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I am bodybuilder that compete in bodybuildyngs shows..Looking for a sponsor in bodybuilding.

30, 181cm (5'11"), 103kg (227 lbs)

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from debonaire1978 [915] on 9 February 2020

I've gotten several custom videos from Kane and each one is better than the last. He was extremely easy to work with and really gave his all into every performance. I highly recommend.

Kane replied...
Thank you mate, my pleasure ????????????????????????

from Jaynuke1 [7505] on 14 January 2020

Kane has done two custom videos for me in less than a week. He responds almost immediately, usually from the gym. He sends updates as to when he will be able to film the videos, which is usually within 24 hours of your request.

As for his shape, Kane is one jacked dude. He is an expert at showing off his ripped physique. His ripped abs and massive arms will blow your mind!! I highly recommend Kane!!! He will make your secret fantasy a reality.

Kane replied...
Thank you, Jason ????????????????????

from vulcan [230] on 22 December 2019

I ordered a custom from Kane but didn't quite get what I wanted due to language difference. However he offered a refund straight away and even did a small clip once I had explained a little clearer what I wanted. A terrific guy. By the way , this guy is like a genetic pairing of Viking barbarian genes and Spartan warrior genes mixed together.....I would order from him again

from Yazmik [290] on 7 December 2019

I ordered custom video from this beautiful man again!!! And I have to say he made one of the best videos I've ever seen. He did exactly what I wanted and even surprised me. He has now improved the camera and everything is even better to see ... Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed !!! Thank you, Kane!

from TheEternalLegend [764] on 28 June 2019

My 5th custom with Kane, and boy does he never fail to please. Loved the new hair cut by the way! Thank you for being so prompt and kind about everything. Again, ignore the bad reviews here. This man is amazing.

Kane replied...
Thank you, my friend! ????????????

from Kyosuke [180] on 19 June 2019

You are so fucking hot Kane. I love to see your cumshot videos so much. He's amazing bodybuilder.

Kane replied...
Thank You ????

from bigfatass [36] on 8 April 2019

I love him so much. Kane is very kind guy. He is amazing!

from IMJ009 [1185] on 7 April 2019

I ordered several more videos after having posted several positive reviews here. Now he stopped replying. Guess he just isn't very reliable/trustworthy. Watch out guys!
If he does this to a loyal customer...

from Yazmik [290] on 26 March 2019

I disagree with you gethyn123. I bought 5 videos and I am very satisfied. Communication is very good for me.
I'm planning to buy more videos. Thank you, Kane!

from Fzpanda [1390] on 24 March 2019

A follow up from my previous review- 9 months after payment , nothing from Kane. Tried email, Skype , and what’s app as the other user suggested, nothing. Of course I made sure payment went to the real Kane, and as other fans indicated, they got several videos from Kane before getting scammed, so obviously they couldn’t have possibly been talking the wrong person. The fact that Kane no longer responds to negative feedbacks should give people a pretty good idea of what is really going on.

from TheEternalLegend [764] on 23 March 2019

Continuation from my previous review:

PLEASE quit giving this man 1* star reviews. He’s legit, he’s genuine and will take the time to get your request sorted.

His number is listed on his profile, you can use WhatsApp or iMessage to get a hold of him and know you’re speaking to the real Kane. Definitely try emailing him next, he always responds when he can. Time zones are a thing, people. Lastly, Skype should be the last form of contact you try. Too many scammers there, and you can easily add the wrong model. Let’s be smart about this.

Thanks again Kane. :)

from TheEternalLegend [764] on 23 March 2019

My 3rd video with Kane here, and WOW did he deliver. Received within an hour, as usual. Oh and, Kane, insanely sexy choice of underwear, by the way, you have great taste. Amazing content yet again. Thanks stud!

from Ragabrel [570] on 3 March 2019

Just got a custom video from Kane. He has an awesome turnaround time, looks great and definitely knows how to pose

from Yazmik [290] on 9 February 2019

Makes the video so perfect ... everything I wanted to be there! Thank you!

from Fzpanda [1390] on 21 January 2019

6 months later after I placed my order for a custom video, I received nothing. Scammer alert.

from muscleshox [60] on 1 January 2019

Scammer. Took money and disappeared

from beddubi [5082] on 11 December 2018

I don't really know where to start with this one but to say that I'm AMAZED, I'm totally BLOWN AWAY by how this guy is good.

He is above the top in every aspect you can think about- the easy going attitude while making a custom video request, the speed of delivery (few hours after- because of gym session which also for the video), the easy and clear communication, the great attitude in front of the camera and the effort clearly he is doing for assuring that the buyer would feel comfortable.
the camera quality is very good, full HD and the sound is great.

Kane looks heavenly and know how to tease you, his physique is one of the BESTS OF THE BEST on the site and is so handsome! he is respectful to the customer requests and my case even sent the file before the payment, so he is extremely trust worthy - don't hesitate for a second.
Kane is a great model to work with and so handsome and has a TOP physique prove that he is one of the TOP MODELs on this site, I know I will return to him soon for more and RECOMMEND anyone else also. ++5**

from TheEternalLegend [764] on 2 December 2018

This man is incredibly stunning. Has it all! The body, the smile, and the attitude! Friendly and easy to work with if you tell him what you want upfront. Received my very first custom video within an hour. Thanks Kane. I’ll be back for more!

from hotmusclemen [20] on 29 November 2018

After coming across his profile and content, I had very high expectations and messaged Kane immediately. At first, he was fairly accommodating and even performed a quick verification preview to make me feel more comfortable. For the record, he IS who he says is and has a fantastic body. However, things started to take a turn for the worse. I offered him a deal and instead of politely turning it down, he cursed me out and made some incredibly offensive remarks. He then mocked me repeatedly and blocked me without an explanation. So personally, I did not have a good experience with Kane, but if he's willing to agree on a deal with you, then I'm sure it'll be worth every penny. But if you're some who prefers respect and politeness while doing business, I would suggest avoiding this performer. He is definitely only here for the money. Very disappointing...

from muscleshox [60] on 24 November 2018

I’m really disoriented as it seems I’m the only one here who agreed a custom videos, paid and then received nothing and he does not reply. I have been scammed! No reply to emails no reply to skype. Took my money and disappeared. Stay away from him!

from KavanS [611] on 18 November 2018

I had a cam show with him and because I could not stay online because of some duty from my side, we agreed with Kane to record the video. He delivered me the video in about 20 minutes what exactly I had asked. This guy is amazing. Friendly and very good looking added to the beautiful body. Highly recommended.

from KavanS [611] on 18 November 2018

Very funny guy, very cheerful, full of life, he does whatever you ask him and always with a smile!

from bigfatass [36] on 7 November 2018

fall in love

from Bip10132 [2345] on 15 October 2018

Kane is the best by far. I would give him a much higher rating if I could. He is very enthusiastic and very easy to talk. Although I wasn’t specific in the beginning of the show of what he should wear he changed into the clothes I wanted him to wear. I have to say i was nervous to contact him in the beginning but I’m glad i did. I’ve seen videos of him in the past and have been a big fan of his. He is very vascular. You can see his veins popping out of his arms. His beard makes him incredibly sexy and his voice and accent is heavenly. The way he bounces his pecs is mesmerizing. If you have a chance get a jerk off show its at a good deal and Kane produces a bunch of cream. He is the perfect guy. I don’t understand why he has these bad reviews but he is phenomenal. Although it was my first show it most definitely wont be my last.

from Fzpanda [1390] on 1 July 2018

I was fooled by Kane’s positive reviews from a few years ago and chose to ignore his recent negative review, big mistake! Placed an order for a custom video two weeks ago, and he immediately stopped responding to emails and messages after payment.

I requested a preview from him, and saw that my payment went to his email account listed on TBF, so I am damn sure it was really him, and not an imposter. So please do not tell me , Kane , that I was talking to another person, or there is a misunderstanding, or bullshits like that.

I will also leave a neg review on flex4cash and other sites, and inform admins to put him on the sites’ blacklist such that more people will be aware of this scammer. Stay away from him!

Kane replied...
Oh! You are that guy wanted free shows in exchange of goo reviews....

from FREDFROMFRANCE [140] on 13 April 2018

Do not trust him anymore ... since a few months he has changed a lot ... In the past I had the pleasure of doing some shows with him and everything was going well. He was a very nice guy... And then one day, few months ago, I wanted to renew the experience. Bad idea. Not only did I not have what I should have had, but in addition Mr removed me from his contacts.

So a good tip: if you want to save your money, run away like the plague from him

Kane replied...
it's a misunderstanding, i dont think you didn't talk with me. You are the first who says that in my reviews. I am not the type of guy who trick people!!!!!

from donnie82 [60] on 27 October 2015

Super nice guy, big, ripped, and delivers an awesome cam experience! Highly recommended!

from Visconti [90] on 12 January 2015

Happy new year 2015! And good success in competing! Please, i want to see you really in competitive form...Meet you. Sure I'm discret...Yours sincerely

from nomonkey [25] on 2 November 2014

Wow, his video is ridiculously awesome. Incredible body, vascularity, and more. Please make more!

Kane replied...
thank you, i will do more;)

from thetallg [763] on 5 September 2014

HOLY CHRIST A++++++++!!!!

from paul duchai [490] on 31 August 2014

Hey guys, I wanted to post this review since I had a one on one live worship session in his home country this past year. He is so much more in person, handsome, huge, hard, muscle with vascularity to make one drool. Very laid back kind and offers the best of his physique to his client. Not a clock watcher and enjoys to please even the shyest of worshipers...recommend his amazing physique to you and will be the best....10+++

from Coolmanrico [826] on 21 August 2014

Had an amazing show with Kane. He's a very nice guy, with an amazing body. The guy is ripped! Veins covered his huge chest and wrapped around his arms. The moment he appeared on screen I fell under his spell and time went by so fast. I plan to have many more shows with him.


from Bk [40] on 14 August 2014

Just had a show with Kane and he was awesome. He showed off his massive muscular body to its advantage. He is ripped and in competition mode. The chest and arms show off his vascularity and the veins keep on popping. He did everything and more and that made the show a complete success!!! It was a show I will not forget and I will be back for more!!!!

Kane replied...
thank you verry much ! You should see me before competitions ore ripped :)

from DBs [18309] on 1 November 2013

Great bodybuilder. Recommended.

from Tomino [50] on 3 September 2013

had an amazing webcamshow with him yesterday. He is a very nice guy to talk with, and besides that, he did everything what i asked. I can only recommend him.

from elmc2 [87] on 25 August 2013

had a great cam show with him.

from DBs [18309] on 10 August 2013

Perfect in every aspect. Highly recommended.

from Fob [470] on 27 July 2013

Just had a show with this guy.. Really nice person, and an amazing body.. Wow....

from hotshot2o [320] on 22 July 2013

Great hair pecs biceps abs u perfect would like 2video chat with u

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Age 30
Height 181cm (5'11")
Weight 103kg (227 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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