Oil and Shower featuring Serge Henir

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In his début video for TheBestFlex, this blonde super-stud is just a few days after his physique competition. He covers himself is oil before taking a slow, sexy shower. His handsome face, huge chest and perfect abs make for an incredible flexing video.


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from harlanny [8396] on 5 February 2018

If you like shower videos, this is for you, Serge is amazing.

from Peter.35 [70] on 7 May 2017

This was the first video I bought of Serge. I was impressed , so sexy and beautiful, without showing everything of his body. At the internet, I found, he is living in Russia ; he can be a first class export product!!

from obedienceandshame [2010] on 20 February 2017

I was nearly convulsing. Half way into the video, I was rolling my eyes back and begging the video for mercy. I felt like I had been beat up. Exhausted with my tongue hanging out, panting like a dog, this guy left me punch drunk! His muscles are proportionate and the lighting helps dark shadows envelope his muscles and trace them like a penciled drawing. I rarely write reviews for anything, but he was worth it. This guy owned me hardcore. I made my username after watching this video. ;)

from in2muslmen [10400] on 17 July 2016

I just love me a ripped muscle hunk! Serge is just so sexy in this video that lovingly captures his perfect biceps, pecs, and abs in so many seductive closeups. I particularly love when the camera shoots from his waist up toward his abs and pecs, as if I am on my knees ready to worship a towering mountain of muscle!

from Ron1 [40] on 3 February 2016

10 on 10 for Serge. Hot body, great face - love his haircut.
a pitty he is not livin in Belgium, I could spend hours bodyworshipping him.

Congrats Serge and all the best

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