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Young Muscle God

18, 193cm (6'4"), 101kg (222 lbs)

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AlphaJ0n has 31 reviews.

from dman123dman [280] on 21 April 2019

This guy used to be great, but he now believes his own bs and has become an egotistical jerk. I paid him, then we went silent for 20 minutes so I figured he scammed me and I left. When I logged back on a few days later he said "I told you I was in the bathroom" which was a complete lie that he then admitted when I showed him his own chat back. He then said it didn't matter, that if I wanted the show I had to pay again, that was his "rule". Told him no, I was not going to be extorted. He then went on some self serving rant about how great he is. He started out like many cam guys do, nice and treating the payer as a customer. Then they start to believe their own crap and think they are owed everything. When you forget that we are customers and can take our money elsewhere, and that a reputation will stick, you are soon doomed. Jon Sidoti has gotten to that point. AVOID. he's a disrespectful thief.

AlphaJ0n replied...
mind taking this down and messaging me on skype

from Mark [161] on 11 February 2019

He's just AMAZING, he knows exactly how to manipulate and control you, he knows how to get into your head and own you, he's a LEGEND.

from littlelunch [6509] on 21 January 2019

I write this review two months after receiving it. It is not my first video from Jon but it will be my last.
The custom he did was so appalling bad it is one of only two that I deleted, and believe me I order plenty.
He agreed to re-make and now two months on when pushed he said yes he will make again. The deadline I gave has expired so on top of the poor show he has no idea of how to treat a paying customer with any respect.
He has a great body and attitude in show (as proved in the first video which I gave a great review for) but the wheels totally fell off with this transaction and there won't be any more from me.
Another model to be blocked and forgotten, there are far better on here.
(I gave two stars as, shit as it was, he did make a video. For me one star reviews are for people that can't even to that)

from musclebitch [114] on 22 December 2018

Alpha is right. He is alpha and then some. He figured me out quick and then I was like a toy in his hands. Powerful body. Everything I like to worship.

from NYmuscleFan [8] on 13 December 2018

He was very rude to me when I asked to show verification even by a video chat. He called me a pussy faggot.

AlphaJ0n replied...
hope we can get this fixed , i dont talk that way message me again

from littlelunch [6509] on 14 August 2018

Just got my first custom off this young muscle giant, he has the alpha going on and what's not to like about that stunning body!
He was fast in responding and I received the video on time and to expectations.
Nice one big man!

from hmwrkslv [15] on 12 August 2018

He is smart and really knows how to push my triggers. Just 19. And he is built. And I really like He is reliable despite being so cocky and dominant

from Caffeinated_md [5] on 26 July 2018

5 star experience!!

Amazing physique with great aesthetics. Tall kid at 6'5" and sitting at 240lbs. Great separation in quads, ripped and great taper.

Easy to communicate with, great cam shows. He loves to flex, enthusiastic show. Knowledge and passionate about bodybuilding with goals of growing even bigger. I'm excited to see his progress. Can't recommend him enough.

from myposian [45] on 26 July 2018

I keep coming back for more. Great rates, great show, and even better body. Always follows through on shows and delivers even more than promised. Get a show, you won't regret it! What a stud.

from MuscleLover22 [136] on 22 July 2018

Alpha J0n gave me exactly what I wanted. Muscular, hot as hell and he knows it. I wanted to worship an eager-to-please confident alpha, and he delivered. I believe if I wanted a simple, vanilla "flex for me" show without the arrogance, he would have delivered that. But I wanted to worship. The only bad review on here doesn't gel with my experience. Since I have done at least 5 shows with Alpha J0n I would know if he had issues, didn't deliver or was a problem. I would have written him a good review here way back, but I only just discovered he is here on Best Flex.

from Jay4muscle [155] on 18 July 2018

Just had the best cam show ever with Jon. Best cam show ever period. This guy is looking massive. Sitting at 240 lbs but still ripped and defined. Tricep horseshoe pops like I’ve never seen. I realized while he was flexing and working hard during the show that what sets him apart is his energy. He loves to flex. He loves to make sure you have the best experience you can get. Seriously can’t recommend him enough!

from DiamondBear [120] on 12 July 2018

Really great experience, very enthusiastic and delivered the video in record time. Would absolutely recommend.

from Jay4muscle [155] on 12 July 2018

Been getting cam shows and videos on a regular basis now with Jon and he is consistently professional, timely, and respectful. Never encountered a cam guy like him before. Recent review is so far from my experiences with Jon it's like the reviewer is describing someone else. Will continue to go back to Jon again and again for the best physique and best shows ever. And he just gets better.

from TM95 [315] on 27 June 2018

Guy has serious issues. He is only here to scam and I question those positive comments. He's not a well person. Messed up,in the head and uses threatening language.

AlphaJ0n replied...
this has to be the same guy writting all bad reviews .

from marin [30] on 26 June 2018

Just bought and amazing video from alpha Jon! It was beyond cocky and he really put me in my Slave place! Def would recommend to buy from him!!!

from hmwrkslv [15] on 24 June 2018

He is actually 19 and all man! And really perfect body and looks down to his size 14 feet. But what is best is his voice and natural alpha power and superiority. This confidence and alpha presence is something you are just born with. Totally professional. He is going to be huge. Never thought would write a positive review much less for a teen God!

AlphaJ0n replied...
haha thanks thats what im talking about !!!! time to grow !

from Jay4muscle [155] on 14 June 2018

Recently had a few shows and videos from John and it was nothing short of perfect experiences all around. John is extemely easy to work with and I found him respectful and accommodating. He gets an enormous amount of requests so I understand it can be difficult for him to reply to everyone and meet their needs immediately but I was patient and it was well worth the wait. Best physique out there and at such a young age he's exceptional. The key to working with John, and any model here, is to respect him and his time.

AlphaJ0n replied...
thanks I appreciate that love working with you still to this day !

from TillXXX [528] on 13 June 2018

I gave up recently and I'm just going to echo what others have said from the experience I had recently, he's rude and I'll be looking elsewhere. I wish things could have turned out differently.

AlphaJ0n replied...
no comment

from ew718 [26] on 12 June 2018

Just so you know, this guy is violent and nasty. Granted, we had a discussion in which he did not like that I didn't want to pay him $2,000 for a meet up. That's totally fine, prices don't always match up, but threatening to beat someone up is a no go. I'm sure he's good on cam, but avoid meeting up.

yeah nigga im not a hooker you bum

2:52 PM
Okay. Well then, sorry this didn't work.

Jon, 2:52 PM
if i saw you in person id beat you the fuck up and take youre wallet

fucking bum
2:53 PM
You have no idea what I'm capable of.
I don't play games. I'm glad this didn
didn't work because you would have gotten hurt.
You need to be careful out here Jon. You're gonna get the wrong gay dude.

AlphaJ0n replied...
this guy wanted to give me a rim job and use me as a hooker .sorry but not sorry I'm not a hooker.

from Austin Muscle Fan [16] on 10 June 2018

Amazingly easy to work with and responsive. Videos were everything I asked for and delivered in agreed time frame. Not sure what else needs to be said since his pics speak for themselves!

AlphaJ0n replied...
thanks so much glad you enjoyed come back again ;)

from TillXXX [528] on 7 June 2018

I personally have had a fair experience with him but he just is not around and is doing all of these other things. I would have given him 3 but he did surprise me with a skype call and said hi and stuff (and like I said I have had no huge problems) which I liked. Idk I'll stick around but I might move to someone else, I truly liked what he did for me in the past but I just prefer cam guys who are around more and not as busy.

AlphaJ0n replied...
i do agree this is the summer looking like this i spend a ton of time working on my body

from ipay4being [320] on 21 March 2018

Awesome alpha attitude, awesome body. Gave me exactly what I needed. He really got into my scene and after the cam session was over, he sent a few photos to keep me going until our next session. Really got me going.

AlphaJ0n replied...
Glad you enjoyed my hard work

from willcummin69 [38] on 15 February 2018

Wow, John is an amazing guy. One look at his progress so far and you'll be able to see that he is going to be enormous in no time! Very friendly and I highly recommend him!

AlphaJ0n replied...

from MuscleLover22 [136] on 30 January 2018

I don't understand what the guy who wrote the review previous to mine is talking about. This Kid was very respectful. He let me set MY Alpha boundary's. He was not an egomaniac. But he has every right to be confident, which he is. I love his type of muscular body and he flexed for me exactly the way I asked him to. What a satisfying great muscle worship show. I recommend AlphaJon highly

from Dungu789 [485] on 28 January 2018

Had y 2nd show now - and wow - what a treat, fantastic physique - incredible arms, pecs, abs, shoulders and legs.

Great personality too, and what a bod for such a young guy. certainly will be going places and someone to keep an eye on.

Cant wait to se what he will look like for his november show - he will kill it on stage for sure and blow the competition away.

Highly recommended for a show to help with his sponsorship for his competition

from Jakester [1750] on 28 January 2018

Just had my first show...he is a GIANT...tall..handsome.....muscular.......great deep voice. He is great to work with....real understanding....but he is a Dominant..Alpha GOD. Hope to do many more shows with this Giant of a Muscle God......

from qwigybo [170] on 28 January 2018

excellent show with this guy! Very easy to work with too!

from jDogg345 [925] on 26 January 2018

For being so young, he took to this scene pretty well. The mark of a true alpha. We exchanged information, discussed a show, set a time, pre-paid, and had fun. Professional and HOT.

from Einlondon [105] on 25 January 2018

just had a show. all i can say is that i agree with the other reviews here... he was the hot cocky guy i expected and delivered a great show.

from zane79 [105] on 22 January 2018

Amazing looking guy in every way and easy to talk to. Definitely recommended!

from rolling [65] on 21 January 2018

This kid provides a great show. He's got a beautiful body and is exceptionally tall. Very accommodating of requests and responsive to feedback during. Would definitely recommend. He's working towards a show so his physique will continue to improve.

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Age 18
Height 193cm (6'4")
Weight 101kg (222 lbs)
Eyes Other
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Other


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