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I got a second custom and almost died. Again, if you’re not requesting customs off this beast - you’re truly missing out and that’s more muscle for me! Mwhahahaha! Can’t wait to watch this machine grow more and more

DC97TBF [1265] on 9 Jan 2024

I got a custom recently. Holy xxxx is all I can say. Mans a tank. Subscribe to him and make this beast more of the muscle god he deserves to be.

DC97TBF [1265] on 17 Dec 2023

I recently bought a custom video from Alex and he exceeded my expectations. In addition to putting on an amazing flex and jerk show, he was very prompt in making/sending the video after I paid for it. He also excels at being just verbal enough to make the experience feel like he is in the room but not so verbal that it feels forced or over the top. He left me feeling like we met in person and definitely wanting more.

Alex is A+++ is my book.

rwphx2016 [1980] on 6 May 2023

Slightly belated review, but Alex made me quite possibly the greatest custom video I’ve ever received. He took on my script and nailed it, every single detail. The video was so professional and well made and Alex sold everything in the role play. He is in absolutely amazing shape and has the sexiest British accent. Can’t wait for our next video!

mb707 [690] on 12 Feb 2023

Absolute natural dominant attitude to go along with his massive muscles! Thank you for the vid!

chompsticks.15 [2341] on 26 Nov 2022

Bought another video. Alex made it quicker than expected and nailed it despite the few details that I gave. Maybe he just knows what I'm looking for by now.

Alex is very kind and easy to work with. Can't recommend him enough! Look forward to working with you again soon!

Maxxiboi [275] on 7 Oct 2022

Alex Muscle Flex replied...
Thanks man i appreciate the kind comments 👊

I received my first custom from Alex, and I have to say what an incredible experience it has been working with him. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Brits do it ALL better, and Alex is no exception. From start to finish, he was very responsive, attentive, professional, and friendly. Very rarely do we find welcoming models on this site, and thankfully, Alex made me feel at ease talking with him. What I thought was a pleasant surprise and impressed me was the reflective-thinking technique he used after sending him the details of my request; where he repeated everything I said back to me in order to ensure that we were on the same page and could deliver exactly what I wanted. This one is a gem for sure. Really, I feel like I got more than I paid for because he delivers such high quality, top-tier, premium level material. I would jump now, while he's offering an affordable rate. As for me, he's gained a new follower and fan. When the time comes, I will definitely be coming back for more.

bitchcraft96 [1019] on 30 Sep 2022

Alex Muscle Flex replied...
Hey man thank you i appreciate thr kind review 💪

I've commission several videos from this big boy and I can confirm he's absolutely stunning. He has a big smile on his face that's fantastic. Furthermore a dominant specimen.

KavanS [2789] on 21 Sep 2022

Alex Muscle Flex replied...
Aha thanks man im glad you are my fan, look forward to more video with yourself 💪

Bought two videos from Alex. He does a great job with his videos! He has an amazing physique and he's good at role play. Thank you, Alex!

Maxxiboi [275] on 31 Aug 2022

Ordered my first custom from Alex, and, damn, he delivered a masterpiece. Not only is he a kind person to interact with, he's a damn good roleplayer. He took my script and just ran with it. I'm going back to him for sure. Thanks!

feandkh [1031] on 30 Aug 2022

Alex Muscle Flex replied...
Haha love a good script 😉 Thank you

Just received my first custom from him. Like others have said, super friendly and fast! I gave him a really detailed custom request and he met nearly all my criteria, and I gave a very specific list. Fantastic video quality, audio quality, and roleplaying.

randomguyy1111 [1115] on 21 Jul 2022

Alex Muscle Flex replied...
Thank you man i appreciate the kind review! Im glad you enjoyed

Just got my first custom! Friendly and fast delivery! Man, he put a hot vid together for me! Looking forward to doing more with this sexy muscle beast!!

oilboy4u [1497] on 11 Mar 2022

Alex Muscle Flex replied...
Hey man thank you! Im goad you enjoyed the videos

I had another video commission from this guy and what an amazing one. He's absolutely worth any cent paid. Sexy, huge, and absolutely friendly and accommodating. 5 stars well deserved.

KavanS [2789] on 3 Mar 2022

I've received few videos from this guy. I can say that his physique is absolutely amazing. He's kind and accommodating on the requests. Highly recommended.

KavanS [2789] on 4 Jan 2022

I received my first video from this very talented body builder. He was easy to work with and promptly delivered a high quality video. He is a great poser and has an outstanding physique. He is preparing for a competition, so now would be a great time to follow his progress, which I intend to do. I highly recommend him.

caldermark [28050] on 16 Jul 2021

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