Pec Bouncing with Jakub Stefano

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This is pec bouncing to the extreme! Jakub is ripped to shreds, and you get to see his incredible mountainous muscular pecs bouncing and flexing from every angle. Get up close in full HD like never before!




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Hard to do a video focusing on just one of Jakub's sexy body parts but I'm in for any and all of his offerings! So handsome, so ripped, and such a pure muscle god who's totally aware of his sensual power and the pleasure he can provide!

in2muslmen [31290] on 15 Sep 2022

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One of my absolute fave videos! Jakub is a true muscle god and knows how to show off his amazing body. Don't be misled by the title, this is one of the best videos to showcase his whole upper body, not just his pecs bouncing. I keep coming back to this vid again and again!

ScottyLA [1485] on 11 Oct 2016

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I took a leap of faith on this one as the preview video didn't work, but wow am I glad I did! I've been a fan of Jakub's for the longest time and his pecs have always stood out from the crowd. This video puts them front and centre, not to mention up close and very personal! If you're a fan of pec action, then this video is certainly for you! The HD really gives it that extra something too - the detail is such that you could almost forget it's on a screen!

Tristan [100] on 16 Feb 2014

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