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22, 175cm (5'9"), 82kg (180 lbs)

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from theworldshavoc [30] on 21 May 2019

Just had my first show with Kevin and it was hot af. He delivers in every fucking aspect of the word and even goes beyond. The best show I've had in a loooong time and his body is top notch. Not one flaw in the show. I'm hooked

from Jay.45 [1482] on 13 May 2019

I don’t break easy but this god had me jizzing like a fuken fountain. Crazy shape, conditioning and muscle and the attitude to make the strongest cum

from akassaka [722] on 7 February 2019

Incredible and cocky Muscle god. really love his videos. Hot and sexy dominating muscle master!!! thank you

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you

from Rimiko58 [560] on 7 February 2019

I received my first video from Kevin and I know that it will be the first of many. Definitely a great alpha "master" and easy to work with.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you!

from youp555 [310] on 7 February 2019

Good guy, quick to call after payment and followed a role play that I asked for.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you glad you liked it

from caldermark [5545] on 6 February 2019

I purchased a new video from Kevin. It is excellent. He has a great physique and shows it off well. I look forward to purchasing more videos from this handsome, young stud.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
great! glad you enjoyed

from quiksilver85 [10] on 28 January 2019

Wow! Words can’t describe how amazing this guy is! He is the definition of perfection! Incredibly super nice too! More then 5 stars! HIGHLY recommended!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you ! see you soon!!

from drew32 [382] on 24 January 2019

Kevin is one of my favorite cam guys. Always puts on a good show and his OnlyFans is fire! Definitely worth checking out.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you ! see you soon!!

from SandTN [178] on 20 January 2019

I checked out his OnlyFans page. It's looking good. Lots of updates. He's definitely delivering!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you ! see you soon!!

from cj [81] on 18 January 2019

40+ 5 star reviews proves that Kevin is real and wonderful. He is a handsome man with an amazing body and a sexy voice that cuts right through you. He knows his fans and what they like. That's why we love him and keep coming back for more. There is no doubt about his masculinity and dominance. But you are welcome to see for yourself. I have nothing but the greatest respect for him.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you ! see you soon!!

from drew32 [382] on 13 December 2018

Kevin is very sexy. Professional, easy to work with, and hot as hell. Great body and a great attitude. Highly recommend.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you

from dman123dman [235] on 9 December 2018

Big hot muscle god

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you

from cockhungry [45] on 8 December 2018

This dude is phenomenal!
He knows his angles, he's got unreal muscle tone and a cocky af baditude to match. Def comin back! ;)

KevinMuscle12 replied...

from FunTimes [70] on 21 September 2018

Done a few shows with him and he finds way to amaze me every time! Body, face, attitude, attention to detail ... boy has it all!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you!

from Rimiko58 [560] on 18 September 2018

Kevin is a true muscle god that deserves to be worshipped. Amazing cam show!

from Jay.45 [1482] on 17 September 2018

Muscle and swag and confidence is what its all about with this dude. Has gotten bigger, denser and beater over the past 4-5 months without a doubt. If you like cocky muscle that can flex you to explosion this is your guy!!!!

from jay14 [10] on 17 September 2018

I have to admit I’ve had a few incredible experiences with muscle guys but meeting Kevin was unique.

I like two things: muscles and mind and this boss of a man has an abundance of both. After quickly talking to him on twitter I asked for a verification, he asked if I’d seen his bestflex and reviews and I said yes so he said, ‘we can take this two ways, I give you a preview then we have a business as usual flex show and you have a fun time. Or, you take a leap of faith and trust me and i’ll bring out depths of your joy you never knew were possible.’

I took the leap, sent a meagre tribute and he messaged me with a wink and said ‘let’s go’ and sent his Skype. Honestly what followed was unique, not just flexing but exploring the connection between god and sub, I’ve never felt so small, so understood and safe. He took a lot of my cash in the end but it was worth it. I’m saving to go back to that paradise again!

If you like muscles he had mastered not only his body and form but posing and technique. He is great as a show because he wants you to see it. Amazing.

Just. Incredible. Wow.

from cj [81] on 15 September 2018

Well my first show was so good, I went back for a second. It was even better than the first now the he knows me. He really gave me an eyeful! I was blown away. And the way his confidence carries on his deep voice is like music. He is so addictive he should come with a FDA advisory!

from jjdesim [65] on 15 September 2018

Great first show with Kevin! Never sure what to expect, but he has a great body and attitude. Loves to show it off. Will need to go back for more now that I know how easy to work with.

from cj [81] on 15 September 2018

Just had a cam show with this amazing man. His physique is in amazing condition, thick and full. He is an absolute pro at showing it off and giving you just want you want. He has a very handsome face and a nice deep manly voice. He is all man and he lets you know it. He is a rare combination of gentle man and dominant. An absolute class act. I will certainly be back for more. If you haven't tried him, do it! You are missing out on a great opportunity.

from jDogg345 [615] on 13 September 2018

This guy is new to the scene, but he's more natural and professional than any of the seasoned vets. He's in amazing shape, very playful, professional, and just sex on a stick. This guy was built to fuck and he knows it. I can't wait to do more work with him. Just shows thus far, but we are talking about videos. Open and honest communication and that physique...get at him, men.

from Muns87 [405] on 11 September 2018

I've worked with Kevin repeatedly! ????????????????????????He's hot but also genuine with me. I've known him for a while now. He's a favorite of mine. I keep going back for more. All American lean hottie!

from drew32 [382] on 10 September 2018

Just had my first show with Kevin. Great body, nice cocky attitude, and very sexy! He delivered everything he said he would and then some. Super professional and easy to deal with. Highly recommend.

from humboldt [430] on 8 September 2018

Last night I purchased my second cam show from Kevin. It’s difficult to explain, but Kevin has become even more muscular and hunky since our last show! He is 100% Alpha, and he is 100% professional. That is a rare combination! He accommodated all of my requests in our roleplay scene, and he did so brilliantly. He’s continues to build a fantastic physique, has a deep sexy voice, and knows how to use his amazing assets to great effect. I strongly recommend him!

from gr8jays777 [335] on 8 September 2018

Awesome guy. Quick response. Great show.

from bigone14 [6625] on 8 September 2018

Just had an awesome show with KevinMuscle12. He has an amazing drool worthy physique, but more importantly he was down to earth and very friendly. He didn't once look at the clock and was concerned with making sure that he was putting on a great show and that I was satisfied. I truly appreciated that and the show was amazing; everything that I wanted. I highly recommend him and will myself be coming back for more!

from usefulpig [634] on 26 July 2018

Master Kevin is addictive but what an awesome addiction.

from usefulpig [634] on 22 July 2018

What an awesome surprise!!! I must admit that I had my doubts because he was so young but from the very first contact, he was everything I wanted and more. It was an incredible muscle worship session and I will be back often. He had worked chest today and it was still pumped up so nice. He was also very generous with the session, allowing me more time than we had agree upon which made me realize that he really is into being worshiped and also he is intelligent and knows how to get us coming back. His peaked biceps are to die for and I am sure he will have as much attitude as you want in a muscle god.

from SCPlaya92691 [195] on 22 July 2018

Just had one of the best shows from this guy. He delivered more than even expected. Definitely a keeper.

from Studly [325] on 22 July 2018

Really cool, down to earth masculine muscled guy - amazing show! Thank you

from Muns87 [405] on 20 July 2018

I work steadily with him! Always good and delivers. ???????????????????? One of my favorites!

from FunTimes [70] on 19 July 2018

Just did live roleplay show with him and it was amazing! He pays attention to detail of what you want and delivered even more than I expected.

from serfm1976 [285] on 6 June 2018

He is awesome , very good show. Perfect body

from RUHERCULES [65] on 27 May 2018

Amazing muscle show with this young muscle God! Will be back for more of that muscle for sure.

from humboldt [430] on 26 May 2018

I generally prefer to buy custom vids, but I had a live cam show with KevinMuscle12. He was fantastic! He fulfilled all of my requests and even went beyond those in what he provided. He has built an awesome physique, has a killer look, and knows how to satisfy in every respect. I highly, highly recommend him!

from Quadfan [765] on 25 May 2018

Kev’s awesome! Too cute, confident and always ready to put on a great show. Amazing body and posing. This guy is gonna go far

from dman123dman [235] on 25 May 2018

One of the best cams ever!!!!

from BDFLEXGA [385] on 25 May 2018

Kevin is a great performer with an excellent physique. His muscles will put you in your place!!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Come back soon!!

from P. Alex [170] on 24 May 2018

Just had a camshow with Kevin. Definitely give him an A+ Very easy to work with, open to what i wanted to see and delivered an amazing show. His body rocks.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you! see you soon!!

from Phil [55] on 24 May 2018

Great show, amazing body and really easy to deal with

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you!!

from Francis [660] on 21 May 2018

I have a great show with Kevin, he is very responsive to my request, do the show what ever I ask for, good physique & a perfect strong muscle not to be missed with. Definitely will come back for more

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you!!

from Airgo30 [25] on 21 May 2018

Kevin was hot and sexy very friendly just did a show. With him and he has an awesome body. I loved his amazing package.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
I like doing shows with guys like you!! Thank you!

from brouny12 [340] on 21 May 2018

Great guy easy to talk to, awesome show, looks great, body is very symmetrical, strong, has allot of potential to look and do great! I will definitely do another show with him!!!!!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you Sir!!

from Buck700 [210] on 19 May 2018

Based on previous reviews, I went with my gut on this one. What I discovered was a gentleman in both his word and interactions. He has one AMAZING physique, and like a master artist that welds his brush with precision, Kevin Muscle has mastered the art of flexing his chiseled masterpiece! If I was at one of his competitions, he'd certainly get a standing ovation!!!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
I'm glad you went with your gut!!

from kjuvik [70] on 18 May 2018

Had my first show with this guy the other night, it was a bit last minute but he was able to accommodate. His physique is perfect, his abs and biceps were my favorites esp the peaks. Very easy going, took my request with no issues. Will def be returning back for more.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
first show but never the last!! Come back soon!!

from syx007 [295] on 17 May 2018

Great show, absolutely amazing, great body great muscle. It was an amazing experience with him, looking forward to another one.

KevinMuscle12 replied...

from orangetiger [30] on 15 May 2018

Absolutely amazing and easy to work with. Other guys need to take notes on how to do business like Kevin!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you Sir

from Classic142001 [275] on 15 May 2018

Easy to deal with and knew exactly what I wanted. This guy is young, jacked and confident. Great show!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Great show everytime!

from Muns87 [405] on 14 May 2018

I've been a long time fan as he knows. He's cute and quite good at this! He's sexy and that body. Pure hotness! I can't get enough of Kevin.

KevinMuscle12 replied...

from Jay.45 [1482] on 10 May 2018

Just got a great flex show from Kevin !!! Peaks are crazy !!! Quads are sliced up and mammies are popping !! Great chest too. Awesome flex/domination show. Give this dude a try you wont be disappointed !!!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank YOU! Anytime

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Age 22
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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