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Not your average powerlifter

21, 183cm (6'0"), 89kg (195 lbs)

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craving4power has 37 reviews.

from rolling2445 [191] on 25 March 2020

Have been following craving4power since he first started and have enjoyed him immensely. Interaction with him is a pleasure and transactions are always swift. He is easily one of the most handsome men on here and has an innate swagger that is truly rare. These qualities, along with presenting the best condition he's been in, make him my favorite guy on here hand's down. Do yourself a favor and reach out to him.

from rolling2445 [191] on 12 March 2020

Have been following craving4power since he first started and have enjoyed him immensely. Interaction with him is a pleasure and transactions are always swift. He is easily one of the most handsome men on here and has an innate swagger that is truly rare. These qualities, along with presenting the best condition he's been in, make him my favorite guy on here hand's down. Do yourself a favor and reach out to him.

craving4power replied...
Thanks a whole lot buddy !

from Jay.45 [2957] on 5 February 2020

Made me cum in under 4 minutes and i just lost control. Muscles like fuken steel and aesthetics and peaks. Try him you will explode

craving4power replied...
That's probably one of the best reviews so far haha, thanks man

from RBJ89 [995] on 30 January 2020

Received another custom video from him today. I cant say enough positive about him. This guy is the definition of a gentle giant and I love him for it! Totally worth the money!

craving4power replied...
Thanks a lot lil buddy !!

from debonaire1978 [865] on 17 January 2020

I've ordered three custom videos from him and they keep getting better and better. He really puts in the work to make sure each video was great. My videos involved a lot of role-playing which he nailed. It was ridiculously good. And he even had a costume that fit the scenario. He has a great personality and was easy to work with. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him.

craving4power replied...
Thank you sooo much man !

from evan06082@yahoo.com [96] on 17 January 2020

Got my custom video from Cesar and man this very hot and sexy hunk of manhood will brighten up you day !. WOW ! he is not only handsome , but gave a very hot show . He is sweet, and easy to work with, I had my video in ne day after I ordered. Connect with this awesome guy, he aims to please ! I will be ordering more ....

craving4power replied...
Thank a lot buddy !

from chakeman [25] on 9 January 2020

I had another cam show with craving4power, the third in a row. What can I say ? We first settled everything, expressing what I wanted and see how we could do it. He then delivers the most amazing show ! I wasn't even doubting it but I was really impressed by how he handled everything. His muscles are of course really worth to see but this guy has an amazing personality which allows you to want to know him more. I couldn't recommend this man enough, you should see by yourself. He can be sure I'll contact him way more than once again

craving4power replied...
Thanks a bunch buddy

from RBJ89 [995] on 4 January 2020

I got my custom video from him today, and he did amazing!
This will sound a bit odd to say on a site like this, but while he can certainly give you cocky and dominant he has this, I don't know, sweetness about him. It's like he could take you in his giant arms and crush you but he'd just as soon give you a hug.
Again I know that's a weird thing to like on a site like this, but I absolutely adore him for it and I'll definitely be back!

craving4power replied...
Aawww, thanks a lot man

from Jaynuke1 [7290] on 29 December 2019

I just got my first custom video from Cezar. He’s jacked and he’s a master with the camera. He did exactly as I requested and exceeded my expectations. He’s also a really nice guy and easy to talk to. Thanks Cezar!!

craving4power replied...
Very happy to hear that buddy

from VentusHeart [1111] on 17 December 2019

Just had my first experience with Cezar. Can't believe I noticed that guy for a long time but never dealt with him!?!

No lies, that was the best video i had in a long time on this site. The guy does his thing with passion: i felt for his looks through the video...

A true gem. He deserves to be more known on the site. GO FOR HIM, YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

craving4power replied...
Thanks a lot buddy

from littlelunch [6039] on 17 December 2019

Another superb custom from Cezar, as well as having a stunning body he has a natural charisma that flows through his videos to place them on another level to most. He is always a joy to deal with, delivering a custom just as discussed (with his own natural flair added) on time every time. Thank big man, impressed as always!

craving4power replied...
Thanks lot lil buddy

from Samson71 [765] on 20 October 2019

This super stud just made me an amazing video showcasing his superhuman strength and power. So easy to deal with and ultra professional. Love ya dude.

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much dude

from wwinsorii [45] on 4 September 2019

Super easy to work with and accommodating. Highly recommend.

craving4power replied...
Thanks man

from davparis [135] on 22 August 2019

Had a show yesterday. He was amazing. His muscles are so defined and his veins so pumped. He wants to do the best, that's nice. And he wants to get bigger and bigger ... Enjoy !

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much man !

from fitbiguy85.42 [543] on 25 July 2019

Such an amazing guy! Beautiful, masculine, muscular! He actually makes you feel as if you are there with him. He has an intensity to him, a natural charisma, that just makes you fall for him. Perfect man!

craving4power replied...
Thank you very much !

from trebazz [2371] on 25 July 2019

Miss doing vids with this guy, especially after seeing how big he’s growing.

craving4power replied...
Awww, thank you

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 22 July 2019

I just finished a show with craving4power - WOW! First off, it was a dual show with both him and Iron Muscles from Flex4Me (I don't think he has a TBF profile). They both took the script I prepared and delivered an amazing performance! Craving4power is a great actor and gets totally into the role. Not to mention, both guys are big and very good-looking! I had a great time and will definitely be back for more shows. Hit him up with your idea, I doubt you'll be disappointed!

craving4power replied...
Thank you soooo much man !!

from Shiwa [218] on 21 July 2019

A fucking beast! He plans to grow as much as possible and I am excited to see this happen! One of the best videos I've ever seen, flexing, acting, everything on top!

craving4power replied...
Thank you !!

from montrosebeach3 [1570] on 29 June 2019

ill keep this short cezar did the best custom video that i have ever gotten and i have had a lot of them done

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much buddy

from P. Alex [335] on 1 June 2019

ok wow. i never have any expectations when i do a cam show with people, but this guy is unreal. He is a lover of roleplaying and got right into my fantasy. His biceps are unreal and he truly is a nice guy. I recommend him for sure!

craving4power replied...
Thanks a bunch buddy

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 13 May 2019

If you are into roleplay, you've come to the right profile! Craving4power is a natural actor - just give him your idea, and he will improvise it perfectly! He pays attention to the littlest of details and puts a lot of emotion into the show. He is very easy to talk to when setting up the show, and is a pleasure to talk to. Not only does this dude look great on camera, but he knows how to make things fun too! Not a single negative thing to say about the whole experience. I highly highly recommend craving4power!

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much man

from AverageCuppaJoe [208] on 16 April 2019

Wanted to review this Hunk-O-Rama yesterday, sadly I lost my web connection. Got it back, so here it is... 5 STARS. This sweet, smart, sexy Muscle Man was so much fun. Had a cam show with him, role-playing a "little" fantasy he enjoyed just as much as I did. "Little" is an inside joke between us. He not only had the enthusiasm I was hoping for, but he also got creative! He improvised in the role-play so well, it made it all the more enjoyable. I even asked him if he was interested in acting. He said he was and I encouraged him to pursue it. So I highly recommend this funny, charming, well-spoken Muscle Hunk. I intend on revisiting him again when I am able to. That reminds me... One thing I must compliment him on - as well as thank him for - was his PATIENCE and CONSIDERATION. He is not a clock watcher; he enjoyed our session so much, we ran over the 10-minute time frame of the intended call. We even chatted afterwards. In short, I like him. Very much. Much love to My Dear Muscles... :)

craving4power replied...
Really appreciate it buddy, thank you

from Kevinpa2000 [185] on 1 April 2019

Wow. Craving4power has got to be one of the best roleplayers out there. I just finished up my first show with him. He was not only receptive to my requests but also very invested in the ideas, and was very cool as we discussed at length what I was looking for. And the build up was worth it - he delivered an amazing roleplay show! He is very attentive to detail and strives to fulfill your request exactly as you want. And it is very clear that he enjoys acting. Good looks, amazing physique, and a friendly personality to match. I will most certainly be having another show with him... and you should too!

craving4power replied...
Thanks a lot buddy, glad you liked it

from plh [425] on 29 March 2019

Cezar delivered a terrific video and exceeded my expectations. He has been great to work with...super nice and takes time to make sure he does just as requested. I plan on doing more videos with Cezar soon.

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much

from DeputyDawg [805] on 28 March 2019

Just had a show; WOW is all I can say

This man has some BICEPS !!!!

But sure he has the muscle and yes very attractive. But he is also a super nice guy. ZERO attitude (unlike many on here). This is what will make me come back again.

I really enjoyed the show alot !!!!!

craving4power replied...
Glad to hear that, thank you

from fitbiguy85.42 [543] on 13 March 2019

A truly wonderful muscle stud. Sexy, masculine, muscular. Amazing chest hair. Such a sexy body and incredibly gorgeous face. He made a custom video for me that was more than I could have hoped for. He has such a great presence in front of the camera. Charismatic and sexy.
I was blown away and have already ordered a new video from him.
He is kind and funny and intelligent when you chat with him on Skype. Perfect in every way.

craving4power replied...
Thank you very much !

from chakeman [25] on 27 February 2019

It was my second show with Craving4power. The first one was astonishing as he slowly flexed his muscles and talked about it for about 10 minutes,
Then what can I say about the second one ? It was amazing again. We decided to define a role play where he played a guy who was bullied in school and who became a true musclegod. He was just perfect at it. Once again, he flexed all his muscles (and what muscles! just look at his enormous biceps and shoulders...) and kept talking about how big he is and how much he'd love to continue getting bigger and bigger
Otherwise this man is just so nice, gentle and arranging. The experience is truly worth it. Craving4power is highly highly recommend

craving4power replied...
Thanks a lot buddy

from jms2905509 [60] on 18 February 2019

I just watched my first custom video from Cezar and it was AMAZING! It was everything I hoped for and more! I was blown away. The detail, the attitude and the body! WOW! It was a role play of sorts and he nailed every detail. I gave him a rough outline of what I wanted and he created a scene that was beyond even what I had imagined on my own. He even added sound effects!!! I am already working on the idea for the next one. His voice, his body, his smile...they all make his videos a complete muscle escape! Get your ideas to him ASAP. You will be so happy you did. ?????????????????????????

craving4power replied...
Thank you soo much for the feeback buddy

from frankiep [390] on 30 January 2019

A very accommodating man he will wake up to do shows with you if you are in different time zones A nice guy with lots of muscle especially arms and and forearms and exceptional strength who really enjoys showing off. Not a clock watcher and does what you request, his main purpose being making sure you have a satisfying and happy experience

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much man, really appreciate it!

from gr8jays74 [190] on 29 January 2019

Puts on a great show and even better than his photos.

craving4power replied...
Thanks man !

from lesliehwl [2400] on 22 January 2019

Just had a my 1st show and will def come back for more. Really accommodating and nice guy.
thanks for the great show

craving4power replied...
Thanks a lot buddy !!

from harveyman [25] on 20 December 2018

This one one of the best built (amazing only 21 years of age) and one of the sweetest and very well spoken young men I have ever encountered.. He is very respectful, interested in what you have to say and is beautifully built (model good looks too)
He is starting out and deserves our support. He is very sexy and wants to please his customers. I highly highly recommend him. With so many disappointing guys here, craving is a refreshing and wonderful change and I hope you will give him a try. You will not be disappointed!!

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much Harvey

from nqyjames [60] on 20 December 2018

Very very nice guy, polite and easy to message with on Skype to discuss my requirements for a custom video which was delivered very quickly. The photos do not do him justice, very handsome man and his muscular body is huge. Really relaxed and fun on camera and great quality video. Highly recommended.

craving4power replied...
Very much appreciated

from Bob1234 [1435] on 16 December 2018

I just ordered some custom pictures from Craving4power, they were excellent, he is very lovely to talk to and he delivered the quickly. I highly recommend him

craving4power replied...
Thanks buddy

from gayfagaud [193] on 12 December 2018

Really swell guy to speak with as well as the perks of paying for a show that's really good. Listens, asks and wants to know about me.

craving4power replied...
Thank you

from brouny12 [370] on 22 November 2018

wow such an awesome guy, I would fully recommend him for any show or video you want, he is such an awesome guy, I support him. Great personality wow!!!!

craving4power replied...
Highly appreciated buddy. Thanks a lot for the support

from gibson [475] on 18 November 2018

I had the first amazing show with him. And it's easy to work with him. He asks and is interested in what you want to see. That's awesome!
He looks huge. He looks strong. He looks good!!

craving4power replied...
Thanks buddy

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Age 21
Height 183cm (6'0")
Weight 89kg (195 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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