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22, 185cm (6'1"), 88kg (193 lbs)

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from leanhairy [370] on 31 October 2018

he is always friendly, not a clock watcher, it's nice that he's studying a lot and going on training. so worth a help. legs need grow some more to be at same good level as upper body.

from 1212 [45] on 29 October 2018

Just had another Video with Kiril and probably will buy another ones. He is just amazing, nice and always alpha. Cant say more! Speechless. Keep growing!

Muscle.warior replied...

from 1212 [45] on 19 May 2018

Kiril is very nice, just received the video after it was paid. He is incredibly cocky and has antes astonishing huge body that seems to grow with the time. I'll probably buy new videos from him, he's just a true muscle god! Keep going with your workout!

Muscle.warior replied...
Thanks :)

from hayna [190] on 19 May 2018

be careful, he takes the money and deliver nothing. if you just wanna lose money talk with that guy....

Muscle.warior replied...
reply dude stop make fake accounts and spam lies on my profile people know im not a scammer

from erik12 [25] on 15 May 2018

Send money, got no show.

Muscle.warior replied...
This guy said he will send money with bank transfer which takes 2 days.I said okay but we will dothe show when the money comes.He wants to take the show and cancel the transfer.You are scammer man.I have no money from you

from Glassofpiss [35] on 3 May 2018

A real Alpha boy who knows to be superior. A king with a perfect muscled body to worship and serve.

He took his money and surfed my pc laughing at my faggy pics. I hope to serve him again soon.

Muscle.warior replied...

from Deepthroater [55] on 12 April 2018

this is 100% real alpha muscle god.
cocky and delivers
u wont regret this experience

Muscle.warior replied...

from DaveDe [250] on 5 April 2018

He did it again! Amazing show and worth every cent. Muscle god and total alpha--total catch and will guarantee to impress you!

Muscle.warior replied...
Thanks bro

from DaveDe [250] on 19 January 2018

This guy is fusing awesome--did a show I asked for an ddid even more than I wanted. Amazing bod, cut, ripped and bulked--total muscle god and has everything! Definteily coming back for more with him.

Muscle.warior replied...
Thanks bro

from plh [350] on 15 January 2018

Just received a video and am 100% satisfied. This young gentleman is friendly and did a really quick turnaround. Planning on doing another video right away!

Muscle.warior replied...

from brouny12 [340] on 8 January 2018

great guy to work with, you looks great!!! I will definitely do a show or video with him soon, great guy looks wonderful, lots of poetical

Muscle.warior replied...
Thanks bro

from leanhairy [370] on 29 December 2017

he is very honest and kind. in his shows he does his best to please. the progress he did in his first year of training is impressive

Muscle.warior replied...

from Conorbrayan [5] on 10 December 2017

Amazing guy with amazing dominant and cocky character!!

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Age 22
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 88kg (193 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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