Perfect Body Sensual Oil Up with Forbidme

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Forbidme’s last video contained an oil-up segment that we described as one of the hottest we’ve ever seen. And it was- until we saw this video! There’s no argument that Forbidme has a mind blowing physique, with perfect symmetry, aesthetics and massive ripped, beautiful muscle. He has a commanding attitude to go with it, with a deep sexy voice, a naughty smile and some of the most sensual hands we’ve ever seen as he manipulates and caresses his own body.

This video sees him in the bathroom, golden lighting enhancing his stunning physique as he poses in a tiny pair of briefs that hang off his gorgeous V lines. The oil comes out almost immediately, and boy does it come out! He drips, drizzles and covers himself in that oil relentlessly as it continues to enhance his perfect body to insane levels of hotness! Our expert cameraman does a stellar job of lovingly panning his assets, showing off those veiny biceps, deep valley abs and spectacular pecs that Fordbidme playfully grabs and manipulates to show off those sexy striated handfuls!

If you think you’ve made it to nearly the end of the video, you better think again as the devilish hunk grabs the oil bottle once more and literally pours and spills it down that delectable torso, not bothering to rub it in but just letting the cameraman pan and lust over his drenched golden body as the oil cascades and drips! Breathtaking!


Cocky | Oiled muscle

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