Touch My Perfect Muscles with Tom H

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Still tanned from his competition the day before, Tom is super huge and super shredded. Prepare yourself for an incredible tour of his perfect muscles as he guides you around his physique, touching his muscles all the way.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Legs | Private flex shows


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What an invitation! I think if I ever really had a chance to touch such perfect muscles as Tom's I would collapse into a quivering pile of jello! This man is the embodiment of muscle god perfection: handsome AF and supremely ripped and muscular beyond belief! I'm just glad that he enjoys working out so hard and continues to display his gorgeous bod.

His best video is simply the most recent. In this video he does what so many of our Best Flexing muscle gods (Ryan James, Adam Lincoln, Beardking, Michael) do so seductively: touch and caress their own muscles, getting you as close as possible to how such musculature would feel when flexed and relaxed. We get it all here: pecs, quads, abs, and biceps galore with excellent lighting and seductive camera angles. You'll revel in lusting after Tom's physical beauty and how lucky we are that he loves to share his achievements!

in2muslmen [31290] on 17 Nov 2020

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Another long-time fan of awesome Tom H.

Exceptional video and perfect muscle posing. Lots of striations, veins and hard muscle. My favorites chest, biceps, and legs.

sfo13m [12573] on 14 Mar 2020

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I am just a push over for Tom. You could make a video of him sitting and reading an instruction manual and I would probably buy it. He's freaking gorgeous - handsome (OMG) and with the body of death! I can't say which of the videos of him I like the most - each new one is my new favorite and this one is no exception!

popetristn [3876] on 6 Mar 2020

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The presence of this man is awe inspiring! He is so incredibly powerful. Somehow despite all his solid meat mass I still notice his eyes and handsome face. He is everything. Planet earth is a better place to be because he walks on it. I think his strong legs turn the planet with every step. He is total perfection!

TouchyFeely [1876] on 1 Mar 2020

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