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BIG peaked BICEPS, thickdense MUSCLED physique

31, 176cm (5'9"), 91kg (200 lbs)

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biceptoris has 31 reviews.

from MikesBigArms [1472] on 14 May 2019


His arms pump up so huge! I have had shows and bought custom videos from this massive hunk. He always does his best to make sure I am satisfied. Great videos. Great shows. Fast delivery. I rate him *****5 Stars

from MikesBigArms [1472] on 26 February 2019


This guys arms are HUGE, And, he loves to show them off. If you're a big bicep lover, then this is your man. He delivers quickly and made me another great video. I rate him *****5 STARS

from Adad [120] on 25 December 2018

This is probably the best guy on this website. Hot huge smooth muscles, perfect shape and the best attitude. He is dominant, masculine and super muscular. I had the best time, I can't even calm down, just thinking of this guy. He knows how to control his muscles and your mind. You won't want anyone else after this one...

biceptoris replied...
Thanks man ! Glad you like it

from littlelunch [4464] on 21 November 2018

Another great custom from this muscle champ! Always great fun to work with, thank big man!

from littlelunch [4464] on 2 September 2018

I have just received my first custom from Biceptoris and he pretty much totally nailed what I was looking for in a custom on the first go, which is pretty rare. He took the time to listened to what I wanted and delivered an amazing video, for sure there will be more.

The video arrived within hours (again a rare thing!) and he oozes alpha male with a hot accent and a stunning body which he knows how to show off. Give him a go, you won't be disappointed!

biceptoris replied...
Thanks man! Was my pleasure.

from DeputyDawg [435] on 26 May 2018

I had yet another amazing cam show with him!!!

He is freaking amazing!!! Those biceps are awesome. He loves to flex and very good at it. He has some incredible muscle control.

Defiantly recommend and will see him again !!!!

biceptoris replied...
Thank you for the compliments!

from DoonB [2818] on 11 February 2018

Those massive biceps just call to you. Every video I get from him is better than the last.

from A [50] on 5 June 2017

He is absolutely Amazing!! I ordered a custom video from him and it wasn't exactly the angle I wanted, so he made a completely new video for me; no questions asked!!! He definitely aims to please!! And his physique is stunning, especially those huge arms!! I'll definitely be getting more videos from him and I strongly encourage you to to the same!!!

biceptoris replied...
Thank you for you're nice words ! I appreciated !

from milanmuscle [15] on 28 December 2016

Love your biceps

biceptoris replied...
Thank you man !

from jngrand93 [275] on 25 October 2016

Just received a custom video from him and it was awesome! Amazing physique and great to work with. Plus, he was very understanding of my issues with Skrill. Definitely recommend this guy!

biceptoris replied...
Thank You man !

from Coolmanrico [776] on 7 March 2016

Received four videos from Biceptoris so far and each has blown my mind. He competing soon, so I'm seeing his transformation through the videos. His body was already impressive when I got my first video three months ago and now it's even more ripped. A very friendly guy and a must see for all muscle worshiper. I Plan to get a lot more videos from him before completion and even more after.

biceptoris replied...
Thank you Rico for everything !

from Ozsport63 [1039] on 7 March 2016

had yet another amazing show with Rob, he will blow them away when he competes

biceptoris replied...
Yes I will ! Lol !!

from Ozsport63 [1039] on 23 February 2016

had another great show with this stud he is awesome

biceptoris replied...
Thank You Ross!

from Metgot [695] on 22 February 2016

I originally purchased my first video from him in December 2015. I am completely addicted to his MASSIVE peaked biceps, his thick dense chest and abs, and all the veins wrapping around his muscles! He is doing a body building show soon, and you can see the veins popping out more and more, muscles getting even more shredded.

Truly incredible to see his body turning into a more powerful, shredded muscle god! I will be getting tons more of videos from him! He is very easy to talk to and gives his all in his videos! i HIGHLY recommend him!

biceptoris replied...
You are to kind Greg !

from Marylandguy77 [695] on 9 February 2016

Just had a show with him today and it was amazing. He did EVERYTHING I wanted him to do and understood me perfectly. He was great and I will be having a show again with him soon!

biceptoris replied...
Any time ! Was my pleasure!

from Ozsport63 [1039] on 31 January 2016

had another great camshow with this man, he is awesome and so much fun to watch flexing
He will be hard to beat when he competes this year

biceptoris replied...
Thank you man for belling in me !

from sfo13m [5678] on 29 January 2016

After seeing Biceptoris' preview vid and his pics, I decided to contact him for a custom video.

I was very happy with the vid--fantastic pumped muscle show. He's a mountain of muscle, especially those softball-shaped flexed biceps--he's picked a good name. :)

Biceptoris is a very nice guy to do business with. Responsive, friendly, and responsible.

Thanks, Biceptoris! :))

biceptoris replied...
Thank you for your trust ! I apreciate!

from Littleman [5] on 24 January 2016

Had this guy do me a video. Incredible. Built like a bull. His biceps are unbelivable. Very nice guy. The ultimate hunk of man

biceptoris replied...
Glad you like it ! I apreciated !

from sub2musl [45] on 17 January 2016

i just had a most wonderful session with Biceptoris. You will not believe how thick and peaked his biceps are. And his biceps have so much volume. Triceps are massive and his abs are ripped.

biceptoris replied...
Thank you man ! Was my pleasure!

from nak9 [239] on 14 January 2016

He did for me a very good show. First of all he's accomodating and kind. He enjoys flexing his super defined muscles. You can't take the eyes off him. I think I'll come back for more of this wonderful hunk.

biceptoris replied...
Thank you so much for your support and admiration!

from Ozsport63 [1039] on 10 January 2016

Rob made me video that was amazing, he is such a nice guy to, so friendly and he has the best body on this site.
I will be seeing him regularly

biceptoris replied...
Thank You so much Ross! Thanks for Your support man! You motivate me a lot !

from frskyfeler [45] on 10 January 2016

Robert is one of a kind! A gentleman and also a BIG hunk of a man! Top that off with his great personality and huge SMILE and you can't go wrong. Thanks again for the great time buddy!

biceptoris replied...
Thank You so much man ! You made my day !

from Ozsport63 [1039] on 4 January 2016

Just had another show with Rob and he is in great shape, the best biceps on this site and so friendly, a real genuine guy
you would not be dissapointed

biceptoris replied...
Thanks for your support !

from Mark [151] on 2 January 2016

One word. Incredible.

biceptoris replied...
Thanks a lot Mark for your support !

from Coolmanrico [776] on 13 December 2015

Received an amazing video from this amazing guy. First off he is a very friendly person. After arranging the video, we chatted and joked around and it made me feel like we were already long time friends. He delivered the video a few hours later. Boy, do he have an incredible body, most notable his huge biceps. They are huge and resemble mountains. I will certainly be back for more Biceptoris.

biceptoris replied...
Thank you Rico ! It was a pleasure for me also . Keep in touch man !

from Ozsport63 [1039] on 13 December 2015

just had a great show with this guy holy cow amazing he is awesome
huge peaked biceps

biceptoris replied...
Thanks Ross! You are the man !

from spainardgc [15] on 8 December 2015

Great guy, reliable and easy to deal with. Awesome guns and body. Great peaks!! I strongly recommend him, he knows how to show off

biceptoris replied...

from DoonB [2818] on 5 December 2015

A genuinely nice guy. Easy to deal with and really enjoys flexing. Amazing biceps and chest. Looking forward to my next video from him!

biceptoris replied...
You will have it ! Thanks bro for the appreciation

from Jakester [1180] on 4 December 2015

He is a nice man. Very easy to deal with and very friendly. He looks great......he has those huge biceps as in the photos. He sent me an awesome custom video...very good quality and he really looks like he enjoys what he is doing. I would highly recommend you give him a try. Nice guy...looks great......good experience !!!!

biceptoris replied...
Thank you for these nice words. They mean a lot to me . Thank you again!

from sjh125 [60] on 3 December 2015

great muscle guy, and if you too like bicep peaks, he is for you! honest and nice and very east to deal with. highly recommend!!

biceptoris replied...
Thank you for encouraging words and for believing in me !

from Metgot [695] on 3 December 2015

I buy a lot of muscle videos... but Biceptoris.... hands down... literally made my jaw drop when I got the custom flexing videos from him! the pictures on here do not even show how incredible his muscle density is or how lean and striated he is! I already ordered another one! I would TOTALLY recommend him to anyone who wants to have an awesome custom video made by a big and muscled God:)

biceptoris replied...
I am new to this game but I will do my very best to improve in every aspect and I definitely love to pose for you ! Thank you ounce again for your trust !

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Age 31
Height 176cm (5'9")
Weight 91kg (200 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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