and so fucking detailed delts, traps, lats and quads....but first of all I became addicted to his HUGE unique pecs!!!! Real Alpha Male

Sergei replied...
Thank you!

from Shadowace819 [566] on 4 January 2020

Man...this guy, what can I say?! Very friendly dude. Responds to email very quickly. Asks for clarification in order to understand exactly what you want to see. Overall very professional. As for the video, phew! From his gnarly beard to his big feet, this man is a SPECIMEN! Delivered just what I was looking for! The mountains of muscle are unbeatable! He practically feeds his muscle to you...or you to them! This monster's muscles have muscles! Deep sexy voice, phenomenal flexing. 100% the best. I'll definitely be asking for more from this guy. Great experience for a rookie here.

Sergei replied...
Thank you!

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Age 34
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 116kg (255 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Bald
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


Location West Palm Beach, Florida
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