20, 173cm (5'8"), 91kg (200 lbs)

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from Musclefan93 [5] on 25 April 2016

I wait for 2 months for a costume video!
I asked him to refund the money.
No response on skype, email and facebook message.
It seems he is really unreliable!!!
Hands off!

from aboytoo85 [106] on 16 April 2016

I do not understand the negative reviews for Travis
He is wonderful to communicate with always responds to my emails or texts
Nothing but polite and easy going! Not to mention his physique is phenomenal!! Huge peaked biceps great chest massive quads and the biggest calves I have ever seen!!!!!

from dixietony [55] on 9 April 2016

I bought a video off him through Skype and paid with Google Wallet. He said, and I quote, "I'll have the video to you as late as tomorrow." That was on March 8. Still no video. He claims he was sick a couple days. Well, that still doesn't explain why he couldn't answer emails and Skype messages. All the while, posting on Facebook and such. He'll claim I posted on his instagram account, which I did. But after 3 weeks with no response, I don't care. He finally told me to "Fuck Off" and told me he would give my video away to other people for free. Gosh, what a great guy.

from Jakester [1855] on 29 February 2016

Just got a custom video and he looks AWESOME !!!!!!
He is a GREAT guy to deal with......really nice and works with you ...very patient and he answers even message and fast !!!!
His price was very fair and he made an Amazing video for me.
If he is willing...I hope to buy many more from him.
He looks INCREDIBLE....he is great to deal with.....he is fair...
This guy is AWESOME on all counts. I highly recommend

Travis replied...
Thank you so so much look forward to doing more buisness and fun with you

from thetallg [829] on 30 December 2015

I have never been scammed by him, but it is rare to actually get a hold of him, and yeah he charges a bit too much Never was the right size for how much he asks for, but especially since he has lost size from what it seems like inbetween the last 2 shows. people must be paying it though if he is still asking for that price.

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Age 20
Height 173cm (5'8")
Weight 91kg (200 lbs)
Eyes Other
Hair Other
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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