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Brazilian Muscle God

24, 171cm (5'7"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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roidpig has 29 reviews.

from jaywilly [5] on 24 June 2019

I ordered a custom video and I got it super fast and it was exactly what I asked for and more. He is really easy to get in contact with and I am going to be repeat customer!!! Hit him up!

from rugbylift [135] on 16 June 2019

Ordered my 4th video in as many weeks. Each one surpasses the previous in terms story line and RoidPig always is responsive, suggests content tweaks and delivers amazing content. He really takes care to turnaround quickly, and puts a lot of effort into his custom video work for you. Ah yeah, and the muscle is worth the worship! Such a sexy man, loves playing with your fantasies of muscle worship and dominance, and is always enticing you in just the way only he can!

Thanks big man!

from Maddog [410] on 29 May 2019

Purchased several videos from Roidpig and am always happy and pleased with every purchase. He is friendly, prompt and always provides exactly what I ask for and really seems to enjoy making the video for me. Always provides above my expectations plus his body is amazing and he has a sexy voice and accent.

from centon [1195] on 28 May 2019

One of the hottest guys on here.. great dirty talk.. book a show now.. totally worth it :)

from rugbylift [135] on 20 May 2019

So another great custom video from this beast. He commented in my last review of video request#1 that he couldn’t wait to drive me nuts in the next one. He did that, and more in custom video #2!!

Once again sought out my thoughts, shared his, then proceeded to make and deliver an incredible muscle worship experience. Obviously the man has the muscle; but he is playful, sexy, handsome and that voice definitely enhances the experience. Can’t wait to see what we can collaborate and cook up for #3. Something tells me that he knows just what I need, and is ready to take it up a notch!

from rugbylift [135] on 17 May 2019

I have always enjoyed his posted videos on the site. Recently reached out for a custom video.

He is an amazing man, great physique, sexy and sensual. And was responsive and kind and took time to correspond and learn what I was looking for and then delivered and then some.

Can’t say enough positive things about this sexy man, beyond the videos and obvious muscle, but a genuine guy.

roidpig replied...
This rugby lifter is one of the greatest customers I have dealt with. Our ideas of muscle worship and fetishes do get along pretty well and recording videos for him is always fun and pleasant. Can't wait to drive this man nuts with my latest product!

from nicegent [95] on 15 May 2019

I received a custom video from this guy. He is beyond amazing. He asked what I was into and put together an incredible first video from it, good quality also. He is very sexy and exactly the kind of man I dream about. Loved his attitude and his body, the whole package. Could not beat the price either. I'll be buying more from him for sure.

roidpig replied...
Nicegent was easy to negotiate and agree on his custom video. Definitely a great customer that I'd love to work with again in the future. Thanks for the great review!

from jstevens [1545] on 14 January 2019

Received an outstanding custom video from this Big Man!
He was easy to communicate with, and the custom video was very responsive to my requests. The video was sent quickly, and he was looking HUGE with Big Hairy muscle - Highly Recommended!

roidpig replied...
Thank you very much for you review! Serving BIG muscle is my priority and always a pleasure! x

from ADAM1 [3149] on 16 October 2018

Received awesome custom video from this Brazilian god, very happy with product received. Packed on a lot of muscle since my last video in January.

roidpig replied...
Thanks, man! You guys are making me get bigger and bigger, and my body will be always ready to fulfill your fantasies.

from bigone14 [6685] on 20 August 2018

Just did a couple of custom vids with Roidpig. He is just simple stunning! He is so friendly when discussing your fantasies and so ready and willing to accommodate. He's just awesome and definitely one of the best!! Would definitely recommend and will definitely be coming back for more.

from bravomuscle [20] on 21 April 2018

Such a hot beefy sexy body, he does exactly what you ask for. He knows how to tease you and get you excited, we'll get you more excited. Give him a try, you'll come back for more. He is very friendly and easy to work with.

from Boricuatony [24] on 4 April 2018

Can't get over this sexy papi he so beyond sexy and huge I want him so bad the hottest show ever

from Boricuatony [24] on 3 April 2018

So sexy body face dick and voice he is papi! the best I ever seen on here I love his hairy body and huge pecs and that cock mmm

from ikat456 [5] on 26 March 2018

Roidpig's physique, voice and impeccable complexion are out of this world amazing. I can't understand how anyone can have a show with him beyond 5 minutes because the aforementioned 3 traits are more than enough for you to cum in a couple of minutes lol. He's worth the experience and ascertains A1 delivery. Affordable price too, so how can you complain? His strong suite is definitely domination based services.

from simonkk [845] on 25 February 2018

THIS GUY IS AMAZING!!!!! ONE OF THE VERY BEST!!! I have cam shows with him at least once a week and he always gives 100%. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GUY, he can be master any time! See him in a thong, BLOWS YOUR MIND! BEST EVER!

from djmuscleflex [14345] on 24 February 2018


I just got my 2nd Video from Roidpig. He has a Body that just won't quit. I love his voice, he has a very sexy voice and they way he teases you with his muscle and his moves. I was just drooling all over the place when I saw his latest creation. He puts so much time into his videos and it shows. Amazing Man !!!!!!

roidpig replied...
It's always a big pleasure to work with you, man! Your ideas for the custom videos are super original and definitely turn me on big time! I totally recommend you to other bodybuilders on this website!

from harlanny [5381] on 22 February 2018

I've purchased private videos from him. Very honest, well spoken, followed through with what he said he would. Amazing physique and cares about ensuring you are satisfied with his work.

from tomkewzer [35] on 19 February 2018

The best alpha male, i loved your cam show, he treated me like a slave fag and showed all his delicious muscles, I loved everything.

from djmuscleflex [14345] on 17 February 2018


There are NO words for this MAN. He is absolutely Handsome and Jacked at the same time. The time he puts into his Videos is nothing like I have ever seen. High Quality Production. His voice is sultry and his body is the BOMB !!!. He looks way better than his pictures portray. Between the Voice and the Body. He is the Ultimate Find. The Custom Video was 1,000% better than I even expected. He is definitely on my Custom Video List.

from debonaire [1797] on 10 February 2018

He's nice, professional and I had a good time talking to him. I ordered a detailed custom video and he did an amazing job! Not only is he a good role player but the production quality was superb. He used sound, visual and lighting effects which helped tell the story. You can tell he takes pride in his work. I highly recommend him.

from hypnopowerman [635] on 9 January 2018

Finally had the pleasure of collaborating with roidpig on a custom role play video. The initial communication was pleasant and professional. I am usually anxious working with new models for the very first time but roidpig presented himself with so much positive energy and kindness that I felt at ease. A friend had recommended me to reach out to roidpig and I am so glad I did. Roidpig committed 110% to the role play script I gave him to work with. I kept my expectations low so imagine my surprise when I finally watched the video he made me and saw how much time and detail he put into it. He really knows how to personally customize a custom video. Roidpig is the real deal. He looks exactly like his pictures on his best flex profile. Absolutely looking forward to reaching out to roidpig again in the near future. Thank you so much roidpig.

roidpig replied...
hypnopowerman is definitely one of these super special guys who come up with very original ideas. Working with you was remarkable and I am definitely looking forward to give you lots of pleasure again and again!

from myperfectlover [915] on 11 December 2017

Loves to show off and easy to work worth

from Fzpanda [690] on 8 December 2017

I usually do not write positive reviews, but this guy definitely deserves it. Speedy delivery of studio quality video, easy to work with. Highly recommended,

from zipper [965] on 24 October 2017

Really nice guy, huge muscle, beast.
You will see what you want, and beg for more..

from brouny12 [340] on 8 April 2017

This man is such a beast, and so huge, such an amazing man, love his muscular physic. Always does a great job, and shows what you want, great man to talk to, so much fun with him. I recommend him so much, great personality, such a wonderful person. I really hope to meet him in person.

from DrBernie [5] on 6 April 2017

One hot muscle man .... He will make you beg for more ...... Loves to show you all his huge bulging muscles and dose not rush you ......

from nazhy [40] on 11 January 2017

I got a show from him a little while back...he's amazing! And he has such huge pecs that he loves to show off. :)

from musclepup [2565] on 27 October 2016

I purchased a custom vid from roidpig. He was easy to deal with and he delivered a very sexy video.

from jstevens [1545] on 18 October 2016

Just had a great cam show with this Big Man. He's Big and Powerful and knows how to dominate with this muscle on cam - very highly recommended!

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Age 24
Height 171cm (5'7")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Shaved
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Mixed


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