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Purchased a video, and he really made my fantasy come to life, super intense! Highly recommend this guy :-)

ADAM1 [11097] on 1 Aug 2023

Harry is a fantastic alpha male who truly knows how to make you feel puny. He's huge, hot, and dominant af - definitely recommend!

atrbg20 [705] on 5 Jul 2023

Harry did be a wonderful custom video. He looked so muscular and fit. He did martial arts moves for me and dominant talk. Really good. Thanks.

heynow50000 [1015] on 2 Jul 2023

Harry is a god come to life -- and so very good at real time sessions. My mind is twisted and addicted, craving more and more of his perfection. Flawless body, perfect alpha charisma. He deserves worship. Totally hot and intense to be with him for a session. You won't regret it.

SteveShay10185 [810] on 1 Jul 2023

Verified review

Very satisfied on a second custom from Harry. He just does great work - delivers what you ask and is a pleasure to deal with. Among the absolute best on this sight.

Masen90 [1216] on 27 Jun 2023

Amsing guy
Nobody is like him

Withesocksmi [545] on 21 Apr 2023

Harry replied...
Thank you

Did a cam show with Harry and he's absolutely fantastic. Handsome and easy going. Would like to meet him again.

k7142001 [100] on 24 Mar 2023

I contacted Harry for a custom video, and he did exactly what I asked for and shipped very quickly. He was also very understanding of the cost.

It was perfect

xxtytr57 [390] on 6 Mar 2023

It’s been a while since my last show with Harry. What a pleasure to see his back. Always easy to deal with, but so much funnier. He is quite expensive . . . But when you see him live, you are just ready to pay more. Perfect smile, perfect attitude, he is so attractive and confident he will blow everyone’s mind.

yeaheurope [938] on 5 Mar 2023

Very pleased I re-connected with Harry. He is very professional, and also good at updating communications. Great physique, alpha attitude, and yet still extremely friendly. He produced a mind-blowing show. It is a pleasure to work with Harry, and I would highly recommend to others.

ADAM1 [11097] on 4 Mar 2023

What can I say? Just had a private show with Harry, 5 stars doesn’t do him justice more like 100! Great show, great physique great all round! Harry really listens to what you want and puts that into a great screening! I really couldn’t recommend him more 💪

damo3933 [2830] on 1 Mar 2023

The best model on this site by far 💪🏻💪🏻 Harry is in amazing shape and his personality is spot on. Great guy 👍🏻

Kevmax [470] on 27 Feb 2023

Finally got my first cam session with this handsome guy Harry. He amazing understands what you want on the show and on the camera shows acts super sexy and beautiful as showing his gorgeous muscular body 😍. Overall having a great time with him is all that matters.

Sparkle12425 [619] on 27 Feb 2023

Just had an amazing private show with Harry, he always gives 110% and his body is incredible! Can't recommend him enough!

josef1020 [60] on 25 Feb 2023


Walter Pazzi [1005] on 18 Feb 2023

Verified review

Absolutely terrific. Harry is prompt and delivers exactly what you ask. He’s one of the real pros here on BF. Great job, Harry. Many thanks.

Masen90 [1216] on 17 Feb 2023

Harry replied...
Hey Charlie, you more than welcome. Was a great pleasure to pose and strip down for you. Harry,

This man is incredibly handsome and has a gorgeous body. He knows he's a stud and show to show it off. I purchased a custom video and a video off this site and they both were Amazing

Walter Pazzi [1005] on 12 Feb 2023

Harry replied...
Thank you buddy , was a great pleasure hour session! Looking forward to see you again ! Harry,

Verified review

He's just INCREDIBLY Handsome!!!

ponyrev [55] on 11 Mar 2021

Harry replied...
Thank you, was a great pleasure! Looking forward to see you again ! Harry,

What a nice and sexy guy! Great video he did for me! Totally hot, muscular body, amazing to look at! Keep up that great work, Harry!

A2daX83 [80] on 9 Apr 2020

Harry replied...
Thank you, was a great pleasure, Harry

Very disapointing, after 2 month i paid for a custom video, i am still waiting, once he is on hollydays, few days after he has problems with his hard drive (although he made other videos here in the same time) and no answer to my last message.

aixois1978 [546] on 15 Mar 2020

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