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Imagine the scene, a tall, young hunk, just a few days after his latest competition, wearing his rightly-earned Superman shirt. It's skin tight. Everything about this stud is super. But then he invites you to come closer, and as you do, he grabs your hand and presses it against his pecs of steel. Slowly, he encourages you to explore his body. Your hands feeling so small as they follow the veins around massive biceps. Without thinking, you're on your knees, not just looking up at the God that stands before you, but reaching up and touching him too. You don't need to imagine this scene. You can experience all in this incredible video.

Duration: 11:08 | Style: Production [?] | Price: $29.99

We offer a range of video styles on our website. This video is categorised as "Production".

Filmed in full HD, these videos are well-lit and get you closer to the muscle than you could ever have imagined.

Categories: Muscle worship | Legs | Chest | Arms | Abs |

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Rated 5 stars
I just wish those hands were mine touching Tom's body and pecs. Beautiful muscles and body.

Posted on 15 January 2017

Rated 5 stars
Incredibly hot! Fulfilled both my superhero and muscle god worshipping fantasies at the same time.

Posted on 15 January 2017

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