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BICEP BLOWOUT - Beautiful Oiled Up Biceps with Roman Shark

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Roman has an exquisite physique, and what’s more he really knows how to display it to get us fans excited to the max! The handsome and alluring hunk looks amazing drenched in oil, and the sensuality ramps up about 100 notches when he begins to flex and gyrate his beautiful body! His shelf-like pecs, juicy nipples, rippling abs and big quads all get plenty of camera attention, but his biceps remain the focus of today’s offering. And with veins running right down their centre, rock hard peaks and stunning definition, with Roman you’ll be in oiled-up bicep heaven!


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A verified actual MUSCLE GOD ! This man is on FIRE !!! He shows off his oiled & pumped arms, all the while giving us glances straight into our eyes and that smirk that says "I know you want to worship me". Dan, this weekend's Bicep Blowout has been off the charts and this one is the culmination of a weekend where my muscle fantasies have cum true. Others can have the cock and wank videos, but for some of us, that are true bicep worshippers, this has been mind-blowing. More Roman Shark, Hercules Desires, Andrew David, Forbidme, Mike Oxlong, Bogdan, Alexandro, Airon & Beardking PLEASE....

KRC60 [11501] on 9 Jun 2024

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