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French muscles

31, 176cm (5'9"), 106kg (233 lbs)

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from MikesBigArms [1991] on 18 April 2019

Has anyone heard from BigVin? I paid for a video last week, but as of today, I have not received it. And, he has not replied back to my messages. He's a great guy, and has always been reliable in the past.

from FREDFROMFRANCE [110] on 18 December 2018

Que puis je dire de nouveaux sur Kevin.... rien, sauf qu'il est plus énorme et massif qu'auparavant.
A part ça, il est et restera toujours le même : honnête, droit, respectueux, une personne qui se soucie de celui qu'il a face à lui. C'est un mec en or qui mérite d'être découvert pour ceux qui ne le connaissent pas encore et pour les autres, continuer à le suivre, vous ne serez jamais déçus.

What can I say new about Kevin .... nothing, except that it is more massive and huge than before.
Other than that, he is and will always remain the same: honest, upright, respectful, a person who cares about the one he has in front of him. This is a golden guy who deserves to be discovered for those who do not know him yet and for others, continue to follow him, you will never be disappointed

Bigvin replied...
Fred un grand merci a toi pour ce commentaire t'es un mec en or, merci pour tout change pas.

from MikesBigArms [1991] on 10 December 2018

I'm not sure about what happened to the two individuals that gave Vin 1 star ratings, but that has not been my experience with this mass monster. I've bought videos and done cam shows with him, and he has always been reliable, and easy to do business with. Vin sends me custom videos usually, on the same day I request it. His shows are the best. He makes you feel comfortable, and is easy to talk with. Big Vin is always eager to please, that's why his shows are so much fun. Buy a custom video, and you will get exactly what you asked for. He is a very sexy, charming guy, and has an amazing physique. I highly recommend him, and rate him *****5 stars

Bigvin replied...
Thanks a lot for your request mike . Happy to hear that.

from a90 [410] on 5 December 2018

This guy is a huge thief and scammer. He took a lot of money for a video and pretends that he has done the video. Then he cuts you off. When you complain to PayPal. He claims he gave you the video and you are stealing from him. He is a disgusting thief. The below review is obviously real. He is to be avoided.

Bigvin replied...
its really bad request and I don t why.

from Lucas Montgomery.15 [25] on 1 December 2018

scammed. sent the payment via paypal and he has never replied.

Bigvin replied...
I don't know why you say that , and make bad reviews. Its not my style to do that .

from meistermax [540] on 9 April 2018

Big Vin is not just a truly massive athlete, he also likes to pose and knows how to do that. It was easy to talk and agree on a custom video, which he took almost instantly. Really a great experience, a straight A in my book :).

Bigvin replied...
Thanks a lot for your good review man.

from FREDFROMFRANCE [110] on 8 April 2018

Encore un show avec Kévin pour qui j'ai beaucoup d'estime et que j'apprécie énormément. C'est un mec d'une incroyable gentillesse, en or et toujours prêt à vous faire plaisir. L'essayer c'est l'adopter

Another show with Kevin for whom I have a lot of esteem and that I appreciate enormously. He is a guy of incredible kindness, in gold and always ready to please you. To try him is to adopt him

Bigvin replied...
L estime est réciproque Fred change rien , thanks.

from Eric Annandale [15] on 6 April 2018

First of all, this gentleman is very polite and immediately set me at ease during his show. I ordered a custom video and it exceeded my expectations. I can recommend him and wish him well.

Bigvin replied...
Thanks Eric its a pleasure to deal with you.

from autoficu [216] on 2 April 2018

Impressive body and easy to deal with. He deliveres very fast. I whish more guys would be as reliable as him.
highly recommended.

Bigvin replied...
Thank you for the review .

from Dido13 [235] on 19 March 2018

A very nice experience on cam today with bigvin ! He is very easy to deal with, interesting and has a vrey great body that he knows how to flex !
I will come back soon :)

Bigvin replied...
Nice experience too and thanks for the reviews.

from FREDFROMFRANCE [110] on 16 March 2018

Que dire du moment que je viens de passer avec Bigvin en cam to cam excepté que ce fut un pur bonheur. Il est incroyablement gentil, souriant très à l'écoute et de plus énorme (ce qui ne gâche rien). Alors pour tous les fans de gros muscles, n'hésitez pas et contactez le vous ne le regretterez pas.

What can I say about the moment I just spent with Bigvin in cam to cam except that it was pure happiness. He is incredibly kind, smiling very attentive and above all enormous (which does not spoil anything). So for all fans of big muscles, do not hesitate and contact him you will not regret it.

Bigvin replied...
Merci beaucoup plaisir partagé très bon moment. Thank a lot for the good time we have together.

from djmuscleflex [15335] on 16 March 2018

Just received my 1st custom video from Big Vin. EXACTLY what I was looking for. I asked him to pose extremely slowly to enjoy the muscle and show is vascularity and that is exactly what I was looking for. Most bodybuilders even if you ask them to pose slow, they don't. He is one of the few who does. A Real Pleasure to Deal with. Very Responsive and Respectful.

Bigvin replied...
Pleasure too to make this video. Happy you like it, thanks for the review.

from BigAndy [259] on 15 March 2018

Very big, beefy and handsome. A please to deal with too.

Bigvin replied...
Thanks a lot, it was a pleasure for me too.

from zipper [1290] on 13 March 2018

I ordered custom photos from him and he did exactly what I wanted! He is very nice and easy to talk to. Highly recommended!

Bigvin replied...
Thanks a lot for your reviews .

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Age 31
Height 176cm (5'9")
Weight 106kg (233 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Latin