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29, 180cm (5'11"), 96kg (211 lbs)

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from grant1 [75] on 3 December 2017

Prompt and professional. Vid was ultra-high def which I appreciate.

from inmovie89 [775] on 30 November 2017


amazing as always

from BrianF [280] on 29 November 2017

Having tried a few guys on Betsflex, Marius is the best. He's big, ripped, nasty and dominant on screen... but dealing with him over buying a video he's courteous and professional. Like other reviewers have said he gets what it is you want, understands requests and he DELIVERS. I've waited weeks and weeks for other guys here to make videos I've paid for - the longest Marius has made me wait is 3-4 hours.

He's a big man - currently a lean, ripped 90kg. His arms are incredible. He's among for a ripped, lean 100kg and he'll get there. In other words he's getting bigger all the time...

from Cowboy Boot God [46] on 26 November 2017

Love this guy! Fast to reply, easy to work with, and videos are fucking stellar! Made some custom fetish requests, beat my expectations and knew exactly what gets me off. Highly recommend, one of the best of the best!

from inmovie89 [775] on 27 October 2017


Pure Perfection

from doc73 [4360] on 17 September 2017

Have ordered multiple custom videos. Are all amazing. The videos for sale on the site really don't do his body justice. Very willing to take specific requests. Super turn around time. Have never waited more than 24 hours for a video. Did I mention the body is incredible. Highly recommend.

from squashme [230] on 9 September 2017

I had a great cam show with him and had a great experience. The guy is big and very defined and knows how to show off. Besides, he got all my requests right and performed in a best way possible. Again, thanks for the show man!

from Kamaswami [245] on 29 August 2017

I got my last custom about 2 weeks ago, and it was great. I've been getting vids off and on for about a year, and he has always done a great job of giving me exactly what I ask for. Very cocky, very verbal (speaks English perfectly), plus he's only a few weeks out from a comp, so he's looking great now. Definitely recommend.

from Jay.45 [382] on 27 August 2017

THIS DUDE IS AWESOME!!!! truthfully this dude destroyed me in about 2.5 minutes !! I got a ten minute show and was ready but I was no match. As of today, 08/27/17 his physique is huge, sculpted and hard as concrete. Muscle control and peaked biceps will have you dripping and you probably won't last by the time he shows you the quads. One of the best Ive ever seen.

from doc73 [4360] on 21 August 2017

Bought two videos in past 2 days, and both amazing. Upfront, said would be ready in 24 hours and delivered on time. Looks bigger and more ripped than any of the videos on site. Seems like a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommend.

from Rackfan [290] on 15 August 2017

I have never been so turned on in my whole life, this guy is just astonishingly spectacular. It gets better and better every time, I am enthralled! Ask for what you want him to say or do, he will deliver it and make you feel on top of the world. Stupendous!!!

from Rackfan [290] on 13 August 2017

Absolutely sensational, the best cam show I have ever had! Agreed before what I like and don't and he delivered. He looks utterly amazing on cam, the pics and clips do not do him justice at all! Just...sublime so absolute no hesitation in highly recommending a session with him.

from JayChou [110] on 13 August 2017

This guy is totally amazing. His pictures seem to good to be true, but they are his actual shape, and on cam it shows even better. I was overwhelmed by his body, his back is extremely wide, and his arms incredibly huge, everything on him is just perfect. The best is that he is not at all superficial, totally easy to deal with and very reliable. He has a great personality, and everything about him is real. Wow!

from nicegent [45] on 29 July 2017

Super amazing guy to cam with. He's really nice and easy going, and did exactly as I requested. He asks what you like beforehand and really wants to please his viewers. He loves showing off, and is definitely not a clock watcher. I highly recommend him for a show or video.

from Cliff Tse [5] on 31 May 2017

Absolutely Beautiful !

from papo1980 [195] on 7 August 2016

This guy is amazing and has an awesome body!!! His shows are the best. My new favorite muscle god :)

from leanhairy [235] on 6 August 2016

sweet musclegod. honest, willing to please, pleasant to chat with, a gentleman. gorgeous in his shows.

from Kamaswami [245] on 25 July 2016

I just got my second video, and it was just as good as the first. He really listens to what you want and delivers it, plus he's got a great body and smile. Do business with this nice guy, he deserves it!

from rj.42 [245] on 14 July 2016

I got my second video from this amazing guy. He pumped up his chest for me so big that it al most touched his nose...
I don't know what to do because he is so amazing and powerful and beautiful. I am completely seduced

from showmebigmuscle [5] on 11 July 2016

This guy is nothing short of AWESOME!

I just finished my first webcam show with him and he left me wanting me.

He has an incredible, big and muscular body and a sexy voice to match

He's very polite, honest and sweet and did his best to please me
Overall a pleasure to work with


from Kamaswami [245] on 10 July 2016

Wow. I can honestly say that Forbidme just produced the best custom video I have ever received. I gave him a list of things i wanted (I'm into cocky, alpha guys, but not degrading slave talk), and he was able to deliver everything, and better than anyone else. On top of that, he was genuinely nice throughout the process. There was initially an error with my payment, but he just let me know, and when I got it fixed, I had my video within about 2 hours! I can't say enough positive things about this guys attitude, body, personality, and just all around great vibe. I will definitely be purchasing from him again.

from hoganshere [5] on 9 July 2016

One of the kindest and hottest. Huge arms and forearms. Huge heart too.

from singlets [75] on 7 July 2016

very easy to work with, fast response. Amazing body. As good as the pictures, don't be intimidated.

from scottyboy [190] on 3 July 2016

one of the best.

from jeni [247] on 28 June 2016

Love him. He is perfect. Honest, sweet, huge arms. Hope I get to play with him again soon

from scooby [491] on 20 June 2016

I just got my first custom video with forbidme. WOW!!! All his muscles are so big and thick....arms, chest, legs, everything! Veins too! He looks so beautiful when he flexes! Overall, he has one of the best hard sculptured bodies I think I have ever seen! SO HOT! GO GET SOME!

from Coolmanrico [605] on 19 June 2016

Made me a great custom video! I don't know what I find most sexy: his handsome face, his voice, or that amazing body.Very good flexer, by the end of the video his body was glazed in sweet. Nice, easy to deal with and delivered the video just hours later, I will be getting many more videos from him.

from Jakester [905] on 16 June 2016

Just received a custom video.....Forbidme is AWESOME !!!!!!!
His biceps...arms are huge !!!!!
He looks even better then his photos !! He is bigger and he is still cut and defined.
He is a real nice guy to deal with...he sent an HD video that was everything I asked for and more.
This guy is great...a real Muscle God !!!!
I plan on buying more from him......

from rj.42 [245] on 14 June 2016

This guy is AMAZING! His pics donot do him justice

He has a big thick muscled body and his biceps are big and peaked! He made a custom video for me and did everything I asked for. He pumped up his arms so big that I couldnr believe it...then he dominated me and made me worship him. The video was so intense i haven't actually gotten to the end lol! Hes cocky and very verbal .... He has bad boy looks with these sexy smokey eyes. He is AMAZING!
And if that's not enough ...he so nice and honest....did my video in like a day. It was worth every cent and in ordering another video from him.

Try this guy out u wont be disappointed!

HOT! HOT! HOT!!!!!

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Age 29
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 96kg (211 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Bald
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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