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Yes Yes I look forward to see more of him . I hope Marius and mean I look forward custom video live chat with him!

warren512 [67] on 21 Jun 2021

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Marius is one of the those bodybuilders where enough is NOT enough. He has an extraordinary physique and personality. I just can't get over his mountain of muscle. His proportions are just amazing. From his amazing Pecs and then tapers down to hard ripped abs. It is just Mind blowing. I have been getting videos from Marius for over 2 years and he continually amazes me !!!!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 15 Jun 2021

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much! I will do my best to continue to do the same! :D

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I got a custom video from him and it was so good that I had to get another asap, so I requested a second one. This one came even faster than the first one and it was even better! I know that I'll have to come back for even more soon. This muscle god is absolutely amazing. He really know how to take control and his body is unbelievable! He is so easy to deal with, very quick with making videos, and really knows how to put on a show. Highly recommended!

Albeit89 [1010] on 1 May 2021

Forbidme replied...
Thanks so much my friend! I appreciate that! I am here anytime you want!

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I have received my next custom video and I am now speechless. Every script that I have given him over the years, he acts out perfectly and improves on it as well. Marius is a muscle worshippers dream come true. There is not much more than I can say about him that hasn't been already said except that when he acts out my fantasies with his physique it is quite overwhelming at first to watch. The 1st time that I watch his video, I can't make it thru the 1st time. Muscle Worshippers take notice. You NEED to get a video from Marius. He will blow your mind and rock your world at the same time.

djmuscleflex [22872] on 29 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
I can only promise to give 100% each time! Thank you so much once again!

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OMG. Marius just blew me away with my 2nd request. He has a physique that is greek like. The thickness and hardness of his muscles is just blowing me away. When you couple his physique with the scenario that I asked him to do then I can say that this video was overwhelming. For the first time, I had to pause and restart the video because it was that good. He has put so much work in sculpting his body that it can be mind blowing
He is every muscle worshippers fantasy. He can act out a scene and coupled with his physique is beyond words.
I know that everytime that I get a custom from Marius that I will be overwhelmed and impressed at the same time. He is quite versatile with the scenes as well. Goes from normal to cocky to alpha. He truly can make a scene come to life. Love Marius and another one will be coming your way !!!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 27 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so very much for that! I always want to deliver the best content I possibly can! Thanks for your support!

Wow got my first custom Video it was done to every detail and word I asked for and the beautiful physique this guy has it just amazing very good on time delivery I would recommend him to anyone. Paul Calvert????

musclelvr [706] on 27 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
Thanks so much Paul, I appreciate that! And thank you for trusting me

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Okay, the last video that I received from Forbidme was in mid 2019. Today I received a new custom and here is what I have observed.
Biceps: More Vascular and Bigger
Forearms: More Vascular and seem thicker
Chest: More Ripped. Even when he moves, his chest tenses up.
Abs: More Ripped and a more contoured waist.
He has this smile that he gives when he poses that absolutely says all about his posing and personality.
He has improved 1,000% since my last video and there will be more coming his way. Forbidme knows exactly how to do a custom video and highlight his absolutely ripped and hard body. I am still blown away from my first request March 2018 to today April 2021. What amazing body and personality, just like fine wine !!!! Love interacting with Forbidme. Very polite and delivers when he says. The 3 P's. Professional, Personality and Physique. He has the Ultimate Combination !!!!!!

djmuscleflex [22872] on 25 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
WOW ! Thank you so much for your great words! I do appreciate them! Hope I will see you again soon!

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What can I say but absolute perfection in all regards. I have purchased several times from this aesthetic wonder. He is a true professional, his video quality is impeccable and his body is near perfection. His product is worth the money, and if you enjoy definition, vascularity, aesthetics he never disappoints. Highly regarded, not to be take for granted, as good as it gets!

harlanny [11993] on 25 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

“Cruelty comes only from the weak, while gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”
- Leo Buscaglia

I had been burned on TheBestFlex before. Lots of guys get requests and it’s obvious (based on their execution) that what we are is a dollar bill and nothing more. I came to the website a touch disillusioned last night after a bad experience with one of my favorite flexers, who’d led me on for... longer than I’m proud to admit, and then just dipped with my money. Against that backdrop, I watched ForbidMe’s re-debut video and I knew this would be my next purchase. So I contacted him on Skype.

ForbidMe responded immediately. He was polite, respectful, and methodical. Clearly he’s done this before, but there’s a way he speaks to you where you still feel valued and appreciated. I suppose professionalism is the right word. Making one feel like a person is a rarity in this field, and ForbidMe does it well. What’s more, he respected my boundaries and asserted his own while he did so, firmly but politely, to the point where it felt more like a mutual agreement than his request. I told him what I wanted—not particularly unique—and he asked me follow up questions, which is also rare. Usually my experience is to agonize over the message of what I want, because I want to make sure the other person understands exactly what I’m asking for. ForbidMe clearly wants to make sure that what you want, you get. So we agreed upon the video and the price, and he said I could use this website for payment. Another good sign, honestly. It’s hard to dispute claims on other money transfer apps, so it seems that transparency is another value. I sent him the money, he gave me a quick timeframe for the video’s delivery, we exchanged polite goodbyes, and I sat back, nervous that I’d set myself up for another expensive disappointment.

Today he popped up saying the finished product was in my inbox. This was much, much earlier than expected—which is either great or horrible on this site, without much of an in-between. But when I get one of these, I don’t wait to watch it.

My fucking god. You guys. My fucking GOD. It’s beyond perfect. Not only is it exactly what I wanted—literally exactly—in terms of the script I asked for, but the lighting is perfect. He knows how to get into a role. The camera is in HD. As far as the technical aspects, it’s bang on.

As for his physique—words do not do it justice. I mean, look at the photos up there. See how awesome he looks, and realize it’s somehow even better on video. The flow in his upper body, cannonball delts and razor sharp bicep peaks a huge pec shelf and one of the best cores I’ve seen on this site... it’s superhuman. And that’s exactly the attitude he portrays, and it’s why he’s in such high demand. Put shortly, he’s just GOOD at this, and there’s at least some part of him that legitimately enjoys it.

He’s been genuine, he’s been polite, he’s been punctual, he’s been consistent, and he’s been a blast to work with. He’s also earned my repeat business in the near future, and he should yours too. He nailed it on every possible level. Buy and support ForbidMe, and get ready for a fantastic experience start to finish. 5 stars

gottagetbigger91 [445] on 24 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
Wow! Lost for words for your amazing review! I thank you so much for getting in so much detail about it. I do appreciate it and I hope we will work together in the future again!

Wow, what a MuscleGod !
So ripped, so muscular, no fat, and so good at showing his muscles !
You'll love to worship him.
Very fast transaction. I'll come back for more !

davparis [612] on 24 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
<3 thank you!

Wow, what a MuscleGod !
So ripped, so muscular, no fat, and so good at showing his muscles !
You'll love to worship him.
Very fast transaction. I'll come back for more !

davparis [612] on 24 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
Thanks so much! Happy you enjoyed it!

Verified review

Where to start?
Well first of all, I can say I never waited so long for a custom video haha ;)
I mean, I contacted you back in December and you were not available for videos at that time, which I understood perfectly
And I remember writing in a review 'I will wait for you'
Which I did
Because I could feel you were totally worth it
My intuition was right!

I truly appreciated the fact that you recently came back to me saying you were ready to shoot a custom video
It shows the type of person you are: nice, honest, reliable
And wow! You made it really fast! ;)
I love what you did in our first custom video
Not only because your physique is thoroughly breathtaking (it really is)
But also because I can tell you were focused on pleasing me
I do have to insist on your physique though because honestly the way you have built your body deserves full respect
You have absolutely everything
The mass, the aesthetics, the definition, the proportions, the vascularity
Man you are so shredded!
I don't think I have seen more impressive abs before

But like I said, there is much more than that
You are obviously smart and you come across as a really nice person
This is rather rare and it makes you a hundred times more interesting than the majority

Thanks for this first video
More are coming, believe me
Until then take care Marius ;)

alain6901 [6890] on 21 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
WOW ! What can I say . This is the best and most detailed review I got so far. Thanks so much for your patience and from now on I will be here always. I appreciate your kind words! :D

It's been a while since my last show with Mario. And it worth the wait. So much everything you could expect from a man on The Best Flex : sexier, stronger, hotter. He likes to flex so much that you have so much fun in a show with Mario !!!

yeaheurope [578] on 21 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

Verified review

Just got my first custom video from Forbidme and my god, he is stunning.
Everything looks amazing and HUGE.
I’ll definitely come back for more, super recommend!

Hellothere.6 [1890] on 18 Apr 2021

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much!!!

Just for the pleasure of writing this
I have bought all the videos you published on here
And I will be waiting for you to be ready to start a custom collaboration
No matter if I have to wait
I really want to

Your physique is just unbelievable
And the intensity in your videos is truly insane

I want more!

alain6901 [6890] on 29 Dec 2020

Forbidme replied...
Thank you very much, Alain, that is very nice of you!

Your physique is totally incredible.
Beyond perfection.

alain6901 [6890] on 21 Dec 2020

Forbidme replied...
Thanks so much!

Amazing good!

yobh [105] on 19 Dec 2020

Forbidme replied...
Thank you very much!

I read the previous reviews so I Ordered my first custom video from Mario!! When he responded to my request, he was kind, upfront and honest! Video quality is excellent!!
His physique is absolutely insane!! He has the muscle size and structure of a bodybuilder but the appearance of a fitness model! His vascularity is something to see!! I hope to be lucky enough to do more customs in the future.
I Highly recommend Mario for any shows or custom videos, you will be speechless!

Jaynuke1 [8365] on 2 Dec 2020

Forbidme replied...
Thank you very much! Happy you enjoyed it so much????????????????

I buy many videos from this site. Occasionally I meet a body builder who blows my mind. Mario is such a person! I believe he has one of the best physiques I have ever seen. His arms are huge and super vascular. His abs are sheer perfection. In addition, he is very easy to work with and anxious to please. Do yourself a favor and buy this stud's videos. You will be very glad that you did.

caldermark [16670] on 30 Nov 2020

Forbidme replied...
Thanks so much! I very much appreciate that!

Verified review

This man is a pleasure to deal with. Forthright, honest, fucking insane physique, man's man, what you see is what you get. Will happily be back for more.

harlanny [11993] on 27 Nov 2020

Forbidme replied...
Thanks very much !

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