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25 Minutes Of Shredded Alpha Muscle Perfection with Forbidme

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Strap yourself in, we’ve got a real muscle masterpiece for you! Fordbidme has a world class physique that’s just made for worship, and to make things even hotter he REALLY knows how to show it off! With his seductive and commanding deep voice commentary, heavy breathing and grunting from the outset, you’ll be mesmerised immediately listening to and watching this amazing stud! He starts out flexing his jaw dropping upper body in a revealing vest, pumping up with weights and making those biceps and shoulders swell to mind blowing proportions! Ripping open his vest with animalistic strength, his beautiful full pecs and shredded abs are revealed, delightfully covered in a sexy layer of sweat! The relentless flexing and commanding verbal continue as he showcases each of his stunning, vascular and aesthetic muscles, flexing and posing like a pro in his black briefs with closeups galore for you to drool over! Forbidme proves once again that he’s the ultimate muscle worship fantasy!


Abs | Arms | Chest | Cocky | Workout


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So glad this video of Forbidme’s made it into the top 20 of 2023! He's one of my top 5 BestFlexers so love it that he's getting his propers along with so many other megastuds on this site. Is it wrong for me to review his video if I haven't yet watched all the way to the end? Not sure I ever will unless I start in the middle!😆 Dude is a total muscle god and he effing knows it! We know it too because he proves it over and over in his many videos, showing off his sheer muscle size, power, and beauty! He's over the top sexy here as usual, flexing and pumping up his huge arms to the max so that he's very soon glistening with sweat, the better to show off his pec striations and deep cut abs once he rips open that poor tank top. His bulging traps as well as his cocky talk throughout are also a major turn on, seductively heightening my muscle lust until I must pay rightful tribute to such an apex alpha muscle stud. His body demands and is completely worthy of such worship‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

in2muslmen [33520] on 1 Jan 2024

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Amazing show of strength and power!
Want more of this guy ASAP

beddubi [14914] on 12 Dec 2023

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Great video. Great Biceps. Im I love Biceps. Woof

beardbeard [5440] on 28 Nov 2023

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