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Pump Up and Hulk Out with Forbidme

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Prepare yourself for over 17 minutes of mind-blowing muscle from this mega stud. Watch him pump up his massive muscles and after seeing the lust in your eyes, he even rips off his shirt to give you the full show. Every detail of his huge, shredded and vascular muscles is on full display for you to worship as he shows off.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Cocky | Legs | Shirt ripping | Workout


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what a great video. I would love if he kissed his amazing biceps while flexing.

muscleslovers [650] on 20 Jan 2024

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Forbidme's body is out of this world. So manly. And the fact that he is verbal while flexing makes him still more irresistible. In addition, he seems to be a nice person. Keep up your amazing work and all the best in your projects.

Hades46 [340] on 21 Jul 2023

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One of the best. The other reviewers say as much. If you're a fan of body builders then you know Forbidme. This man is ALWAYS shredded and STILL manages to grow mass. Outstanding

jt3333_33 [6824] on 1 Dec 2022

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Forbidme is in that rarefied group of BestFlexers (add Tom H, Ryan James, and Muscle Diamond) whose every video I MUST own. He's not just muscular, but beautifully so, which puts him at a level above most of the many other hot muscle dudes on this site. Two of his current videos have been in the top ten most popular, and it's no surprise that this extra long and sexy offering is now the third. When the sale was announced and all his recent videos were re-released I was excited to see this new offering for people like me who already own everything else. It was also fun to reread my gushing reviews because I enjoy writing about a man so alpha that no muscle worshiper can resist him! I only wish BestFlex had gone back even further for some of Forbidme’s even earlier videos like “Cocky Muscle God Oils Up” and “Sexy Muscle Shower” in which an adept cameraman covers him from all the angles. He’s been gorgeous beyond belief for years and recently even more so as he builds up his physique for competition readiness and muscle god sexiness!

Perhaps he’ll add these Best Flex staple activities for one of his next videos. I for one would be super excited, just as I was when watching this video. Forbidme flexes to the max NONSTOP, grunting and straining to bring out his striations and veins. Eventually he starts to glisten with a bit of sweat as his muscles get more and more pumped up. Then he rips open that poor tank top to reveal his deep cut abs and obliques and we're only one third through! His cocky talk and obvious pride in his achievements only heighten his muscular appeal as he displays his beautiful body. I'm obviously a forever fan‼️💪🏼🔥😻

in2muslmen [33520] on 16 Nov 2022

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