Tommy Flex

ALL INDIEBIL VIDEOS are available on my OnlyFans! Over 200 vids!

30, 174cm (5'8"), 68kg (150 lbs)

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ALL INDIEBIL VIDEOS are available on my OnlyFans! Over 200 vids!


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About me

You work too damn hard for the wrong boss & spend your money without achieving real fulfillment. You feel restricted out in the world from being your true self, what I offer is a chance for you to express yourself to the fullest! Worship not a boss but a leader, a master & above all, a real muscle GOD! At my OnlyFans you’ll have access to ALL of my hundreds of videos & hundreds of fantasies, it’s time you reward yourself with something that matters most to you & that something or rather someone is none other than myself Tommy Flex! Stop setting your true desires aside & achieve TOTAL fulfillment! Invest in yourself TODAY!

I’ve merged all of my indiebill videos to my OnlyFans. ALL FULL LENGTH VIDEOS, SOME AS LONG AS 30MIN!

Muscle flexing
Verbal abuse
Popper training
Forced intox
Ass worship
Foot worship
Evil laugh fetish
Squeeze & crush
Pump up & more
All found on my OnlyFans, hundreds of fantasies, hundreds of videos!



New Skype:

Previous Skype was tommyflex69

** indiebill video sales platform is shutting down. They’ve decided do go another route & will cease video sales. **


from oilboy4u [925] on 12 October 2020

Tommy is the man!! Can’t brag enough about my custom vids he has done for me! But now he’s outdone himself! His OnlyFans is incredible! All full length videos an all Tommy Flex muscle!! No one has as much content an array of muscle fetish’s as he does! Check it out, you’ll be happy you did!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! I am here for YOU and here to ensure you express yourself to the fullest with my content! You work too damn hard out there, so the world has given you Tommy Flex!

from tuckerj678 [1000] on 11 October 2020

Tommy hands down has the best onlyfans and videos in general. He has tons of mouthwatering content. His body is always on point and looking fresh AF. To top it off the guy is really creative and it shows throughout his vast range. I could not suggest his videos or onlyfans more.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you for being a great fan!

from once1988 [350] on 5 October 2020

What a man! 1000% the best content I’ve seen on Onlyfans!! Super hot!! Definitely recommend subscribing, you won’t regret it!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thanks my man! Uploads all day!!

from marx64 [143] on 19 April 2020

Tommy's UP CLOSE & PERSONAL...and TRAINING DAY are ABSOLUE TRIUMPHS !! he is a man of many talents and his skills consistently meet the interests of his fans! so, if you are a devotee of INSANE MUSCLE, Tommy is YOUR MAN! he controls his pecs and biceps and provides unbelievable control and display!

seriously, if you want to enjoy the pecs of a primo MuscleGod...go no further, Tommy has it ALL: the muscle, the control, the display, the wanting for more

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you very much my man! I knew you’d LOVE these videos! Thanks for being an awesome fan!

from visage25 [435] on 19 April 2020

had a great cam show Tommy. we had some audio issues at first but be he was gracious and made up for the lost time. he is hot af and knows how to dominate. Master Tommy is the alpha king!

Tommy Flex replied...
Glad to see you again, never worry about tech issues, I got you. See you again soon!

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Age 30
Height 174cm (5'8")
Weight 68kg (150 lbs)
Eyes Other
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Other


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