Timothy Addleman

6'7 Cocky Hunk

23, 200cm (6'7"), 103kg (227 lbs)

Springfield, Missouri

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6'7 Cocky Hunk


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About me

I am open to most requests. I strive to respond fast and follow through with your video request in a timely manner. You will fall in love with my cocky attitude and my 6'7 muscular body. ;)


from cdt88 [230] on 23 June 2020

I was looking forward to talking with Timothy after reading the reviews here. I sent him a message asking if he did custom videos, and he responded quickly. However, when I described my request (which was a little different than the usual requests) he responded by mocking the request and being incredibly rude. Pretty disappointing to say the least.

Timothy Addleman replied...
Not gonna make fun of someone that purposely gets fat. I tried to help you out but okay my man. Take care

from Albeit89 [110] on 20 May 2020

I got my first video from him the other day and it was seriously amazing! He really knows how to make a hot video that really checks off all your boxes. In fact, I went ahead and got another one pretty much immediately. He was so timely with get back to me and the second one was even better than the first. His body was amazing in both of his videos and he was such a dominating presence. He really knows how to make you wish you were there to worship him! Gonna have to get more from him in the future!

from Killer02 [860] on 7 April 2020

Speed ****
Quality ****
Ease ****
Overall *****

At the end of the day we are paying money for a service.

My god these have got to be some of the best abs around . Videos are sent in a pretty timely fashion with pretty decent video quality as well . Overall would recommend

from RecentlyDerezzed5 [720] on 29 March 2020

He's really jacked and good at posing.

from undersneaxx [805] on 2 February 2020

Timothy is a great guy. I received a video from him that completely satisfied me. He made my dreams come true. So if you are looking for horny videos he is right for him.

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Age 23
Height 200cm (6'7")
Weight 103kg (227 lbs)
Eyes Other
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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