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Massive Powerful Hunk with Peter Russell

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This is the closest you can get to experiencing true muscle power. Watching this massive hunk hit a pose and hold it flexed until you can't handle it any more will blow your mind.


All American Hunks | Arms | Cam shows | Chest | Hairy


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Perfect title for this video with Peter flexing to the max to show off his size, vascularity, and striations. He's practically silent throughout except for his breathing and grunting as he grinds out the poses, proving that he also has to work hard to display his hard earned muscle for admirers like us. Just love when a guy with huge pecs like Peter's wears a tank top that is tight and only minimally covers his chest! All of his pec cleavage, striations, and uber sexy fur are tantalizingly showcased. When the shirt comes off (why not include such a seductive and required move as part of the video?) we get all of his torso in some of the sexiest, veiny most musculars I could ever wish for! There's plenty of focus on his perfectly peaked biceps too. It's no wonder Peter had the most video sales among his BestFlexing peers!

in2muslmen [16009] on 30 Dec 2019

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I've purchased a lot of custom videos from Peter and he always does a great job, so I decided to buy some of his pre-made vids. This video is terrific -- I love the intense close-up flexing that shows off his freaky vascularity. Pete always looks sexy but when he's got chest hair it drives me extra crazy! This is one HOT muscle worship video!!

musclepup [5355] on 21 Mar 2019

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You dudes lookin for MUSCLE? Massive Powerful Hunk is the vid for you. Russell is the BEST on the BestFlex .... PERIOD! You dudes into VEINS? Buy this video! Russell is vascular AF! Like damn Google Maps..... LOL... You can find your crib on his body! WARNING: For those that are intolerant to muscle, you may experience light headed, shaking, a rash, heart palpitations and painful eye discomfort. Only view Russell if into muscle and/or a bodybuilder.

jeromeroundu2 [5300] on 3 Feb 2019

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Wow! Love the way he holds the pose right in your face! Can't wait to see more from this hunk!

veinlvr [13752] on 21 Sep 2018

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Nice video but I'love to see him flexing his back. He seems huge...
Thanks :)

pujol31 [9225] on 15 Sep 2018

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