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Josh has the looks, the physique, the skill & the power. Biceps to die for and a gent to boot. Highly Recommend

eire22 [790] on 18 Jul 2022

He truly is the best of the best, knows how to rock my world thanks so much

longbyname [1217] on 5 Jul 2022

Josh is the real deal. He's back in action and doing his thing. Got a sexy custom video from him and, as always, he delivered!! He's got a body that won't quit, knows how to show it off, and always leaves you satisfied. He's also the sweetest guy around. You won't regret trusting him:)

ja8690 [1515] on 29 Jun 2022

Great at custom videos and shows a gent to deal with. Highly recommend

longbyname [1217] on 26 Apr 2020

Just got my second video from Josh yesterday. Incredible! Showed off all his amazing muscles and assets to perfection. It was also a quick turnaround from payment to receiving the video. This guy is sexy no matter what he does.

ja8690 [1515] on 21 Sep 2019

Josh is simply awesome. He is worth every second you can spend either seeing him online or chatting away on skype. He looks unbelievable - i am not sure how it is possible to look that good.

Athlete22 [5] on 15 Aug 2019

It did take him a while to reply to my first message but since then he was really easy and fun to talk to and I had my amazingly hot custom video in no time.
And don't even get me started on his looks ...!

Karuc [85] on 12 Aug 2019

Whatever you do, you MUST connect with this man...and I do mean MAN! Just received an amazing video from him and enjoyed every second. This guy is the real deal - muscular, sexy, and gorgeous. Believe me, you will thank yourself.

ja8690 [1515] on 8 Aug 2019

Did another video yesterday. Amazing shape and amazing quality. A real step up in his game recently and always a pleasure to deal with

coolio00 [1090] on 30 Jul 2019

This is to cover the fact that JayTee is amazing and we have done so many live shows in the past. Always a pleasure speaking and camming with this guy. Amazing physique and an overall incredibly good looking lad

coolio00 [1090] on 29 Jul 2019

Such a hassle to get a video off of. He replies at the start but then just doesn't reply when your ready for the video. Really annoying, it is supposed to be an easy process but he makes it feel like hell

AmeliaSevenson [95] on 12 Feb 2019

Bradley Summers replied...
Contact me on skype anytime thanks for the feedback :)

For my 3rd video, he was so nice to skype me to make sure he is doing the right thing on my custom request. I promised him that I will make 3 reviews for him which is very rare for me. he is my new favorite and will do another custom!! TAKE NOTE! HIS PRICE FOR CUSTOM VIDEO IS REASONABLE !! THIS GUY IS ACTUALLY A MODEL AND HAS A LOT OF FOLLOWERS IN INSTAGRAM ! so you are lucky if you have a custom video of him:)

muscledome [335] on 14 Dec 2018

2nd video is much better!! he did above and beyond !! he was very nice to talk to and very easy he will make you feel that you are the only customer and his focus is only for you when you are doing the transaction. Very honest guy and he is a man of his words!! delivered my fetish custom video within 2 hours!!

muscledome [335] on 14 Dec 2018

He is awesome! one of the coolest guy on this website! he is very approachable and open to any requests you like. I ordered my very first video to him (fetish custom video) and it was so great. Easy to deal with and delivered within 12 hours. Very handsome guy!! five star for you buddy.!!

muscledome [335] on 14 Dec 2018

Run, don't walk, to get a video from Josh. He is handsome beyond your wildest imagination, and has a bodybuilding physique to match. His arms are incredible. He was super efficient. He replied to my e-mails promptly and delivered an amazing video within hours of receiving payment.

azstar [317] on 11 Dec 2018

Awesome. Jay Tee is world class - thick full aesthetic muscles.

usefulpig [766] on 5 Dec 2018

I had a great experience buying videos from him. He was really easy to deal with and he couldn't have been any nicer during our conversations which is always a huge plus for me. I was sent a video the same night that I paid him - literally within two hours. There was a little bit of a mix-up with the video he sent me first of all but he corrected it straight away with no issues whatsoever; he was really generous and said the wrong video he sent me would just be a "freebie" before he sent me the one I'd requested! I can honestly say he's one of the nicest people I've bought videos from and he is definitely going to the top of my list for recommendations. I would love to get more videos from him, he delivered an excellent show and he really deserves a lot of support!

Andrew1446 [1655] on 4 Dec 2018

Guys an absolute beast and such a great guy to deal with. Always gives the best show.s.

coolio00 [1090] on 4 Dec 2018

I have no idea why it's only me that's had such a terrible experience, really had high hopes. I asked for a pretty specific video, the terms were agreed and I paid. In the 2 months since, I have been told what I asked isn't actually possible, ignored multiple times and even laughed at when I said I'll be chasing up a refund through PayPal. In his words "Go for it buddy you chase that up cause it’s illegal to buy stuff like that from PayPal ????". I've finally caved and lodged a dispute through PayPal. Complete waste of my time and the worst experience I've had on this site, I have the entire Skype chat saved.

pod_rick [1210] on 4 Dec 2018

Bradley Summers replied...
Hey, I’m not sure what you are getting at here thanks for getting my PayPal permanently banned and ruining my future shows with people.

What can I say...behind that cute, boyish and handsome face is a cheeky, confident and friendly guy with oodles of charisma. Add to that a flawlessly muscled physique and you have a modern day adonis. When my session with him was over I immediatly wanted another. He is super addictive!

alexranfan [5] on 25 Jul 2018

Bradley Summers replied...
Glad to hear it buddy hope to see you again very soon

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