Blonde muscle boy

19, 191cm (6'3"), 93kg (205 lbs)

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Blonde muscle boy


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About me

Doing camshows and videorequests!
Add me on Skype to discuss what you want: Blondiboyy

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from arMando [35] on 10 April 2021

Blonde Muscle Boy is a gift from up above. I respect him and love his blonde hair and how he pushes his sexy hands between them. His beautiful blue eyes make me feel happy to be alive.

from surfahripz16 [1152] on 6 April 2021

I've encountered more than my share of scam flexers (who may or may not be real bodybuilders) on TBF, and I've always immediately given them a 1-star (*) rating to warn other potential clients/customers that entering into a relationship with this person is AYOR.

With Blondmuscle, I can honestly say that he is genuinely interested in satisfying his customers and maintaining solid professional relations with everyone.

I've given him a 5-star (*****) rating in the past, and I continue to do so in 2021 without any reservations at all. He's a young European who's had his ups and downs, but a scam artist he's not. He's genuinely a very good person.

If you're still hesitant about doing a show with him, I would advise you ask him if you can pay him upfront half the price he's asking, then pay the other half he's owed after he's delivered -- be it a show or a video.

from surfahripz16 [1152] on 12 July 2020

I've done several Skype shows with this European hunk, and I can honestly say he always gives rock-solid performances above and beyond what is the norm for most TBF Skypers, most of whom are irritating clock watchers.

With very reasonable rates.

Moreover, he is one of the easiest bodybuilders to talk to. He genuinely enjoys having fans. Nice dude.

I can't speak for other reviewers, but I've recommended friends to him, and all have come away satisfied.

Highest recommendation! (My only reservation is that I don't know how he or any other bodybuilder is like when on drugs, and I've met several pumpers who were so f*cked up they couldn't even remember receiving money for a show from me.)

from vulcan [315] on 23 May 2020

Issue is certainly not resolved. Not sure what resolved means...he got my money and I got taken for a fool. Video was supposed to be made same or next day. I think I paid and discussed this with this guy at the end of April. Then 24 hours turned into 168 hours.....which turned into 336 hours. I had actually left a previous review at this point but removed it after this guy contacted me on skype....there was even a "Resolved" notification after my first comment to my that 12-24 hou agreement is over the 500 hour mark and so i must cut ties. I've been told that he is unable ( unwilling ) to return the money. Working just 8 days a month in the local Intensive Care unit doesn't leave me with much money but does leave me with plenty of time to enjoy life. Not sure what hurts most. The fact I've had to go to work with patients on life support which can be very risky at times to earn my money for living expenses only to have it taken or the fact that this model seems very chilled about having a financial transaction go in his direction only. There are some great models on here. If anyone wants to see this model live or via custom ( lol ) then I can suggest some great guys , fun , respectful and truthful...just ask here and i wil list a few or look at my previous reviews. BUt again , please heed my warning about this particular model and......AVOID or suffer the consequences

from vulcan [315] on 4 May 2020

I've written a dozen reviews on some great guys on this site. Never before given less then 4 * so giving just 1 * to Blondmuscle is a first. Don't want to spend too much energy writing a lot as all my energy is taken up right now working in I.C.U. so instead of a review I will simply give a warning.......... Avoid

Blondmuscle replied...
Issue is solved

Blondmuscle has 4 more reviews. Read them all here.

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Age 19
Height 191cm (6'3")
Weight 93kg (205 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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