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25, 180cm (5'11"), 85kg (187 lbs)

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Harry has 59 reviews.

from A2daX83 [75] on 9 April 2020

What a nice and sexy guy! Great video he did for me! Totally hot, muscular body, amazing to look at! Keep up that great work, Harry!

from aixois1978 [185] on 15 March 2020

Very disapointing, after 2 month i paid for a custom video, i am still waiting, once he is on hollydays, few days after he has problems with his hard drive (although he made other videos here in the same time) and no answer to my last message.

from Likemuscle [65] on 19 February 2020

great body, very nice boy! just have a cam show with him!! i'll repeat again!

from Jaywicket [5] on 19 February 2020

Great guy. Huge muscle. Loved the show. Can’t wait to start more tributes with this guy. James

from montrosebeach3 [1570] on 16 February 2020

Harry has so many great reviews his looks and reviews are why i choose him to do a custom video my video was complicated so Harry asked for a lot of money unfortunately Harry did not do what i asked i gave him time to correct the situation he didnt seem to care i wish i could be be another fan with a great review but i dont want another guy to have a bad experience

from damo3933 [2820] on 14 February 2020

Great guy! Excellent! Super easy to deal with and amazing show!

from SteveShay10185 [615] on 9 February 2020

I was so lucky that Harry allowed me to pay to watch him flex on cam. His body is sculpted perfection, flawless muscle, alpha incarnate. My head is still spinning from the mindfuck he provided. I look forward to him letting me have another chance to pay him for being a god.

from josef1020 [5] on 5 February 2020

Can't say enough good things about Harry.. he's ripped, super nice, and puts on a great show. Definitely try him out!

from coasterking500 [15] on 31 January 2020

Harry is beyond incredible. His videos don’t do his live shows justice. He is the real deal. My favorite guy on here period. You can not go wrong with him. Interactive attentive and he delivers. On all accounts he can not be beat. Buy his videos and a private show you will not be sorry you did. He will change your life.

from yeaheurope [195] on 29 January 2020

DId you see his last video ? Biceps to blow your mind ? Well, not only his biceps will blow your mind. The whole man is a masterpiece. Sexy voice, great attitude, confident, handsome like the Devil. And a body . . . complete control of his body . . . he flexes whatever he wants. Harry is a gambler, and you'll love to lose !!

from xxxmanxxx [1900] on 24 January 2020

Harry is excellent, he is easy to deal with, very accommodating and eager to provide a great experience. I really enjoyed seeing him on cam. Highly recommended.

from zane79 [100] on 22 January 2020

Amazing guy and very handsome too! With a perfect physique and friendly to talk to. Definitely worth it when you do a show with him! :)

from Fzpanda [1325] on 21 January 2020

Contacted Harry for a custom video. He was patient and courteous during the whole process. Easy to work with.

from surfahripz16 [1072] on 14 January 2020

If you are like me and enjoy the company of nonjudgmental TBFers who could care less about your sexual orientation, race, age, or income BUT who possess an Alpha persona and a Alpha physique that can send you to the edge and back, you've come to the right person.

Harry is an European who knows how to turn on his Alpha nature verbally (he speaks perfect English) and knows how to intensify your Alpha-worshiping experience. His muscle pops, hairy chest, and 8-pack abs are ripe for the picking.

Try him. This friendly Alpha Dominant is easy to talk to so don't be shy about making a fetish request. While his rates are not inexpensive, he is more than willing to negotiate. Plus (in my few Skype encounters with him so far) he is not a clockwatcher.

Very easy to recommend.

Harry replied...
Thank you for your great inspirational review :D

from GrantSpiralTF [930] on 13 January 2020

Harry’s just perfection. He’s much kinder than most guys on here and can actually hold a conversation. His body’s absolutely stunning as well, all in all a dream to cam with ????

from junior [10] on 10 January 2020

Harry is perfect. He is good looking, sexy and and muscular.He is everything that you need in a real man. He smile are contiguous.

Harry replied...
Thanks man, hope to have more shows with you !

from eifelslave [49] on 8 January 2020

Hello Guys
Today Harry dominate me hard again,
i am his loyal fag and he really knows to use me .
I will be his slave forever.

Harry replied...

from eifelslave [49] on 6 January 2020

Hi everyone
Master Harry dominate me Today very hard .
He drain my wallet very deep and he blackmail me really hard.
He is the best deal.
I love him so much

Harry replied...
Serve me bitch !

from Jaynuke1 [7440] on 5 January 2020

Just got my first custom video from Harry. His physique is incredible. Massive arms and ripped abs. He took the time to understand the detail of what I wanted in the custom video and then delivered. Camera work and lighting were excellent. Hope he will do more videos for me in the future. Highly recommended!!

Harry replied...
Eheheh was really nice to record to you !

from trebazz [2576] on 2 January 2020

Harry has a really great personality and seems really invested in his customers. I just got this video from him and he kept me updated and delivered it in a timely manner. Very handsome and strives for perfection. I'm very grateful to him

Harry replied...
Thank you buddy :)

from Lyon23 [40] on 2 January 2020

Harry is perfection. He's the guy you drool over as he walks by. Everyone wants him, wants to touch him, worship him. His muscles are perfectly chiseled, he has the face of a god and loves to be worshiped. He's dominant, macho et very powerful.

Harry replied...
Thank you man !

from eifelslave [49] on 1 January 2020

he drain every cent from my Bank account.
i am total under his control !
I cant resist him .
He milks me like his own cow.
I am his loyal Fag!

Harry replied...
Drain you is my hobby!

from Harry’s Slave [40] on 31 December 2019

It has been a bit since I pledged myself to Master Harry, it feels so good to be controlled by Him every day; his dominant attitude makes you feel weak but also happy to be part of His Empire; as slave my duty is to serve Him with tributes and services during the day, so He keeps growing stronger, He can be sweet but also hard in a way You would not want to escape; He’s so dominant that it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, He’s super str8 but He will find a place for us all in His Empire. My loyalty stays with Him, with Master Harry, for ever!

Harry replied...
Keep behavior like that boy!

from altairjipa [550] on 30 December 2019

Very nice video. Quick deliver and he looks amazing. Big chest and big arms.

Harry replied...
Nice man

from debonaire1978 [880] on 30 December 2019

Huge muscle stud who is open to new ideas. He’s a nice guy to talk to and really likes to get to know his clients. His body is amazing!

Harry replied...
I hope to record more videos for you !

from Lyon23 [40] on 28 December 2019

He is perfection=handsome, hot, musclebound, sexy, seductive, dominant, macho and very powerful. You get more than just muscle, you get a god.

Harry replied...
Thanks man, hope to see you soon :D

from eifelslave [49] on 28 December 2019

Harry is the most amazing and incredibly good looking model on this website. He poses really well and also he has a very big charisma. Very entertaining and funny but very dominant at the same time.
Cant wait to be drained by him again.

Harry replied...
Yeah man keep doing well like that

from Harry’s Slave [40] on 28 December 2019

He owns me now, I will not have sex anymore because I live to see my Master growing stronger, He doesn’t allow me to talk with others without His permission and I’m happy with that; Master Harry let me live under His Almighty Protection while I watch Him getting stronger and bigger and I feel so good. Thks Master Harry

Harry replied...
Good boy, keep like that and you will get rewarded soon !

from theosmago [5] on 24 December 2019

Handsome and sweet - a very nice person with a great body

Harry replied...
Thank you eheh

from I_Serve_Romanians [5] on 16 November 2019

He’s dominant, He’s muscular and He knows how to deal with his slaves. He’s my Master now!

Harry replied...
Thank you men

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 26 August 2019

I love Harry, he is perfect. Kind, sexy, ripped and he loves to show off that amazing body. He has got a great personality, a hot body, and he flexs with his awesome smile all the time, this is so great. He doesn't look at the time, you are not to a factory, he talks a lot, flex a lot, play a lot, you'll spend such a nice moment with him in cam show you'll ask for more. Thank you for this moment !!!!

Harry replied...
Exactly, I dont look at the time. I'm very human when it comes to interact with another great human like you. Thank you for your feedback my friend, Harry :D

from mango50 [135] on 11 October 2017

What a guy! I've had a couple shows with him, and I can't get enough of his flawless physique. He's very accommodating and kind, too - very easy to contact and work with. I highly recommend him for you muscle fans.

Harry replied...
Thank you, I appreciate your feedback, Harry:D

from SteveShay10185 [615] on 8 October 2017

I was lucky enough that he agreed to let me do a session with him on skype: absolute perfection. His body is flawless, his awareness is absolute, his confidence is addictive, and he totally understands how to respond when some sees him as an alpha god. Can't wait for my next session to worship him again.

Harry replied...
Thank you, I appreciate your feedback, Harry:D

from Poklars9090 [20] on 27 September 2017

Just bought a custom video from this amazing model. He is very friendly and educated, easy to deal with. He did everything I requested and even more. He's gorgeous and I'll definitely buy some other videos from him. Highly recommended guys! You don't wanna miss that

Harry replied...
Hey buddy, it was a pleasure, always do my best, thank you

from AverageCuppaJoe [208] on 24 September 2017

I had my first experience / cam show with Harry today. I first saw him in a video on Youtube a while ago. Never got his name, but accidentally found him here on TheBestFlex. He is as charming and charismatic as I suspected he was. He was patient, accommodating and eager to please; and open to requests, mine being some role-playing. Not only did I have fun, but he did as well. That is important to me. If a Muscle Guy genuinely demonstrates enthusiasm like Harry did, he scores big with me. Notice I have not mentioned Harry's good looks and Olympian build? Those qualities I first mentioned make his good looks and Olympian build all the more enjoyable. And he IS an utter Dreamboat. His smile alone makes you go GA-GA. I highly recommend Harry. I hope to connect with him again soon. :)

Harry replied...
Your review was a piece of art, love your poetry ahahah, hope you visit soon :D

from PainMuscle [265] on 27 August 2017

Great time. He wants you to be happy. I wanted to be dominated, which he did great. Not a clock watcher. We both really enjoyed it.

Harry replied...
thank you :D

from Dons [115] on 14 August 2017

He's really a wonderful guy.
I've been doing this for a while and I found many good performers on the site. but in all honesty I truly recommend Harry.
He is the sexiest and more professional guy around here.

Try and see,

Harry replied...
Love your compliments :D

from garsbuffoon [155] on 13 August 2017

My first review in the upgraded website.

Harry can become a model for a toothpaste commercial because of his great smile.

He has the talent to tease, but he has the talent to enjoy himself while showing off. It shows what he likes to do as his profile says. Would be back for more.

Harry replied...
Thank you my friend, hope to see you soon

from picboi [385] on 9 August 2017

very good looking young men. Perfect smile, huge muscles. loved his show.
highly recommended!
Cant wait to see him again.

Harry replied...
Hope to see you soon bro!

from zipper [1395] on 9 August 2017

Harry is just amazing. We had great show together. I will do again and again.
He has perfect body and really handsome.

Harry replied...
Thank you :D

from Lovedoveyxo [75] on 6 August 2017

If you want to have a good time with a great person, good face, body and great personality, he is the person to look for.

Definitely would love to do another one soon!

Harry replied...
Thank youuuu :D

from TouchyFeely [1321] on 5 August 2017

Harry is exceptional. The way his muscles dance under his tight skin is hypnotic. Great attitude and full of surprises!

Harry replied...
Thank you TT :D

from kamaleon80 [5] on 23 July 2017

He is just amazing. Young, stud and handsome. Powerful muscles perfect skin and a mind-blowing smile.

Harry replied...
Thank you Kamaleon80 :D very nice words

from muscle [710] on 2 July 2017

great show, great guy and beautiful body. Had a wonderful show with him and highly recommend him. Looking forward to more shows with this hot guy.

Harry replied...
Hello, it was really great the atmosphere in the show. You have a really great heart. Hope to see you soon!

from mslover [135] on 1 July 2017

Stunning, huge, sexy. Delivered. Two thumbs up. Big endowment.....

Harry replied...
Thank you soo much, Hopeto see you soon :P

from keithLA [45] on 28 June 2017

Stunning. Just stunning. Incredibly attractive and very charming. I felt a connection to him right away and enjoyed the show. Overall, an amazing experience. Love this guy.

Harry replied...
Thank you soo much for you review :D

from Lovedoveyxo [75] on 27 June 2017

He is one of the most gorgeous guys ever. It was very good show and I will want more from him again soon.

Harry replied...
Thank you soo much for you review :D Hope to see you again

from adamreis0 [147] on 28 April 2017

This is the most beautiful and hot man i've ever seen. I wish i could talk to him on skype. :/ He never came online

Harry replied...
Thank you soo much for you review :D Your words are just amazing, miss you

from errorna [295] on 26 January 2017

Definitely a cheater! Did not response to my messages after receiving my payment. Several months passed and he never showed up. Do not trust him!

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 11 September 2016

Another custom video: Magnificent. Charming, Sexy, Handsome and Incredible!!! A really hot cumshow with a big big load in his body! I love this guy.

Harry replied...
Miss you Walter, hope to see you soon :D

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 6 September 2016

Got another amazing custom video!!! He looks even better with a sharper image........he is a good looking guy....just like his pictures .......he puts on a good flex show....he is in great shape. he is also a real nice guy to deal with...... I recommend you give him a try.

Harry replied...
Miss you Walter, hope to see you soon :D

from Matt.45 [145] on 1 September 2016

Still no video or refund after nearly 3 weeks. Reported to paypal for theft.

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 1 September 2016

Our second show in a week!!!. Harry is an hunk, a stunning handsome man! I love stay talking everything with him, he is really a very nice guy with an handsome face and great smile...
Absolutely AMAZING!
You won't be disapointed having a cam show with him or even asking him for a customized video.
So I strongly recommend Harry! See you soon....

Harry replied...
Walter, thanks for these words. Pleasure its all mine :)

from Lyon23 [40] on 30 August 2016

He gets 10 stars. No man alive can be better. He is hot, gorgeous, and understands the mindset of his submissive worshipers.

Harry replied...
Always looking to giving the best of me! Thank you soo much, what a great review! Big bicep for you :P

from RMS_LUSITANIA [5] on 30 August 2016

Harry is a stunning handsome man! It's very easy to communicate with him, he is really a very nice person with a great smile...
I've requested a customized video from him and he exceeded all my expectations! OMG! Absolutely AMAZING!
You won't be disapointed having a cam show with him or even asking him for a customized video. He exceeds always all expectations!
So I strongly recommend Harry!

Big Hug Harry you are so Kind!

Harry replied...
Oh my friend thank you for such a great compliment. It was a pleasure and a great challenge to satisfy you. Hope to see you soon, and keep make you smile more times :D Kisses*

from bembacolora [5] on 30 August 2016

MAgnificent. Charming, Sexy, Handsome and Incredible!!!

Harry replied...
Wow thanks for such a great words :D Kisses *

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 30 August 2016

Amazing body i love to see him Flex muscles. He is a very kind guy and always a pleasure to see him... Can't wait to see you again! He is One of The best model

Harry replied...
Thank you soo much Walter. We have a great chemistry. Kisses *

from Martinez [5] on 30 August 2016

This guy is amazing. Perfect arms and smile, he is a real dominant !

Harry replied...
Thabk you Martinez. Hope to see you soon on Skype. Im glad to meet you. Kisses*

from Matt.45 [145] on 23 August 2016

I Paid for a custom video, and this person said that he never makes clients wait longer than 48 hours. Days passed, then he said that his internet connection had been bad. He then informed me that he would do it the next day. That was a week ago. He has been logging on to this site, so his connection is fine. No contact since then. Scammer.

Harry replied...
If you remenber Matt, I have refund you because the internet in that week was very bad and I couldn't the video in time. Hope you check better your PP acount. Best wishes. Harry

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Age 25
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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