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Powerful Muscle Crush with Airon

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Get ready for non-stop muscle power and Airon shows you just how strong and powerful he is. Crushing watermelon after watermelon before grabbing you and crushing you too.


Arms | Chest | Muscle worship | Strength


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Airon is great, vascular, beautiful body hair, a treat to watch flex and sweat!

harlanny [12518] on 9 May 2021

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If you can’t decide which of Airon’s muscles are your favorite, you’re in luck with this video. You get to see 3 sets in action. First, you see his huge thighs crush watermelons with ease. But then it gets better as he crushes one with his powerful arms up against his massive chest. Finally, you see him hold a man in that same strong hold, and you have to hope he doesn’t crush the man’s head in the same way. ;-) Because he absolutely could. Airon is looking bigger than ever, and I especially love the way his veins explode when he’s applying his destructive force!

txparsons2 [2790] on 9 May 2021

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