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20, 185cm (6'1"), 82kg (180 lbs)

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FITStudent has 33 reviews.

from beefy4muscle [4170] on 2 April 2021

First custom from him Very quick delivery

FITStudent replied...

from jkstad [100] on 27 March 2021

Mihai continues to get better and better. His body is lean, his attitude is sexy and he is responsive and reliable.

He’s so young and yet so mature- I just wish he lived closer so we could meet in person!

FITStudent replied...

from meonly74 [425] on 14 March 2021

This guy is amazing. Does what u want and is always great at what he does. I recommend very much.

FITStudent replied...
Thank u!

from VentusHeart [1167] on 9 March 2021

FITStudent is always excited about making new videos, he's open to EVERYTHING and never failed at making quality.

He always delivers the perfect amount of aesthetic, flexing and hotness. Don't miss a chance to experience a duo video... You will LOVE it.

He came, he saw, he conquered us.

FITStudent replied...

from davparis [507] on 7 March 2021

Veni Vedi Vici.
Those words, now written on his chest, suggest his current mind. You will adore him. His shape is, for me, just so impressive. I know this guy for a while, and I've seen him getting stronger and more confident. I love to see how he flexes his perfect rounded biceps. You'll love to worship him and talk with him. Trust me, you will love his humour, and come back again and again ...

FITStudent replied...
You was with me even in my hard times, thank you So much for everything!

from Jaynuke1 [8120] on 3 March 2021

Most recent update video just sent. Physique is crazy shredded. Preps for the contest are going very well for FITStudent. You have got to see for yourself. Abs, biceps, chest and triceps and jacked!! Veins are coming in very well. Recommend a custom video or show!!!

FITStudent replied...
My pleasure, you know what s our fav muscle Haha!

from Jaynuke1 [8120] on 24 February 2021

Mihai has been working on his physique in preparation for a competition. His abs are cut, his chest is huge and his vascularity is improving every day!!

Hit him up for a show or custom video, you won’t be disappointed!!

from jkstad [100] on 6 January 2021

Had a cam show with Fitstudent today. He was amazing- his body is very defined and he bulges in all the right places!

He has a great attitude and is a real alpha. I would recommend him!

FITStudent replied...
Thank you!

from alex_28 [629] on 28 December 2020

I have to agree with the other reviews here.. This man is just stunning! Beautiful muscular body, super handsome and so nice and friendly, so nice to talk to. I had a awesome time with him and will be back for sure!

FITStudent replied...
Woah, huuugs!

from Vanyelsf [71] on 6 December 2020

I’ve been following this model since he started here. His progress has been amazing!! He’s one of the friendliest and easiest people to work with and if you want something he is quick to respond. Honestly this is the guy you want to go to for any requests.... and his body is at its peak right now! Guys he’s simply amazing!!!

FITStudent replied...
Thank youu!!! Hugs!

from davparis [507] on 5 December 2020

I know quite good this man for more than one year. He is so serious on his work that his muscles gains are amazing. He's so proud to show you his new muscles. He's pumped as hell, hot as nobody, and so cute.
Just ask him, you won't regret at all. I love to see him flex hard for me. So hot !

from davparis [507] on 5 December 2020

I know quite good this man for more than one year. He is so serious on his work that his muscles gains are amazing. He's so proud to show you his new muscles. He's pumped as hell, hot as nobody, and so cute.
Just ask him, you won't regret at all. I love to see him flex hard for me. So hot !

FITStudent replied...

from VentusHeart [1167] on 2 December 2020

Amazing fit boy !!! I've been knowing him for one year and he won his place in my top 3 favorite muscle guys of the site.

Nice to deal with, generous, friendly, careful... FITSTudent serves everything we need from muscle guys.

Secret tip: he has the most beautiful legs i've ever seen and his butt is yummy.

Highly recommend him.

FITStudent replied...
Thank youuu!!

from Tedhayman [2390] on 9 October 2020

just had an incredible first cam show with this guy... not only is he a lovely guy, he’s incredibly hot and knows how to deliver. he took the time to find out exactly what i wanted... i’ll be back for more xx

FITStudent replied...
Thank you!

from xorne [379] on 24 September 2020

Tall and Towering Fitstudent impresses me every time. Impresses, intimidates and imposes!!! the size he puts between each interaction is insane!! love to watch him grow! a grand 5 start recommendation is in order!!!!

from davparis [507] on 26 August 2020

Another flex show with this friendly gorgeous muscle man. I love to see him pumping his muscles for me, and he really loves to do it. If you search a cute muscle show man, then you're at the right place! You'll love to admire him and see his gains. And he loves to please you ... Don't hesitate anymore !

FITStudent replied...
Always here to flex for you. one of the best support i recive from u and i know Dav from the beginning.

from sebie [165] on 21 August 2020

Really amazing show, good commubiaction, very trustworthy, good chat - hot sexy body. 5 massive stars

FITStudent replied...
Thank you!!

from mykelhm [310] on 1 August 2020

A genuine guy and with an incredible personality and physique! Really takes the time to get to know you to deliverer exactly what you want and more! I highly recommend and will definitely be coming back!

FITStudent replied...
So Nice from you M, always ready for some action with you!

from Hornybttmboy [60] on 31 July 2020

What an amazing body and also very smart guy. He made me feel important all day by messaging and chatting which was really nice. He is so attentive, sexy and muscular he blew my mind. He made me feel like I was the only guy here and took care of all my needs in every little detail. I cant recommend him enough. ????????????

FITStudent replied...
1hr show with you wasn’t enought. You are such a great man. I only can say thank you!!

from xorne [379] on 24 July 2020

Fitstudent has put on some serious mass since i last did a show with him. You would not suspect he is 19 with his current size!! His confidence is overwhelming as well as his ego which takes the whole show! I definitely recommend!

from meonly74 [425] on 18 July 2020

Bought again from him and he just gets better. Open to creative ideas and loves doing what he does and it shows making it for a great experience.

FITStudent replied...
Thank you So much!! I try to become better everyday !

from Anthony [125] on 14 July 2020

Great body, great show. I recommend him

FITStudent replied...
Thank you So much!

from VentusHeart [1167] on 26 June 2020

Another epic moment with FitStudent.

He delivered me a great video. Everything is on point: the poses, the attitude, the quality...

Definfitely a new staple on The Best Flex.

FITStudent replied...
Glad i meet people like you!

from meonly74 [425] on 23 June 2020

I have bought from him before and he always delivers what is asked. Such a nice and great guy who aims to please.

FITStudent replied...
My pleasure!

from Vanyelsf [71] on 12 May 2020

Chatting with this man is amazing! He’s attentive and easy to talk to and the video I was provided was just fantastic! He’s just simply a fantastic guy who gives grade a product! I’ll come back again and again!

FITStudent replied...
Love to talk with this man! I really enjoy spending time with him! Thank you for review!

from VentusHeart [1167] on 11 May 2020

This guy is high key my favorite hunk of the moment.

He always delivers great content, seductive talks... In a very natural way. It's like he was born to pleasure thirsty guys <3

Really go for him.

FITStudent replied...
Thank you so much Tony! You guys are awesome!!

from Bob1234 [1750] on 13 March 2020

I recently purchase a custom video and some pictures. He was very quick with sending the items, he is super friendly and the quality of his work was amazing. I highly recommend him.

FITStudent replied...
Thank you So So much!

from trebazz [2636] on 1 March 2020

very rude. I made a request and he sent me a vid without what i asked for. he then told me i needed psychiatric help and that i was weird.

FITStudent replied...
It’s a lie, i never talk like this with My customers, i only accept and refuse if i”m not into something..

from VentusHeart [1167] on 28 January 2020

Caution: this guy is literally the hottest new guy on The Best Flex.

I bought a couple of videos and i got impressed: he plays the homoerotic card very well. He lets the camera holder touch his whole body in the most seductive way. Something about his tone instantly hypnotizes me.

Physically, he has monster quads, bubble butt and powerful arms.

For a 19 yo, this is very promising... He could be the next it boy of the website. I love how naturally he acts it's all in him!!!

Go on brother, you are what people here want !!! <3

FITStudent replied...
Thank you So much!!

from davparis [507] on 14 January 2020

This man is very handsome, confident, and he loves flexing his nice muscles. Very easy to talk with him. Don’t hesitate to contact him !

FITStudent replied...
Thank you, love your review!

from Kingofworship [15] on 3 January 2020

He is amazing! Very confident. His body is amazing, especially that big biceps. GREAT! Does he have an Instagram?

FITStudent replied...
Thank you man!

from jaden42 [505] on 26 December 2019

Bought a video from Fitstudent. Perfect! Amazing body. If it's possible he looks even better on video. This guy is awesome.

FITStudent replied...
Thank you for such a good words Jaden! Kind regards!

from xorne [379] on 23 December 2019

Words cannot describe Fitstudent!! He is the perfect alpha!! Muscles demonstrating his confident state of mind!! He is not a clock watcher and that’s a relief!! I definitely recommend running to him!!!!

FITStudent replied...
Thank you EDI!

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Age 20
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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