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SPECTACULAR - Amazing Alpha Pec Show with Forbidme

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When this commanding hunk asks if you’re ready to see the best pecs in town, you know he means business. There is something just oh so hot about this alpha stud, dominating and powerful but in such a natural and tender way. He oozes charisma and sex appeal and mesmerises us muscle fans; you simply cannot take your eyes off him!

Forbidme’s physique is world class, and you’ll be glued to the screen immediately watching those huge muscle tits bounce and battle against his tank top. Off it comes, and then the fun really begins, as he flaunts, flexes and manipulates his thick, developed and gargantuan chest from every angle imaginable!

The oil up segment of this video is one of the hottest we’ve ever seen. It is relentless, and it will have you gripping on for dear life, jaw to the floor! Forbidme literally pours oil and lets it spill, drip and cascade over his enormous pecs, doing nothing to catch the drips and rub it in, just letting you watch in awe and ecstasy. And then he does it again. TWICE! You will not see oiling up as hot as this anywhere else, and you’ll be screaming at the screen for him to have mercy on you! Eventually, our gorgeous god rubs in the oil, creating muscle tits so big, juicy and shiny they can’t possibly be real! If you’ve managed to make it this far, some upper body flexing and a naughty smile will have you positively gushing!


Chest | Cocky | sPECtacular


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Every video of Forbidme’s is a total muscle worship fantasy made real, and here, he displays his muscle and sex appeal with such raw potency it will take your muscle lust to new heights! He starts off in a tank top previewing his huge striated pecs but quickly removes it because he knows we're all here for the main thing, that is his mountainous, striated pecs! I love a man with such unabashed confidence bordering on arrogance when it comes to his rightly deserved pride in his muscular perfection. His cocky attitude only heightens his apex alpha obviousness as he boasts nonstop about his huge, striated, rock solid pecs!

And then there's the oil! I've been waiting for YEARS for a revisit to this classic TBF video style by Forbidme. The first video of his that I ever bought is one of my go-tos, (“Cocky Muscle God Oils Up,” which is sadly no longer available) and it's the only other video I know of where he oils himself up. In that video an adept cameraman captured it all from every angle, particularly the upshots of oil drizzling over his pecs and down his abs. Our man controls the camera this time and gets all the closeups, upshots, and wide shots you could hope for. He knows how to apply that oil too, letting it slowly drip over his pecs and adding more and more until you're practically begging for him to start rubbing it in. I love videos like this where the muscle god caresses his own hot bod since it's neither a worshiper nor us lustful viewers! He goes on flexing and bouncing his pecs, now even more prominently glistening. You can tell he enjoys putting on his show as much as we definitely enjoy watching‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

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