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Modern Apollo. my torn muscles, thick veins, and pretty face will drive you crazy.

29, 181cm (5'11"), 93kg (205 lbs)

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Tim Nash has 63 reviews.

from yeaheurope [390] on 15 January 2021

A second show with Timur. I didn't think he could be hotter and stronger than the first time and he was. Be blessed for this amazing time you gave to me, it was breath taking

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much)I’m pleased

from Johnny Atlas [155] on 15 January 2021

Cannot recommend this musclegod more - he's absolutely awesome! Amazing muscles, awesome veins, cocky and incredibly cool. Always gives you 100% and you can tell he loves showing off his hard work. He puts a lot of effort into everything he does and makes sure you enjoy every minute. I've gotten videos and done tons of cam shows with him.. One of the best here on TBF, hands-down.

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you dude. You’re very cool man

from benoit3 [955] on 15 January 2021

This stunning man was born to be a muscle model. He loves to flex, has no boundaries and he knows he's sexy as fuck.

His custom videos are done to perfection, with passion and affection. You'll fall in love in minutes...

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you very much dear

from alain6901 [5529] on 14 January 2021


I have just watched your last custom video.
Wow! You’re such a great performer!
You have an amazingly hot body and I love you on video!

In my previous reviews, I have always told you how much I like everything about you.
Your strong muscles, your handsome face, your energy, your generosity.

But it’s not only about the top quality content you make Timur.
There’s much more than that.
I have known you since only 3 months.
But the level of trust and the strong connection you and I have built is very rare.
I respect you and you respect me.
We are in touch all the time.
You accept me the way I am.
We can talk about anything.

I have told you many times.
You can count on my support all the time.
Any time.
Especially in the next weeks because I want to support that journey ;)

With you everything is nice.
With you everything is smooth.
With you everything is hot.

Don’t change anything, you are everything I like!
I can’t wait for more, more, more.

And... the top 10 is getting closer ;)

Tim Nash replied...
thank you for such kind words and excellent feedback. I am very pleased,thank you very much again

from visage25 [545] on 10 January 2021

I requested a custom video a few weeks ago and Tim delivered in a timely manner. He's a gorgeous hunk that is genuine and attentive to your needs. Honestly, he's worth every penny!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much for this kind words

from Deanc [50] on 8 January 2021

Always a breeze dealing with Tim. Very quick with the requests and the videos are FIRE! I’m surprised each time.
The video i got yesterday was a real treasure.
Thank you, Tim.

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you too...I make it with pleasure))thank you again

from alain6901 [5529] on 6 January 2021

The last video you made for me is just incredibly HOT.
You are amazing Timur.
You give so much of yourself in your videos.
But that last one is a new level.

I love love love what you do for me.
You are just outstanding!

Thank you for the commitment, the energy, the excitement too.

For some reason I believe 2021 will be much hotter than 2020.
And I am not talking about the global warming ;)

Tim Nash replied...
thank you for your incredible feedback. it's really cool. I like working with you,so the content is of high quality. thank you again, it's a pleasure.

from alain6901 [5529] on 31 December 2020

Just because I want to say it
I’m very happy I ‘met’ you in 2020
You are such a nice man
Producing amazing content with a lot of energy and generosity
I’m looking forward to working even more closely with you in 2021
Thank you Timur

Tim Nash replied...
thank you. I'm happy that we're friends. I am sure that in 2021 we will continue our friendship.

from Deanc [50] on 28 December 2020

Love the energy in your video, Tim. LOOKS GREAT FROM ALL ANGLES. Thank you for not just doing my request, but for making sure i will like it. I enjoy your personality, your biceps, your smile. That picture you shared perfectly captured this. Charmed! More videos soon ya? Take care.

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much. I'm very pleased. I'm ready to make more videos for you. thank you again.

from benoit3 [955] on 27 December 2020

Tim is true muscle artist, and a brilliant performer who gives 150 percent of himself. He's attentive, generous, creative - and a total fucking stud. Trust him to deliver the hottest, sexiest muscle show you could ever imagine - and more.....

Tim Nash replied...
Oh my God, thank you so much for your feedback. I really like working with you.

from Albeit89 [385] on 27 December 2020

Another amazing video from him! I just got my 3rd video and it was just as good as the other two, if not even better. He is so ripped and knows how to command the room. Such a presence that you can't do anything but be mesmerized and do everything he commands!

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much friend. I'm glad you like working with me.

from alain6901 [5529] on 26 December 2020

Another video from Timur.
It was so hot!!
I love watching you getting really excited and horny in front of the camera.
You look amazing and there is a lot of sensuality in what you do on top of masculinity of course.
Great body, sexy face and hot as hell.

It is always a great pleasure to work with you and communicate with you.
You know I enjoy it ;)

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much, I am very happy and happy. I really enjoy working with you and making content for you. thank you again.

from oilboy4u [1005] on 26 December 2020

treated myself to a custom from Tim. My personal Christmas present!! Not only did he act it out greatly, he delivered it faster than what he said he was going to. Fun, friggin sexy man. Cocky, dominant and so much sensuality oozing from him. Looking forward to playing with this muscle stud more!!

Tim Nash replied...
hell Yes. thank you,I will wait for a new video.

from carpark [170] on 20 December 2020

he sent me a custom video its just great. he s the best!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you very much)))

from alain6901 [5529] on 19 December 2020

Okay, I did say that the first video I watched was hot.
But the second one is just UNBELIEVABLY HOT.

My favourite video of you so far.
I just loved to see you so excited. So horny.
You look so hot worshipping yourself and kind of sharing that excitement with me.

You are definitely not an usual guy on here.
You are really unhibited and the result is hot, hot, hot.
You are just ultra sexy.

Thanks for the generosity you put in your videos.
I'll watch you again with great pleasure.

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much for such a great review. I am very pleased that you liked it,I am happy that you are happy and that my video turns you on. I love doing this for you

from alain6901 [5529] on 19 December 2020

I just watched the first of the two custom videos I ordered from you this week and... wow!
You are just incredible to look at!
I love the way you show off your amazing body.

Back, arms, abs, quads are just terrific.
And I really love the way you play with your sexy ass in front of the camera.
You are so hot and so unhibited, it is incredible.

On top of being really hot and sexy, everything is easy, smooth and nice with you Timur.
You are very friendly, communicative, polite and you deliver so fast with a high level of quality.
Thanks again!

I will watch the second video later today and will let you know what I thought.
I can't wait! ;)

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much for such a nice review. I enjoy working with you and look forward to a long-term collaboration. thank you very much again. I am pleased.

from RBJ89 [2236] on 19 December 2020


Got my first custom from Tim today. An amazing body and very open to requests! I highly recommend this guy to anyone!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much.I’ll be waiting for a new video

from jadster16 [1330] on 15 December 2020


Awesome video from Tim! I love ass so I requested an ass themed video from Tim. It was amazing! He showed off his ass exactly how I wanted him to along with some flexing and a bit of hard dick ;) The length of the video was exactly how long I wanted too! I plan on requesting more videos from Tim in the future! :)

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you very much dear)))

from montrosebeach3 [1640] on 13 December 2020

I have done several videos with Tim and his friend Andy. The last video actually had three muscle guys and it was very complicated This was the best video that Tim has done for me Things that were not quite right in the other videos were corrected Tim really paid attention to detail I have to be careful because once Tim finishes a video all i want to do start another one

Tim Nash replied...
Ooooohh yeeeaahh)) I'm happy you liked it. we will be happy to make more videos for you.

from cowcheese007 [240] on 13 December 2020

I had another roleplay vid with Tim and Andy, this time with roles reversed! For this vid, there was a little misunderstanding in the script, but they both came through and remade the video, no extra fee. Very Reliable duo.

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much)))

from ucl1964 [1220] on 13 December 2020

Ordered a custom video and he is trustworthy and delivered it as requested.
Wow ...he has a fantastic body and makes videos that will blow your mind.
Will be getting more from him.
Highly recommend!

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much. I'm very pleased. I'll wait

from oriapplepie [642] on 10 December 2020

I have to say Tim is one of the hottest guys in TBF!!! I received my X'mas present early last night and I'm totally blown away! Tim delivered so quickly and followed all the details perfectly <3 His tattoo is just the right size to stimulate a sense of dangerous leather daddy without covering all the big sweaty, oiled muscles.

I really like watching the models work up a sweat when flexing and role playing. Is this called sweat fetish? May be? I really enjoy being the little one at the presence of a real life superhero like Tim, adoring his hard earned muscles, and of cos, having all his attention in roleplay and being well fed with his............. ;)

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much for your feedback. it is very pleasant to read such words. it's a pleasure to communicate and work with you. I hope this isn't our last job.

from sfo13m [8544] on 7 December 2020

I ordered some videos from Tim. He loves to flex hard and I love to watch him do it. Big muscle, great sweat and veins. I am very happy with my order. Thanks, Tim!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much..I’m happy

from cowcheese007 [240] on 3 December 2020

I just had a custom video done by Tim and Andy and it was great! Alone, both have great bods, but together their muscles look even better. They did my fetish no problem, a role play video where Tim was Andy’s slave and had to give him piggyback rides. I almost felt like I was there too, riding them both to my hearts content ;)
Maybe I’ll get another video where their roles are reversed...

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much..it was incredible

from Shiwa [403] on 2 December 2020

This man is everything we dream of here. I mean, just look at him! This body... this face! Besides, he is such an incredibly lovable person, but he can also be very dominant and then again be sweet. This combination makes a huge difference for me.
I bought several videos of him now and each one was better than the one before. He calmly listens to what you want and then implements it 1000%. Tim goes far beyond his own limits just to make you happy. He himself is only satisfied when his customers are satisfied. This passion is simply refreshing and unbelievably hot and this is what makes his work so incredibly good and unique.
The reviews here probably all speak for themselves. Since he started here (not that long ago) he has received only positive feedback. I would like to see this man just getting bigger and better. I mean, he's already outstanding, but we all know that there's always room for more.
Let's help Tim, to reach whatever he wants to achieve!

Tim Nash replied...
this is an incredible review, thank you very much for such warm and kind words,I am very pleased

from tarquinn [1565] on 2 December 2020

Tim Nash has one of the best physiques on TBF! He really knows how to present his best assets! If you haven't already, you should check out his ONLY FANS page! Lots of great content!

Tim Nash replied...
thank you for your feedback. I'm very pleased

from musclepup [4960] on 30 November 2020

I purchased my first custom video from Tim and I'm sure it won't be my last. He was very good about letting me know when the video would be delivered and he gave me exactly what I requested. I love the intensity and energy he puts into his flexing -- I could almost feel myself there in the room with him!

Tim Nash replied...
thank you for your feedback,I am very pleased. I hope for the long term.

from Jaynuke1 [7860] on 30 November 2020

Easily a 5 star review!!! Should be more!!!!!

I recently received a joint video from Fit Andy and Tim Nash. They made it very easy to arrange the joint video with both of them.

If you want to see two incredibly ripped and muscular guys showing off for the camera, you have got to contact these guys and arrange your custom video.

The way Tim and Andy can flex and show off the greatest detail in their ripped physiques is incredible. These two guys have some of the best developed arms, chests and abs that I’ve seen. There vascularity will blow your mind.

*******Highly recommended !!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!*******

Tim Nash replied...
you can't imagine how much I enjoy reading these words

from montrosebeach3 [1640] on 29 November 2020

When i read Tim's reviews i thought he really can't be that good.I was wrong.I asked Tim and his friend Andy to do a complicated video.The video was everything that i wanted and im going to get another custom as soon as i can.Tim and Andy both looked great in the video and are easy to work with.

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much for your feedback.it was an interesting job. we really enjoyed it

from benoit3 [955] on 27 November 2020

If there were Oscars for muscle fantasies, Tim would sweep the awards. He'll nail every detail of your custom video request, and take it even further until you're in ecstasy. He's as uninhibited as he is virile, and he will take your breath away - trust me!

Tim Nash replied...
thank you dear for your words.it's so nice

from Jaynuke1 [7860] on 25 November 2020

Just received another custom video from Tim!! He nailed the request flawlessly!!! Every detail was included in the video. He far exceeded my expectations. Video quality was excellent and dealing with Tim is a pleasure.

His physique is even more ripped than last time!! It’s unbelievable that his abs are more defined and cut than just a week or two ago!!

You have got to schedule a show or arrange a custom video with Tim!!! You will be amazed!!!!

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much for this review. it's always a pleasure to work with you, make friends and communicate.

from someronerf [125] on 25 November 2020

Great performer, great poppers trainer! He made two custom vids for me. It was really hot. Easy to communicate with.

Tim Nash replied...
thank you for your feedback,friend. I think this is not our last training session

from gusty55j [2885] on 25 November 2020

This man is amazing. Awesome sexy body and very nice to work with.

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much...I’m pleased...

from lesliehwl [2465] on 24 November 2020

damn. this guy is so handsome with that muscular sexy body. Full of power. what a dream. He's also eager to please and not a clock watcher, making sure you are having a great experience highly recommended!

Tim Nash replied...
thank you for your kind words. it was important for me to do everything as you want, this is the most important thing. thanks

from gsplover [816] on 24 November 2020

Had a very entertaining show with Tim. Wonderful arms that were so nice to look at when he flexed them. He put a lot of effort into the show and worked up quite a sweat.

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much. I'm really glad you liked it. happy to do it again

from EthanTK [910] on 24 November 2020

Thus guy and his pal are absolutely awesome, great expience with them

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you very much. we accept orders for shared videos

from davparis [347] on 23 November 2020

I am fan, and he knows it ... but trust me, you will be fan too! So just try and you’ll see. A real god will flex for you...

Tim Nash replied...
Ooooh myyyy gooood,David,thank you,dear,I’m pleased,I love to do it for you

from Sammael [1730] on 23 November 2020

I just bought a vid and it is simply amazing! Stunning physique with lean, huge muscles and the looks of an international model. Also a really nice guy to deal with, super friendly through and through.

Tim Nash replied...
thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed working with you. I hope for the long term.

from benoit3 [955] on 18 November 2020

Tim's flawless muscles, powerful posing and captivating gaze will have you in ecstasy - and completely addicted. Just received another custom video and it was mind-blowing. This man is perfect from top to toe, charming and red hot!

Tim Nash replied...
I am very happy to work with you, communicate and be friends...thank you for your kind words

from benoit3 [955] on 12 November 2020

Tim seems too good to be true: Handsome, ripped, seductive, uninhibited, kind and tender. But it's all true: The first video he made me was scorching and pitch perfect.

He is a true gentleman, a true muscle artist - and a total fucking stud!

Tim Nash replied...
thank you very much for these nice words, I look forward to new videos for you

from Shiwa [403] on 9 November 2020

What can I say about Tim? He is simply an incredibly great person. It's not just his body that makes him so incredibly attractive. No, it's also his character and the dedication with which he makes the videos for his fans. He focuses body and soul to present the best possible and he succeeds every time in a way that leaves me completely speechless. It's actually really hard to put into words how incredible he is. Every single second is a dream, a journey, something you will never forget. I could watch for years and it would just get better and better. This man just deserves the best and you should be part of it. See for yourself how phenomenal Tim is!

Tim Nash replied...
my God, my dear friend, thank you for these warm and kind words,I am always happy to make high-quality content for you

from alain6901 [5529] on 8 November 2020

Tim is just amazing.
In every sense.
Because of his outstanding physique for sure. Beautiful hard and ripped muscles, perfect definition, incredible vascularity and a good-looking face to match. A real athlete.
Because he is very professional. The way he flexes his muscles is a real delight. He pays attention to what you like and are interested in and does his very best to please you.
But most of all, Tim has something very rare here on this site. He is friendly, honest and kind. It is very pleasant to interact with him because he gives the best of himself. You can tell he is a good person. Tim deserves support.

Thank you Tim. Take care.

Tim Nash replied...
Oh my God. I am very pleased to read such kind words for me, thank you very much, I am very grateful,I like working with you and I will make many many videos for you so that we both will be happy

from Johnny Atlas [155] on 7 November 2020

This guy is crazy AWEsome! His muscles and attitude are the best on the site. He knows how to flex like no other and wants to make sure you have the best experience with him. He's honest, easy to talk to, big, veiny AF, and understands muscle worship like no one I've ever met! Definitely an alpha muscle dream

Tim Nash replied...
thank you for such nice words,I like working with you and hope we will continue

from caldermark [12975] on 6 November 2020

I have purchased two videos from Tim. Before he made the second video, I gave him detailed suggestions regarding his posing and lighting. He produced a perfect video that satisfied all of my requests. He flexed his beautiful muscles intensely and worked up a big sweat. He obviously wants to please. He has a great physique. I plan to buy more videos from this talented professional.

Tim Nash replied...
I'm really glad you enjoyed it. thank you very much for this review.

from Edu [745] on 6 November 2020

Tim is just an experience, he knows how to flex those muscles, he has a great attitude, he is amazing, the full package, muscles, vascularity, those shoulders, those abs!
You won't regret if you ask him what you want

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much

from hypnopowerman [905] on 5 November 2020

Just received my custom role play video request from Tim. Tim is definitely the real deal and an absolute gem. Very professional and direct with communication through the process. Tim is an incredible role player and he exceeded all my expectations. The video he gave me was hot and is my new favorite. His attention to detail was outstanding. He balanced his great acting with showing off his great physique and personality. I look forward to requesting more custom videos from Tim. Highly recommended! Honest and Humble! Thank you Tim!

Tim Nash replied...
I'm very pleased,I'm happy that you liked it. Thank you so much

from Alessandro1307 [210] on 4 November 2020

he is amazing, i loved every inch of his muscles, and after some flex he started sweating and it was all so fucking hot. His veins are something incredible, when he pump them he will make you crazy. Very recommended ????

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you bro...I’m very pleased

from davparis [347] on 3 November 2020

I’m fan of this guy. So generous when he flexes for you, so impressive. He loves to make you mad of him. I’m mad of him ...

Tim Nash replied...
Wow it’s incredible

from Jaynuke1 [7860] on 1 November 2020

I have had two custom videos done by Tim. He is very kind and easy to talk to. He is quick to respond and makes sure to understand your request.
Let discuss his physique!! He is ripped. His abs are cut, his chest is huge and his arms!!! His bicep peaks are massive. If you want to see vascularity, check Out Tim’s pictures. He is great at pumping up those arms and making the veins explode!!
Video quality is great. I highly recommend him for a show or custom video!!!

Tim Nash replied...
Wow thanks for the great review

from Albeit89 [385] on 29 October 2020

Got another video from him and it was even better than before. Super ripped, very commanding presence, and very easy to with with. Highly recommended!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you for your review

from rolling2445 [546] on 28 October 2020

Incredible show. Easy transaction. Amazing body and unreal face. 5++++++ stars.

Tim Nash replied...
It's a pleasure, thank you

from DoonB [5259] on 25 October 2020

Great guy to work with, looks even better on cam. So veiny and huge!

Tim Nash replied...
Wow man thanks

from squashme [740] on 25 October 2020

Such a pleasure dealing with Tim - easy communication, delivery on time and quite exactly what i asked him to do! Not to mention his physique, completely mindblowing thick frame, lots of veins, so shredded. Highly recommend to everyone and Tim, thanks so much! Hope to do that more ;)

Tim Nash replied...
thanks for the tip, I am very pleased

from davparis [347] on 25 October 2020

made another pvt. Wow, he's explosive! You'll love to see how veiny and pumped he is. He loves to flex and you'll love to worship him

Tim Nash replied...
it was really cool!!!thank u man

from talin1 [77] on 24 October 2020

He was so veiny he made me cum.best show I've ever had for a long time

Tim Nash replied...
Yeah boy...it’s nice

from davparis [347] on 24 October 2020

wow, what a man!
If you like them veiny, pumped as hell, flexing hard, you'll love him.
He loves showing off, and the most you enjoy it, the most you get more and more ...
I'm totally amazed.
Thank you so much for that pvt!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much bro

from Shiwa [403] on 20 October 2020

What an absolutely guy! So strong. So dominant. So incredibly handsome! I could watch him for hours and hours. He's like a drug, you want just more after you saw him. He will take you on a ride you will never forget, with his huge and veiny muscles and his outstanding flexing!
He's a great guy and a sensation, from head to toe, do give him a try. You will love him.

Tim Nash replied...
Oh my god!thank you sssoooo much my boy

from harlanny [9346] on 16 October 2020

Tim is very easy to deal with, fantastic physique, nice, honest, he has vascularity and muscularity that will blow you away. I've purchased 4 videos from him, and will keep purchasing.

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you man??

from KavanS [946] on 16 October 2020

Beautiful bodybuilder. Very easy to communicate with and delivered what requested the day after. Highly recommended!

Tim Nash replied...
??????? ))??? ???????

from Albeit89 [385] on 16 October 2020

This guy was absolutely amazing! He was quick and did exactly what I wanted. He was easy to work with and made sure to ask questions in order to figure out what you want. Absolutely recommended for anyone looking for a real muscle god!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank u baby????

from yeaheurope [390] on 15 October 2020

The more you'll try not to fall in love for him, the least you will succeed. Very handsome, and a body to die for. He is doing anything he wants with it. Ask him, he will do it, with so much more intensity you expected. He likes to show off, he likes to please you, you see it, you feel it, this is what it makes the show so special. He is ripped with muscles and veins, he is sexy, he knows it, and even with all this, he remains kind. ??????? !!

Tim Nash replied...
Oh my god????thank u sweety??

from Fzpanda [1735] on 14 October 2020

He delivered my custom video on the same day..

Tim Nash replied...
Thank u bro

from builtim [249] on 13 October 2020

He is the real deal and easy to work with. So much sexy muscle and SO handsome!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank u...I like it

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Age 29
Height 181cm (5'11")
Weight 93kg (205 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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