Bathroom Flex and Worship with Tom H

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The latest in an epic line of videos from superstar Muscle God Tom H. Just witnessing this man flexing is an honour. Then to be invited to grab hold and touch his massive muscles is going to send you in to muscle heaven. Huge. Shredded. So handsome. And loves to be worshipped. What more can you ask for.


Abs | Arms | Back | Chest | Muscle worship


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These videos are the best! Don't be shy, Tom, push boundaries, let the guy squeeze your muscle even harder, feel them, use the power to even squeeze the guy!
Tom doesn't talk but he's so handsome that he doesn't need to, if it's important.

rachel0209 [1140] on 27 Oct 2019

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This video will make you glad to live on the same planet as the perfectly muscular and uber sexy Tom H! I'd have to say he is my #1 BestFlexer these days since the departure of Raul Jr! In every video Tom is both huge and ripped and he is masterful at flexing all out to show off his many assets!

This video is absolutely one of his best! One criticism I've had in some of his videos is downlighting causing too many shadows. Not so in this bathroom! The sheer flexfest in the first half gave me all I could ask for with not only his chest, abs, arms, and shoulders on gorgeous display, but also his wide back and sexy quads! Then the enviable hand comes in to explore it all and the video gets even hotter! Tom's every gorgeous muscle is admiringly caressed with plenty of attention on his striated pecs and huge veiny arms! His incredible body here is absolutely a muscle lover's paradise that you'll gladly want to revisit over and over!

in2muslmen [31290] on 15 Sep 2019

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Here I am again.

Tom H is my king. This video is insane, and I dream of touching Tom's perfect body everyday.

My favorite hands down.

Musclelover11 [2381] on 7 Jul 2019

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How is HE real? I'm so glad he is tho!
Strong silent power will capture your attention!

TouchyFeely [1876] on 21 May 2019

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